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The College Network / Education

Jdingman on 2016-04-08
I signed up with college network over the phone in 2014, I was not given any information regarding what I had agreed too. I was told this was a online nursing program through Indiana State University. Only to find out later that I was given false information. I have attempted to cancel my illegally obtained contract with no luck. They will not return any calls or emails. I just want out. I dont care about the thousands I have already paid in. I just want out so I can attend an actual accredited college.

The College Network / Not accredited in Virginia

bwayne533 on 2014-11-19
Signed up to transition from LPN to RN. Paying alot of money, now the board of nursing is telling me they are not accredited in Virginia and I will need to work 600 hours in New York and then apply in Virginia. I cannot drive 6 hours to work each way. This was not how it was explained to me. I was told it was just like any other college. SCAM. I will try to get money back but will continue to pay because my credit is more important then then some cheating company.

The College Network - Tennessee, Lyles / Scam!

JennieC1988 on 2014-11-13
For anyone concidering using The College Network, DON'T DO IT!!! It's a rip off!!! The "study material" they give you is a joke and doesn't prepare you whatsoever for the exams. Half of what your "academic adviser" tells you at your first meeting is a lie. They have been ripping people off and shattering dreams of further education for years and I do not know how they are still in buisness! I joined TCN in hopes of receiving my RN through their LPN to RN 18 month bridge program. Ha! It's a joke, I've been in it for 2 years now and am still no closer than I was on day one. Please do your research before signing that dotted line! I wish I did!

The College Network / want a refund asap

Lisa Finley on 2014-06-12
A year and a half ago I signed on with The College Network to the tune of $6000 +. I am paying monthly to Southeast Credit Union who deducts the payment directly from my checking account. Trouble is I am not using The College Network Curriculum., I have taken all my courses through Regis University. I do not need half of what The College Network said I do! I want my money back ASAP! Every cent including the down payment. I am completing my BSN in two weeks and have not once used anything from The College Network. Give me my money back PLEASE!

The College Network - Indiana / Finance

rippedoffnurse on 2013-06-13
Lets add insult to injury. Aside from their deceptive educational practices. The credit union that claims to be independent of the college network isn't. It seems that if you are a day late paying your bill the college network locks you out of your classes. Yet the credit union claims they paid the college network in full. So by extension it shouldn't matter if I pay the credit union or not my education was theoretically paid in full. Why is the school involved in enforcing payment to the credit union. However when you try to get TCN to refund the money or pay back the credit union...

The College Network - Indiana, Hammond / SCAM

Erik DelValle on 2012-09-04
I to was scammed into believing this was a legitimate college with good resources to help test out for LPN to RN courses.I have been a LPN since 1993 and wanted to continue my education to obtain my RN.After getting loan in 2010 to pay for modules and testing fees i received my first module book.After reading the entire book several times and taking practice test after each chapter.I just was not scoring high enough.I even tried taking practice final exam several times and still scored poorly.I knew then i was in trouble and lost out $ 11, 000 dollars on this bad deal.I am still paying every 2...

The College Network / Commercialized Nonsense!!!

SmartRN31 on 2011-06-12
Everyone MUST READ THIS POSTING!!! ...It is the absolute truth, A year into their program I realized it was BULLSHIT-(no academic support.. no wonder they never advertise their completion rates!!!) I refuse to pay them anymore money!!!...I'm was so disgusted, that I didn't care it appeared on my credit report..you know why?...I am now able to afford the costs of repairing my credit since I was actually able to FINISH my coursework in a focused, guided, time specific, legitimate RN program..if I could teach myself, why do I need TCN.

The College Network - Indiana, Indianapolis / Scam and Fraudulent

Sherryd on 2011-05-04
Buyer Beware!!! The recruiter is smooth talker. They will meet you in a pubic place or your house promising you LVN-RN BSN program in 18-24 mos. Which is not true, they leave out it depends on where you are with prerequisites. The program is actually 4-5 years and depending on how dedicated and studious you are. Plus you are paying a publishing house to test out of classes and then apply to Indiana State University. Which may or may not accept you. Only to find yourself paying a hefty amount of money for a publishing house that promises you a degree. The College Network, completely represent...

The College Network - New York / NO DEGREE, Paying for Nothing

vernamrt1 on 2011-04-29
In the year 2007, I had enrolled in their so called wonderful program. They told me they were working with the company I work for to have them pay for tuition. I received the so called modules. Open them up and started to work on the first one. Not understanding some. I called the number and emailed to get some assistance. To this day still have not received any help. Here I am paying 20, 000 for modules that sit still wrapped in plastic except for one. What can I do, obviously this program is not working. I think they should offer the money back to all of use students but good luck with that.

The College Network - Texas, San Angelo / Rip-Off

skey on 2011-04-18
I have been a LVN since September 2008. Shortly after graduating, I went to work with a hospital that was doing a bridge program with a local college. I was informed that the credits for the prerequisites were accepted through TCN. After thinking about it, I, too, called to cancel the courses and not long after this, I moved. I then was contacted about a pkg that was left at my last address. It was 7 modules. I immediately called and asked if I cancelled the program, why did i get these modules. I was informed that there was no docutmentation that I called and that NOW, it had been to long to...

