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Canada Post, Alberta Complaints & Reviews - Parcel Tracking

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Canada Post

Posted:    heyyou

Parcel Tracking

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Canada Post
So, you might think as I have thought that having a tracking number for a parcel would help you. Check out the screen shot attached. This parcel has now been to Richmond B.C. eight times. It is suppose to be going to London, Ontario. What does Canada Post say? I have a 50 / 50 chance of ever getting the parcel back. I can just watch forever the parcel going back and forth between Ontario and B.C. Why is this happening? The postal code was miss read by someone and entered in a V instead of a N. You would think that Canada Post would be able to recognize that a package had been acrooss the country eight times and you think that if they had a track number that could actually find a package.

Canada Post

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 1st of Sep, 2009 by   tigerstella 0 Votes
I sent a package to Australia in June and it is now September and it still has not arrived. When I use my tracking nbr. all it says is "International Item has left Canada"! Not only do I have a tracking number - now I have a tracing number and neither one seems to be doing any good. It would not be so bad if they didn't charge and arm and a leg for the crappy service!!! They told me it would take 4-6 weeks to get there - well it took over a week to get it from Halifax to Vancouver!!! I am just so fed up with Canada Post - I will use a courier service from now on!!!
 18th of Dec, 2009 by   winnipeghairextensions 0 Votes
CANADA POST TRACKING IS TERRIBLE. I paid for Express Post INternational (3-5 business days). USPS passed on in 1 day, sat at customs for 1.5 days, now ‘in processing’ with canada post for 4! There have been no updates, etc. You would think if they are working with another carrier, and acting as their customer, that they would try to do a better job. I tried calling customer service, was on hold for about 45 mins, for the lady to pass the buck onto USPS. She didn’t and tried to avoid the fact that Canada Post tracking has not scanned since the 15th where it was, if in fact it had even left Vancouver, and today is the 19th. What a joke. Canada Post really needs to improve their service!
 9th of Apr, 2010 by   Tompo 0 Votes
I also paid for express post international (3-5 days).. what a load of crap!!! It has been in Ricmond B.C since the 1st of April and has been processed 3 times.. today is the 9th and guess what.. being processed in richmond still. even with the Easter Holiday that was the 2nd ~5th. This package has been there for 4 days.. sitting.. so total day to this date is...14 days for the cost of a(3-5 day) express cost.. CANADA POST SUCKS!!! Terrible service.. I will never use them again enless its to send THEM a payment Via EXPRESS POST!!!
 10th of Dec, 2010 by   catspjs 0 Votes
They should be able to find and stop this and fix it...but no one cares at Canada Post obviously. This is what gets me is the total apathy. Then they turn around and some how find a way to excuse the problem or put it onto the customer instead of apologizing and fixing it. I noticed that they don't fill out the slips properly basically down to laziness. I'm surprised people get any mail at all with the amount of sloppiness that goes on there.
 13th of Dec, 2010 by   micheal lawlor 0 Votes
canada postal tracking what a joke you can track your parcel as far as the counter you hand it over at.
they would get lost in bed, they lost a parcel of mine i rang up 40 minets later still on hold what a joke canada post wake up and smell the rose, s you are way behind every one ellse in the postal service.
 14th of Dec, 2010 by   GregWG 0 Votes
I agree that Canada Post needs to improve on their tracking system. I order international items often and can never count on getting the item quickly and that's why I don't bother with the express international anymore...total waste of money. On a few occasions, the items made it to customs in Vancouver within 5 days only to receive the items at best 16 days later. What's going on there? Even if it takes a couple of days at customs, that doesn't excuse a 2 week delay thereafter. Then the workers have the nerve to go on strike for more pay! You have a better chance of receiving your mail quicker in a third world country.
 9th of Feb, 2011 by   Phobos 0 Votes
Canada Post is selective in its response to complaints submitted via their website.
 24th of Feb, 2011 by   Jahanzaib -1 Votes
Canada post is a weird service. i thought developed countries might have fast delivery of parcels and their new tracking system is out of mind. Delivery time for international parcel is max 10 days business day. my parcel has passed 11 business days and tracking status says only item has has left canada =(
 12th of Mar, 2011 by   Jllo 0 Votes
I have 2 Xpresspost packages sitting in London On. Thats what happens everytime. I call in and its on hold for at least 30 min. Then they act like its no problem. It is a problem. A 3 day delivery item is on its 5th day and isnt moving. SO I am entitled to a refund but I have to wait for the item to be delivered first. Been thru this with about 80% of xpresspost sent in the last 3 months. First you have to wait for the box to move which can be weeks. Then if it gets delivered you call in to request refund. But they do not send the refund. You have to call in 3-4 times and hear that an "error must have been made" etc. Most likely you will have to start a formal complain with the ombudsman. Then you get your refund.
The sad part is Canadapost is the only post. A country like Canada should have a working mail system. Getting refund on 80% of the packages seems like a cheap deal. But factor in the 3-4 phone calls and its costing about $100 a package in admin.
 21st of Apr, 2011 by   apomixis 0 Votes
I've worked for Canada Post for a couple of years, and I'm hoping to go do something else soon because I'm sick of delivering more flyers than actual mail. I also advise people to use other courier services if they want to "make sure it gets there". Of course no company is perfect, but parcels are the lifeblood of Fedex and UPS. They know how to deliver them, and they know how to track them, at least with a far greater success rate than Canada Post.

