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Pnc Mortgage Complaints & Reviews

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Pnc Mortgage - VA Refinance

Posted: 2015-01-13 by    Robert Jr
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
In November I called PNC Mortgage in Miamisburg OHIO, I filled out all of the information and was told my VA loan was going fine. Because my Original Mortgage was thru PNC, they were told that my Mortgage was not reaffirmed over 7 years ago. I was told no problem since it was going to be a new mortgage. I was told I had to have a $375 Appraisal, $50 Pest Inspection and $17 Credit Report. Which I paid for all of this and everything passed. The Closing was to take 60 days, 52 days into it only 8 days until closing. I got a call that said because my loan was not reaffirmed they would not refinance....

Pnc Mortgage - Refuse to release insurance money

Posted: 2013-07-01 by    Livinonaprayer
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Same story, different storm. I have over $26, 000 in PNC's hands after Hurricane Sandy. I have submitted everything and paid for the renovations out of pocket. They were supposed to overnight the check last week after I called the President of PNC Financials office but they couldn't even do that right. They "accidentally" mailed the check through the post office. Six days later, no check. And guess what? Surprise! The 1st came and I did not pay the mortgage. And won't until I get my insurance damage money. The insurance company was a dream. PNC, a nightmare....

Pnc Mortgage - loss claim

Posted: 2012-12-15 by    lweb
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
I submitted the proper forms and documents for my loss claim insurance check made out to me and PNC. Now 4 weeks later and their still holding my funds which is preventing me from rebuilding my home after hurricane Isaac. I've contacted them every week and all I get is "it's under review" also a big attitude from customer service. I ask to be transferred to the loss claim dept. and was told they don't take calls. I would recommend consumers stay away from PNC. My families home was flooded, I move to another town, I've work through FEMA and my insurance company. That was nothing...

Pnc Mortgage - Mortgage Refinance - No Ethics

Posted: 2012-08-21 by    MBaddad
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I had a mortgage with PNC for 7 years. I never missed a payment and my credit is excellent. I have been trying to refinance with them into a 15 years mortgage for the past three months. They are now offering me a refinance rate of 4% while other lenders are offering me as low as 2.75% refinance rate. Additionally, PNC themselves are offering me 2.75% for a 15 years new purchase mortgage rate. When I asked PNC why the huge difference in rates between their purchase rate and refinance rate, there response was that they artificially inflate the refinance rates due to the large volume of refinance applications,...

Pnc Mortgage - Minnesota, Richfield - assistance

Posted: 2012-07-23 by    David S Melchior
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
After being out of work for two years, I fell behind on my mortgage and have been trying unsuccessfully to find any assistance from you. In the past year I have spoken to at least 15 people in customer service to assist me in payment options. There is no follow through to assist me with my problem. Obviously you are more concerned with making money off me as you rack late payments up and give me no chance of getting caught up.
I received yet another letter today stating my assistance request was denied due to me not returning a Borrower Response Package. I NEVER RECEIVE THEM EVEN THOUGH I...


Posted: 2012-04-17 by    Emile Lapointe
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
How can the Government allow a such abuse to continue?
I underwent surgery very recently .The body part, being operated on, is crucial for production on a work place.As you may understand, I was not able to make enough to
cover all the expenses and the mortgage payments for 3 months as I was negotiating with PNC.After calling PNC, they asked me for some documents in order to modify the loan until I can resume work. (I just needed a temporary relief)
Apparently, EVERY REPRESENTATIVE SEEMS TO BE READING FROM A DIFFERENT PAGE if I can rely on my own experience dealing with PNC...

Pnc Mortgage - Social Security number

Posted: 2012-03-03 by    Virginia Carol
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Recently, I experienced fraud on my checking account. Since my house payments were automatically made each month on that account, I needed to contact PNC Mortgage to change the account numbers. I was dismayed to discover they insist on using my social security number for identification when I phone in. I know they need it for tax purposes, but a phone call about my mortgage is not a tax issue. They refuse to change their policy. BE VERY CAREFUL!!!...

