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loan Modification

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I am not going to tell the same story as everyone on here. Just sent letters off to the attorney generals office in florida. Sent documentation to ftc in washington, also to the ftc in florida.

Long and short of it is this
1) unethical truth in lending practices
2) Notary Fraud ...they took first document I signed and had notarized that got me into the HAMP program and switched notarized page to new loan modification paper work. they doubled my payments
3) They back dated documents HA I kept very good notes on times and dates and the person I was speaking with while they were taking my automatic payments every month for the original documents. I saved my western union grams every month.
(side bar the recorded conversations by law cannot be destroyed )

I have a foreclosure attorney & now have an attorney to handle class action suit on a contingency basis but I need a few others to get the ball rolling ...Sorry this is for florida residents only
Again there is no out of pocket expense to you to see if you fit into the class action of deceptive trade practices that seem common place by all the reviews on here.

If you would like to take part in this class action please contact
James at jmhstocks@yahoo.com
Please we all are in need of help and I am sharing this with all of you so you know how to get some answers from our elected government officials.
I will not stop fighting this cruel and just criminal actions by Citimortgage.
I am for real just google Palm Beach post from Friday Feb 10, 2012
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 28th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
My husband and I both work for the State of MD. In July I was advised that my hours would be cut from 40 to 35. My husband would receive a salary reduction and we both would have to take unpaid furlough days. I contacted CitiMortgage to see if we could refinance our second mortgage at a lower rate. I was advised that we qualified for a modification and was given a trial period of 3 months to pay. We paid October and November but we were still getting calls from CitiMortgage asking for our payment. We would tell them that we were going through a modification, they would check and then tell us to disregard. Finally, we received a delinquent notice saying we had not paid 2 months. I called and after being on the phone a total of 2 hours and also being hung up on once, I asked to speak to a manager. She told me that we never really qualified for the loan mod and that we had to pay back what we were behind. We have not paid what we were behind and do not intend to. To make matters worse, she told me that because it was an error that she would take it off the credit report(she gave me a cof#) and that she would apply the 2 payments to one month and waive any late fees(another conf#). Well, not a chance. We are receiving letters advising that they will not take it off of our creit report and they are not even acknowledging that it was their error to begin with. It is sad that they get the bailout help and turn around and laugh at heir customers with the government turning a blind eye. Sad. My husband and I have decided that it is just a house. If we lose it, so be it. It is not worth the stress !
 30th of Nov, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Please see my blog post regarding our situation...it's a mess too, beyond words and I would certainly like find someone to take on a class action suit! http://www.themommymentor.com/?p=677
 16th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I applied for a Loan Modification through CitiMortgage in May 2009. The new lower (TRIAL) loan amount was deducted from my checking account the 1st of each month. I receive a letter on December 15, 2009 stating that I was declined the modification because I make too much money. I then find out that CitiMortgage never notified me to revert the payments starting in September to the original loan amount. The "partial payments" they were receiving were never posted to my account and I was reported as being past due to the credit bureaus. My credit score was 798 when I applied for the modification. It is now 635. All because CitiMortgage never notified me that there was even a problem.
The sad thing is if I refinance there is no assurance that the lender won't sell my mortgage back to there idiots.
 26th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
we have been in "negotiation" with Citimortgage for 13 months over a loan modification. They have changed the Loan officer four times, make it impossible to have our attorney speak with them, and have ruined our credit. My advice is to file a complaint with the office of the comptroller of the currency. If the OCC receives enough complaints they may act on it. I am wondering why no one has launched a class action law suit. They received the biggest amount of bailout money it is time for them to pay up!
 27th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am going through the same thing, they say i owe 12, 000. I was paying the modified amount until the decision came through that I was denied. So my question to you is that they did not apply the low payment to your account. I call and I get the run around. Did you get a solution or resolve this issue??
 1st of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
When you find the answer let me know for I have been doing this since the same time and still have no answer and am on my 2nd underwriter and am missing 2 of my payments in unapplied funds not to mention that my docs are missing as well.
 30th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
after a year of double talk and sending citimortgage paperwork over and over again...they now submited to the credit bureau that I was behind on payments...they then agreed it was in error...but the damage has been done...credit cards companies started cancelling my cards...I have never been even late on any payments...furthermore...they did NOT pay my taxes or my insurance and I had to come up with the money on my own...I am in much worse position due to citimortgages errors ...I want to know how to sue them or be a part of class action