As far as CP goes, you might say that they try to do everything but they're not the best at much of anything. What has really been keeping them alive this long is their monopoly on letter mail, and of course the volume of that has been decreasing over the years. So for a number of years they've been helping keep their revenues up by calling flyers "unaddressed admail" and burdening us (carriers and homeowners) with them. Thousands of them. Just about every day, week in and week out, month in and month out. It's sickening. CP charges companies 14 cents per flyer to deliver them, most of which stays in CP's pockets. I estimate that I've personally delivered about a million flyers in my 2 years of employment. That adds up to a lot of money for delivering garbage. It wastes everybody's time, and it's one of the reasons that they're not better at delivering parcels. They are more fixated on junk mail than on items people care about. The best part? I'm an RSMC (I work in the suburbs and deliver to superboxes, not homes), so I don't even have chiropractic coverage to help with the tendinitis I'm developing in my hands.

CP sucks. I should know. I'm on the inside. For now. Peace.
 21st of Apr, 2011 by   Patmas 0 Votes
Hello Canada Post,

I sent a parcel by premium post [speed post] paying double that of an ordinary parcel. I sent it from India, Kolkata on 03/23/2011. I find from tracking the parcel that it is lying for customs clearance since last 17 days from 04/04/2011. I would be most obliged if you kindly deliver this parcel before Easter as many days have passed.

Thanking you for your kind assistance.
email patlesmas@hotmail.com
 6th of Jun, 2011 by   iamdissatisfied 0 Votes
Canada Post is really a sad example of a functional business. First, I had a package that according to them they delivered and showed someone had even signed for it unfortunately the signature is not mine. I tried to get the package to no avail so I tried the Ombudsman that is a laugh they did not do anything they passed the buck back to the post office. It is like playing football. Passing the ball back and forth except with the post office and the Ombudsman there is no result at least in football someone scores.
Now I had a packed that they tried to deliver, they stated I was not at home where I actually was, and that they left a notice card except there isn’t one. So I called the Post Office outlet they do not have the package back, so I called the main Post Office no answer voicemail claiming to many calls unable to answer they suggest I call back. After three hrs of trying I called the complaint office they stated that their computer is down I should call later maybe then they can help. I guess I will not be holding my breath. So now, this is my second package that has gone up in smoke. I would really like to know who is keeping all this packages that never make it to their rightful owners.
 17th of Oct, 2011 by   bargo 0 Votes
I work for Canada Post, they claim that the Customer is the most important person. They aren't. I can't tell you how many people pay for services they never receive, like tracking, signatures, etc. They recently had a customer with a 1.8 million dollar mailing (flyers). They claimed this was huge, but with all flyers it had a deadline to be out by, two days after the deadline it was still sitting in the plant undelivered. Its not the postal workers but management that should have to pay for these mistakes.
 24th of Jan, 2012 by   Frank Trepanier 0 Votes
Common I am currently trying to find a parcel I sent my daughter that has been checked into the Edmonton facility three times
 26th of Jul, 2012 by   Bill Charron 0 Votes
Canada Post what a laugh they hire some shady people and care nothing about mail being stolen. I sent a item well concealed in two lairs of cardboard to some one and the letter got there but the item was taken and the letter arrived open. The receiver of the letter went to the post office and they told him that it was sent loose and it invited someone to steal it. Who in hell are they hiring to handle deliver our mail. I am totally discussed with our mailing system. I wish they would return it to a government system and the crime for stealing mail would be serious time in the jail house. I have no more respect for Canada Post they can all go to Hell in a hand basket for all I care.
 9th of Dec, 2012 by   gpaccess 0 Votes
A registered letter (tracking #: RW547891670CA) was sent to Canadian Consulate Sydney Australia on July 09 2012. Five months down the road, it is not delivered yet. The item contained important personal documents for immigration file (education, work credentials).
Any whereabouts of the package and any compensation to sender for loss of contents, time and the misery it caused? Thanks.

