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Lawsuit against them

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Direct TV
United States
The HD DVR in my bedroom had been messed up since September. I travel a lot and waiting for hours for customer service is ridiculous with this company. I sent several email complaints as well and their response was to reset the receiver (which I'd already done per their lame advice). Finally after 3 months of no activity I tried to cancel and demanded they not charge me for the months of service I couldn't use. (Whenever anything would DVR it would tape the HD channels which were all blank gray screens). Well after filing complaints to the BBB etc they returned $16 or something insulting. To really put the icing on the cake, I had been threatening legal action and they held their stance and after all of that was said and done... they TOOK the remaining $208.52 out of my bank account UNAUTHORIZED!!! I was on vacation last week and received an email notification to confirm the authorization.

Has anyone else had this problem? I suspect they did this to a lot of people owing them money especially since it was at the end of a fiscal year. How do I go about filing a lawsuit for this? I have money, that is hardly the issue... I'll spend 10 times the amount I owe them to let consumers know what a crappy company this is and how terrible they treat their clients.
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 21st of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Before We order Direct TV We ask about the try out policy they told us it was 21 days.
the product has been unsatisfactory in several respects so We canceled the service after few days...therefore We where very surprise to receive a bill for $485 for early cancellation fee.
We have come to expect a high degree of integrity from Americans...We expect the same from Direct TV.

Mr Taibi.
 24th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
I will back you wholeheartedly on this! They stole $212.50 from my checking account yesterday (Feb. 23, 2009). I sat on the phone this morning for almost an hour talking with a "Resolution Supervisor" only to get the run around and him telling me that there is nothing he can do. When I asked to speak to his supervisor, I was told she was on another call and he would leave a message for her to call me back. I asked when I could expect a return call from her, his response was "24-48 hours". Direct TV is nothing but a bunch of liers and thieves. I'm gonna keep fighting this. I'd like to ask them if they record their phone conversations, because I would like to go back and listen to the two previous conversations that I had with their representatives who told me my cancellation fee was only going to be $37.50. I was told I'd receive a paper statement in the mail for the $37.50. When I called to dispute the $212.50 charge now on my account I was told by their representative last week who informed me to contact their Billing Dispute Department, who can only be reached by snail mail. I sent a letter to them that day (Feb. 17) and the rep assured me that it would be noted on my account that I was disputing the charge and nothing would be done until I heard from the Billing Dispute Department (which today I found out could be anywhere from 14-21 days). This morning when I checked my bank account, the money had been withdrawn without my authorization. I also contacted my bank, but was told by them that since it has already been taken out of my account, they couldn't refund my money until it was resolved through Direct TV. It's been 5 hours since all of this transpired and I'm still fuming mad!!! Direct TV doesn't deserve my hard earned money!!
 29th of Jun, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Have any of you tried to take legal action against direct tv, because I am in the same boat. they took over 800.00 out of my account because I cancelled their service and now I am fighting with them to get 435.00 that they owe me, but they keep giving me the run around and transferring me to diff. dept. to talk with some one else. I have waited their 8 weeks it has actually been 9 weeks now and I still don’t have my money.
 24th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
Direct TV also took $221.85 out of my account without authorization. It overdrew my bank account and my bank gave the money back. Direct TV said they didn't take it but the bank looked and said they took it out and also had their phone next to the transaction. I called and they told me to call Qwest because we bundled our phone with the tv. When I called Qwest they told me that I needed to call Direct Tv. They went back & forth for 45 minutes while I was at work. Finally I talked to some from Qwest in the resolution dept and the person we had originally talked to didn't disclose any of the information that they should have (deposit, contract, etc) she said it was called cramming and offered us $200 credit on our phone bill to compensate for everything that we had been going through. Not to mention, he went ahead and started the process before we even approved it. We think he was fired or was severly repremanded. We have only had Direct TV for 2 months and our bill came a few days ago and it was for $327. They said the bank took the money back from them and now Qwest wants to take it back from me because I was given the credit. They gave me credit for all the hassles not the money that Direct TV took. Now Qwest wants us to pay the $221.85 back plus $106. It was supposed to be 39.99 a month. I have kept calling and everyone just keeps giving us the runaround and they won't call back. I told them to cancel the services and pick up their equipment and I won't pay a penalty for cancelling. They still haven't called me back. I was told that there is a lawsuit against DirectTV right now for fraudulant charges among other illegal things. We are fed up with all of this. It has been nothing but a giant pain in the rear since the day I called them. If anyone knows about the lawsuit, I'd like to find out. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with and Qwest isn't any better. They are both terrible.
