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Certegy - Washington, Spanaway / could not cash check because you told them that !

David Crosby on 2016-01-29
Helmsman Management Services LLC They only told me to contact you. Check Number from left to right 01874243 011900445 000000067587 Bank of America Hartford Ct claim wc 608-C28255 Check number 01874243 Check date 01/21/2016 Amount $927.64

Certegy.com - Texas, Amarillo / Check services

Reviewer11940 on 2015-11-17
On 11/17/2015 AT&T wouldn't take a check for a bill said certegy said it was me that was not good after calling I was told I was VIP ..lol. BUT THEY HAD TO GATHER ALL BANKING INFO!!! to tell me this, I am reporting them to attn. gen office for bad business practices. And cancelling...

Certegy Check Services, Inc. - Florida, Tampa / No Services

JeromeA9020 on 2015-07-14
On July 8th I and my wife tried to cash our federal income tax check (Joint check) at King Soopers and was told the could not cash it and gave me a slip of pre-printed paper with the number to Certegy Check Services, Inc. As I have my own life I did not call them until July 14 2015 @ 11:45...

Certegy - Florida, Tampa / Checks Declined no reason given

dsrtrt3 on 2015-06-13
I sold 2 cell phones to uSell, an online recycling business. They sent me 2 checks one for each phone. I submitted them to my bank for processing and they were declined. Certegy declined to approve them but would not provide any reason why. When I called the verification phone number on...

Certegy / check not accepted

Randel Nielson on 2015-02-11
I wrote a check for gas at Maverik . Certegy would not except it. I have written over 5000 checks and never had one bounce. I tried to contact Certegy. I was put on hold for 30 minutes when I finally got to talk to a real person, she said our computers are down call back in one hour. The...

Certegy / Certegy cost me $500 cash

Walmart victim97469347 on 2015-01-31
On January 29, 2015 I paid for a $500 Moneygram money order as I have every month for the last four years at the Stuart, FL Walmart. Walmart associate Ashley misunderstood and gave me one for $400 and another for $100. Within 10 seconds, I immediately requested to exchange them for one...

Certegy / declining my check

meme49 on 2014-12-27
I wrote a check at Academy Sports in Mt Juliet, Tennessee. It went through they give me back my check and my receipts. When I was balancing my account I noticed the check had not gone through after nearly 3 weeks. I called the store and they said everything was fine with them that they had...

Certegy - Florida, Holly Hill / Non cashing of student loan check

JOIEE on 2014-12-11
I cashed a Student loan Check from my College a few months ago... It took about 3 times for Walmarts cashier to get it through. I received another check and tried to casdh at the SAME WALMART today for within $100 of the 1st check amount. They gave me a computer generated paper slip...

Certegy - Michigan, Novi / Denial of PERFECTLY GOOD check at TARGET

melkoa on 2014-09-03
I wrote a check to pay for my purchases at my local Target store. CERTEGY disapproved the check - my good check - for no justifiable reason. I own the check book, I own the bank account, I have banked with the same bank for 15+ years, no bad checks ever, and here I was at MY LOCAL TARGET...

Certegy - California, Lake Elsinore / Refusing a check

camillef on 2014-07-16
I have gone to Lowes to purchase items that totaled $21.71. My check was refused due to Certegy. When I call them they are very rude, cant answer questions I have asked. I contacted my bank and Lowes. My bank says they have never heard of this company, while lowes says they cant do...

Certegy Check Services - Florida, Tampa / Blocking transactions

peskybarb on 2014-07-01
I was denied cashing my State of CA payroll check at Walmart on Saturday. They handed me a teeny slip of paper with Certegy's phone number on it, citing them for the reason. I spent several minutes trying to contact them as I was instructed on the paper, to find out what the issue...

Certegy - Arizona, Tucson / Check denial at Lowe's

Jean de Jong on 2014-06-01
Forgot my debit and credit cards at home but had my check book with me but when I went to pay for a $100.00 gift card with a check I was told Lowe's could not accept my check, Certegy had Code 2 my check. The statement on our Lowe's printout was that the check was not rejected...

Certegy Check Services, Inc. - Florida, Tampa / unethical business practices

P Bilbrey on 2014-05-14
Heads up about Certegy Check Services, Inc.—per an Aug. 15, 1013 press release at www.ftc.gov, “Certegy Check Services to Pay $3.5 Million for Alleged Violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Furnisher Rule” and in 2013 were assessed a “Penalty that i...

Certegy Check Services - Tennessee, Nashville / Denial

Captin Slingshot on 2013-09-21
Went to Walmart today to cash a student loan check and was denied with a reason number 2. I can wait to cash the check and that isn't even the issue, this is the second time that this has happen and I can't understand why, and no other information is given besides reason 2, which...

Certegy Check Services - Florida, Hallandale / Declined to cash payroll check

Steph Ri on 2013-05-24
Went to walmart to cash payroll check and deposit funds to my walmart debit card as I had done every 2 weeks for the last year. Certegy Check Services declined to cash my check and the recorded message that I was told to call stated that "it had nothing to do with me or my check, but the...

Certegy Chech Services - Pennsylvania, Whitehall / denied the cashing of a cashiers check

darren askew on 2013-04-10
I was denied cashing a cashiers check at the walmart in Whitehall, pa. on april 10, 2013 at approxitemately 6:35 pm. the check is valid and it is dated april 8, 2013. as a result of this company policy, whatever the hell they are, I was put in shame and my car gave out of gas because I...

Certegy Check Service, Inc - Texas / Declined Check

Glena Miller on 2013-04-05
Declined perfectly good check at Woods Boots. When I phoned Certegy and spoke with Chris, he said there was no negative information that caused the rejection of the check. I gave him all the information he asked for. Said he couldn't change the problem without me filling out a form...

Certegy - New York / Unable to resole disputes

Garofolo, jr on 2013-01-21
I have been trying to resolve disputes with Certigy since November, 2012. I have a called their Customer Care Line multiple times. They were going to mail me out a detailed statement in early, January, 2013. My accounts are all in balance and my overdraft has been resolved. I have been...

Certegy Check Services - Georgia, Stockbridge / Walmart Money Gram Money Order

walmoneyoder02 on 2012-12-23
Walmart needs to rethink the company they do business with. I had a friend to send me a certified Walmart money order for Christmas for my daughter. I received the Walmart money order, took it to Walmart in Stockbridge, Georgia on Henry County Blvd. to cash it. They would not even cash...

Certegy - Michigan, Flint / refusal of check

Sharron0711 on 2012-11-23
On Nov 21, 2012, I went to tjmaxx to pick-up a lay-a-way. I wrote out my check for $69.76. The clerk put the check through and told me there was a problem. she then left and went up to the front of the store. I waited over 20 minutes, as the line behind me continued to grow. The phone...

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