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Carl's Jr. Complaints & Reviews

Carl's Jr. / Straw and soda

Chrisguerec on Jan 20, 2017
I went to Carl's Jr. On Artesia ave. and central ave. (1931 W Artesia Blvd Compton, CA 90220 United States ) I ordered a combo when I put my straw in my drink proceeded to drink it half way down my cup i noticed suction from the straw was failing I open my lid and found out my straw had two...

Carl's Jr. / Tami flores and candace lott

Ceselie on Jan 8, 2017
Tami the GM and Candace the other manager tami lied about going into the store to view cameras with the other boss Luke but never did come into the store that day sje had an unauthorized person tell me im fired and not herself about food i ate but really Mrs. Candace wrote me up but didnt...

Carl's Jr. / Cold stuck together onion rings

Jaythegreat on Jan 3, 2017
There is no way the manager should be letting this food go out like this. The onion rings were cold as ever and 6 of them were stuck together I posted a picture to show how disgusting they looked. Not to mention the California classic burger was cold and soggy. It's ridiculous how much...

Carl's Jr. / Charged twice and didn't receive money when asked at store

Leoquint3 on Jan 2, 2017
I went to 11224 S western ave Los angeles CA and ordered through the drive through and as i start to drive away i noticed my balance was lower then what it should been so I pull over and check my bank statements and it notifies me i was charged twice. I go in and ask for the manager and a...

Carl's Jr. / Combos

Joseph408 on Dec 28, 2016
I just purchased 2 double cheeseburger combos through the drive-thru and I get on the freeway my wife and I opened our burgers and they were soggy and cold like they have been sitting out all day. I can't afford to by more food so I just ate My semi warm fries. Nice workers but horrible...

Carl's Jr. / Grilled chicken salad

Gargary on Dec 16, 2016
This chicken salad has always been a favorite of mine because of the delicious cut up chicken and the healthy types of lettuce. I had this salad just today and was not satisfied at all. the price has increased to over $6.00 and the lettuce is now all Head Lettuce and the chicken is a flat...

Carl's Jr. / Getting double charged and horrible service

Jermeil on Dec 14, 2016
I am very upset at the moment. I just left carls jr down the street from my house and not only was i double charged the manager on charge was quite rude.i am an assistant manager at a major food chain myself and k was highly disappointed that after i proved to the manager about being...

Carl's Jr. / Original chicken salad

mechanoidrider on Dec 13, 2016
Ordered Original Chicken Salad via drive thru. when I got back to work opened bag and found 1/2 the original salad in a rectangular container. Yet picture on order board was the large round salad. You Just lost me for good as a customer. Bait and switch on a salad for profit? Funny thing...

Carl's Jr. / Promotions

JenTorres on Dec 3, 2016
I went to Carl's Jar on December 3rd, 2016, I had a coupon on buy one get one free on any big chicken fillet sandwiches for equal or less value, on the menu there was the regular sandwich and then the one with bacon and Swiss cheese, so I decide to get that one but the person who's taking...

Carl's Jr / Customer service

Chad Barnes on Dec 3, 2016
I was at your Carl's Jr on 5600 West and just off 3500 So in West Valley Ut this morning around 7:15 am. I set in the drive through for 2:minutes before a girl finally come the intercom and apologized for the wait and said that they were having system issues and asked if I would like to...

Carl's Jr. / Love notes comments extra time when not on shift

Chytah on Nov 20, 2016
Tiffany rabbidue at your east cypress Redding restaurant has been making advances leaving notes staying extra hours making sexual advances verbalizing how much she is willing to do to have a chance and its became a problem we work the same shift its uncomfortable and unwanted. Would like...

Carl's Jr. / Customer service

BeaTriceFrakes on Nov 5, 2016
Does not matter which Carl's jr. I go to there was a mistake every time tonight for instance went through the drive-thru ordered turkey Teriyaki combo meal with . . . Sprite and medium fry and another combo classic double combo with medium drink and Fry all I received in the bag was a...

Carl's Jr. / Excellent customer, service deficient web page format

Jocelyn Y Octavio Navarro on Oct 26, 2016
Dear sirs: Today I had the very gratifying pleasure of having lunch at your restaurant located in the city of Queretaro, Qro.México, next to the Plaza Constituyentes Mall, and pleasure because apart from the the delicious hamburgers your staff prepares, I had the opportunity to be served by...

Carl's Jr. / Cheating the customers with the food prices

Victor Sanchez Colfer on Oct 24, 2016
On 23 october 2016 I ordered a " bacon egg & cheese biscuit combo" and paid $ 5.09 + tax = $ 5.50 but in the announcement in the wall i could read  $ 4.69 then i claimed to the manager and the only thing she told me was that the prices had changed and gave me back 31 cents. The attitude of...

Carl's Jr. / Latest Commercial

Yolanda Aguirre on Aug 10, 2016
Fortunately Carl Karcher isn't alive to see the most recent commercial of 3 women in their underwear alluding to 3 way sex. All of this to sell hamburgers. Shame on you. Carl Karcher didn't need to use sex to make a profit. He must be turning over in his grave. Carls Jr. Has hit an all time low. Your CEO has no integrity whatsoever.

Carl's Jr. / Customer service

Amanda Renee on Jun 18, 2016
I went to Carls Jr on my way to a doctor's appointment two days ago. I got the $4 meal deal I brought it home after my appointment. My boyfriend took a bite of the chicken sandwich and there was a piece of long black hair. I called Carls Jr to complain and the manager on duty whose...

Carl's Jr. / Service, food quality and discrimination

badservicecarljrs on Apr 7, 2016
April 6 2016 Ordered two basic hamburgers combos, waited 30 minutes to receive the two hamburger meals. After I ordered the meals, there were five other females ordering their meals, they received their meals (within fifteen minutes) before I received my two meals, so I inquired about why...

Carl's Jr. / Consistently available menu items

Jessehensley on Mar 31, 2016
My office is in the neighborhood of your North Portland location at 39th Expressway here in Oklahoma City. There are lots of fast food chains nearby, but I prefer Carl's Jr.. I have never eaten a poor a quality meal at any of your locations. However, my complaint is not with the food...

Carl's Jr. / I am complaining about the Manager's service.

Lisset Solis on Mar 26, 2016
Hi I was visiting a Carl's Jr. Store in Los Angeles CA store # 7372. Alicia took my order in a really bad temper. To start of when we went into the store she didn't have any type of greeting. She immediately said "Yes!" meaning how may I help you. Then my husband placed his order and I...

Carl's Jr / Quality of food

Frank Borba on Feb 6, 2016
Went to Carl's Jr. in Kingsburg Ca. Feb 6th 2016. Ordered a Taco salad and a Turkey burger. The meat and beans in the salad was cold and the cheese on top tasted like fake cheese. The turkey burger was too salty and it looked different than the ones we've had before. If this is any...

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