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CenturyLink (Previously Qwest)​ Complaints & Reviews

CenturyLink (Previously Qwest)​ - Louisiana, Monroe / 2 weekly mailings to our house

current resident on Jul 22, 2016
Each week we receive 2 Presorted Standard (bulk rate) brochures to our house. One is addressed "Current Business Owner" (of which neither of us is) other "Current Resident." This has been going on over 5 years now. Phone numbers on the brochure state they unable to remove us as it's a...

CenturyLink (Previously Qwest)​ / 2 snailmails per week to Current Resident

Disgruntled on Jul 15, 2016
Each week we receive 2 Junk Mails from them offering their services. Never done business with them--never will. Tried calling the 800# to get them to remove us, as well as the closest "store" where they sell services, but both say they are only a sales outlet and the mail comes from a...

CenturyLink (Previously Qwest)​ / Internet service and billing issues

Horse-gal on Jun 22, 2016
Since November 2015, Centurylink autopay has failed to work after I removed Verzion from my bundled bill. I have spent hours trying to get this resolved to no avail. I have all my monthly bills on autopay as we travel. I first realized it was no longer working when they disconnected my...

CenturyLink (Previously Qwest)​ - Washington, Seattle / Phone and internet

Shelly Robinson on Jun 21, 2016
I am here in Washington State, and when Centurylink bought out Qwest. They would not awner my Price for life. As per Washington State by law, were to do so. I fill a 24 month contract. Paying $9.99 for the first year and $19.99 the 2nd, with a locked in price of $29.99 after that for LIFE...

CenturyLink / Charge for return modem

jammy5 on Jun 6, 2016
Just got a collection letter for a modem I returned at least 8 months ago. Apparently several people have had this same problem. I was sent a return number, and when this didn't come in two weeks, I called and requested a second return number. After it was returned I called to verify...

Century Link / Residential Phone/Internet Service

Jacki Unger on May 20, 2016
In August of 2015 my husband & I decided to forego our landline/internet services with Century Link (CL), in favor of our personal cell phones. On August (31st) I called CL & asked to be disconnected as of the 1st of September 2015, I was on the phone for a while getting all the info...

CenturyLink / Billing Charges

Sharon Schneeberger on May 5, 2016
I recently switched my internet, phone, and TV to CenturyLink. I was promised no additional charges for switching if I used them for 1 yr. My first bill has many additional fees resulting in a very high bill, some clearly appear to be duplicates. When I went to the local office for an...

CenturyLink - Louisiana, Monroe / Super slow provider

Debbie on Apr 20, 2016
I'm very disappointed with CenturyLink and really have no idea what am I paying for! Their Internet is super slow, it's impossible to watch anything and I can't even listen to music online, because there is not enough speed just to load a small song! Contacted them many times and they...

CenturyLink - Washington, Seattle / Internet+Prism

Kevin Moraes on Apr 18, 2016
just want to add to the multiple complaints about gross overcharging by Centurylink.In simple terms, they are ripping us off. When we moved to seattle 3 months ago we signed up for internet and prism over the InternetChat on the centurylink website before we moved in. On the day of the move...

CenturyLink / Wrong Billing

Sleigh771 on Apr 4, 2016
Before I moved, I contacted Centurylink about where to send the modem back. The lady said she would mail me a shipping label, but I did not get it before I left, so I contacted Centurylink about where I can mail it. I boxed the modem and mailed it to that address with my account number...

CenturyLink / Prism / Bad service

freedommortgagesucks on Apr 2, 2016
Thinking this was a great deal I switched to prism with internet can't beat the price. Unfortunately you don't get service. Don't try to watch a show it will die in the middle of it. Dont try to buy a movie on demand it will die in the middle of it. I started to keep a log...

CenturyLink / An email expressing a change in my servises

Reviewer83275 on Mar 6, 2016
Iv'e been trying to get through somehow to obtain an auto pay with CenturyLink and was trying to get a new ID and password as neither items would work . That was yesterday. This morning I received an email informing me that I had requested a change to my CenturyLink services and that...

CenturyLink / Overcharged for the last 6 months

OUCHgotme on Mar 4, 2016
I have always recommended CL over the other cable provider in the area because they had always had great Customer Service until recently. First, you have to go through their robot answer system that does not understand Customer Service as a command, a far cry from the live person that used...

Century Link - Arizona, Phoenix / Billing and poor customer service

Lee Lowe on Feb 15, 2016
I have been paying my internet with century link for quite some time now. Set it up with their employee, was told no issues would happen again. Today I called to see why they sent me a disconnect notice for internet service and they say I have to pay $132.00 due to a late pmt that went...

CenturyLink - Colorado, Broomfield / Internet

Reviewer35165 on Feb 9, 2016
I've had three horrible experiences with centurylink. First of all let me say that before I retired I worked with the broadband development with qwest/kpmg venture and I am a master electrician with MCSE, CCNA, CNA Certs in computers so I have an expert's opinion as well. First horrible...

CenturyLink - Florida, Lehigh Acres / internet speeds constantly being throttled

Reviewer75278 on Feb 6, 2016
I have heard every level of excuse from this company, and every time they throttle my speeds down to 4mb/s. They have had to repair their weak infrastructure lines to my home twice, and I pay for a 8mb/s service and know it can get the full 8mb/s when they aren't throttling me. I have...

Century Link - Colorado, Parker / Internet Service

Reviewer99749 on Feb 3, 2016
We recently moved about 5 miles away from a home that we had Century Link internet service at 12 mbps. We have been told by Century Link that the fastest speed they can provide us at our new home is only 1.5 mbps. This is 2016 and to offer speeds that low in this day and age are...

CenturyLink - Arkansas, Atkins / Internet Speed

Reviewer79404 on Feb 2, 2016
I have been with Centurylink for 4 years. I have paid for 10 Mbps and have received 1.2 Mbps. I've been told that's ok because i'm paying for up to 10 Mbps. I have never even gotten close to that. They say in my area that's as good as it gets and they can't do anything about it. Why do I have...

Century Link / Vacation Plan

Patricia LaRue on Jan 25, 2016
We signed up for a CenturyLink account (basic phone service plus internet) because that's the ONLY reliable means of communication at the house in WI. We drive a semi cross country and are often away from home for weeks at a time. But when we're home, having phone & internet i...

CenturyLink - Missouri, Lebanon / Internet service

joelineman on Jan 23, 2016
In May of 2014 I bought a house and moved. I contacted centurylink and they said they could save me money by going to direct tv and internet. I was currently a customer of centurylink and when the day came to have my internet service connected and the direct tv installer showed up I called...

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