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Wesbank - New South Wales, Sydney / Lack of efficiency in handling my late mothers termination and documents requested to finalise her affairs

Carolyn76 on 2014-09-18
Please find below my formal complaint to Wesbank detailing my complaint. If anyone knows an email address or contact details for their CEO or Director I'd be very grateful as I need to resolve this ASAP. Dear Sirs, Re: Formal complaint regarding the handling of my deceased mother's documents needed from my mothers bank to finalise her affairs / Gail Anne Pegg / D.O.B 31/10/1943 My mother had her finance with you for her car. To date I have not received one single adequate response to my questions and need for a recent statement and loan agreement with you. I keep on receiving email...

Wesbank / Arrears balance

Melibery on 2014-07-24
I have finance for my vehicle with Wesbank and up until recently I haven't had any problems. About 3 and a half years ago I applied for debt review to try consolidate my debt so I could pay a smaller instalment each month. I went through the tough process of lawyers letters and debt collectors phoning for years. After several unforeseen circumstances I informed my debt counsellor that I no longer wanted to be under debt review. I had to contact all my creditors and inform them that I would be paying them directly. The companies went through the process of re-arranging my instalments and I...


Martieconradie on 2013-03-30
My son bought a car that was advertised for cash on the internet this was in Aug 2012, he went to the policestation with the seller to confirm the sale..we have her ID and other info. She did not tell us she still owe money to Wesbank and allways seem to have an excuse on why we can not get the relevant papers...any how this person dissapeared and needless to say in the meantime the licence expired and we still have no Natus documents. I contacted every single person who could possibly help us in the end we found out that she had'nt made payments on this car since 2010 yet Wesbank did...

Wesbank / Payment Arrangement

SDla on 2012-12-13
I have a complaint against Wesbank and I have promised myself I will never finance with then again. I made payment arrangements with them 5 months ago and they requested that I go to my bank (Absa) and request that they stop the debit order and that it would kick in again as per normal from the next month. The following month, I expected for them to reinstate the debit order but was told that this was now my responsibility. When I go to my bank, they are edament that wesbank is responsible for reinstating. This has resulted in my account being arrears and me having to pay them at the bank all...

Wesbank / unauthorized debit order debited against our bank account

On the first of November an debitorder amount of R5049.72 was debited against our tjek account. Looking into the matter Wesbank admit they made a mistake and will refund the amount. Today is the 21 November and still no refunding. When I borrow money from the bank, I pay interest. Wesbank took money from us three weeks ago, they admit their mistake and must correct it. How save is First National and Wesbank if money are taken so easily without our knowledge?

Wesbank / Westbank useless

Wdk on 2011-05-23
After al lot off e-mails and still no response I called them to ask why are my instalments now suddenly more, then they told me they do not have on the system that I have comprehensive cover. Westbank just deducted money for car insurance without my consent. I called my insurance myself and even e-mail it to wesbank. Now a week later and my account is still in arrears. They do not fix it. What can I do about this incompetent wesbank? Willie

Wesbank / Not interested in clients who do pay their accounts

Alicay on 2011-02-22
I am a Wesbank client and have been for the past 7 or so years. In all the years that I have had any form of debt I have never skipped a payment . All Debit orders are processed by a 3rd party - Bankserve - who are the go between Wesbank and my Bank. All debit orders between the 21st and 25th of April were due to an error at Bankserve not run between Wesbank and my Bank, and as a result they came back with the error message - unpaid. Bankserve informed all these institutions to resubmit the debit orders. All the other institutions - namely, OUTsurance, Momentum etc did so and there were no...

Wesbank / Unfair decline of application

Monitoose on 2011-02-22
I made an application for finance through a dealer on the 5th of May 2010.With the promise of getting a response within 2 hours. But only to get a response on the 12th of May 2010. And the response was declined for an unfair reason. I have an account with FNB and the account has a savings pocket attached to it. Somehow all my money was in the savings pocket and a single debit order failed to come off the cheque account, which is literally the same account. I resolved the issue with the service provider amicably and for that reason I have been denied a loan and I do not know if anyone can hear my appeal except through this website.

Wesbank / Wesbank bills for insurance on vehicle already insured

Sance on 2011-02-11
On Friday 23 April 2010 I received a letter from Wesbank adjusting my premium as my vehicle which is financed through them was according to Wesbank not insured. When contacting Wesbank and being put through to various people I was told that letters were previously sent to me to send them proof of insurance (these letters were not received by me). Why could wesbank not bother to contact me telefonically or even contact the insurance company to confirm before deciding to increase my debit order. 2. After speaking to numerous people on Monday 26 April 2010, the last person said they would contact...

Wesbank / Think twice before financing with Wesbank

52erako on 2011-02-10
I would just like to say one thing Wesbank just want to take everyone for a ride, i have had 2 vehicle financed with them paid my first car off (R125000), and i paid it off in 3 12 years, second vehicle was an opel (R80000) so bith were bought brand new with a rate of 15.6% which i understood because i have never financed anything etc etc, i bought a new vehicle R300000. i called wesbank and thought they financed me before and maybe they could give me a good rate, guess what they gave me an excellent rate of 15.4% wow big friken deal!!! for a person that never skipped payments paid both car...

