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Tracfone - Wisconsin, West Salem - Transferring minutes

Posted: 2015-05-24 by    cleavah
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I have made at least 5 calls over the last month trying to reactivate my husbands tracfone. I know I would get a new number, which is no problem for me. I had to buy minutes right away. Then we worked for over an hour trying to get the tracfone reactivatedl I was asked to call a number to see if the activation worked. It didn't work. They said it may take some time to work and try it the next day. The next day it did not work so I called tracfone again. The same procedure happened again. Finally I talked to somebody and they said my phone was defective and I should buy another phone and call...

Tracfone - ate my phone number of 8 years; can't recover from their problem no knowledgeable techies

Posted: 2015-05-21 by    Dogster
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tried to add minutes, didn't work, called tracfone they said sim expired. Sims don't expire and there were remaining minutes and expiration date was 2024. got all kinds of excuses and runarounds. a knowledgeable tech could have gotten into database and solved whatever problem they created. Chat boards said that that day there were lots of people unable to add minutes, so perhaps their system had been hacked and customer/sim data stolen. complained to better business bureau and tracfone remained adamant that there was nothing they would do to resolve my problem. Someone named 'Betty"...

Tracfone - my account debited twice. no airtime

Posted: 2015-03-18 by    ed gruscyk
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all i tried to do was add 1 year airttime. Spoke to various people who cpuld not understand me. My Visa has been debited twice and tracfone says i have to deal with my bank but it was tracfone that made the error. I still do not have my airtime. The manager said i had preauthorized the debit but that it is not true. I pay once a year by phone. My bank confirms a Can debit of $170 or us$ 129.66.
my phone number is/was 561-523-3014.
The have taken without my agreement 2 payments and i still do not have any minutes. They say my bank has declined the payment yet my bank says my account...

Tracfone - Cheating people out of time and money for service

Posted: 2015-03-06 by    kinnie e yost
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Kast year i called but you never get to talk to a person.I purchased a one year card that should have had double minutes but they only gave me regular minutes but charged me for the double minutes.I've tryed to contact them but only get back a card to keep my minutes.And they charged me about 280 minutes to change I want to speak with someone that understands english.They have been hard to deal with but i've spent alot and don't need to lose any more.They should have a number to to talk with a person but they don't want that so they can have it there way.Going to file at bbb...

Tracfone - Abuse of Time and Overcharging

Posted: 2015-02-09 by    Dissatisfied TracFone User
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Enjoy the use of my TracFone; however, dealing with the company is a totally different story!! After spending minutes short of one hour with a representative that I had a hard time understanding, I found out when I got an email showing the receipt from the airtime I had purchased, that I was charged double! Grrrrr! The representative kept asking me the same questions over and over and over and even though I got two text messages notifying me that my time period was about to expire and they (text messages) gave me a promo code to use to get an extra 20 minutes, somehow the promo code expired (even...

Tracfone - cant get my phone to work

Posted: 2014-12-31 by    della shortridge
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had a tracfone for years. so decided to get a new phone, and transfer my minutes over, after many call got to talk to someone, but had to act like I was going to buy something in order to talk to a human. gave her the information she said my phone would work in 2 days. well after 4 days had to call 6 times to talk to someone after on the phone for 1 1/2 hours she told me the phone I got would not work in my area, I asked how would you know if a phone worked in my area, was told I wouldn't know until it wouldn't work. I told her to just put my time back on the old phone, I was told it would...

Tracfone - Phone number portability

Posted: 2014-12-16 by    RWhiting
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About a month ago, I bought a new Tracfone (serial no. 268435462905557552) for my boyfriend whose old Tracfone (serial no.: 013294-00-318089-4) had broken. We both spent hours on the phone trying to transfer the old phone no. (203-855-4533) to the new phone and attempting to activate the new one. After talking to about 6 or 7 different reps who couldn't seem to accomplish this, one finally said it was done. I then tried to add his phone to my family plan, but again spend hours talking to countless reps with no success. It ended up that instead of transferring the old phone number, as was requested,...

Tracfone - Florida, Miami - Horrible customer service and bad product

Posted: 2014-09-27 by    katmiles55
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I made the very very sorry mistake of thinking this was the solution to inexpensive phones for my two teenagers.
Have spent HOURS AND HOURS in chat, on the phone (ran out of minutes on my regular verizon account thanks to this!) and in email with no less than 12 reps all giving me the different stories, solutions, etc.
Will be turning these in despite losing money as it's a bigger financial waste of my time to deal with such a beyond crappy company.
In the end, their poor service and products will do them in. It's just a matter of time, loss of customers and money...

Tracfone - Florida, Miami - Fraud - switched my phone number to someone else

Posted: 2014-06-27 by    Deloris T
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I have been a customer of tracfone for approx 4 years. I am a prepaid customer and buy minutes and time as I need them. On 6-24 my phone stopped working. Called customer service and found out they had switched my phone number to someone else and changed my status to inactive so I can't make or get calls. I did not contact tracfone and I did not request any change. Advised I never authorized the change nor did tracfone contact me in anyway about this. So the person stole my phone number and my service was cut off and tracfone says sorry, they can't do anything about it. This is pure FRAUD....

