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Carl's Jr. Complaints & Reviews

Carl's Jr. - California, Chino Hills / Latest Commercial

Yolanda Aguirre on Aug 10, 2016
Fortunately Carl Karcher isn't alive to see the most recent commercial of 3 women in their underwear alluding to 3 way sex. All of this to sell hamburgers. Shame on you. Carl Karcher didn't need to use sex to make a profit. He must be turning over in his grave. Carls Jr. Has hit an all time low. Your CEO has no integrity whatsoever.

Carl's Jr. - Nevada, Las Vegas / Customer service

Amanda Renee on Jun 18, 2016
I went to Carls Jr on my way to a doctor's appointment two days ago. I got the $4 meal deal I brought it home after my appointment. My boyfriend took a bite of the chicken sandwich and there was a piece of long black hair. I called Carls Jr to complain and the manager on duty whose...

Carl's Jr. / Service, food quality and discrimination

badservicecarljrs on Apr 7, 2016
April 6 2016 Ordered two basic hamburgers combos, waited 30 minutes to receive the two hamburger meals. After I ordered the meals, there were five other females ordering their meals, they received their meals (within fifteen minutes) before I received my two meals, so I inquired about why...

Carl's Jr. - Oklahoma, Oklahoma City / Consistently available menu items

Jessehensley on Mar 31, 2016
My office is in the neighborhood of your North Portland location at 39th Expressway here in Oklahoma City. There are lots of fast food chains nearby, but I prefer Carl's Jr.. I have never eaten a poor a quality meal at any of your locations. However, my complaint is not with the food...

Carl's Jr. - California, Los Angeles / I am complaining about the Manager's service.

Lisset Solis on Mar 26, 2016
Hi I was visiting a Carl's Jr. Store in Los Angeles CA store # 7372. Alicia took my order in a really bad temper. To start of when we went into the store she didn't have any type of greeting. She immediately said "Yes!" meaning how may I help you. Then my husband placed his order and I...

Carl's Jr - California, Kingsburg / Quality of food

Frank Borba on Feb 6, 2016
Went to Carl's Jr. in Kingsburg Ca. Feb 6th 2016. Ordered a Taco salad and a Turkey burger. The meat and beans in the salad was cold and the cheese on top tasted like fake cheese. The turkey burger was too salty and it looked different than the ones we've had before. If this is any...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants LLC - California, Long Beach / Can't get what was ordered

Reviewer36639 on Dec 23, 2015
going into Carl's, I placed an order and one was for the steakhouse burger what got a thickburger. Also the french fries were sitting sitting on the warmer as I came in and then after over 15 minutes they put these in my bag, COLD. If you go inside it takes forever for them to bring up...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants LLC / Commercials

Reviewer93778 on Oct 5, 2015
I am not is n favor of your distasteful commercials...Your food at one time, was enough for myself to return, not any longer...How low can a fast food chain go? When your commercials are on i decide to do some surfing, leaves a bad taste in my mouth...Better hire a reputable commercial...

Carl's Jr - California, Pico Rivera / My hand got burn

Amir rezk on May 16, 2015
My wife and I went to the Carl's junior on 9400 slauson ave in Pico Rivera CA. We were there around 11 am. We gave our order through the rice through. The girl at the window did not close the lid completely for my coffee. And the coffee spilled all over my left hand, and on my pant...

Carl's Junior - California, Hacienda Heights / Service and negligence

Marchuka on Jan 27, 2015
I have been to this establishment many times. I always order my three children the chicken star meal, and each time I ask for barbecue sauce and do not receive it. For the past 3-6 months this particular store is huge in packaging their own sauce and literally only a pump of sauce is in...

Carl's Jr - Utah, Bountiful / Fast Food Service

Angierose33 on Nov 12, 2014
I love Carl's jr and the food which I why I keep giving the Bountiful location a chance but it is ridiculous. First off I have friends who worked there who smoked Crystal Meth behind the gated trash can area. They told me my card was declined. I parked my car, checked and I HAD money...

Carl's Jr. - California, San Diego / Jalapeno Burger

sdchefkeith on Apr 12, 2013
TERRIBLE FOOD!!! I am so so sooo disappointed. I am the chef for the S.D. Chargers and the S.D. Convention Center. I go thru fast food maybe two times a year, but consider Carl's Jr the higher standard in "fast food" so stopped by. I didn't expect 5 star but what I got was an...

Carl's Jr - California, Fowler / food

Tina SY on Feb 17, 2013
Went to Carl's Jr. in Fowler, Ca. for lunch. Lately the food has been really bad. This last visit I got a side salad and turkey burger. As I began eating my salad I noticed there was a large piece of of the center of the lettuce head. Not edible; bad thing that's not the first...

Carl's Jr - Idaho / 2012 Sexual Commercial

tarabeth89 on Sep 24, 2012
The new Carl's Jr commercial is completely distasteful and needs to be removed. I am not the only one who feels this way. I have a two year old that does not need to see a sexually explicit image on a break from our family tv show. Meat being thrown onto the breast of a female doe...

Carl's Jr. - California, Menifee / Missing food in order

upset in California on Sep 16, 2012
Again I just arrived home from picking up an order of food from Carl's Jr. in Menifee Ca. and I am missing food. This is not the first time this has happened. This time it was 3 chocolate cakes for desert. I even asked the girl if the order was correct and she said it was all there...

Carl's Jr. / advertising

Dawn in Tucson on Sep 15, 2012
What's up with the smutty ad campaign? First, we had a woman feeling up her sweaty body while eating a hamburger. Now we have young women with their butt cheeks hanging out the bottom of their shorts, touching their sweaty cleavage, and hinting at a chick-on-chick thing while the guy...

Carl's Jr / Burgers no longer Flame-Broiled

radii314 on Jun 3, 2012
the burgers are getting lame - the whole is the "flame-broiled" burger and the last several trips I've made (and there is no longer a close location to my home) I have gotten the warmed up burger patties that sit in those trays like McDonald's uses - GROSS .. I want a FRESH...

Carl's Jr. / commercial/ advertising

Tammy Trace on Mar 23, 2012
Enough is Enough with the sexually explicit commercials on prime time television that small children are exposed to. My family and several of our friends have sworn off Carl's Jr. It's absolutely ridiculous that a fast food burger chain would have any sexually explicit...

Carl's Jr. - California / Sexually Explicit Commercial

Kelly Mako on Mar 12, 2012
Wow. I can't believe the FCC allows this "soft porn" on the air. What the heck are they censoring if they allow this? This latest Carl's Jr./Hardee's commercial with Kate Upton is by far the worst and most shocking one yet. Even the new "tamer" version is still demoralizing...

Carl's Jr / Inappropriate commercial

BarbaraFox on Mar 11, 2012
I just saw a commercial where a girl is eating a burger in a car and getting off to it. If my kids were sitting here and saw that, I would be banging down the doors to their corporate office. Get that commercial off the air! My family will never eat there and I will make sure to tell...

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