Pnc Mortgage - Hawaii - higher payments/non-judicial foreclosure

Posted: 2011-09-23 by    Pissed in Pahoa
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
to shame on Kauai, like yourself PNC sent back any checks for there offer to loan modification. They lowered the interest rate and matched approx. what our mortgage payments were in 2005. After acquiring our loan each year the monthly would increase and calling them has not been sucessful. At any call we would get someone with no last names. We were referred to HOPE who I found one honest person to tell me, we would not qualify for modification because of our income, which was the same as when we qualified in 2005. She told me I shouldn't have gotten the loan with that income. Go figure, pass...

Pnc Mortgage - Lied to me about flood insurance

Posted: 2011-08-16 by    Poritozz
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Soon after I applied for a refinance mortgage at PNC bank, the national office informed me that I am in a flood zone and must have flood insurance. I then provided proof from our local government department that our house is not in a flood zone.

Soon after that “RRamirez” of PNC sent a PNC memo to Edith Wrona saying that because I provided such proof, it was OK to not require flood insurance. Edith Wrona then forwarded that memo to my local PNC mortgage agent who then forwarded it to me.

But I continued to receive generic “You must have flood insurance”...

Pnc Mortgage - Nevada - Erroneous letter of Default

Posted: 2011-06-28 by    David W Dunning
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
I received a letter dated 6/9/11, that stated my mortgage loan was past due and "in default". The letter was clearly in error as I had paid my monthly payments through November, 2011, and had begun to pay $1000 per month in additional principal payment.
When I called the number provided in the letter, I was served by "Chawentta" (first name) who would not provide her last name. She was abrupt and rude and made no effort to listen to why I was calling. She did remark that it appears my loan is current, and when I asked that I receive a letter refuting the correspondence they sent dated 6/9/11,...

Pnc Mortgage - Bad service

Posted: 2011-03-31 by    Mandismom
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 10 votes
If you have ever had to deal with PNC you will know what I'm talking about. They lose your papers, they transfer you from department to department and then say I don't know - be patient. This has been going on since 9/2009. I have spoken to so many different representatives and you are lucky if they speak English or even know what is going on. I'm not the only one. Do Not get your mortgage loans there. You will never close!!! Today I called just to ask a question since I finally got my modification papers. This rep tells me she doesn't see the status and I'm in foreclosure....

Pnc Mortgage - Lied about flood insurance

Posted: 2011-03-16 by    Morris Osterly
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
Soon after I applied for a refinance mortgage at PNC bank, the national office informed me that I am in a flood zone and must have flood insurance. I then provided proof from our local government department that our house is not in a flood zone.
Soon after that “RRamirez” of PNC sent a PNC memo to Edith Wrona saying that because I provided such proof, it was OK to not require flood insurance. Edith Wrona then forwarded that memo to my local PNC mortgage agent who then forwarded it to me.
But I continued to receive generic “You must have flood insurance” form...

Pnc Mortgage - Washington, Washougal - Inaccuracies and lies for loan mod

Posted: 2011-03-03 by    help the people...Not Corpotate America
Complaint Rating:  86 % with 7 votes
I have tried many avenues to save my home from foreclosure. I have been told many contradicting pieces of information. I have been told one thing all to find out later that it wasn't accurate. This has all taken place between PNC and Northwest trustee. The very frustrating part is they wait until right before the auction date to tell me in hopes (my opinion) that I will be forced in to foreclosure. I am a 14+ year Realtor that has continued success, largely through auction homes, and understands the process. I also have a lot of knowledge and insight through working with clients through shortsales,...

Pnc Mortgage - Incorrect 1099

Posted: 2011-02-28 by    mr build
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I received a 1099-Misc income statement that overstates income more than $44, 500 for restoration of their clients storm damaged home. I have sent certified letters asking for correction, made numerous phone calls. I have gotten nowhere near the "right department". I am reluctant to file an incorrect 1099 form w/ the IRS because it always leads to costly and inconvenient audits. My understanding is that this is quite a common problem. I'd like to hear from any other contractors that have experienced the same. mr.build14me@gmail.com...