 11th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I totally agree with you. Has anyone been able to file anything against Directtv for what they have done? have you ever gotten your money back for it?
 15th of Aug, 2009 by    -1 Votes
If you want to take legal action look up (your state name) attorney generals office call the attorney general in your state and explain exactly what Direct TV has done... by contacting the attorney general they will take care of everything for you so you don't have to do anything except fill out the form he (or she) sends you and send any and all info he (or she) asks for

and believe me i KNOW for a fact what you guys/gals are saying is true cause they tried to pull that crap over on me but it didn't work out the way they planned cause i refused to pay it and i told the bill collectors that it was Direct TV's responsibility not mine of course they didn't take the money out of my cc like they have done others probably a good thing too lol
 1st of Sep, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I echo your complaints against Direct TV. We had their service installed July 24th but the lies began a week earlier when I signed up. I explained from the beginning of the call that I wanted to bundle the Direct Tv with my current phone and internet company which was going to save me several dollars. The rep instructed me to "just call and speak with the bundling dept to get that set up" I did and they said that they did not do that and that I needed to call my phone company and they could arrange it. My phone company said that I could not bundle unless I went through them and not through Direct TV to get the installation set up. Too late.. since I had already set it up through Direct TV. But that was only the beginning of the problems.. we have 3 receivers and two don't work more than they do. They switch programs right in the middle which has happened several times. One particularly awful situation was when my 9 year old was watching a g rated movie and the program became an R rated movie and after 30 minutes on the phone with a tech it still was not fixed. The channels will stop working and say they are not purchased while watching a program. I have reset, unplugged, checked cards, pressed red buttons, turned off and on more times than I can count and nothing works for more than a few hours or minutes. I have also been told that if I cancel I will have to pay a $460.00 cancellation fee even though of course I want to cancel because their service is horrible! I will be contacting the AG's office, the BBB, the FCC, FTC and whoever else I can find to contact. I have told everyone I know not to even consider their service, posted on my Facebook, and called and emailed everyone I know.
 9th of Sep, 2009 by    -1 Votes
They took 883 dollars out of my account. We didnt pay our bill for like 1 month and told them we would pay and still wanted service we just needed time. Well they they took my money into their own hands and took 883 dollars. Then on top of that I had 18 $28 dollar over draft fees totalling 504 dollars on top of the money they took. When did we lose the right to our money. I thought the only way people could legally take our money was with our autorization or a court order. They had neither . Just my card number. I am complaining to the BBB and the attourney general. Lets see if we get our money back. It only takes 5 people in one attourney generals office to start a class action lawsute. Lets get it started and take our hard earned money back.
 20th of Dec, 2009 by    -2 Votes
i understand alot of what u guys are saying. i used to work for dierctv. i quit after 1month. it upset me when customers call in about the same thing over and over again about a problem. after receiving so many calls about the same thing i began to feel like its obviously not the customer. it must be the cmpany. directv have different dept.'s so directv as a whole is not responsible for the crap you guys are going through. i worked in the billing dept in georia. i was getin sick of that crap myself. and i'm not even a customer. alot my former co-workers dont want dtv services because of all the crap customers call complaining about, and services are free for directv employees. on behalf of the good former/current agents of directv. we understand your frustation. i hope they get their business in order. i'll never apply with that company again.