 1st of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
We are in a similar situation. We started the Home Affordable Modification process in October. In January they said we were in the last 3 days before our loan approval. The counselor requested additional bank statements that she wanted faxed to her. The first fax was sent 2/2/10, the very same day she called and asked for them. I told her to please call me when she receives them, or that I'd call to check. Many days of calling and leaving messages that were not returned followed. Other customer service agents would email her messages as well and still no word. I faxed these documents over six times made attention to my counselor. I also had one customer service Instant Message her where she gave me another number to fax them to. Today is 3/31/10 and I am told that my review has been cancelled per my counselor because my documents not being turned in. That's funny yesterday when I called I asked for fax numbers I got three. I then faxed my documents to the three phone numbers, twice each. Only difference is I made it attention the Home Affordable Modification Department rather than my counselor and low and behold, they received all six. Now they're telling me I will be assigned a new counselor because they want me to do another modification. This is disgusting. Does anyone know of any class action suit being filed against Citimortgage?
 2nd of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
I started the process of my loan modification at the end of October 2009 many letters and phone calls later, 9 months to be exact. I found out that they would only reduce my mortgage 7 dollars. That's right SEVEN DOLLARS. If i would have known that they were just going to waste my time i would have just walked away from my condo as many people who live here have already. This is one big game. After that the Representative said that they are trying to do a traditional modification. Lets see how long that takes.
 3rd of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Actually i had a fixed interest amount but they changed my monthly payment every year because they could not get the amount i was suppose to pay to my escrow correct. I'm not trying to make them lower my payments to a lower rate because i am trying to be smart I need them to lower it because i was originally paying 800 then it went all the way up to 1170. I don't know about you but i know what my budget can afford and to have such a huge jump was crazy. The 1100 is what i was expecting to pay with the maint. fees included and to have to pay almost 1400 i can afford that.
 11th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I was approved for loan modification July, 2009; due to, my mother's medical condtions. For seven months all my payments were made on time; however, December, 2009, I was no longer approved. Due to my expenses. I had good credit and when I was no longer approved, I had to pay back money from July-December-2009 and January-2010 payments; which, total of $3, 169.00. I didn't have all the money and it was reported to my credit. Because of Citimortgage approving me for this modification and later denial me and telling me to pay all the money that was waived from July 2009, has put me in a worst financial situation. CitiMortgage should want to help their customers;instead, they act if they want us to lose our home. Due to this loan modfication, people have lost their homes.
lynette 404-2853790
 19th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
CitiMortgage cannot provide customers with the same answer twice. They knew from the start they were not going to approve the HAMP loans to most homeowners. We are all strung along so Citi can collect money from taxpayers bail out money and the homeowner whom acts in good faith. DO NOT TRUST CITIMORTGAGE. They are liars and will forclose on your property without notice. The big lenders are allowed to break the law and do not care about any homes that could easily been spared from foreclosure. They claim a big loss each financial quarter end and the government throws more taxpayer money to keep them going on with their evil, heartless, greedy scam. Unbelievable that our government allows this to happen to thousands of families. It is a loosing battle.
 13th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
January 2010, I applied for a loan modification. I signed a contract, from CitiMortgage, that stated it would take 90 days and I would have a new trial mortgage payment. I was reassured I qualified for teh program. After submitting all required documents and making my payments on the day I was required for 90 days, I heard nothing. On month 4, April 2010, I made my payment and was told everything was OK. That they were overwhelmed, but I was in final review. May 2010, nothing yet. Paid on time. This time I was quizzed my the girl why I in the program and told some forms had expired and I needed to resubmit. I did immediately and was told I should hear soon. June 2010, made my payment, but no progress. A phrase that I hear every time I call was "you are in the final stages of review." July 2010, made my payment with "you are in final stages of review." July 26, 2010, I receive a much anticipated letter from CitiMortgage, but this letter pushes me to the brink of suicide. It claimed I was behind 2 months mortgage and could possibly be moved into pre-foreclosure.

I call the number on the phone, but get nothing; just a full mailbox. The next day I get through, I get sent to my "counselor." I was told on July 19 I was denied the federal loan modification and on July 21 my account was sent to collections. During the conversation, the girl advised my account was moved to the companies loan modification and I should hear something within the next 30 days. I still, to this day in October, have never received notice why I was turned down, per the contract I signed. My mortgage payment was raised $800, pre loan modification. They added escrow without my permission.

