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TeleCheck - Michigan, Battle Creek / Denied Checks

Tabbytoot on 2016-02-08
I am tired of being denied at local stores in Michigan. Every time it is Denied by Telecheck. How is it I can write a $13.00 - $36.00 check at a local pharmacy and then turn right around in the same store go to check out and write a check for groceries and I am denied. Every time. this is the 4th time in a row. I have to call to find out why and no one seems to be able to answer the questions. I call the 800 # with the denial record code and transaction code and am told, that there is nothing there and there is no reason for it. Then why the h... is it being denied. Then I am told, "well, try...

TeleCheck - Texas, Hurst / Telecheck caused my check to deny

D Jean on 2014-10-04
Have had multiple problems with Telecheck. My husband is a disabled veteran I am his fiduciary. The checking account must be set up as a custodian type of account. We are bound to only use checks, or online banking, no debit card, no atm transactions, no cash. I tried to purchase parts to fix my car from auto zone and telecheck declined my check. I called them and they said there was nothing in my history it just did not meet there criteria for acceptance and would update a file for me. Two weeks later after writing 6 more checks which they accepted, and having over $1600 dollars in the account they...

TeleCheck / Sears wouldn't accept check

Shirley1 on 2014-08-20
Our salesman had to call telecheck to accept our check for our new washer. They said no because Johnny doesn't write checks for large amounts enough. He's had the same checking account for the 26 years that I've been with him and from my understanding a longer than that. How can anyone turn down a check from someone who's never had a bounced check, and always pays his bills on time. Even early. His credit cards are always paid in full before they are due. TELECHECK SUCKS! Excuse my French, but from now on, Johnny will always use his credit cards.

TeleCheck - Ohio, Bellefontaine / Denied me getting an ATM card

Nicole M. H. on 2014-08-11
On January 2nd, 2008 my purse was stolen. The guy had my checkbook and wrote several checks. Telecheck notified me on January 14th, 2008 about two checks that had been written and there was no money to cover these expenses because the account was closed. I explained to them about my purse being stolen and I sent them everything they asked for including police report, affidavits and several other things in February of 2008. Never received anything after that from them. I thought everything had been cleared up until August 5th, 2014 (6 1/2 years later) when I tried to get an ATM card for my...

TeleCheck / Nasty customer service

shallah on 2014-06-24
Telecheck has some very nasty people working for them. I went to foodlion in hopewell virignia. i have been writing checks there for months. nothing ever bounced. i went in yetersday and bought 96 dollars worth of food i needed. foodlion runs my check and i get some "verification" denial. the manager tells me to just call and that most of the time it is no problem. i call and get this woman name AILEEN, ID# 5858. She is some type of oriental woman that could barely talk. She asks me a whole bunch of questions for 5 minutes. Then she tells me im denied and that i need to find another source of...

TeleCheck / Unfair practice

Carole Kelderman on 2014-05-22
Telecheck has been in a lot of hot water and we need them to take them to task. They have paid 3.5 million recently and we need to have a class action lawsuit by those of us who have been humiliated and denied services and goods due to their unfair practices. My check was denied, I couldn't get what I needed, had to find a ride 16 miles to my bank, I am old and disabled, had to cancel appointments and so forth. When I called them they said I did not have a bad check anywhere or a bad history, they based it on a statistical analysis. Bull. Merchants have to belong to Telecheck, I use...

TeleCheck - North Carolina, Asheboro / check denial

pissed byer on 2013-04-10
a check was denied by telecheck at a Rite Aid store. I had another check from another bank with me so I used it and it was accepted. When I got home I called the 800 # for telecheck and was told that my first check was denied because of someone with a similar name and account number. I told them this is not acceptable because they are suppose to be checking my name and my number only, not other similar names and numbers. There is only one account at that bank with my number and my name and that is all that matters. I was lucky I happened to have another check with me from another bank and I...

TeleCheck - Texas, Houston / check declined

three days in a row telecheck has denied my check at walmart??? called first day they said the system has been up dated now and you can continue writing checks, so went back second tI'me and WOW! denied again the second day, waited till band opened and called she offered to three way with telecheck to resolve this matter. the bank rep told telecheck employee-There is no reason to deny her she has ample money to cover the check, and she also told telecheck I've been with this bank for over ten years and have no history of bounced checks... the employee of telecheck asked for me and i...

TeleCheck / Discrimination

KW Smith on 2012-10-25
Businesses should be aware that if they use the Telecheck system, they may be inadvertently discriminating against honest check writers. I am a small business owner and work hard to maintain my financial health. To this end, I keep adequate funds in my account, have never written a bad check, and have an excellent credit rating. These facts apparently do not always matter when people write checks at businesses that use Telecheck. Recently, I suffered embarrassment and stress while trying to pay for my purchases at my local Home Depot and Auto Zone stores. I am a very regular customer at...

TeleCheck - Wyoming, Riverton / Bogus Service

Firefighter Anne on 2012-09-22
I am 53 years old, have had a checking account for 40 years, haven't bounced a check in 30 years, and today I got denied the ability to write a check for $12.36 to Family Dollar. The reason? Because I wrote two checks to Walmart and one to Walgreens in the last 7 days, totalling less than $60. I live in a town of 10, 000 people, 100 miles from any larger cities. I refuse to own a debit card, because I do not want my account compromised, nor do I carry more than $20 on me, for safety reasons. This policy of TeleCheck's is discriminatory toward older people, because many of us do not...

