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Rocket Lawyer - California, San Francisco / Unauthorized Charge to Bank Account

debabe35 on 2015-05-16
I was reviewing my bank account and found a charge to my account for $39.95, for something I never signed up for and do not even know who this company even is. My bank has been notified of this unauthorized transaction and they will not be getting the money they took from my account without my permission or knowledge. This is a legal service and yet this is the way they do business? Is this not stealing and against the law? You have to be really bad at your job if you have to take money from individuals who did not even sign up for your service, or did not know you even existed. This is the...

Rocket Lawyer / Fraud

Russ in Ct on 2015-03-18
Rocket Lawyer has set up an account with my credit card. I notified Tatum Craft and Jay Griffin that I have never heard of Rocket Lawyer and that I wanted the name and address on this account. They will not tell me any information of this account. Rocket Lawyer has partnered up with whoever has stolen my c.c. information. There are thousands of fraud complaints against this company, do not do business with them.

Rocket Lawyer / Not Helpful Difficult to Cancel

anya80 on 2014-07-21
Rocket Lawyer seemed to be a good option for a quick rental agreement. The document did not even have a place to sign. The document was useless and I did not use it, but that did not prevent them from charging me for two months. I had tried to cancel after the 7 day trial, but I forgot my log in information. I had tried calling after multiple failed attempts with the password reset, but they were closed. By the time I was able to reach them, they refused to refund my money for the useless service. If they truly believed in their product, they would offer a money back guarantee. This is NOT the type of service I would trust for legal documents.

Rocket Lawyer - Florida / Service and Cancellation

KSamuelson on 2013-02-28
These people have a wide array of legal documents available at a reasonable cost, however, they have no truth in advertising, which I believe is illegal. Not something I expect from a legal website! They offer a free trial, but there is no option to cancel the service. They advertise Live Chat as a customer service option, but it does not work and they tell you to call a phone number. That phone number simply cuts off the phone call. They have another 800 number on their website, but that one does the same thing. The website offers no option for cancelling the membership, so you're locked into paying them whether you want to or not! I will never use these people again! Kristin Samuelson

Rocket Lawyer - California, San Francisco / Horrible Service

James Garrett jr on 2012-12-06
I signed up for this service September 28, 2012 after speaking at length with a sales representative/"small business specialist" Elliot Peterson regarding the forming of a business, particularly an LLC. Mr. Peterson convinced me to subscribe to Rocket Lawyers highest level package that includes free unlimited Attorney consultations, a limited number (and limited number of pages) of contracts reviewed per month, access to contract templates and discounted service should a Rocket Lawyer associated attorney's services be retained. Two payments were deducted from my account, via a credit card...

Rocket Lawyer - Tennessee / Fraudulent charges due to unsecure payment site

shaasbs on 2012-10-01
BUYER BEWARE: I signed up for the free trial and after it ended, I downgraded my account. Rocket Lawyer charged my credit card as agreed. What I didn't count on was my card also be charged from Tiger Airways and Jet Star Asia also charging my business debit card. Their secutiy for online purchases was breeched and has cost me access to my bank account and precious funds I have worked very hard for. I advised Rocket Lawyer of their breech in security since their site was the only online site I have used that card. I requested a refund and suggested they review their security for purchase...

Rocket Lawyer - Utah / Amazing Company!

Pleased123 on 2012-09-19
I think Rocket Lawyer is an Amazing company! It offers great products and a very affordable rate! I don't know of any company that offers legal services so cheap! An attorney would charge you hundreds of dollars to do the same documents they allow you to do yourself! People need to stop being so blind and greedy! They offer a 1 week free trial but it clearly states in the terms and conditions as well as the help message next to where you are putting your credit card in that you have to cancel within those 7 days or it charges! It's not a rip off people!!! It's a matter of you actually reading!!! http://www.rocketlawyer.com/terms.aspx I recommend Rocket Lawyer a million times over!!!

Rocket Lawyer - Washington / Quality of service

Anita F on 2012-01-12
Working with Rocket Lawyer was a bad mistake. I contacted them to set up a LLC in Washington for my counseling practice. First, they filled out the wrong form. I sent the form to my attorney and he let me know. Seems all I had to do was contact the correct department in Washington and fill out a 2 page form for a PLLC. I told Rocket Lawyer that and they did find the correct form. It cost me a little bit more, but it was done and Washington recognizes my practice as a PLLC. Now the fun begins. As I mentioned earlier, I already have an attorney. Rocket Lawyer uses high pressure sales to try to...

Rocket Lawyer / unauthorized charges

WMHunt on 2012-01-11
I bought a product and paid more for it because I hit the "One Time Purchase, No trial subsciption button. They continued to charge my credit card for a subscription until I caught it. Been getting the run-around from them, but I am not giving up. I know how to be a thorn in the butt.

Rocket Lawyer - California, Los Angeles / No way of cancelling

denrfc on
They offer you one week free trial. Then when you call to cancel they make it impossible to do so. When you select the option you think you need, it's wrong. Then they transfer you and it's the wrong option again. Their phones are apparently faulty, You finally give up. Try canceling online. there is no option to do that. You go over your 1 week free trial, you get charged $39.95 for one month subscription. What a scam. Watch out people. Try another company.

Rocket Lawyer - California, Los Angeles / Free? For $20.00

If you are looking for help with unauthorized charges, scams, etc. Don't waste time checking with this site Rocket Lawyers, the ad yes advertisement says ABSOLUTELY FREE FIRST WEEK. Oh? Then why do I have to pay $20.00?<br /> <br /> K Goraya
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