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Xhose Pro Complaints & Reviews

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Xhose Pro - hose split

Posted: 2014-09-20 by    Bklyn 67
Complaint Rating:  75 % with 4 votes
I purchased my two 50ft x hose pros at the end of last season, did not use them till this summer. During the winter I kept them in the garage in the original box. Took them out this summer connected them together to wash my car. 10 minutes in, Stopped the water flow to soap up the car, and there it was a split hose gushing water all over the place. The second hose broke a week ago. This one is gushing water from the brass/hose connection towards the nozzle. I don't know how this happened, my wife was using the hose the day before. When I found it I asked if she pulled on the hose to hard ?...

Xhose Pro - Poorly made

Posted: 2014-08-22 by    Scoben0226
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I have a very large yard and was tired of winding up yards of regular hose. I liked the idea of lightweight expanding hose that would be easier to use and lug around. I bought 4 of the 75" lengths late in the fall and did not really have a chance to use before winter rolled in. I got them out the following spring and within a month 3 of the 4 had the inner hose split from the connector that holds all the layers together. The water in the outer layer just leaks the water through the covering material. I would never buy these again and would never recommend them to anyone. Good idea, awful product....

Xhose Pro - Hose split open at the bottom

Posted: 2014-04-06 by    darcy40
Complaint Rating:  88 % with 8 votes
I purhased 4 of these last year in hopes they would be better than the green ones I purchased. I got them out of the packages to use for the spring. lst one I used the hose split from the bottom (with the valve open) and just kept going. I cut off the water after it reached the middle. All 8 of my green hoses, I know different company burst at the connection. SUCH GOOD ADVERTISING, SUCH A BAD PRODUCT...I have 2 more of these to try. VEERY LEARY OF THIS PRODUCT. IT SAYS THEY CAN BE RETURNED BUT IN ALL THE LITERATURE THERE IS NO ADDRESS OR INFORMATION ON HOW TO RETURN THESE DEFECTIVE ITEMS. PLEASE...

Xhose Pro - I was looking forward to getting a replacement

Posted: 2013-06-12 by    blackos
Complaint Rating:  81 % with 52 votes
I got my flexible hose home and used it for only 10 minutes and it broke. Then inner hose must have had a slit in it because in the middle of the 50 feet hose was gushing water. My sister was with me and we both bought them. I don’t have my receipt. I am dissatisfied. I was looking forward to getting a replacement from Xhose Pro....

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