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Fake fake fake goods

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This company shows authentic coach bags on it's website, which is set up to look exactly like an authentic coach website. They even say their bags are authentic coach and the pictures they show are authentic coach.

I ordered a coach bag optic art bag from them. When i got it, the material is not jacquard sateen on the outside - it is a cheap, flimsy burlap, , the lining fabric is not satin and the patch of leather on the front of the bag is stamped onto the patch in gold ink, not stamped into the patch, i doubt that it is even real leather.

Now, i realize that their prices are so low that i expected something to be wrong, but not to the extent of what it was.

I sent this company $77 usd. They ripped me off completely. I asked my bank to intervene and get my money back. This is internation fraud and mail fraud. Do no, i repeat, do not purchase from them.

When you order a bag and receive it, it looks nothing like an authentic coach bag.
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 18th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I know I made a mistake...I should of known better...I just want to let it be known that if you want to buy an authentic coach purse, you must go into www.coach.com, the other website icoachoutletstore.com sells the fake coach purses...
 8th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
This is another foreign company peddling fake Coach bags.
 5th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I made the mistake and purchased some products from www.coachoutlet.com, where I am from we have a coach outlet in the next city. So, I was under the impression that this site was real. I've been in the store, I've seen the prices they have in there, So, I went ahead and purchased several items - to my dismay the charge to my cc was different from my total from the purchase. I then went on the website and clicked on the contact us button. (wow no way to contact them) My heart dropped. So I googled coach scams and got here, where I found out that there is no authorized coach outlet online store. GREAT! while reading on, I find that the tracking number they gave me is IDENTICAL to the ones listed by others on here. I contacted my bank - at first they were not going to help me but when I told them they charged me a different amount they started to listen, I told them my story and they finally decided to wait 10 days to see if I receice anything. If I dont then they will re-emburse my account. Needless to say - if you lookup this website it no longer exsists. go figure, I'm sure that they will find another way to cheat someone else out of their hard earned money. (BUYERS BEWARE! IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS!)
 9th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Oh my gosh Pinaygirl27... i am in a similar boat like yours. I thought the sale was as a result of the "blackfriday"sales. So i went all out to purchase few bags. I am yet to receive my purchase I called the number on my invoice and it was fruitless and also emailed them, I am yet to receive a response. I am taking the appropriate steps with my bank. Thanks for your advise... it came after my mistake but it good to know that i can retrace my steps.
 17th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
icoachoutletstore.com is a total scam. Bought several items for my girlfriend. Recieved them, they were actually nice, but I was sent a brown purse instead of black. The site says satisfaction guaranteed but good luck trying to contact them. They have no phone number, asked me to send pictures of the purse, asked me why I was returning puse, asked me for order number, asked me for ID number, all in seperate emails. I've responded to all, even sending pictures of the purse, as strange as that sounds. This back and forth has been going on for two weeks. I just got an email this morning that asked why I am returning purse, as if this is the first time they heard from me. So I went to Coach.com, called them, and someone answered right away. They told me that EVERY site on the internet is fake and Coach.com is the ONLY authorized dealer. I will be contacting my bank to persue this, but just wanted to warn other customers. The lady at Coach even told me that many people don't even get their order.
 22nd of Dec, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I completely fell for the site too, thought it was real, until now. Its been over 2 weeks I havent recieved anything, the tracking number doesnt work, and there is no phone number to call anyone. No one has answered my emails either. I am so upset by all of this, espcially with myself for falling for it. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!
 23rd of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
OMG...I ordered from Icoachoutlet.com and didn't think about looking at the reviews, so after I ordered the purse and wallett and then read all the comments. I tried to email and no email back, so I contacted my bank and told them and they reimbursed me my money back and then I went to coach.com and ordered the stuff...SCAM SCAM...PLEASE NO BODY ORDER FROM ICOACHOUTLET.COM...
 6th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Hey thanks for the heads up! I almost fell for the scam myself, but decided to check them out by "googling them...Thank God that we have the power of the internet! Thanks again!
 6th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
This was very helpful!
 11th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
i guess Stealth is the person in Icoarc, so far we all don;t know the clerance of china so familiar but She/he know so well, and he/she keep telling all of us have stupid tobrought from the wedsite, and the wedsite did nothing wrong.. Stealth Pilot so suspicious ...