The College Network - Texas / lying, scamming

EdKh on
Signed into this in 2006 to study LVN to RN. Paid for a year or so (can't remember exact amount of time). Became ill and had to have surgery. Am no longer able to work as a nurse so RN is not something I wish to pursue. Also realized it is another of those scams so decided to ignore it. Have not paid since 2007. Just recieved a call from someone claiming to be from the "Dept. of Justice" and that a subpeona is being sent out this Monday (today is Friday). Caller ID says out of area. After speaking to the guy who says the attorney working my case is working late and will call me in 30...

The College Network / Screwed me up

I made it clear throughout my meeting with the rep who wrote my contract that I DID NOT want a Bachelor's, only an AS and he wrote it for the BS anyways. I should have read it more carefully, but I cancelled less than an hour later to be rewritten for the AS when I came back from Ohio as I was leaving that night. He assured me he would hold it but LIED. I'm being harassed for payment of a BS I don't want and they won't cancel. My phone calls are proof I cancelled.

The College Network / False information

I believe trully that the TCN is a big scam. I graduated from nursing school in 11/5/08 and because I was so interested in furthering my career to get my RN BSN that I was actually excited about the program. When the advisor came to speak to my cousin and I, he painted the pretty picture. He explained to us what classes we needed to complete and what needed to be done and how much it would cost us through TCN and then the cost through Indiana University. He never explained to us that we need to find a site and a proctor, that the modules were completly different from the test and that there i...

The College Network / useless education modules

I signed a purchase agreement to get educational material to do the Lpn to Rn mobility on October 16th 2009, studied for hours took the Anatomy and Phsysiology exam paid 345.00 and did not pass. The material I studied did not even come close to what was given to me on the exam that took 3 hours. Now I am required to pay another 345.00 to take it again. Why should I stdy the same material again, that will not even help me pass. I was told by the smooth talking salesman that it would take about 16 weeks to study for A and P, Excelsior College rep. told me it would take a good year. what is going...

The College Network - South Carolina / Scam Alert

amcma10 on
In May of 2008 I allowed an "advisor" from The College Network to come into my home and give me his spill on all the great advantages of obtaining my RN license online from TCN. I should have been smart and done my research on this company. I must say, they employ some GREAT SALESMEN. This man had me convinced that this was right up my alley as I have always been an independent studier. After a couple of months I realized what a mess I had gotten myself into. I have only received one module. It has been three years and i have not used any more of their study materials or online modules. Thi...

The College Network - Florida, Orlando / money not refunded

I signed up 15 months ago and have been satisfied so far-have taken and passed 4 exams with TCN material. My complaint is twofold-both having to do with money. First, TCN has been paid in full for my materials and tests. I got my University to give me credit for a course that TCN didn't think I'd get, so they agree they owe me a refund of $730. I have been trying to get the money since January. In April they fianlly sent me a document in writing agreeing that they owe me, and still no money-it is now June. Worse yet when I tried to call them at 6:23 pm EST they had a recording that said...

The College Network - Kentucky, Louisville / Refunds

west on
The College Network Reps definitely need to know the rules and regulations of TNC. My wife was told that she could get out of her classes if she decided to take her first class and she couldn't do it. The rep said it would be "no problem". Well, she decided that she would feel more comfortable in an actual classroom setting so we called to cancel. "Well, there is a 4 class minimum that you have to take." the rep told us. He then gave us a 1-800 number to call. The academic advisers informed us that we had to pay back the entire loan! Who is lying to us???? We have been told 3 different...

The College Network / No degree

York59 on
The College Network has charged my credit card for a program I never even utilized. I was unable to stop the monthly charges and ended up paying thousands of dollars over the past 5 years. When I tried to cancel the program 3 years ago the representative offered no resolution. I was also shipped several books that look like downloaded copies of pages from Wikepedia. This ad continues to run in some nursing journals. Why? I would like to talk to one person who completed the course and was actually awarded a BSN. My credit is now ruined and even though I've nearly paid off the credit card...

The College Network - Ohio, Hillsboro / They are con artists and frauds

You are right about the fast talking salesman, and lies, and rude and ruthless customer assistance. I signed up with The College Network in March. They came to my home and did a pretty good job of explaining everything. The salesman told me that even though I signed up for the bsn program; I could change to the adn at any time. Ok that sounded great. I knew about the 3 day cancellation. I got a letter from the College Network a little while later stating that my gpa was not high enough to get into Indiana and that I would have to pay more money for another course, and I would have to enroll in...

The College Network / Big scam

FanFan on
This program is nothing but a big scam with alot of fradulent promises i caanot believe they are still in business does anyone out there know what to do about this company, very frustrating to have to pay for something i did not use. they send my account to collections damaging my credit and on trying to call for customer service you can hardly ever get a hold of anyone. during signing up they promised a tutor which they are not able to provide, we work hard for our money and for the tune of 5, 200 the service should be satisfactory.
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