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Citizens Bank Complaints & Reviews - Auto Loan Payoff

Citizens Bank Contacts & Informations

Citizens Bank

Posted:    Elizabeth Centeno

Auto Loan Payoff

Complaint Rating:  90 % with 10 votes
Contact information:
Citizens Bank
United States
Phone: 1-800-610-7300
On November 24, 2008 Cole Chevrolet in Bluefield WV mailed the payoff to our Nissan Exterra. It took 11 days for this check to post. In the mean time Citizens automated withdrew my November payment from my checking account after we had called to cancel this service. I spoke with an Ashley B who informed me it would be 2weeks before my reimbursement check with be cut. I am filing charges against this company with the WV Attorney Generals Office, Secretary of States office, BBT Bank and WV State Police for the illegal transfer of money from my checking account.
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 5th of Dec, 2008 by   mr nkansa david 0 Votes
PLEASE I NEED A LOAN TO COMPLET MY CONTRACT .i have been given a contract an american NGO and i must compleat it by augurst 29 2009and i have come short of money .so please help me by given me the money, i even have the documents of the contract.THANK YOU FOR ACCEPTING MY PROPOSAL
 14th of Jun, 2010 by   DeEtta 0 Votes
I have trouble with them sending a statement each month. So I sent a check with the account number on it and told them I didn't get a statement. They said they never got the payment. Which I sent them a fax from the bank showing they cashed it.
A thumbs down for Citizen Automotive Finance. Don't do business with them.
 21st of Oct, 2010 by   smdv 0 Votes
We also have had repeated problems not getting statements and have paid on time every month by phone. After calling again and again to get statements on time we received one that said we were past due! Collections called reporting that they had reported us as past due yet we have all the necessary documentation to prove that we were not ever past due. Try talking to a decent customer service rep...yeah right. Absolute rudeness! I can't refinance fast enough.
 15th of Dec, 2010 by   brownbaby2012 0 Votes
Citizen's Bank has also been completely unreliable with me. Their workers, even their managers, are incompetent. A couple of weeks ago, I tried to send a wire to England.

I paid the amount of money in pounds, and the money was immediately withdrawn from my account. Everything was fine until a week later when I received two letters in the mail. One said I was paying a bank in England the amount of money I sent out, and another said that the bank in England wired the money back to me because of an incorrect IBAN number.

Because of the international exchange rates, I lost a few hundred dollars. Believing there must be some mistake, I called my branch of Citizen's Bank, which then directed me to their wiring company. The woman immediately pointed out that whoever had done the wiring (the banker) had added "IBAN" to the beginning of the IBAN number, making it wrong.

I called the banker, who claimed that it was my fault because I had signed the paper, letting him send the wire. I was unaware, at that time, that "IBAN" had been added in front of the correct IBAN number. I thought it was just the place where they were putting the IBAN number, and the rest had been typed correctly.

The banker said that I had presented him the IBAN number like that, which was a complete lie. I had typed out "IBAN :" (with a colon before the number, nonetheless!) so that I would know where to point when they asked me for the number. Also, my question to you: shouldn't a person who banks for a job KNOW the correct format for sending a wire? Why would I tell you the correct format? That's like a doctor needing to ask you which scalpel to use when you ask for a surgery!

The banker (who turned out to be the manager of that branch) was extremely rude and began to string me along. It was not until I called the regional manager, who was also rude to me, that I had things sorted out. Only after I hassled them twice a day for a week did they grudgingly agree to give me back the $10 outgoing wiring fee, $13 incoming wiring fee, and the several hundreds of dollars of mine they lost due to their incompetence.

Good riddance, Citizen's. I'm going to get my money tomorrow and close my account with you!
 16th of Apr, 2012 by   brainchigger 0 Votes
This is the worst bank I have ever dealt with in my 40+ years of banking. I had to complain to the BBB to get them to
finally send me a freaking bill on my car each month...and that lasted about 9 months. I just got off line to pay them
this month when it hit me I didn't get my statement once again so I'll have another late charge on my acct. now.
FYI...here's where you go to pay online https://dimension2.princetonecom.com/otp/StartAction.do?citizenswebpay

You won't BELIEVE how hard it is to find this site in order to make a payment. NEVER get your car loan from these people!
 22nd of May, 2013 by   alleycat303 0 Votes
This company is BAD...I think the dealership I purchased my car from had some kind of incentive with this company because they told me that they had tried several companies for financing and only this company had the best rate. This was a lie because I applied to 5th 3rd to refinance the loan and they told me that I had already applied and I was like uh? The rate I got with this company was like 4.2 or something like that and I thought that was strange due to my credit score being very high. 5th 3rd bank had approved a 3.0% loan for me from the dealership. Now, when I went to get the payoff letter from this company, they wanted $25 to FAX the letter...Are you kidding me is what I asked her...so I had to wait until they mailed me the letter to refinance my loan. On top of that, when I refinanced my loan with 5th 3rd they charged me a $150 fee, which I couldn't figure out since I was already approved and my rate was more. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE! If they dealership you are at says this is the only people they can get you financed through, I WOULD WALK AWAY!

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