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Aetna Complaints & Reviews - Scam and cheating

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Posted:    Valerie

Scam and cheating

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United States
Aetna’s Short Term/Long-term Disability benefits are the worst. You pay for it- oh yeah, you pay. Try an employee of over 10 yrs filing one claim and not get pd for the last 4 months. (one denial as the Dr didn't put my resting blood pressure rate down!) Don't believe what they tell you about the IHD (Integrated Health Disability “Model”). It’s suppose to help manage your medical and any potential disability you might face. It’s a lie! It doesn't work! They've been my company’s medical ins provider for years and the only info they conveniently find hurts me. literally- hurts me. I've almost lost my car, my mortgage is months past due... They play legalese word games, if you aren't a lawyer you'll need one... look up complaints against Aetna Life Insurance on the web. I located where they've been fined tens of thousands of dollars (recently in Texas) for violations. They are Evil—- be warned.

**** Above is a posting I listed to complain about Aetna's STD/LTD issues to one of their new clients.

every word of it true. Can you provide me any in-site or suggested direction?
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 15th of Nov, 2008 by   Valerie 0 Votes
I, a mother of, now, 3 children, signed up for disability through Aetna (since we don't have state disability). I was pregnant with my 3rd child and wanted to be prepared for when I was on maternity leave. I was told that my disability checks would kick in 2 weeks after I entered the hospital to give birth. So of course I continued to pay into the insurance. Well, I delivered August 28thg 2008 and am supposed to return to work Nov. 9th 2008. Todays dater is Nov. 2nd and I have yet to receive a check. Its ridiculous. I called them 2 weeks ago to ask what the hold up was and they said they never got my claim. So I called my employer and they got a hold of Aetna and they finally admitted to having received the claim but it was pending due to the fact they needed my completes medical records (even though the forms Aetna said had to be filled out and returned were filled out and returned). So, of course I go through the hassle of calling the doctor getting them to fax me my records and I fax them to Aetna myself. They said they received them and it would take an additional 2 weeks to get my checks. Low and behold 2 weeks later no checks. So, I gave them a call this past Wed. they said it was still pending due to no medical records I said no, no, no I faxed them myself. Sure enough she found my records and 'supposedly' put it in the computers that they were received and so my claim would finally be processed, and to go ahead and call this upcoming Monday which would be Nov. 3rd 2008, to make sure it was processed and then I still have to wait an additional 2 weeks to get my checks. How ridiculous something doesn't sound right. I'll be back to work before I EVER receive a check that I PAID FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE. COME ON!!!
 26th of Jun, 2009 by   hermosa75 +1 Votes
Hello. I am currently going through the same EXACT situation with Aetna. I have been on shot term disability for about two months. The same exact scenario. I've turned in the paperwork they say they require yet I haven't received a check yet. I am a single mother with 2 children. The only thing Aetna has done is frustrate me and contribute to further financial disarray. The customer service is horrible. The information you get may or may not be accurate so BEWARE. I depended on Aetna to process my FMLA claim and it was denied because they told me that I could wait until my next appt so I would have very detailed health info. As a result my FMLA was denied because my time expired! and there is no appeals process.. I had to fight for my job b/c now they had the right to consider the days as unexcused and terminate me! Aetna's CSRs are not proactive or knowledgeable. I recommend you trust nothing they say. Always call back and ask the same questions. Odds are you'll get a different answer. Also if you are depending on your money ... definitely find a supplementary source of income because it will probably be time for you to return to work before you see a Short term disability check! Aetna as a Short Term Disability and FMLA administrator is horrible!
 2nd of Jun, 2010 by   fiter 0 Votes
I am with a man who I THOUGHT I was going to be marrying. The problem is, he is already married! When I asked him WHY he won't get a divorce he made up every excuse in the book. then i find out from his WIFE! He is on her insurance policy and has been for a long time. They have been separated for the past 15 years and his address is at another place other than hers. Is there anyway they can prove he is no longer living there? HELP!
 25th of Jun, 2010 by   JaneDoe 0 Votes
Whenever there is ANY issue you should 1st call your PLAN SPONSOR'S REPRESENTATIVE.
You can call your human resources department of the employer the AETNA insurance is through.
Ask for the insurance benefits specialist & ask them why your employer chose AETNA - explain how
they may not want to go with AETNA as an option for the next open benefits registration.

The liason may be able to get some action.
This really freaks out everyone at AETNA because they risk losing the contract ;)

You can also keep going to the ER ;)

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