 11th of Jan, 2013 by   Ehren 0 Votes
One would think that when you pay to have a parcel delivered, and it isn't picked up, then it would be returned to you as a matter of course...part of the SERVICE! Well, it came, but they want to charge me again the entire postal fee to get it back. This is not a service fee or a mailing fee. This is EXTORTION. I used to deliver parcels for the post office, and never once asked for a return parcel payment. This is unethical, nasty, and a few other expletives. Has the Mafia taken over the Post Office? They can hang onto that parcel till f'ing hell freezes over. Worst of it is that there is no one I can find to complain to about it. Isn't that just like the Mafia?
 23rd of Mar, 2013 by   Disgruntled with Canada Post 0 Votes
I have sent an Express parcel and somehow it has just disappeared off the face of the Earth! It was tracked from the post office that it was mailed from to the Edmonton processing facility and has disappeared from there. Forget about getting any help from any employee. They just tell you to call back in five business days. What the heck is the point of getting a tracking number...it does no good! I was mailing important immigration paperwork for my spouse to be sponsored to come to Canada. That package had sensitive information and documents that I had spent almost a year preparing. Many of the documents cannot be replaced. Where is the responsibility and accountability here? I have called Canada post seven times already and even went back to the postal outlet and NO HELP!!! I can't believe this is happening with the postal system in a developed country. Such a shame!!! Canada Post...thanks for ruiningg my life!!!
 3rd of Jun, 2013 by   mahnazsalimi 0 Votes
CANADA POST express service to US is totally inefficient and slow. NEVER USE CANADA POST services.
 18th of Jun, 2013 by   Saint John N.B. 0 Votes
The whole Canadian Postal Service seems to be mismanaged. Sent a small packet to a customer in the U.S. from a postal outlet at a cost of $3.00 taxes in. Get this, 12 days later I get my customers order back asking for $5.15 MORE for postage. Now, I wouldn't have minded except I watched the girl slip it through the allowable postal slot for the allowable size. Package weighed 35 grams. I live 5 kilometers away from the main post office and it took them 12 days to return it to me for insufficient postage. SERIOUSLY? 12 days? I again take it back down to two different outlets, they recheck it, and $3.00 NOT $8.15! Called the 1-800 # and got very little in help from the customer rep (Don't waste your time here as they just take your dimensions etc. and tell you to "pop it back in the mail). I asked her to put a call into our main post office to see that it cleared and she flatly refused. When I asked her for a guarantee this packet wouldn't come back another 12 days later, she said she couldn't. So they offered me a refund. I paid in cash, they repay their customers in their useless stamps. Good thing plumbers don't refund you in ****. But then again, they'd be no worse than the INEPT Canada Post! So, I paid the $8.15 postage fee for fear my customer may have to wait ANOTHER 12 days only to have it returned to me again. Now I'm out $11.15 cents postage for a letter checked 3 times coming in at $3.00. Mismanaged and Unable to fathom even the simplest problems. Maybe it's time to be contracted out. It couldn't be any worse!

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