 21st of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Didn't any hear that ICE and the TSA are shutting those websites down? Yes, it's Immigration and Homeland Security who are taking care of this. Look it up.
 1st of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Before you purchase anything online, you should do your research first. If you had gone to the "Returns" section of the website you would have realized what a scam the "Coach Outlet" is. The return policy writeup is full of incorrect grammer... because it was written by a Chinese person who does not understand proper English. And yes the site does claim authenticity- that claim runs along the top of the site. And if you look up any web page with "scam or fraud" you will find any negatives about a site. People who have been ripped off will complain across the web. It's a shame that a brand like Coach would have factories in China, where trademark theft is rampant. Those same factories are probably producing extra product to sell on the black market. I've been to China twice and fake Coach products are everywhere. The fakes are nothing quality wise as the real thing. I'm glad that our government is trying to put a dent in this black market trade. Who knows what crime is funded by this either?
 13th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
I ordered a leather coach purse from a discounted website. Within a couple a days they withdrew $87.00 from my account. I can't log into their account and I don't have a phone number for them. It's been a week and I have not received my product and haven't heard anything from them. I got scamed! Lucky my bank intervened and refund the $87.00 back into my account. Buyers beware. These discounted Coach sites are scams!! Goodluck.
 20th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
http://www.cheap-coach-bag.com/ Against my BEST JUDGEMENT, I ordered 3 bags from this website...I was having buyers remorse the minute I did, but I keep going back to the site just to look at how cute the "PICTURES" of the bags are. The money has been debited from my account (Thru Paypal) and so far, all it says on the site is "processing"...I have a feeling I'll be getting totally screwed...but I only blew $130...and since Paypal stands behind you 100% I'm hoping I didn't make a mistake... I know when they say, "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is." I'm thinking I probably should have just went to the damn Coach store and bought the real thing...but I have 2 "REAL" Coach bags and I love them, and only paid $50.00 a piece for them, TRUE STORY, so why would I honestly want to pay $300 at the store...UGH, so frustrating...
 13th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
what does anyone think about coachhandbags-outlet.org? it looks pretty legitimate and the prices are realistic (but marked down)
has anyone tried this site before?
 10th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
Omg I just read all the Comments on here and I feel so stupid to buy online. Like most of you I fell for their scam. I should've done my research before I went ahead and bought $160 worth of fake coach purses that look nothing like the items shown on the site. I had no idea it was from china and I didn't know coach didn't have an online store. The items I bought were not even the right color. I went back and tried to log in but it says I don't have an account. There's no way of contacting them through their site. They even charged me for a different amount that was on the invoice. I'm so pissed off! From now on I will never purchase anything online just to be on the safe side. I tried to email them through their help site and it's been 5 days already and no response. I wanted to return the items and get my money back but I think I should cut my loss and just keep them in case I don't get anything in return. Coach factory outlet is a scam!!! Don't ever buy from them!!!
 22nd of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
Scammers!!! These fucking chinese cheap imitation crap cost me $340.00. I cant believe i was so stupid in believing this crap. This site looks so real that i completely fell for the scam. I actually got my products, but they look cheap as hell. They are made out of pleather, cheap lining, and fake coach emblems, dirty, and still some hot glue stuck on them. Dont fall for this crap, or you will be commenting on here just like all of us. There is no real coach outlet that sells online. Not even the real coach sells their products online. My husband is going to kill me, but thats what i get for falling for this shit. Dont send your products back because you wont get your money back. I almost want to contract someone to got and shoot these assholes...
 5th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
Has anyone ordered from Coachoutletonline2012.com ? Omg im so pissed now I orderd over 100 dollars worth of purses and it says processing for like weeks !
 10th of May, 2012 by    0 Votes

Coach Outlet 2011 - Fake products
Coach Outlet 2011
United States

I bought 2 handbags from them and received cheap fake Chinese bags with broken zippers. I contacted them via email and they offered me only 20% refund. Don't fall for that scam!
 11th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes

This website also sells knock off coach products. I recently ordered hundreds of dollars worth of what I thought to be Coach Products and to my dismay was not only sent knock offs, but also sent the wrong items (a different purse and wallet). Hopefully people read this and no one else falls victim to their scams. I wish I had found this site prior to placing any orders. Thanks for all the other comments and warnings, I suppose we all unfortunately learn the second time around. Best of luck.

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