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Sallie Mae / fraudulent accounting practices

gene uno on 2014-08-27
I have been fighting with Sallie Mae for years, I contacted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau who assisted me with getting a history of my student loan. I found a payment that had not been applied to my loan for over 8 years, I was charged late fees during my forbearance, multiple payments applied to one month then the previous month or the month after shows no payment applied, the full payment amount was applied to a past due amount and late fees were charged. Sallie Mae refunded me over 2 years of late fees and applied the 8 year old payment, but not one penny went to the past due...

Sallie Mae / Student loan fraud

tiffanynmeadows on 2014-07-30
Never sign a loan with Sallie Mae! First to begin with how they handled my grandfather's account. My grandfather died in August 2013 and immediately we received a letter from Sallie Mae stating that his loan had defaulted. My grandfather had co-signed for my cousin. My mother offered Sallie Mae $15, 000, which Sallie Mae accepted and later they officially released my grandfather from the account. We have a letter signed by a Sallie Mae agent. However, they began sending letters to my dead grandfather and calling my family (we live in my grandfather's house) looking for my cousin. We...

Sallie Mae / Disrganized flaw - filled poor excuse of a lender

jjjack on 2014-06-04
At Sallie Mae they may make major changes on your account and wont take the time to notify the borrower. They also completely ignore information you send to them, as with a letter telling them you will be moving abroad for one year to take part in a volunteer program and requesting a deferment. It happened to me. When this happened I had already graduated from a 4 year university and was about to begin payments as it had almost been 6 months. As I was planning to go abroad for one year to take part in a volunteer program, I sent them a letter telling that and also asking for a one year...

Sallie Mae / We aren't the people that owe anything

TJirritated on 2014-01-21
We have received phones calls, non-stop since December from Sallie Mae. They have the wrong person as validated by the last 4 digits of my husband's SS #. He has called them, they said they would correct the information in their system. That was weeks ago. We are still receiving letters every other day or so, as well, even after writing return to sender. Not at this address, on the envelope. We are in our late 50's with children who have NO debt. They have mistaken us for another person of the same name. Help!!!

Sallie Mae - Pennsylvania, Wilkes-Barre / Harassing Phone Calls

dianeh09 on 2013-11-29
My Step son took this loan and I was his co-signer. Apparently he has not paid and I have been paying this loan since 1999. Doing the course from 1999 to present, I have been working and off and have always made payments on time. As of Aug. 2013 I was no longer employed and my Unemployment Benefits were Exhausted. I am 62 yrs of age and had to file for Soc Security Retirement. I called Sallie Mae and explain to them that I would have no income until Nov. 27, 2013 which is when I would receive my first Soc. Sec. check..My last payment to them was Sept. 2013; which means I could not make Oct. ...

Sallie Mae - Pennsylvania, Wilkes-Barre / Persecting the Poor

Get Honest on 2013-09-05
Sallie Mae is asking me for $2000.00 per month and I do not even earn that much money. I am extremely financially disadvantaged. I gave them a retirement check and they refused to acknowledge it and after I screamed and shouted for 30 minutes, they finally acknowledged it was posted on August 8, 2013. They continue to hike the fee up an extra $2000.00 each month and then have the unmitigated gall to refuse income sensitive repayment applications or extended repayment options. I went on line and the site automatically calculated that I could pay as low as $384.00 per month, according to my...

Sallie Mae - Texas / cheating and find way to impose on penalty without letting you know, the are conspiracy going on to cheat student off.

whiteorchit on 2013-08-19
I send in my defer status of the loan, they don't process the date as request, this way they find way to impose on penalty. They also change my original loan doc. promissory note, which it does not allow tthem to impose certain type of interest on my unsub. loan. I request them to take a look at my origina promissoryl note but they never care to do so, so they can impose a lot of interest. There conspiracy going where they are cheating studdents with all their penalty. I really help, please help me...

Sallie Mae - Pennsylvania, Mechanicsburg / Student Loan Payment Changed

michelle mcgibbon on 2013-06-21
My monthly payments, which I agreed to because it's what I can afford, were changed by Sallie Mae. They increased my payments from $89.00/mo to $276.00/mo without my agreement after I had agreed to do direct debit. My agreement for direct debit was based on the original payments of $89.00. How the hell are they allowed to just increase my payment? Why has this country given them carte blanche to do whatever they want to do without any constraints? I cannot afford this so my only option is to again stop payments until they agree to lower them back to what I can afford...I hate these people...I hate that this government has given them power to abuse and enforce unfair policy.

Sallie Mae / customer servcie

shay oneal on 2013-06-06
I have had a number of issues with Sallie Mae. the customer service is horrible and i have been told payment dates will be changed i recorded the phone conversation since every time i get information form Sallie Mae customer service i am misinformed or something changes. the company spoke to me and my co-signer who is my father. they agreed to change my due date and even sent me a letter indicating the change. next thing i know we are getting calls saying the account is past due. i told them i have the new letter informing me of the change as well as a recorded conversation with their rep...


workingmom1018 on 2013-02-17
So like an idiot I got student loans. When the time came to start repaying, I did what I could. My job was not enough to pay for the loans but I was trying. Then I lost my job, took a job that paid even less, and couldn't pay on my loans at all! Got them deferred through the department of ed. Deferment ends and I'm in no better place...next thing this freaking windom want to be professionals starts calling. By this time I have had my first child, i'm struggling to make ends meet and working as much as I can for little pay. These windom people are demanding I give them a credit...

