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NetZero Complaints & Reviews

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NetZero - California, Woodland Hills - Scam Company

Posted: 2015-08-03 by    Jay Tee
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
NetZero is really in the "scam industry, " as they have no product or service to offer or support. They charge in advance for antiquated, defective, worthless equipment and so-called "service" that they already know can never be obtained with their antiquated, defective equipment. They are fully aware that they are doing this, and do not even attempt to stand behind their equipment or their service. They have a conspiracy with Barclaycardus that when a customer disputes prepaying for unusable equipment and service, Barclay will never open the dispute. Instead, they will conference NetZero on the...


Posted: 2015-05-14 by    JacksonHeight
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
NetZero mail application so clogged with advertisements that it is often virtually useless. Crashes, freezes, delayed response again and again due to ad scripts taking up all bandwidth on page. Complete waste of time, unsatisfactory service. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH NETZERO. Takes ridiculous amount of time to do ANYTHING with email due to ads slowing application to a crawl. Windows message again and again "Page is not responding due to long-running script" Crash. Reopen, work for five minutes, CRASH. Reopen, work for two minutes, CRASH. Lose work. Sent back to previous unsorted version...

NetZero - charged service I never asked for

Posted: 2015-03-07 by    Roaduck
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I applied for internet service giving them my credit card info. Then after searching the internet, I found out they were using mobile data as their connection and I was limited. This is not what I asked for. I cancelled the account a couple hours later by going through a lot of transfers and people that need English lessons. I was credited on my account as promised, but now they were charging me some kind of protection that I never asked for. In other words, they are making money hoping it will go unnoticed on people credit cards....

NetZero - California, Woodland Hills - Ripped Off

Posted: 2015-01-16 by    Toy Poodle
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I told the agent January 8, 2015 that I needed internet service for school use. She asked if I would use a laptop. She said 2000 megabytes would be fine for school classes. I received the NetZero mobile broadband stick January 12, 2015 and have only used it two days and already my account has been suspended. NetZero says I need to upgrade my plan to pay 79.95 a month instead of 19.95 a month. They also did not tell me they would double bill my account after the initial set up fee. I feel ripped off and would not recommend anyone use their service...

NetZero - Today I received another bill from them…

Posted: 2013-06-21 by    Wald
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I cancelled Netzero service last summer. Every time I tried to cancel this service, they would give me 3 months free. I finally had enough and wanted to be rid of them. When I called, they said everything was fine and I was good to go. Today I received another bill from them…...

NetZero - Colorado - Very Bad Experience

Posted: 2011-06-10 by    Bonya
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Don't subscribe!!! Save you PC!
It seems -you might "Save" money (they charge lees then Comcast) - but -
Service is very bad. I subscribed for DSL - for few days I had pretty fast connection but - they just "spread out" with viruses and my PC lost all my software, pictures, work!!! And I had Anti Virus program as well.
Bottom line - I had horrible experience!
Small example...When you type www.google.com - it will re navigate you to any other websites...but not a google.
or when i go to my yahoo e-mail account - it could re navigate you to buy a car site...and...

NetZero - hassle to cancel free trial

Posted: 2011-06-10 by    catchick30
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Well as I sit and fill this complaint out I have noticed... I Can NOT find an address on ANY correspondence, and also, I'm seeing where the only phone # provided is "for a nominal fee" - Guess I will also head over to BBB to file a report there.
I signed up for the free trial, my paperwork dated 5/4. On 6/3 I called to cancel and got the run around. I stated to the rep that I saw where they were trying to charge me, but that I was going to cancel & want a refund as I never did use nor do I plan to use it. I was told OK. SHe then quickly went into her "selling mode" and the catch to this...


Posted: 2011-05-30 by    krispychick
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
I was visiting my sister in Florida who had just purchased a new Dell computer. I put the computer together for her and wanted to connect to the internet and set up email for her before I left to return to PA since she is not computer literate. I installed NetZero on her computer and then called them to set up a "free" 30 day account on my credit card. I was switched to India and spoke with a man who said my credit card wouldn't be billed for 30 days and that I need the 14.95 version which had Norton Security. I explained that I had just installed the latest version of Norton on her computer...

NetZero - Not recommended

Posted: 2011-05-03 by    Raymond
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I cancelled my account with NetZero about two months ago, or so I thought. I was looking at my account today and noticed that they had billed me again. After a long process of trying to get through to them via telephone, I cancelled again. They said that they cannot return the money they took from me even though they could see that I haven't used their service. To make a long story short, I would not recommend NetZero to anybody. In fact, I would strongly urge people not to use them at all. I liken them to a parasite, and feel that the US Attorney should investigate them for fraud and theft....