The following week, the next person I get a call from was collections. "Sell your house then sir, we want our $11, 000 dollars. Don't you want to stay in your house, then we need that money.""You are no longer in a loan modifcation." So I call back my "counselor". Her voicemail stated she was in training for 30 days and would not be checking her voicemail. Her supervisor had the same message. Now began the weekly calls for months in regards to people that I never spoken to twice. I finally had someone tell me I was in the process for a company loan modification, but it would now take 60 days; the end of September, 2010 (9 months if you're keeping track). I finally had to contact a loan modification company to help me. That is $3300 out of my pocket. I pay my September mortgage on time, but technically I'm still two months behind.

October 1st. CitiMortgage collections calls like clock work, we're becoming friends now. But as for customer service, that's a different story. Citimortgage left a message for me to call, "Mr. F#####, please call me (no name left) back at 866-###-####. Thank you." I called and no had any idea who called me or why. A few days later, the service I paid for calls me and says a woman named Shirley (CitiMortgage will never let me talk to her) says she needs my 2009 taxes, which they have! So after 2 hours of trying to reach Shirley and getting denied, I'm finally told they want every piece of tax return I can send. I faxed 82 pages of Turbo Tax crap. It took 3 days to verify someone received it. I was eventually told it was received, but now Cory was my counselor. they even gave me his direct number. Well Cory doesn't have voicemail. The number given just rings and rings... It occassionally had a busy signal, but still nothing.

This time I get a new manager at customer service who even gives me her employee ID number. She tells me that I have a diferent counselor. She says she is sympathetic to my problem and doesn't understand what the hold up is. Several e-mails were sent to Cory and my new counselor and doesn't understand why no one has called me back. This manager promised she would call me back within a few hours to see if she got anywhere. Three days later I'm still waiting, but my friend the collections agent called and promised to help me if I could at least pay my late fee of $1700, even though technically I have never been late and this isn't my fault, though CitiMortgage doesn't see it that way.

I don't know where else to turn or where to go. Why do these companies assume I just have $11K just laying around when they lied and put me in this position in the first place. I have never felt so lost and such a loser. I have thought several times of pulling the trigger and ending it all. Maybe my wife could use the life insurance money to pay for teh house, but then I stopped myself. Not because the fear of death, the fear that my term-life insurance is with Primerica, a company by Citi, which owns CitiMortage, which means my wife and kids wouldn't get a dime.
 15th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Dear Dustoff1968,
I totally understand what your going through, they are doing the same thing to me. I believe that Citi trains their employees on stall tactics. They are always nice, courteous and understanding. They also always say that THEY can help. To find out later that there was no record of your call.
I am trying right now to see what are the legal options for me, but what happened to the company that you paid to take care of this. Did they not do what they had promised? What you need to do now is to stay strong and believe that what they are doing is wrong, and with some research we (customers) can prove it. Maybe we should even think about a class action against them. There are laws they are breaking, we just need to educate ourselves on them. If you give up, THEY WIN, and your family loses. You will prevail!!
Northern CA customer
 19th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have reached out to an attorney, not a loan mod attorney..a real attorney, because I do not know what else to do. Throughout this process I have been told foreclosure proceedings would be postponed while in the modification process, then I receive a notice of foreclosure. On the notice it says a representative contacted me 6/7/2010, that is a bold faced lie. I EMMEDIATELY tried make a payment and they would not accept it. I was then told there would be no sale date while in the loan mod process, and I now have a sale date, and they still will not accept a payment. I have been told for 3 months now my loan is “locked” and its Citi’s error and they are working to fix it. I asked if it’s not fixed by the sale date then I lose my home and they said YES. I then went into the branch for help and was told to try another modification program, so I did but only to learn that I NEVER qualified to BEGIN WITH for the original loan mod program. I have been lied to, hung up on, I have been given hoop after hoop to jump through and I have jumped. Citimortgage has without a doubt FAILED to make any attempt what so ever to help me avoid foreclosure. Funny thing is, my home has value. Maybe it is in the best interest of Citi to foreclose. I wonder how many homeowners they have foreclosed on while in the modification process, I wonder how many of them had value in their homes. My aunt is experiencing a run around as well. Her husband having lung cancer is not a hardship according to Citi…their home has value.

I intend to pursue this to the full extent of my power and the law.