Pnc Mortgage - Ohio, Miamisburg - Discrimination from Lender after Requesting HAMP Application

Posted: 2011-01-26 by    PaulLewis
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 8 votes
I applied to receive the HAMP program package to see what was being offered and whether I qualified for any generic reductions in interest or fees. For over 20 years I have never been late with payments and I do not intend to be in the future. However, since applying for the HAMP program application package from my lender, PNC Mortgage, every time I call customer service now I am immediately and automatically transferred to the Collections and Loss Mitigation department and am treated like a 3rd class citizen. I receive calls from Collections stating that "This is an attempt to Collect a Debt and...

Pnc Mortgage - False Foreclosure

Posted: 2011-01-16 by    the fighter
Complaint Rating:  91 % with 11 votes
We filed Ch.7 Bankruptcy 5/18/2010 in Tallahassee, Fl. PNC sent the Trustee a letter saying they would like to reaffirm the home loan. PNC wrote up a reaffirmation for the home loan and signed it. The reaffirmation states 300 payments at $531.78 with fixed interest 5% – to start 03/2010. It was filed with the Bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy was Discharged on 09/18/2010. Then on 10/22/2010 the Judge did a reaffirmation hearing and approved the reaffirmation with PNC, as this being our family home an we did not have an Attorney it had to be approved by the Judge. We continued to make payments as...

Pnc Mortgage - California - Wont take a payment!

Posted: 2011-01-03 by    Cool Kat
Complaint Rating:  86 % with 7 votes
Due to bank error, my bank returned my payment. I was willing to pay all fees up front and get an explanation and apology letter from my financial institution later and then write a letter with attachments to see if PNC would waive the late fee. My next payment is not due until January 16th, but they said that they would not accept my December payment at all until I update all my financial information with them AND paide the December AND January payment; even though the January payment is not due until another 13 days. I will look for a different mortgage company but there must be a law against...

Pnc Mortgage - Illinois - Class action lawsuit anyone?

Posted:    FEEBUM
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 8 votes
Becky Fee
Pekin, IL (Near Peoria)

I can't find an attorney in my locale that can help me. I need to "go after" PNC Mortgage Company. I've saved a 2-hr. phone call & MANY letters.I've been trying to get answers to where my money went for OVER A YEAR! I was enrolled in the HAMP program WITHOUT MY CONSENT. I've made my regular payments ON TIME EVERY TIME. One PNC dept. told me I was 30 or more days late Sept. Oct. Nov. & Dec. of 2009. THIS IS NOT SO, nor does it reflect on my credit report. I did get behind in my...

Pnc Mortgage - Texas - Harassment

Posted:    Gaylon Green
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 6 votes
PNC Mortgage Company has called our home twice on the 5th, and 11th telling us in a very
harassing way that we are late on our payment. We are not legally late until the 16th. of each month.
We have NEVER been late on a payment. I am becomming very upset be this harassment each month.
We have had many loans, and have never had another bank harass us before the payment is even due.
We have ask them to stop since we are never late on a payment, but they have refused.

Gaylon Green...

Pnc Mortgage - Loan Modification

Posted:    dmadkw2d
Complaint Rating:  94 % with 18 votes
I feel for anyone who has tried to obtain a loan modification from PNC Mortgage! I looked everywhere and all I saw was "If You Are Having Trouble Making Your Mortgage Payments-Contact Your Lender" (including PNC Mortgage's website). What a joke! We contacted them in April, 2010 and told them we could no longer afford our monthly mortgage payment of $964. They sent us forms which we completed, faxed all the required back-up documents required. We were naturally sent to the government "MHAP" and we were denied. Our mortgage payment was less that the 31% of our GROSS income required by the program....

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