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Citibank Complaints & Reviews

Citi Bank - Arizona, Phoenix / Costco Card

BRUCE1025 on Jul 8, 2016
Just talked to CITI; they took my credit account from American Express. My interest rate at AMEX was 15%; they immediately jacked it up to 27.5%. I have a high balance which will cost me thousands! I've been a big fan of Costco; but this is ridiculous! I will CLOSE MY CITI BANK CARD - WHAT A RIP OFF!

Citibank - Virginia, Winchester / Credit card

carla villarreal on Jul 6, 2016
I did not receive my business card, AMEX expired and I have had numerous problems as a result. Called to get a new card and it took 2 weeks for action. Called again after one week and now finally have received 3 cards (!). ...two had the same credit card number but different costco account...

Citibank / Not downloadable to Quickbooks

Geanette Cebulski on Jun 26, 2016
The new Citi Card is not downloadable to QuickBooks - mainly only Quicken. Also, it appears that unless you sign up for paperless billing you cannot even view the statement on-line. The rewards are fine but when I have to spend a significant amount of time entering the transactions into...

Citibank / Best Buy Visa

Protocull on Jun 1, 2016
Let me start by saying i am a 10 yer customer of thi s card on autopay so there is no history of late payments and they earn money off my interest (albeit a relatively small balance). So today i go online to check my account balance and i notice that it appears like my account i...

Citi Bank / Online buying

Amar1 on Apr 7, 2016
The image ?https://www.accountonline.com/acq/chooser/content/en/images/header/cb.gif? cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Dear Valued Customer - AMAR SINGH Congratulations ! This acknowledgment sets forth certain terms upon which {MR JOHN DANTE } is interested in...

Citibank / check fake email or not

Navaneethchandran.B on Dec 11, 2015
My name is Navaneethchandran.B I received a mail from citi bank that they received a TRANSFER ORDER placed by their Customer Dr Rose Cohen instruct them to transfer the sum of(38, 000INR) For my item as a payment for (ITEM) and it has been successfully processed and has consequently been...

Citibank / I want to know weater this was Scam email

pratab on Dec 6, 2015
MY NAME IS SRI AND JUST WANT TO KNOW/CONFIRM IS THAT THIS INFORMATION WAS TRUE/RITE.Transaction Summary: Merchandise Amount RM4, 200.00 MYR Shipper Agent Charges RM2, 500.00 MYR Western Union Charges RM300.00 MYR Total RM7, 000.00 MYR TRANSACTION NUMBER SW1100591978909CA Quantity 1...

Citi Bank / Wrong Information and Bad Customer experiance

Ahmed El Naggar on Nov 19, 2015
I am writing you today to explain my dissatisfaction & bad customer experience in your respectable Citi Bank Egypt I am the owner of TITANIUM Master Card Credit I went to Citi Bank branch “Mostafa El Nahas” on date 10 Nov 2015 to deactivate my credit card The agent there told me that I have...

Citibank - Nebraska, Omaha / best buy credit card

Reviewer58166 on Sep 4, 2015
I have had a best buy credit card for many years, and over those years I have bought many things. I bought a group of phones in 2013 and that was the last purchase I made. My card was closed due to inactivity! How in any sense of marketing does closing a card instill goodwill on any level...

Citi Bank / Not accurate

kathy casey on Aug 12, 2015
I paid off over$ 13, 000 to citi bank on my Sears last year mastercard.-- I am now in the process of paying off my GM card that was negotiated down. I have had a problem postal service not delivering my mail if Lot 47 isn't on the bill they send it back and I have lived in the same...

Citibank - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / Fidelia Gupta

Crystal27 on Jul 27, 2015
On February 11, 2013, Fidelia Gupta contacted me via Craigslist.org about renting a room from us. She responded to our "looking for a roommate ad." She explained that she was living in Glasgow, Scotland and was taking a job as a chemist in or near Phoenix, AZ. After much communication, we...

Citi Bank - South Dakota, Sioux Falls / Decline of application

Charles Vaughn on Jul 7, 2015
Citi bank declines people that has EVER filed for bankruptcy against any of their credit cards, store cards, or gas cards. Their policy states that it does not matter if the bankruptcy was 25, 30 or even 50 years ago, if they still carry it in their data base even though the bankruptcy...

Citibank - South Dakota, SIOUX FALLS / Negligence

CITIbank negligence on Jul 3, 2015
http://www.consumeraff Re: 17125 Burton Ave, Lockport, Il 60441, Act # 1123498086 – > It is truly amazing to me, how banks and mortgage companies had to be baled out by the government (taxpayers) in the real estate recession of 2006-2007. And yet CITIbank (CITImortgage) appears to...

Citibank - South Dakota, Sioux Falls / Bank is a ripoff

Unhappy Citibank Customer on Apr 23, 2015
Citibank sucks! I had a Shell and Exxon Mobil account for almost a year. I had no problems with these accounts up until recently. I used them responsibily and when I did either paid the entire balance or at the very least more than minimum. I recently applied for a Goodyear, Big O...

Citi Bank / Cheating to the customers by Charging more not even reach to over limit.

Baidahamad Nadaf on Jan 4, 2015
I had a Credit Card of Citi Bank. I had paid my all minimum payment (BHD. 82.000) for the month of Nov -2014. which was BHD 80.430, after this I done transaction of BHD 15.000 on06/12/2014 and another transaction of 3.750 on 10/12/20414. After doing transaction I received a massage in my...

Citibank Inglewood Branch / Completely no support and the staff is unprofessional

Candy on Dec 15, 2014
The worst services, so be aware that the company Citibank Inglewood Branch is total scam. I got three cards from them, but all security codes didn’t match and none of these cards ever worked. I went to their branch and wanted to get help, but the rep was total jerk and couldn’t...

Citibank Uk - England, Greater London, London / Account block issue

Customer13 on Dec 10, 2014
Citibank blocked my UK account for some reason. I called back to unblock it and I was told that it would be done within 24 hours. I called after 48 hours and still it was not done and I was again told that it will be done in 24 hours. They dont know the reason it is blocked and they dont...

Citibank Credit Card Customer Service / No Customer Service!

KazYeghia on Nov 10, 2014
Premier Card with $175 annual fee. "0" balance Credit Card with $15K credit line available was declined for a "$1000" charge @ 2:00 am in Los Angeles, CA. Called the 24/7 Customer Service phone printed on the back of the card, an automated system asking all kind of security questions for account...

Citibank / Abusive Credit Card Tactics

Jose Mk on Nov 2, 2014
After 6 years of being a loyal credit card customer, I mailed my monthly check seven days in... After 6 years of being a loyal credit card customer, I mailed my monthly check seven days in advance and they claim they did not receive it. I called twice as a concerned customer. Phone...

Citibank - Florida, Sarasota / non-transfer of 10,000,000

Dr.Tattoo on Oct 20, 2014
ATTN:UNPAID BENEFICIARY Citibank Texas USA (citibank@friendsofklaus.org) Add to contacts 10/19/14 Citibank Texas USA 1100 Andrews Highway Branch Full Service Brick and Mortar Office 1100 Andrews Highway Midland, TX 79701 Email: kennedyswan@barid.com ATTN:UNPAID BENEFICIARY IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF YOUR...

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