My message to an attorney
Your Message:
I have been in the loan modification process for 8 months with Citimortgage. I have jumped through hoop after hoop and have been told lie after lie only to find out last night that I didn’t qualify for the loan mod I was in. My sale date is Dec 20 and I now have to start the loan mod process under a new program. My gut tells me that it is in CitiMortgage's best interest TO foreclose, my house has value. I am not upside down. I have been in the mortgage industry for over 10 years so when my company crashed in 2007 I have spent the last 3 years trying to hang on to my home and just hang on. I am working now with Wells Fargo, and have pleaded with them only to hear "this is the thing". I have been hung up on, I have been thrown back into the call que...it's endless. I would truly like to see how many homes they have foreclosed on where the circumstances where similar to mine, where the homeowner was just given the run around until it was too late, I bet their homes had value as well.

Also sent to attorney:
Your Message:
I would also like to add my aunt is also going through the modification process with Citi. for about 8 months as well. She has made her payments but has occasionally been late. She was laid off a little over a year ago, then last year her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer and had to retire early and all that information was in the hardship letter to Citi. My aunt was declined, Citi said she did not have enough hardship...my aunts home has value as well.

I told the lady I spoke to today in the Loss Midigation department, I will nail a letter to the wall of my house telling the story of how Citimortgage screwed right above my cold dead body. My husband calls me at work every hour to make sure I havent offed myself.
 27th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Have been going through the same thing for almost 2 years. Don't know what has happened to the payments made during our "trial period " (usually 3 months). Always removed from program for some reason. Foreclosure date is 14 days away. Making an appt with attorney first thing on Monday morning. Glad to know we are not alone in this situation.
 9th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
CitMortgage is full of a bunch of liars and thieves! They kept almost $17, 000 in an unapplied account drawing interest and continuing to take house payments until the day they called and told us our home was still in foreclousue and we qualified for a loan modification plan. We applied hoping to lower the house payment only to find out they lost, misplaced, didn't recieve the paperwork three times! They didn't let us make payments are continuing to charge late fees, attorney's fee's Bie Batch fee's and all other fees they feel the need to throw in! We were never notified that the house was in foreclosure until one day they stopped taking payments. It took almost three months to get it straightened out and back payments were made they continued to take payments until the day we found out it was still in foreclosure! They had almost $17, 000 in unapplied funds! Two years later we are still dealing with CitiMortgage and the threats! How can they keep that large amount of money and charge late fees because it was not applied to the account and then offer a BOGUS Loan Modification so they can keep you from making payments then tell you you don't qualify and OH BTW you now owe us $14, 000 which includes late fees, attorney's fees, loan applicaiton fee's, process fee's, Bie Batch fee's and I'm sure I can go on an on! Who can help with this? Why aren't Attorneys jumping at the chance to file a class action suit. Illegal foreclosure pratices and no one is doing anything about this!
 3rd of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
If you have applied for a modification with Citimortgage be aware when they turn you down after faxing and mailing bundles of information over and over they will require you to pay in full all back payments due to paying the modification amount that they instruction you to do. I called twice a week for a year the end result no modification and I had to take money from my retirement account to catch up my house payment. They did not care that my husband had a brain bleed and I lost my job do to a buy out by a French company. There collections department is in a the Philippines you can refuse to speak to them and ask for someone from the US.
 13th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
i started a loan modify with citimortgage aug 2009 and was told by a rep not to pay sept. and oct house payment ( i was not behind in my house payment) then in nov 2009 start my trial, dec, jan 2010 feb 2010 for four months. i complied and finished my trial period . i get this letter that citimortgage sold my loan to pennymac mortgage, i must pay them in march. i called citimortgage and was told that my loan modification was transferred over to pennymac well that was a big lie. i found out when citimortgage sold my loan to pennymac it put me two month behind on my mortgage with pennymac and now i'm getting these letters from pennymac you must pay 4, 000.00 more or less to avoid foreclosure because the trial period totals and the two months aug. and sept now i must start over again with pennymac for a loan mortgage meanwhile it is so hard to catch with 4000.00 and more . i would like to file a lawsuit against citimortgage because it is do easy to lose your home because citimortgage have untrained personel to handle loan moditifacation meanwhile i still struggly to keep my home.
 3rd of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
After months of poor service I received an adverse response to my loan modification application, no signature, phone number, name or any other way to appeal the rejection even though my net pension check is less than 2, 200 dollars and my monthly mortgage payment is 1, 229 dollars. Apparently the government billions the bank accepted for the making homes affordable program is better spent to build a new bank in some third world country where the bank can fleece some more people at our taxpayers expense. Chuck Almont, Mi. 48003

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