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Rip off

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I looked at the Ascentive product and decided not to try it. It said that I could get a free test scan of my computer. Supposedly the scan was made and almost 200 errors were found. Thats when I discovered that they were not going to fix anything unless I purchased their product so I decided not to buy. Now I can't get their crap off my computer. I did a search and found their program on my C drive but when I tried to delete it I was blocked and their screens keep popping up and are very annoying.
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 2nd of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
A total con.cannot be removed.It hides itself extremely well
 21st of Nov, 2008 by    -2 Votes
If your using windows do to control panel, add or remove programs and find the Ascentive programs listed there. you should be able to remove them that way. I have win XP and that is what I did. Agree with you on the "VALUE" of their programs.
 23rd of Nov, 2008 by    -3 Votes
A Debit Card is nice to have here. Ascentive puts a "pending" withdrawal from your card and, if after 30 days you don't call them, then the charge is put thru.

ActiveSpeed has MORE THAN DOUBLED my CoxCable download speed. -- and each time I go thru it's 6-reboot when-you-want-to cycle I gain 10 -50 KBs or so.

U can't bitch if U haven't tried it. It's your loss & I feel sure it's not your first...

One of many very satisfied paying $$ customer for 4 years now. @ $34-$35 it's a TOP-5 Cyber-Bargain.

Wallow in it. You deserve it.

Oh most very sincerley, Leonard aka quikstudy
 29th of Nov, 2008 by    +1 Votes
Figures someone from the company (Leonard Kazmier) would try to come on and save face. Anyways, I agree with the complaint, I've heard enough stories and have enough repair horror stories dealing with this terrible software to know what he's talking about!
 30th of Nov, 2008 by    -1 Votes
Will someone please tell me how to get their stuff off my computer. Also, if anyone knows of a way to contact them either by email, since none of their questions on their form seem to apply to me, I'm not sure that they will reply to anything and they say if you don't get a confirmation email fron them within 30 minutes, you should look in your junk mail or spam to see if their answer is there. Naturally it isn't. The thing that worries me most is I cannot remember if I gave them any financial info and so far, my bank isn't showing anything. Help would be gratefully appreciated. I'm definitely worried. i don't know if contacting my ISP would be any help.
 6th of Jan, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I'm a computer IT consultant and it's amazing that now there are Spyware companies now doing commercials to sell their evil products to the naive un-informed computer users out there! I rank their software up there with Antivirus 2009 the worst malware/spyware rogue program out there. The best software to use to get rid of these malwares/spyware/trojans is "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware".
Just Google and download it and install. Make sure to update it then run a quick scan first to remove the bad stuff. Then run it again using full scan. Remember to turn off System Restore in XP or you will get re-infected when you reboot. Also I recommend you do scanning in Safe Mode (hit F8 key when turning computer on just before Windows loads). After using Malwarebytes, also install and run "Spybot Search and Destroy" and also use "a-squared Free 4.0" from emsisoft.com to make sure you are totally free of infection. Then don't forget to turn back on System Restore when finished scanning and removing infections. Remember also to have a good Anti-Virus program like Nod32 or Norton Internet Security 2009 or Kaspersky 2009 installed and up to date.
 13th of Jan, 2009 by    -1 Votes
This situation is really tragic and funny at the same time like the ancient Greek Tragic Comedies.

It is really entertaining to the read posts from the people involved in this scam.

Leonard Kazmier's post is for the "smart guys" and "Dr.dot" for the "smarter guys".

Dr. Dot pushes a number of products to you suppposedly freeware to foolyou.
that was enough for me to suspect he is part of the the scam.

Try to install antimalware and you will find out that the same tactics are used.
Just do not proceed to give your credit card

In the web adrress below you will see that antimalware is a "rogue" progrmam along
with instructions on how to unistall it



D yourself a favor and use two programs Deep Freeze and AntiExecutable together.
The idea is to have Deep Freeze always restore your system upon power up to the state it was immediately after the initial installation of the OS and your applications.

AntiExecutable (former Xfreeze) does not allow any program to run unless it is in a white list of programs that you provide.

Think about it. Instead of using a black list like antivarus prorams, you use a white list.
Updating the black list is a hassle and a hole in your system. You give access to your system
to the "friendly Dr. Dots" that are always there to help you.

I stopped using "black list" programs the moment they came up with the idea of on line updating
not by just providing to you a file with the latest version of the black list but by insisting to scan
your disk to determine the missing bad signatures and then to add them to your list.

I am a professor and like Internet Cafe administratrs I have never had any problem with this strategy
against the bad and the ugly over the last five years.

I know I had not given you a solution to your problem but if you follow my advice you will never be in 'the same situatin again.

The two programs I mentioned are not free but are not expensive either and you only have to upgrade them when you upgrade your OS.
 26th of Jan, 2009 by    -1 Votes
PEOPLE! The only GREAT product that works is Norton Anti Virus. All the others are complete bullshit. I recently bought Ascentive Software and it was a waste of money. I spent 100 dollars, and it did nothing but put a virus on my computer.

If you want your computer like new again...
Buy Norton anti-virus 2010 for 30 something dollars. It lasts an entire year and it actually works. No pop-ups begging you for more money, it is reliable, and you don't have to buy multiple programs, unlike ascentive.
 10th of Feb, 2009 by    -1 Votes
This company claims to be a Microsoft Certified Partner, when in fact, they've never EVER been a Certified Partner of Microsoft. If you install this on you're computer, you're an idiot for not investigating in the first place.
 22nd of Feb, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Ascentive seems to be a scam to me, too.