 4th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
on dec 21/2009 they stolled 455.39 out of my bank .called them up to see why .theycould only say it was out of denver co.main office thats doing this.looks like i own 3 recivers and 3 dishs just going to get new cards
 6th of Jan, 2010 by    -1 Votes
OMG!! I have found all these stories and they are just like mine, except I have not cancelled yet and so I am yet to look forward to the CC being charged. My signal has been bad since day one, but it is sucha pain in my behind to call them.. they keep transfferring me over and over to another guy/gal. ANd an hour later I am still whare we started-" veryfy yur name and address".. It has been years now and all the problems with the sig keep coming back after a month or so. I call the tech again and again, untill I get sick of them and their 8-12 appointments. Next thing u know its been 90 days and I am due to pay the "serv call". But the same sig interuption happens again one day, ususally when I watch a really good movie..I am going to complain to AG and to other places as well. I am also going to call and make sure I can cancell their stupid service. It has been 4 years, I dont think they dare to stik me with their early cancellation fee.
 16th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I was a loyal customer of Directv for more than 11 years. I currently serve on Active Duty in The US Army. I recently moved and used your movers program. I contacted directv in December and set up an appointment to install at my new location. The directv installer came to my location (14 December)and determined that he would need a swim system to instll the 3 HD DVRS directv had authorized me. He called directv and they stated they could not authorize it to me because I was an existing customer and not a new customer. The representative from directv apologized for my inconvience, but stated I would not be charged a cancellation fee because it was directv that was unable to do the install. I sent my receivers back. On 24 December, I received a bill for a cancellation fee. I immediately contacted directv and they stated it was an error. I have talked to directv two subsequent times and was given the same response. On 11 January, Directv took the amount out of my bank account without my authorization. I am an honorable soldier that is looking to be treated fairly by the country I glady served. Please look into this matter. This charge came at a bad timing.
 22nd of Jan, 2010 by    -1 Votes
DON'T EVER USE DIRECT TV. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CROOKS- their customer service gives you a different answer each time you talk with them. I had to move and I called their customer service to ask what the policy was. They told me that I was to call and schedule a tech to come out to my new apartment loc to see if dish could be installed there and if not, I would not be charged any cancellation fee. Then when I found a place and called to check they then told me they would only check when I schedule the actual re-connect. Then when they came out, found the only way to install it would be to run a flat cable through my patio door, around the entire, dining room and in front of my gas fireplace to the living room wall (no drilling was allowed in the apartment). They then tell me they are charging me $271.01 to cancel the service because I told them this was totally unacceptable to have cables running through a sliding patio door and through the entire apartment in front of a fireplace. They charged my charge card, even though I told them not to. I contacted my bank and the bank disputed and reversed the charge, but Direct TV mailed me a bill due immediately. I filed a complaint with the BBB and it is still going back and forth. I would think Direct TV would want to work with me since I an renting and someday may move to where I could possibly use them again. But they choose to destroy any desire for me to ever user their service again, and I will tell everyone and anyone I know how horrible their customer services is!!! DON'T DO IT - GO ELSEWHERE FOR YOUR SERVICE.
 23rd of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Okay i've been reading a lot of these comments and i'm sorry but it really sounds like whining to me. If any of you had bothered to READ the contract before you signed it, you would have seen all of the information that you are bitching about stated. If you have a contract with any service and you cancel, you are subject to cancellation fee. I don't see why any of you think it would be different for DIRECTV. Next, they do inform you in the contract that the reason a credit card is needed on file is because if you do NOT pay them, in protest or whatever, they will charge the card on file. I understand your frustrations, but that is why you READ something before you sign it. They do not need your authorization because you were informed in the legally binding contract that YOU signed. i assume the technician did not hold a gun to your heads.
Next, if you have a technical issue, and YOU choose not to call in, then that is your fault that it takes so long to get resolved. Somewhere the customer has to take responsibility. Trashing the company doesn't help. oh and by the way, good luck on all of the lawsuits. you'll need it. not reading a contract that does inform you of all of this does not mean the company is at fault. that means you are dumb enough to sign legal documents you haven't read.