TeleCheck - Illinois, Freeport / Not Accepting Good Checks

Mari Chant on 2012-08-07
Way to go TeleCheck! Because of your "over 100 reasons" to reject a good check, I'm now banning any company that uses your service. I haven't had a single overdraft, I don't write excessive checks, and I have sufficient funds to cover my purchases at a grocery store. The cashier told me that it might be because I don't write enough checks there, which is equally as ridiculous as rejecting my attempts, now a second time! How can we possibly establish good standing if you reject good checks? Well...Sullivan's Grocery Store will no longer be receiving my business again because of your "over 100 reasons" to reject a good check. It's no wonder their isles are free from customers.

TeleCheck - Texas, Internet / check denials

BOND6670 on 2011-07-05
On June 30, 2011 I tried to cash a check at an eye clinic. I had used this same account many times with no problems. The IRS and the State of Michigan have accepted checks from this account among many others. There is much more than enough funds in the account to cash the check (for $1, 998). The check was rejected. I call the toll-free Telecheck number from the clinic's office. The telephone rep said that she was able to correct the problem and that I should try the check again. (It was processed in one of Telecheck's machines). I did and it was rejected again! I then had the lady...

TeleCheck - Kentucky / Denied Return

I received a video game purchased at Wal-Mart for my birthday. I did not want this particular game so I took it to their store so I could return & exchange for a different one. They confirmed the still brand new & sealed game was purchased at Wal-Mart, but during the process they had to enter my driver license number & it denied the return request. They printed off a sheet saying I must have a bad check in their system. This I did not understand cause I have not had my own checking account for nearly 3 years & it was not maybe a month earlier I had brought back a computer monitor & exchanged...

TeleCheck - Missouri / Denied Check and Debit Card Transactions

Holly5023157328 on 2011-05-12
I have a small business banking account, and have utilized my business debit card and checks for years. On 5/11/11 telecheck processing denied my debit card, and a check (both methods of payment). I phoned my bank to for shock of identity theft. They confirmed the correct good standing account balance. The bank also informed me to look for contact information on the denied receipts and to contact the third party processing company. I phoned telecheck, they "updated my information". The operator informed me that the information would be updated in their system in 5-7 business days, do not try...

TeleCheck / Rip off

Melody on 2011-05-12
I wrote a check and it was declined. When I called telecheck, the recording told me I had two checks for $17.63 written on 12/16/02 (they were identical), that were returned. After they gave me two different numbers to call, they finally told me that I had one check on their record. I told them that it was impossible and asked where the check was written. They told me the store, which I knew I did not shop at. I also asked them why there was two checks indicated, they said that there was only one. However, the recording is stating that there are two checks. When they asked me what bank I had...

TeleCheck - Texas, Lake Jackson / Law suit

usabras on 2011-04-20
Are there anyone insterested in start a Class action law suit against Telecheck for unauthorized monitoring of personnal bank accounts, and unfair business pratices, etc... PLEASE CONTACT ME.

TeleCheck / Stole my money

Manvel on 2011-02-21
Telecheck took the 251.00 payment for a Sears Appliance Warranty from my account twice, they are holding my money and will not credit it back to me until I PROVE to them that they took it, they can see it right on their computer and admit they made the mistake, Why do I have to pay for affidavit letters from my bank and wait 7 to 10 days after Telecheck receives them to get MY money back. Do not use a merchant who uses telecheck, telecheck steals money and only gives it back if you will fight them for it.

TeleCheck - Indiana, Indianapolis / How to 'get back' at Telecheck

LeniceY on 2011-02-18
How do you "get back" at Telecheck merchants for refusing your check? Easy - write checks! Buy something small & returnable that their system can take a "risk" on. Wait a few days then return it. After you've got your money back, buy it back. Keep writing checks to buy and return the same item over and over. The merchant will pretty much hate you, but you must tell the merchant that you're doing this because their check service demands it. After a month or so, start buying and returning returnable stuff worth even more money. Keep politely doing this until you are denied entry to the...

TeleCheck - South Carolina, Conway / All merchants should quit using this company

Amanda Currin on 2011-01-19
The only thing I did wrong was run out of checks and had my bank print me a few checks until I could get my new checks in. I had 1 check left out of my check book and went to the store and presented one that the bank printed and telecheck denied it-gave them the one left out of my check book and they approved it. After calling them, I was told by a foreign speaking person that there was no history on my account and when she would not listen to me, promptly hung up on me. I called again and got the person and told her I wanted to speak with someone above her that I refused to talk to her. I...

TeleCheck - Alabama / Denied Check

On December 13, 2010, I attempted to pay for an eye exam and glasses at our local Walmart. My check was denied by Telecheck. It took me several minutes to understand why the associate kept telling me the check had been refused as I have never had this experience before. I kept asking what was meant by "your check has been denied". The associate, of course, could not tell me why and could only give me a piece of paper with a phone number and a code for why the check was denied. This is the most embarrassing situation I believe I have ever been in. I cannot express in words the humiliation of...
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