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Outsurance - Psychological abuse

Posted: 2015-08-04 by    Hannes Lubbe
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My son had a car accident on the 21/6/2015. All i wanted to do is bury my son with respect and dignity and with good memories. The week after the funeral. One of outsurance assessors came to see me. I gave him all the information i had even a confidential report that was send to internal home affairs. The supervisor gave me a copy and said i can use it for a 3rd party claim that i did not worry about. I even went and showed the assessor the accident seen. Your assessor told me the claim will be finalized by that friday. The next week he phoned and asked me questions about my son activities the night...

Outsurance - Third Party Accident Claim

Posted: 2015-03-25 by    Mr. Deon Bampton
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My client Mr. B Haufiku was in an head-on collision with an Outsurance Insurance holder (Ms.L.T Shiwanapo on 27 September 2013. Ms.Shiwanapo wrongly overtook a car in the bent where he forsight was limited and drove into the oncoming car of my Client -Mr.B Haufiku. She acknowledge her fault in the presence of Mr.B Haufiku's driver and an accident report was completed and submited to Outsurance upon which the third party benefit Ms.Shiwanapo was to compensate Mr.B Haufiku. The claim ws registered with reference number:102271103 and Ms.Shiwanapo who was at fault was paid out an amout totaling...

Outsurance - Delaying claim

Posted: 2015-02-24 by    disngemors
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My house was broken into. I submitted the claim on 6 February 2015 and amongst other immediately drew their attention to the fact that all of my cars keys were stolen, either the whole set belonging to a car or spare keys of my other vehicles. Only on 17 February did the assessors pitch at my home to do a so called assessment of my losses which turned out to be an interrogation into the legibility of my claim that lasted from 14h00 till 20h15 that night (over 6 hours). Photos were taken of the contents of all my cupboards (even the kitchen cupboards) and drawers under the pretense it was for future...

Outsurance - Service

Posted: 2015-02-03 by    bosladygp
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My car was booked into the panel beaters on the 26 / 02 / 2015 for a minor bumper scratch and a cracked tail light! I was advised by the manager that my car will be ready on friday (30 / 01 / 2015) as it is a small job, and they have received the light.

I called on thursday to confirm, i was told my car will not be ready as their workers had not come to work. She later told me that my car will be ready on monday! On monday (03. 01. 15) i called, and they said it was in the paint bay. I can expect it on tuesday, i have just received a call from the panel beaters, the light that they...

Outsurance - Claims - Replacement goods

Posted: 2015-02-02 by    Etienne Celliers
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Logged a Theft Claim on 24 Jan 2015. Outsurance said they will handle all the quotes etc.
Claim approved and now they will send replacement itmes via PTA Tool Centre. I have asked them if there is no other way because I am in East London and if there is any faulty or issues with the goods I have to send all back to PTA. Guess what the lawnmower I received from them were not the correct brand I have asked for, They have send me a Rolux instead of a Ryobi. When I opened the box and assembled all the loose handles, I tried to start it and the petrol cable were loose from the lever that were...

Outsurance - Burglary

Posted: 2014-05-16 by    louise verster
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Ek is baie teleurgestel. Daar is by my ma ingebreek en tv, laptop, juwele ens gesteel. My ma is 'n pensionaris, die oomblik toe sy vra of daar nie afslag is op die bybetaling nie is daar gese sy moes gevra het vir pensioenafslag toe sy die polis uitgeneem het op daarna. Die bybetaling is te hoog vir haar om te betaal. Dan word daar 'n afspraak gemaak met haar vir Maandag vir 3 ure, sy word ondersoek omtrent die inbraak, sy moet bewyse van aakoop van juwele ens he. REGTIG. Sy het juwele as geskenke ontvang. Sy betaal elke maand betyds en dan is daar geen vra nie nou moet sy bewyse en fotos...

Outsurance - Access Claim

Posted: 2013-08-26 by    N.Mavi
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
outsurance doesnt tell you what your access is. when i claimed for my windsceen they told me to pay an access amount that was 90% of the full cost of the replacement of the windscreen. when i asked to talk to the manager, the manager told me to fix the car with my own money. they service was bad i was transfered from one person to the other and the managers are not professional. the was told to find someone who want to listen to my issues but not someone from outsurance. i would not advice anyone to deal with outsurance or have a cover with them. im going to move both my car insurance and my life...

Outsurance - Lack of Follow Up of Claim

Posted: 2013-07-02 by    pjwagner
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A claim was lodged at the start June 2013 for repairs to our gate and gate motor after it came off the railings. We are now into July and these repairs are still not complete despite various calls to Outsurance advising that their appointed vendors are not coming to site or co-operating. The cherry on the cake today was that Outsurance phoned the last vendor who is now insisting we once again pay the excess amount of nearly R2000 which was paid to the 1st vendor attending at site. In fact they would not commence work without upfront payment. My question is simply this - Outsurance do you ever check...

Outsurance - refund

Posted: 2013-04-30 by    beverlyels
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my advise to anyone that want to deal with o/s is to pse state that you are just shopping around for a quote and not accepting it before hand. they take it for granted that if you request a quote, you have accepted it. i call and said i was still shopping around and the next min. a instalment was deducted and they now have the check to say i have to wait a month for my refund, with is also not the full amount. outsurance will not get any recommendations from me and i will also advise friends and family about the service....