Tracfone - Customer service, agents, and support

Posted: 2014-06-24 by    WD95035
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I reactivated my tracfone phone which prior to reactivation had over 900 minutes. I am a long term customer of tracfone and in the past experienced very had good customer service and support. This was not the case here. The Cebu Call Center and in particular Jolly Lao - Supervisor was so RUDE and lacked or had No Customer Satisfaction orientation She informed me that since I missed the reactivation by 1-2 days she was not able to provide any further assistance. Here supervisor REFUSED to get involved and get on the phone to provide Customer Satisfaction obviously due to the poor phone management...

Tracfone - Airtime minutes adding

Posted: 2014-06-19 by    Kristy Bevins
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I called a tracfone agent to add minutes to my account. I told them about issues pertaining to my phone and gave them my serial number they added the minutes to someone else's phone. Minutes I purchased. Then when my minutes never added to my phone I realized there was a problem. So I called a tracfone agent, asked to speak to a manager and she told me they would reissue my minutes after they sent me a new SIM card. Because it wasn't my fault the minutes were added to the wrong number. When I received my SIM card in the mail I called to add the minutes and they told me they could not add...

Tracfone - Bad policy

Posted: 2014-05-25 by    Janice Williams 8389
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
Bought a new services card from Walmart to reload a phone. Call customer service to load minutes, was told minutes were added and to start a google account. I did these things and then was told that the phone was still deactivated. I call customer service back only to be told "oh I am sorry, your card was used to activated another phone " which isn't mines. I ask what do we need to do to get my money and was told that the policy was that nothing could be done. That I need to count it as a loss. I ask for a complaint department and was told they no such department and that the policy was a new...

Tracfone - audio ads on phone

Posted: 2014-05-22 by    Bentley2007
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Three times in the past 2 days, while using my phone to play Words with Friends, an audio ad has started playing out of nowhere. I shut down all programs and it kept playing. I turned the volume off, and it kept playing. I had to turn the phone off to get it to stop. I was so angry I didn't listen to the ad, but I caught the word Verizon. Has anyone else had a similar experience?...

Tracfone - Horrible customer service

Posted: 2014-03-16 by    bad service2014
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Tracphone sent me two new sim cards because their reps couldn't figure out how to transfer my current number. Everytime they sent a new sim card it had a different phone # not the number I was transferring. They do not even know how their system works!

I will throw phone away once these minutes are gone ( that is if I can even make a call) Do not do business with this company!
Walmart is partially to blame for allowing these types of unqualified vendor's in their stores....

Tracfone - phone does not work

Posted: 2014-03-07 by    Sherrinc
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We bought a Tracfone Big Easy phone for a senior citizen family member who had trouble with the smaller button on phones.
First of all we looked on Walmart for Straight Talk and they had one however they said it would not work in our area
I then went on the Straight Talk site ( owned by Tracfone) and THEY said that it WOULD work in the area.
We then went to the Tracfone site where this same phone was for sale and, after punching in the zipcode, the phone came up that it would work in the area, so - dummies that we are - we ordered the phone.
After going...

Tracfone - replacement phone

Posted: 2013-12-18 by    Nancy Barfield
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Talking to customer service is like talking to a computer. There is no thinking going on. I spent 11 days without a phone because my defective one was being replaced. The first person I talked to, mailed me a new phone. The next 2 people tried to activate the phone, but were ineffective. The third person discovered that the new phone had a new SIM card installed with a number different from the one I was replacing. It took another 4 days to receive a new SIM card. And, of course, all of my contacts have to be manually reinstalled. This service is very frustrating. The service reps do not speak good...

Tracfone - False advertising International Long Distance

Posted: 2013-09-16 by    NormT
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Although their website (http://www.tracfoneild.com/destinations.aspx) states:
"International Destinations include cities within the countries listed below. " and Belgium (32) is one of those countries listed you cannot make calls to landline telephones in city code 71 (Charleroi). I have been through repeated calls to Customer Service (Ghana and corporate) and have been simply told that we do not provide service to that city code. (There may be others but that is one of the ones that I want to call) I filed a complaint with the BBB Miami and today a rep from Tracfone called me back to confirm...

Tracfone - California, Buena Park - Sears Ad - triple minutes TracFone - double

Posted: 2013-08-02 by    Had It With Sears
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I saw an ad for a TranFone that said triple minutes for the life of the phone and I asked the sales guy about it and he said I would get triple minutes. When I activated the phone, I was told that phone only has double minutes for the life of the phone. When I complained, their idea of fixing the problem was to give me a $20 phone card. I complained to the main office and all they do is send me the same form letter over and over and said to continue to work with the Buena Park store and the problem with that is, the Buena Park store doesn't want to do anything about it....

Tracfone - Florida - terrible customer support/service

Posted: 2013-07-05 by    getupandgo2
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Bought a tracfone at Walmart to call a landline number in Germany. Although the instructions indicated it would work overseas, it did not.
Then the nightmare began. Spent upwards of 45 minutes on hold on 3 separate occasions to no avail.
In the interim, I returned to Walmart for help but they were not about to refund me anything but the cost of the phone $10. I had $30 worth of useless minutes they didn't seem to care about. They did, however give me the number of a person named Joan at Tracfone who was very sympathetic at first and vowed to help me get the issue resolved. She...

Tracfone - Florida - Tracfone Sucks

Posted: 2013-05-06 by    aaawful
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I've been with this company for just a week and all i got is headaches!. Such terrible business i've encountered in my life. It took about 3 days just to activated and get my phone going. Talk to numerous representatives who could barely understand my language. And now, here I am on the last straw. My phone got deactivated, call customer support and till now could not to anything about it. all i got are plain excuses just to brush me off the phone. Could you please do your job with haste?....

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