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Spinnaker Resorts Complaints & Reviews

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Spinnaker Resorts - they made an unauthorized payment on my card

Posted: 2015-03-19 by    kenia mai
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
They offered me a package for $169.00 & would waive the processing fee. I found that they carved me $244.00. I called the customer service they have me. It always goes to voice mail & never answers the phone or return calls. I called the guy that have me the package. He said he would check out whats going on & call me. His name is Omari Campbell & I also spoke to a Iesha. The Spinnaker Resorts customers that referred Spinnaker to me are embarrassed & regert their decision....


Posted: 2014-12-03 by    Dubbie
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Got a call from Cole informing me I was the 2nd place winner from a Facebook giveaway. I would get a $300 credit towards the vacation package making the total price $199 for 5 people. I'd be staying at something like "Best American Inn" in Brayson, Mo for 3 nights & 4 days. I'd attend a 90 minute preview of their timeshare. This would then entitle me to another trip to several destination choices for 2 nights & 3 days. A man came on the line identifying himself as Cole's Sales Manager & advising me Cole was new & he wanted to make sure everything was going good. I thanked him but...

Spinnaker Resorts - threatened

Posted: 2014-11-12 by    Rusty123
Complaint Rating:  33 % with 3 votes
I was called by a marketing firm today attempting to sell me on the Spinnaker Resort. I stopped the gentleman (very loose use of that term) and told him to leave me alone. His response was I don’t like your attitude. Ok, I live in my home peacefully, and when anyone invades it via real or phone call, I should not ever have to apologize for any attitude. I simply want to be left alone. This is what I told the sales rep. His response was that he instead will call me five times a day. I have never in my life been threatened by telemarketers. My response to them as standard is to stop the sales...

Spinnaker Resorts - Harassment

Posted: 2011-05-03 by    Brooke C
Complaint Rating:  33 % with 3 votes
So I reported this number to the Better Business Buereau and they gave me the company that has been harassing all of us information. so here it is......

Spinnaker Resorts - They are dishonest and misleading to make a sale

Posted:    Rosepa
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 7 votes
Spinnaker Resorts on Hilton Head Island sold us a flex time timeshare, with the assurance we would get a 3 bedroom June week 99% of the time. Despite putting in our request within one minute of the earliest possible allowed moment, we did not get what we wanted. They lied to us and it cost us $10, 000. I would recommend no one ever deal with Spinnaker resorts, they are dishonest and misleading to make a sale, and then do not return calls unless hounded....

Spinnaker Resorts - Scam

Posted:    qqqsing
Complaint Rating:  60 % with 10 votes
Company is a pure front scam.

Do not do business with these people they are crooks out to take your money....

Spinnaker Resorts - Misrepresentation

Posted:    LedI65
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 14 votes
My wife and I have had a Spinnaker T/S since 1993. We purchased a week in Hilton Head that year at a sales presentation, and had always been happy with our ubit and the service.

Approx. 4-5 years ago we upgraded to unit at Waterside, same week, bigger unit, bigger family, friends, etc. All was well.

Two years ago our week didn't fit into our kids sports schedule as well as when they were smaller. Per chance at a "sales upgrade" we were presented with a "floating week" T/S. Guaranteed to have accommodations up to a week prior to travel. Just the kind of flexibility...

Spinnaker Resorts - Florida, Daytona Beach - Unethical Business Practices

Posted:    Miles
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 10 votes
They called me on the phone and offered a 4 night stay at Datona Beach at a very discounted rate if I attended one of their presentations. There are age, and income qualifications that you must meet in order to qualify and I meet these easily so I paid for discounted stay. When I got there they put in a very dirty and run down hotel on the beach and gave me a time and day during my stay when I had to attend this 90 minute presentation. When I went to the presentation thay make you fill out a form with all of your information so they can verify your age and income. MAKE SURE YOU GET A COPY OF THIS...

Spinnaker Resorts - Rip off

Posted:    Valerie
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 18 votes
Nothing would do my husband, back in 2005, but he had to have that timeshare that the young man presented so nicely.

We were guaranteed to have Royal Floridian Unit 321/03 on even years. As owners we, and all members of our family, could use any and all facilities of the resort 24/7, 365. This sounded great, since our daughter lived about an hour away.

About a month later our daughter’s marriage broke up. She needed a place to stay. It’s wonderful we have RCI. It’s not so wonderful. We don’t have RCI. Spinnaker has not yet turned in the paperwork....

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