Wesbank / Interest rate that is ridiculously high

Guven on 2011-02-10
I have identified a car that i want to purchase from a private seller. I approached wesbank for private finance for the car. My application was approved and the call center agent called me to read me the terms and conditions. However what she did not mention and i think she avoided to mention it is the rediculously high interest rate that Wesbank is charging me. I only saw this on the approval letter that they emailed me yesterday after working hours. I approached Wesbank because I was being loyal to the brand since i work for Momentum and we fall under the First Rand umbrella. Well my loyalty...

Wesbank / I have not received my car papers

Nijell on 2011-02-05
I have been pushed from pillar to post. I was requested to furnish Wesbank with the delivery address for my fully paid car. I did and after 3 weeks I called them to check what happened. I was given a tracking number. When I called speed services they told me that the parcel had been collected by a Mr Maphosa on the 08th March. Now it is nowhere to be found and Mr Maphosa does not want to be accountable for it. My complaint is that in the first place it was not even suppose to collected by someone else. I had expressely and impliedly requested that it should be hand delivered to me. But they...

Wesbank / Failure to return calls

Oridane on 2011-01-24
In the process of trying to arrange vehicle finance for a private sale their representatives failed to contact me numerous times and every time I contacted them and asked for assistance they promised to get the person responsible to contact me but it never happened. I had to phone them several times ending up holding the line for about 15mins every time. They then promised to contact the seller no later than Wednesday afternoon. On Friday afternoon after contacting them again several times and after threatening them if they don't contact the seller and call me directly after that to...

Wesbank / Atrotious interest charges and lack of feedback

Hoomut on 2011-01-14
Hi, my father has been unemployed for more than a year now. Prior to this he was on debt counselling. My parents are struggling to make ends meet and because I dont want them to lose their house, I have taken a loan to help pay my fathers outstanding debt. The figure is very high though, and I can only afford to pay a percentage of the amounts. I have spoken to Solomzi from Wesbank, regarding my fathers call direct accounts, and sent through settlement offers. He says there is no record on the system of my father being on debt counselling. As such, Wesbank has piled on the interest. Wesbank i...

Wesbank / Their service is nothing, but a sick joke

Ugot on 2011-01-14
Unless this is some kind of sick joke or I am being set up to be pranked by that guy from 94.7, I must say congratulations to Wesbank for a record setting period of not answering the phone (3 days with +-3hours on hold) in your 'customer service' call centre. I put customer service in inverted commas as the service level is difficult to judge considering you are unable to jump the first hurdle of answering the phone. A few questions Wesbank: 1. Does this call centre exist, or is it just a front to some sort of money laundering scheme? 2. Assuming yes, do you have any sort of...

Wesbank / Wesbank - killing our economy

Leon083 on
Wesbank is contributing to our bad economic situation. The people in decision making positions, do not have a clue. They follow bank policies to the T making businesses and clients suffer. I have to retrencg 60 people, because Wesbank follow protocol that does not make business sense at all not even to their own risk situation. I've been a Wesbank client for 11 years with 26 succesfull accounts during this period Did not mis one payment. Can you imagine - reposessing production assits because a company restructured for BEE purpouses !!! Now we suddenly do not have the correct gearing. The...

Wesbank / Frustrated with this company service

Can you believe the worst service a person can receive from this company, a few minutes ago i called the call centre and spoke to a woman i could not get her name, i expalined her my problem that i want my account closed because the car is setteled in last week, and also said to her do not transfer me to another department, before talking to me, guess what she does that, i then speak to a guy from the collections department, answering all the blary security questions again, he tells me to call another department, this is my call iam making. I WANT THIS COMPANY TO FIND THOSE 2 PEOPLE AND GIVE...

Wesbank / It takes 10 days to close an HP account

I settled my vehicle yesterday and call them today for my car papers because iam going to sell it, i was told it would take ten days to close the account, and i must than call them to find out if my papers is ready and go and pick it up, can you believe the service from this company.i called them for settlement figure on monday, i paid that amount in, when checking my account i still find an amount outstanding. This is frustrating. i want to see waht service can this company give me after this.

Wesbank / Awfully slow service

I requested for a paid up letter on the Wesbank website ref. no 1450477 on the 17 September 2009. I received an email from them saying that it had been authorised and I would receive it soon. I am still waiting to this day. I sent them another email on the 22 September and one again on the 24 September. I understand that I am at the bottom of their priorities as I am a paid up customer but really now this is unacceptable. With my car being paid up now. I am obviously on the look out for a bank to finance my next car. If this is the kind of service I am getting from them. I will be sure to take...

Wesbank / Finance declined for no valid reason

Montans on
After getting back from maternity leave and receiving a raise from my employer i applied for finance through WESBANK (as i am a current wesbank client with an excellent record and a FNB cheque holder for the past 10 years). I would like to mention that my cheque account has always been 'healthy' and no debit order has ever been returned. A Wesbank consultant phoned me to find out why i only have a cellphone number for my employer, after which i explained to him that it is a sole proprietor that I work for and the nature of his business does not require a landline as he is mobile...
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