 7th of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
If this is just a whining spot, CDEINC, then why is it there are class action suits in 23 states against the s.o.b.'s!!! Fortunately for me, when I called to cancel 4days after dreadfully receiving this crap AS THEIR SUB-CONTRACTED INSTALLER- ILLEGALLY ACTING AS AN AGENT OF DIRECT TV- told me I had seven days, like my contract did say and I did read, and they threatened to pull the $480 from me, too!!! They violate almost every law in Michigan against the MI Consumer Protection Act.
The fun part was when their little phone agent threatened me with this I told her "You just do that!" I went the day before and cancelled my debit card, ordered a new one with a different number. I also let her know I work for my brother who pays me under the table, and get social security-disability, which garnishments can't touch!!! I rent and can't drive because of my disability, so they aren't getting shit from me!!! Ooohhh, aren't they clever?
I also filed a lawsuit against the assholes, or more correctly, WHOLE ASSES!
 7th of Feb, 2010 by    +2 Votes
By the way Mr. CDEINC, when one contracts agreeing to deliver a service and the DON'T DELIVER THAT SERVICE, that's what is better known as BREACH OF CONTRACT!!!
 22nd of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Hey CDEINC, I think you need to obtain a little more information about these complaints before you jump to such an ignorant conclusion. With Direct TV...THERE IS NO CONTRACT! We called Direct TV and signed up for one of their promotional packages over the phone. The customer service representative we spoke to NEVER informed us that we would be under a 2 year contract by doing so. Direct TV DOES NOT present you with a contract to read or sign when a technician comes to your house to install your equipment. Direct TV DOES NOT send you a contract to read or sign with your first bill. The only time Direct TV informs you of this is when you try to cancel their services. You want to call people "stupid" who are frustrated with this? People who are smart enough to know they should not be legally bound to a service that they never signed a contract for? I will not call you "stupid." But, I will say that you are ignorant in regards to this subject. Maybe you should do more research on a topic before you arr0gantly disrespect a mass amount of decent people with ligitimate concerns.
 4th of Mar, 2010 by    +2 Votes
My Direct TV contract expired. I canceled received a email saying my final bill was $172 which I would be receiving in the mail shortly. The next day I received a email with a shipment confirmation for my return equipment. 2 days later I received the boxes. 2 days after that my checking account was debited $404. When I called they said they would give me the money back WHEN they got their boxes. Their our soo many problems with this. One the money they took out of my account was beyond the final bill days prior. Two the letter with the box said you have 7 days to return it they did not even give me 2 days. Three the email clearly gave a amount due AND even stated customers with equipment due would receive another bill IF equipment was NOT returned. So I call and they tell me I get my money back after they get their boxes back. This totally contradicts everything they had sent me IN WRITING mind you prior. So yeah tomorrow I will be going to my bank to back me up & if they do not I will stop doing business with them. I am going to talk to a lawyer AND am going to tell every person I talk to what they did. To top it off they used my credit card I use for online billing not the one they have on file..and I do not have automatic bill pay. I use one time payment only. They used that after they could not charge it on the one on file. Their customer service person said if I used it on their website they had the right to save the information for future charges at their discretion..I have never ever heard of a legitimate company practicing business like that.
 16th of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Has anyone ever attempted a class action suit against Direct TV? If so, how does one join the action?
 5th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
My name is Elmer Dean Malliot 4-5-10

November 2008 I called direct tv and signed up for the $29.99 a month for a year.
In december when they were to install it, I called them and ask them to change the date to install, because I had to go in hopital for a few days. they then changed the date
to Jan.3rd. I ask if every thing was the same including the $29.99 price .Iwas told all was the same. with inthree months they were charging me FIFTY EIGHT THIRTY EIGHT PER MONTH. When I called them they said I didn't sign up for the $29.99 per month.I told them I had all the papers with information on it for the $29.99 they continued billing
me for FIFTY EIGHT THIRTY EIGHT until I canceled their service . They then told me
that I owed them $250.00 for quiting before contract time was over. I still refuse to send them any money and they have different collectors call me. Is this law suit still open where I can get on it. mail address is 1609 Fairview, Wenatchee, Wa. 98801-6821
Phone# 509-888-1197 Email Address cba3cms0 last figure IS a zero on email.


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