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1800Flowers.com Complaints & Reviews - Anonymous flowers? Tough!

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Posted:    Jan Wischmeyer

Anonymous flowers? Tough!

Complaint Rating:  31 % with 35 votes
My mother received flowers for her 82nd birthday today. The card had a message on it but was unsigned. A call to the delivering florist asking the identity of the sender was met with questions of her own. The shop owner had earlier tried to contact 1800flowers to find the same answer. Chick at 1800flowers said she could not give out the name of the sender. I told the florist I would call later and find out myself. I called this evening and spoke to a nice young lady. She also was unable to give me the name of the sender citing their privacy policy. She called the sender and tried to get an OK to give out his name. He was not home. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I waited for a LONG time until I was "DISCONNECTED" before the supervisor got to me. I immediately called back, spoke to Chris and said I wanted to know NOW the name of the sender. And to give me a supervisor please. Soon, Kyle came on the line and again cited the privacy policy. What about my mother's privacy??? I explained the situation our family had been going thru the last few years and we would like to know if this was again a police matter. He told me if I was that upset to call the police!!! I doubt that Kyle would even give the police the name of the sender. Hey I guess no one you know has ever been stalked and harassed and taunted. Protect the anonymous sender... fine... you won't see me at ANY of your conglomerate sites... ever.
Comments United States Flowers Delivery
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 15th of Jan, 2008 by   SecretCrush +1 Votes
I understand that you're upset, but in my opinion, 1800Flowers did the right thing in this instance. How would you feel if you anonymously sent flowers to your secret crush and the florist just caved in because the recipient made up some clever story about why he or she needed to know your identity?

Sending someone mail is usually not considered an invasion of their privacy (otherwise junk mailers would be swimming in a sea of lawsuits). If your mother was not expecting flowers, and did not want them, she was free to refuse the delivery when the florist showed up.

If you really have a legitimate concern about someone stalking your 82-year-old mother, then present your case to a judge, get a subpoena, and 1800Flowers will be forced to release the name of the sender.
 11th of May, 2008 by   Christopher 0 Votes
I worked for 1800 flowers for the last 2 days a driver. I relized that the names of the senders weren't on the flowers at all. Then i remember my girlfriend telling me the other day of a guy who was having an affair and sent flowers to his secret lover. His Wife found out he had flower purchases and found out he was sending flowers to some other lady. The guy sued 1800flowers, don't know if he won or not. But prolly to avoid more lawsuits, they stop giving out personal information on who sent flowers. Yeah, it does suck, but if you ran your own company you wouldn't want to risk the chance of someone suing it. Eventually the person who sent you flower will call back and say "Did you get my flowers grandmama!"
 29th of Sep, 2008 by   rose 0 Votes
In this case, it is true that most companies that are in this business have this exact type of policy in place. I have worked for 1800Flowers.com and I can tell you that it is part of their privacy policy that they can not release the information without the customers permission, not because of people who have affairs but because of the "secret admirer" and because our customers have requested that they be able to use our service and know that their information is kept private. Any recipient who receives an anonymous gift and calls in the ask who is informed we cannot release without the senders permission. Then an attempt to contact the sender is made through phone and e-mail and when there is an answer the recipient is notified. In cases like stalkers or harrassments, it is not that the company does not want to help but we do ask that you go to your local police station so they can legally obtain the information for their investigation. Even the police station will tell you that in order for them to help someone who has a stalker or harrassment issue, that you need to contact them regarding these situations so that they can properly protect you.
 13th of Jan, 2010 by   Rolls Eyes +1 Votes
OMG! Somebody sent FLOWERS to someone else??!!! POLICE! FBI! HOMELAND SECURITY!!! ARMY!! NAVY!! This is a horrible crime. We need to form a LYNCH MOB NOW. Let's start a petition to our congress to make it a capital offense to send flowers, along with sending birthday cards and just being plain nice to each other.

I can imagine the kind of shallow, controlling, mean spirited person that gets upset about such a silly thing. Talk about too much time on their hands. I feel sorry for their husband or wife -- oh wait I am pretty sure they are divorced or a spinster...

PS. by the way I noticed that the complainer is also anonymous.
 23rd of Mar, 2012 by   Barbara Webb +1 Votes
My daughter also recieved flowers from 1800flowers.com today 3/23. The card read "To the most beautiful women I have ever known." Well as a mother I believe this is inapropiriate for a young girl to recieve. I called 1800flowers.com and I was told the phone # (didn't have time to write it down) and that it was a man that placed the order but they had to contact him for approval to release his name. After waiting 6hours I called again and the rep said the first rep broke policy just giving me that information and they were still waiting for a response. They have tried to call 2 times, sent emails, and text messages and now almost 12 hours later still no response. I suppose it's the police department next. if any sugestions please email me @ barbara3webb@aol.com
 20th of Apr, 2013 by   lbz +1 Votes
Wow, over flowers. Pathetic. God forbid someone is grateful for a kind gift. Amd what a hypocritical ass to be anonymous and complain about anonymity.
 24th of Nov, 2013 by   zoe18 -1 Votes
I agree with the complaint. Just received flowers from Pro Flowers with no indication of who sent them. Called them and given the same privacy crap. Just wrote them a note as they are interfering with my rights by refusing to tell me as this is a stalker. Police are next, but no name to give them. Asked everyone with the information of my address, and sent by no-one. Had a stalker who drove from ND to PA (yes, drove here) when I told him I would call about strokes as had one of those early in the year and was heading into having a sternotomy. It may have been him, but at this point simply lost on who would be sending me anything, anonymously. This can be a serious matter for those of you simply hoping for anonymous gifts.
 8th of May, 2014 by   Asooka +1 Votes
My girlfriend was going through a nasty divorce and having a bad run of luck with dating. As Valentines day rapidly approached, I sent her an anonymous bouquet. The message simply stated "You are stronger than you realize" I was able to keep it anonymous and her mood was lifted. It was a simple gesture that meant a lot. She called to find out who sent it and got the "privacy policy" response. The effects would not have been as good had she known it was from me.
 10th of Jan, 2015 by   MeganNichole 0 Votes
I'm sending flowers to an old friend back home who I haven't spoken to for a year now. Why is it so bad to send flowers to someone? I want to hide my identity not because I'm a stalker. I just want them to know I'm sorry for everything and I wish them the best. People who send flowers needs privacy for all types of reasons. If you don't want to receive flowers from the company, then don't accept it. It's that simple! And by reading your post make me get scared to even send them out. I'm sure anyone will be scared to send flowers privately now if they didn't have the policy. So why have police involved? If you get threatened messages or repeated flower orders then yes call the police. But if no actually harm is done then let it go!
 16th of Feb, 2015 by   nunya biznass 0 Votes
the problem ...as a women who lives alone..knowing someone sent me flowers who doesn't want to be know is scary. that means they know my address where I live and if it were a true friend they wouldn't need to be anonymous they would simply out their name. its creepy. now I have to look over my shoulder.
 8th of Mar, 2015 by   frustratedonetoday 0 Votes
A few of you are idiots. I'm referring to the ones who don't understand why getting anonymous flowers would be troubling. Are you really that stupid? Violent men stalk women. They stalk single, married and women in relationships. How can you be so stupid that you couldn't even think of this possibility. That is why we need to know who sent them.

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