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al ahli driving school, dubai

Posted: 2013-02-02 by    

cheaters extracting money

Complaint Rating:  83 % with 12 votes
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AL AHLI DRIVING SCHOOL IN AL QUOZ is the WORST SCHOOL to go for learning to drive. they are cheating and looting poor students in broad daylight. they are there to just EXTRACT MONEY. my heart used to bleed not only for me but also when i saw so many poor drivers who came there to learn driving and earn their livelihood. they did not even have proper slippers on their feet and this school fails them repeatedly and makes money from them. how can somebody be so heartless. BETTER AL AHLI SHOULD FIND SOME OTHER ILLEGAL BUSINESS WHERE THEY CAN HAVE AS MUCH MONEY AS THEY CAN FILL IN THEIR POT BELLY. the instructors are of low standards also. there is so much partiality going on in the school in terms of nationality. they treat asian students like dirt even though they are more qualified like doctors and other higher education. they purposely fail students 5-6 times or even more. somebody should take this issue more seriously and punish these types of CHEATING DRIVING SCHOOLS. SUCH SCHOOLS SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN FOREVER.
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 23rd of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
AL AHLI driving school in AL Qoz is very bad the WORST school ever i have seen in whole m life, bad location, bad staff, bad examiners, everything is bad, the customer service told me that no one complained about them!!i was so surprised how people can fail and fail and suffer from everything without complaining, i spent a whole year trying to get license, they took fro me more than 20000 aed without any result, i hope one day the government of Dubai will know about the bad practice in this school and close the school until it is meeting with the standard quality requirements that are expected to be here in Dubai, i am really disappointed and wish that i never went to this school!they spent my money my time my energy and left bad experience for me!!AL AHLI is VERY VERY BAD SCHOOL
 24th of May, 2013 by    +1 Votes
They are real cheaters. I have never come across such people. I don't know how the rta does not know anything. I myself have complained to them so many times. I pray from the bottom of my heart that this school and the whole management would rot in hell forever.
 29th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
even myself had a very bad experience; and all those with whom i discussed about this, gave me the same negative feedback about Al Ahli Driving school.

Its very common that they will fail the student in Internal Assessment Tests and ask us to take 8 more classes. Easy way to Make money.!!!
They dont care for anything you complain about these issues.

Only they worried when i said them that, will write our reviews in all internet media.

I have an idea to open a favebook page "We hate Al Ahli Driving School"..
please let me know who all will support to this???

please send me email to "Sunil84@gmail.com"
 11th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
Completely agree with all complaints above. Unfortunately I have already paid for my classes so I will have to take them, but so far the communication has been SO POOR, Customer Services does not help much and for EVERYTHING you ask they request to see your payment clearance. It's 100% ALL ABOUT OUR MONEY. I would strongly recommend to find another school as this one it's very very VERY BAD!
 11th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
Please save yourself and your hard earned money from these robbers. go to some other school instead. beleive me, you will gain nothing from these thieves.
 16th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
Horrible horrible horrible!!
 27th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
Worst Ever driving school compare with the experience of my friends from others school.Unfortunately I have buy their promotion voucher which started my nightmare. 1-their service is nothing but asking for money, once when 9 of 10 is free, you still have to waiting for 30m. 2- Cheating the test system, they will change the exam system or giving the wrong test, I was heard that minimum for the people who buy the promotion voucher have to repeat for 3 times. 3- during the practice for parking, the teacher was keeping ask for money, and he trying to searching for problem during all the practice as I didn't give any tips. 4-I am repeating my test again and again, as a 10 years experience I did the test almost perfect, but they still failed me without any reason. I want to make my complaint to the the government, anyone have same experience please let's united together and get this horrible driving center down.
 27th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
i am there with you all. i really wish from the bottom of my heart that such people deserve the worst. the GOVERNMENT SHOULD KNOW about these thieves. they are robbing innocent people in broad daylight.
 10th of Mar, 2014 by    0 Votes
I failed two times of internal assessment without any reason, and they want me to take more classes, managers don't care anything they just wanna money, rta, please close this school
 22nd of Apr, 2014 by    0 Votes
What happen to all this complain??? Are there any actions made...?it seems that it happen over and over again for several people and yet nothing is being done...I myself experience all these and worst I had the worst instructor provided the fact of his attitude...His name is AMRO FAWZY...always late for 10 minutes and will dismiss you 10 minutes earlier...I did bought that promotion thing and right now I hardly finished 10 classes due of the changing of instructor my next schedule will be on MID MAY...I even complain to costumer service and not even bother to listen...I can't describe how bad this school is...WORST is not even enough to describe it...provided the fact that we cannot do anything about it...
 16th of Jun, 2014 by    0 Votes
Oh my God i dont know how to explain how much i hate this school and all staff...pay first and talk later this is the famous strategy in al ahly school you will fail 10 times in assesment even if you have a licence from your country and you was driving for the last 10 years. You will fail for any reason just becasue failed mean more money and whre is rta and gouvernement no idea they should find a solution with those
 18th of Jun, 2014 by    0 Votes
The most unprofessional driving centre in the world!!! Driving instructors don't speak English at all... Sleeping during a student drives a car, its unacceptable. Complete miscommunication about driving rules, school policies and procedures.
 28th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
Ummmm. I think all people complaining about AlAhli r those who failed.
I went to AlAhli. Passed my all tests in first attempt. Teachers were Good. As I took my classes by Mr. Umar (bur-dubai), Mr.Abdul Dayan Khan (al-quoz), and Mr. Usman (al-quoz). They were all very kind and good instructors. Mr.Malik who took the assessment test told every student his mistakes which caused him failure. His behaviour was same with muslims and Hindus. And i loved tht bcoz thts like a good muslim. Other two intstructors who took my parking test and pre-asesment test were Arabic and they were also very kind persons.
Driving schools can't ignore your mistakes bcoz its their responsibility to send passable students to the RTA test. Otherwise, students will start complaining that school passed me but RTA did not. So that's it only, according to my observation. Atfirst I choosed AlAhli only bcoz I was new in Dubai my documents were not complete all others schools agreed to open my file even without complete documents. While at AlAhli they refused to open my file until I completed my documents. Afterall rules r rules.
 11th of Nov, 2014 by    0 Votes
I have been driving for the last 18 years and having a valid Oman lic. I was failed 3 times by Emirates Driving School. I can train the Examiners and bet i can drive better than many of their Instructures and the Examiner himself. Ways of making money

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