I agree with Dr. Dot's recommendation of using MalwareBytes and Spybot. (Haven't tried a-squared Free 4.0 yet) I use free antivirus solutions from AVG and Avast.

I was surprised about kintsakism's criticism of Dr. Dot's good advice. I use most of the products he mentioned, and don't feel there's any indication he is part of the Ascentive scam. Both Dr. Dot and kintsakism are giving different approaches to defeating malware.

If you do listen to kintsakism and purchase Deep Freeze, make sure you set it up so you do not wipe out your own data and program settings. Also, if you install a new application, you'll need to thaw (un-freeze) Deep Freeze and add it to the white list before Freezing again.
 30th of Mar, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Just a quick one go and google revo uninstaller and download it. Once done goto your download and install the new software (its free). from then open it and all your programmes will come up. Now select the software and uninstall it. Now the software will run after the uninstall a registry search and file/folder scan and you then select all and delete. Bingo the software is gone reboot and that's it.
For vista guys use the above method of gaining access to the safe mode on boot up and then uninstall it, this is so that the registry files can be got rid.
Thats it and now you should have a great software for free lol enjoy :)

 3rd of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
Dr. Dot's advice is spot on.

Kintsak is confusing MalwareBytes ANTI-MALWARE (a reputable program) with ANTI-MALWARE 2009 (which is NOT reputable). That bleepingcomputer article even gives MBAM as a solution for getting rid of Anti-Malware 2009.

As for Ascentive - just DO NOT use this crap. Bottom line. Their commercial is garbage. Their company is garbage. And their products are garbage. Leave it alone.

Don't bother with Norton, either. It's a huge resource hog, and does nothing that better, faster, FREE programs can't do.

The best way to protect yourself on the net is first of all, use MOZILLA FIREFOX (I prefer 2.0 as the newest incarnation is still incompatible with some software). Get the ABP (Adblocker) add-on for it. That's half the battle right there. You won't even notice it's running, and you'll never see another ad again.

Second of all, for those who are extra paranoid, get a spyware/adware program that runs in the background and watches what you do as you do it. Or just get something that you will use frequently. SPYBOT SEARCH and DESTROY is a reputable program. TUNEUP UTILITIES is good too, but not free unless you can find a serial. LAVASOFT'S AD-AWARE or anything by LAVASOFT is reputable, too.

I, personally, don't bother with an Anti-virus program. Simply because it's a poor substitute for smart, watchful surfing. If you're ignorant of the web, or careless, or just plain stupid, get an Antivirus. PANDA is good. AVG is good. AVAST is good. BULLGUARD is really good, but not free for the whole shebang.

Protecting your computer is so easy a 5 year old could do it, and I find it pathetic that so many companies are abusing the public's ignorance.

WHEN IT DOUBT - GOOGLE. Google will always show you the truth about a program or service or anything else.
 16th of Jun, 2009 by    -1 Votes
When I realized that the program is for sale, all I did was to uninstall it from my computer. Remember: you cannot just go and search for the program and delete it as was posted by the the one who posted this. YOU HAVE TO UNINSTALL IT BECAUSE YOU INSTALLED IT. Those who say that they cannot remove any program (Ascentive or anything else) simply does not know how to uninstall. To uninstall, go to the control panel > go to add/remove programs and select the program to uninstall from there.
 14th of Jul, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I was up looking at TV and saw the commercial for Finallyfast.com. I went to the web site out of basic curiosity. I saw where it wanted you to do a "free scan" to check for problems but I bet if it was a brand new computer right out of the packaging it would still find problems. I agree with those who tell people to use Norton or any other reputable company. Leave these fly by night scams alone.
 24th of Aug, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I agree that this product is a failure. I saw the add on TV. Since I've purchased it I've only been able to get service from it for about the first two months. Since then it won't let me get access online to fix any of the errors it says is on my computer. And my computer is actually moving slower now then it was before I downloaded ascentive.
I would not recommend it to any of my family or friends...not even to my enemies (if I ihave any).
 6th of Dec, 2009 by    -1 Votes
ugh... i just got it this morning.. of course i would download something without researching it first.. not to mention i was way over charged from what they said i'd be charged..
 31st of Dec, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I bought three products from Ascentive on 12/5 everything started to slow down immediatly . Loaded my pc with junk and corrupted windows start files, when I tried to remove it and did a restart XP would not load, then came the blue screen of death ! I had to re-install XP, all my drivers, peripheals and get a different program . This was after I did all the uninstalls from the control panel . Plus they hit me with 2 more charges of 29.95 and 3 charges of 4.95 for "recovery of software " . I tried to cancel but they won't return email to confirm . Iv'e tried that 5 times now and nothing . The live Support chat is always unavailable . When you call on the Phone # a recording tells you they have a high volume of calls at this time and to use the support on the website that is always unavailable or unresponsive . This cost me alot of time and money I couldn't afford and is the most negative consumer expierience I have had in a long time . I now have to cancel/replace my debit card in order to prevent them from robbing me again . In a nutshell, , , , , , the entire company sucks, from the sofware to the customer service it's all crooked .
 5th of Jan, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Please send $10.00 if you HATE FinallyFast.com's commercial to:

PO BOX 178
ZIEGLERVILLE, PA. 19492-0178
 26th of Feb, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I bought this program on2-25-10 and I wish to get a refund David Patrick
 30th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
All you need is Norton Security Suite. I have this on three computers and all of them are lightning fast.
Comcast gives this program for free.

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