Sallie Mae - Pennsylvania, Wilkes-Barre / Fraudulent Compnay

wluster on 2013-02-05
Nothing is being done to stop this company from its fraudulent terms. They play games with you and continue to increase your payments so that you will forever be in debt to them. I placed my loans in deferment for 10 years because I was still in school. When I started to pay the loans off they had accumulated so much interests. I have now being paying on the loans for 10 years. They can not give me the expiration date, meaning when the loans will be paid in full. They have given me payments as high as $550.00. None of the payments I am making is going towards the principal of the loan. Sallie...

Sallie Mae - Arkansas / Derogatory Phone Calls

anonymous_57 on 2012-10-01
I had surgery and am not back at work at my own business yet. Therefore I have no money coming into my household. Sallie Mae knows this. I found a message that started with the typical sallie mae music on my answering machine that proceeded into a derogatory message. I was called a sissy (among other things) and told I was going to be 'sallied', whatever that means. It seemed to be physically and emotionally threatening to me. This has really upset me. Is it possible to sue them?

Sallie Mae / I want them to stop harassing me

Tromek on 2012-08-01
I have been receiving calls from Sallie Mae about a student loan. They say I have a private loan with them, yet I never signed for a private loan. I get about a dozen or more calls a day, 7 days a week. I keep telling them I don’t have a private loan with them. I have asked for a copy of the paperwork, showing I agreed to this loan. They say they will send it, yet they never do. All they send is a letter saying I have to pay in full. I have never received a bill for this loan. I just started getting calls one day. I have federal loans through their company, but they are all...

Sallie Mae / Repayment plan

lhall86 on 2012-05-18
I was enrolled into a program at the new year and just a few days ago they tell me it was an "error" and say I am 6 months behind and they will default! I am trying to pay my debt and eat still eat is all. I am severely underemployed--(I have my foot in the door with a decent employer, but its only partime at this point)looking for more work and can't afford much---at this point anything over the $50.00 month graduated payment program I thought I was in will eat into my grocery money (and I'm already living on ramen and peanut butter)or gas money (there isnt a well established transit...

Sallie Mae - Pennsylvania, Wilkes-Barre / Sallie Mae

fallenmidnightstar on 2012-02-23
For the last Year I have had nothing but problems with Sallie Mae. A year ago I filed my taxes and was supposed to get $5061. On February 11, 2011 I received a letter from the Department of the Treasury Stating that Sallie got all $5, 061 of my taxes. A few moths later I received a letter from Sallie Mae Stating that I owe them 11, 199 that I have not made one payment to them. I wrote letter after letter Stating that they got all of my tax return so why wont they accept that as a payment. I get another letter from them stating that I have never made a payment to them which is a lie I got the...

Sallie Mae / Sallie Mae Is Horrible

fearless1219 on 2012-02-03
I originally had taken out 2 school loans through Sallie Mae. All my other loans were through the government, which somehow Sallie Mae ended up picking up those. I end up graduating and getting my Associates degree and the 6 month period went by and my first payment was due. I paid it online and at this point I didn't have any problems. A month later I decided I wanted to go back to school to get another degree that went along with my first one, so I went to the same school and got registered and got all my financial aid set up. I was told then, that I didn't have to make any more...

Sallie Mae / Payments

Walker52 on 2012-01-15
Sallie Mae lies and extorts people in a manner that makes the mafia look like amateurs! My son has a huge debt with them due to student loans, years ago I tried to help him by co-signing for a loan consolidation. Worst mistake I ever made! Avoid them like the plague! They bounce you around different operators until either you give up or they disconnect you. I cannot count the hours we spent trying to get someone on the phone that a) has a brain, b) speaks English, c) can help in someway. The last straw was when we agreed to a discounted payment schedule for 12 months, which they said would be...

Sallie Mae / They are terrible... go else where!!

jmcwatty on 2011-11-01
I recently finished school and was having some issues making the payments. They would not work with me what so ever. Therefore I got behind by one payment. I started receiving 10 to 15 harassing calls a day from them. I tried to get a deferment and/or a forbearance with no luck!!! I post dated a payment which the lady told me would bring every loan current ( I have 2 different private loans with them). Well here it is two days after the payment was due and they applied to payment to one of the two loans and they are calling ten to fifteen times a day. I call, and raised absolute hell with them, actually got hung up on twice... My advice use someone other that these jackasses for any private loan needs!!!

Sallie Mae / Steer clear

gpepe79 on 2011-10-26
Hello everyone that has been screwed over by Sallie Mae . As we all know, Sallie Mae is an evil company and I have been doing everything to make sure that all of my friends no longer have Sallie Mae as a holder of their loan. What you need to do is see if you are eligible for loan consolidation through the William D. Ford Direct Loans, which is basically the federal government. Here is the website: https://www.dl.ed.gov/borrower/BorrowerWelcomePage.jsp There is an online form to fill out and it takes about 30 days to go through (at least that what it took for me). Once it goes through, no more...

Sallie Mae / Fraud

SMH34 on 2011-10-21
Sallie Mae tells you all the right things when you are in need of student loans but after graduation is a completely different story. Do not, I repeat, do not sign with Sallie Mae. Their payback is extremely high and they will not work with you. It's a horrible company that feeds on low income students. Horrible place. I am a single mother of a 4 year old. No other source of income. I work full time at a decent salary. I shell out over $2500 in bills and daycare a month and for some reason they feel that paying $345 a month is feasible. In what world is that feasible???!!! I have fought...
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