Outsurance - Reject Claim

Posted: 2013-02-21 by    Colla
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
One of our truck was stolen a month ago, Outsurance rejected our claim as according to them we did not fit the correct tracker. As per the contract they provide the names of companies where you should fit these units however does not specify exactly what unit to fit. It happens that we installed a Fleet Management unit and according to Outsurance this is not a tracker unit, however how was we to know that it does not adhere to their requirements of what unit should be fitted. This is a great loss to us as well as lost of income. It seems that they are only bending backwards in order to get your...

Outsurance - Claims

Posted: 2012-12-04 by    Louise Laventhal
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
Our building insurance is with Outsurance. when we bought our house the recommended insurer from our bank was outsurance. They insured the property without a consultant coming out to survey the property. After the hail storms we had lately is my roof and waterproofing and inside damaged. I submitted a claim, an accessor was sent out. the damages inside was approved but now they stalling with the damages outside. Outsurance claims that due to the structure of our roof they wont repair the roof. BUT - Today the 4th December 2012 I phoned Outsurance as a new client and requested a quotation for building...

Outsurance - Not Paying Claim Fully

Posted: 2012-08-05 by    OJS
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I have put in a claim for a motor vehicle accident and the following Has taken place.
1.they will not pay for the damage of the tow bar of my vehicle as they say it should have been spescified on the insurance policy
at no time when consulting with them was this brought to my attention.
2.In the last four days I have spoken to at least 5 people insured with the company and it was also not brought to their attention that
the must spescify the tow bar on their vehicle .
3. One of the new clients did their insurance last week and who have insured their Boat and Caravan...


Posted: 2012-07-26 by    Michysharp
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Mr Du Plessis from North West turned and crashed into my beetle beginning May 2012. He admitted fault!!! I don't have insurance for my vehicle, he has insurance with OUTSURANCE. After 2 months Outsurance eventually sent an Assessor, after telling me i had to get my own quote! They find the damange is more than the value of the car. They are "writing my car off". They say insured is 70% at fault my driver 30%, NOT TRUE. Although their client admitted fault and said to my friend the driver that he has a long trip and was tired, he did not see him. My friend had the lights on and clear break marks...

Outsurance - KAR GEROL

Posted: 2012-02-15 by    *tweety*
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes

Outsurance - Disgusting service

Posted: 2012-01-31 by    Bernard88
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I was involved in an accident in October 2011. An outsurance client skipped a robot, hit my vehicle and then took out another traffic light. I submitted a claim against her through her insurance. For 3 months I was left without a vehicle while in the middle of my university exams. after an appointment with a rude assesor who was mad because I bothered him in his 4 hour lunch break and numerous calls to them I was told that I would not be paid because as far as they are concerned my damage was only a third of hers. My damage was more than double this. Not including other implicit costs and failing...

Outsurance - Fraud

Posted: 2011-11-22 by    Allen McClinton
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I contacted Outsurance to get a quote for a motor vehicle I was looking at purchasing, what a mistake theat was.

On Monday thee 4the of November 2011 Outsurance took money out of my account witheout any signed agreement on my behalf withe thee company as I did not purchase thee car in thee end. I contacted Outsurance on thee same day to try get thee situation sorted out theen. I was told by a manager named Chris(no surname given) thee agreement would be terminated, an investigation into what happened as according to him it was illegally activated and return my funds to me. Lastly...

Outsurance - faliure to replace cellphone at insured price

Posted: 2011-09-15 by    Brendon Alexander
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
On reporting that my cellphone has been damaged due to unforseen circumstances i was given the news that my blackberry that i have insured for R3400 does not mean that i can replace it with a phone of that same value and that i have to claim for only R1800 which is absolutely apauling and this was said to me by a superviser by the name of Mr. Trevon naaidoo.

can someone please tell m, e why this is so and why i was asked for how much i want to insure the phone for and therefore pay more excess as well.

Brendon Alexander...


Posted: 2011-04-05 by    YANDA
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
on the 19th march i was involved in an accident, i reported it to outsurance on the 22nd March . I was then referred to take the car for repairs to Uiternhage by Mr Theo Mokhine.
The distance between Bisho where we are staying and Uiternhages *- 3 hours drive . We then inform prastige garage that the garage is too far from Bisho then it is not possible for us to bring the vehicle there . They promise to inform outsurance regarding that . Mr Theo Mokhine promise to look for another close garage between KwT and East London . But instead on...

Outsurance - SCAM

Posted: 2011-03-31 by    kanto raomiala
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
Dear Anine,

I was proudly with outsurance since 2 years now.
They broke into my car (with minimum damage) on the 25/03/2011and stole my car radio (which is insured), the door paint was scratched and went a bit off.
I immediately went to the police to open a case in order for me to claim replacement with Outsurance.

I spoke to Sonja who has no manner at all and was rude. She told me she will ask her manager if outsurance can accept the claim as there is only minimum damage on my car!!
She said she will call me back and hanged up on me.

Outsurance - Extremely poor service at very high price

Posted: 2011-03-28 by    WillieI
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
My car was in an accident in August 2010. I put in claim with Outsurance and this is where the trouble started. The car was assessed and took away to the panelbeater (please note that the assessor and panelbeater is the same person- can you imagine). After 3 weeks my car was still not fixed. I then insist on getting my car back ASAP as i needed it. Please see photos attatched. Real disgusting work. The bonnet is full of scratched marks as they repaired the NEW!!! bonnet (according to the panelbeaters [S&Z Panelbeaters in George] all new parts that they received are full of dents wich they then first...

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