NetZero - Arkansas, Bentonville - Still charging me

Posted: 2011-03-29 by    Defgurl
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
I signed up for NetZero, but realized later that I wanted to cancel it. I called and cancelled the service and I thought all would be well. It wasn't. About a month later, I began seeing a charge of $4.95 being drafted from my account from NetZero. I've tried numerous times to get this to stop but it has not stopped....

NetZero - Fraud

Posted: 2011-03-15 by    Dbg
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I have never had any kind of an account with Netzero.. Somehow they started charing me from one of my checking accounts $4.95 a month. I have argued with them for five months (when the charge started) the only feedback I continue to get is "We have no record of your account".. "Well, no dah, sherlock, because there is NO account. I have faxed them proof that they are charing, , Then I get "We can not see any charrs from us." I have filed fraud charges with my bank, closed this account.....

NetZero - Reviving an old account and billing!

Posted: 2011-02-02 by    MNCabingoer
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Got a call from NetZero recently, asking for payment on a bill for $49. This came as something of a surprise, since we hadn't used NetZero as our ISP since 2003, and it was the free version of their service at that time. They apparently reactivated the account and tried to bill it in August of 2010, and when the credit card attached to the account was declined (7 years old, no shock), started adding up billing. No idea why they suddenly reactivated the old account, though I don't recall if we ever officially canceled it (it was a free account). After an hour-long argument with the billing...

NetZero - Oregon - Sent Acc't to Collections Even though Canceled in March 2010

Posted: 2011-01-22 by    J.L. Martin
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
On January 19th, 2011 I was sent a collection notice from United Online Collections Division, in regards to a past accouant I have had with NetZero that had been previously canceled back in March 2011.

The notice states that I owe NetZero, $29.90, for an account that was once again, canceled back in March 2011.

I did not have any acknowledgement or even aware of the fact that for some reason was still open. This collection notice has been the first notice from NetZero that I have ever received from them. They have never tried to get a hold of me to let me know that...

NetZero - Texas - NetZero bombards you with SPAM from 3rd parties!

Posted:    Receiver-of-NetZeroSpam
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
I arranged for my daughter to have NetZero so that she could have affordable internet access -- HUGE MISTAKE! They took my email address and provided it to 3rd parties, and now I am being BOMBARDED with spam! Everyday! I would NEVER have signed up with them if I knew they were going to cause this much spam! I know it was caused by them because no one else had the very unique email addressee name that comes with the spam! I am outraged that they would do this! Never, EVER sign up with them because you will pay for it in spam!...

NetZero - They have charged my phone bill and my checking account for 17.45 from 4/2/06 thru 9/3/08 and refuse to refund my money

Posted:    Ribleman
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I talked to them and they would not give me the name of anyone. They have charged my phone bill and my checking account for 17.45 from 4/2/06 thru 9/3/08 and refuse to refund my money. I did not authorize them to open two accounts for me. I authorized to charge my checking account one time and they opened another account and charged my phone bill too. I want them to refund my duplicate charges and they have refused to do so. I got them to agree to give some of my money back and they never did. I taled to them on September and nothing has been done. Then they trashed my computer so I couldnt email...

NetZero - Incredibly irresponsible company

Posted:    Handehoe
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
On Feb 27, 2006 I signed my mom up with this service using my credit card. Around Feb 2007, knowing that the service was coming to an end (I only paid for 1 year), I signed up with a different internet provider because netzero was constantly disconnecting and my mom was getting really frustrated with it. So we switched to USFAmily.net and have not had one problem with it. Anyway, I was on the netzero website May 2nd, 2007 and noticed that they had put my account as suspended. I was under the impression that if you dont sign up for another year, you dont get billed. Not the case. Now they are showing...

NetZero - I was on hold for about an hour

Posted:    Darius235
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I called to cancel my subscription on April 4th. I was on hold for about an hour because everytime they answered, they would ask me email id, last four digits of my credit card and phone number and then they would transfer me to the cancellation department which never answered until I got disconnected and nobody would pick up and tell me that I would be assisted soon. I repeatedly called and requested to cancel my membership, but they would do the same and whatever I would say they would repeat the same phrase like if it was a recording that they would transfer me to the cancellation department...

NetZero - New York, Nassau - Netzero scammed me

Posted:    amymaeneumann
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
I just found out today that I was scammed by Netzero. I was looking at my bank statement on-line and I saw a charge from Netzero. At first I was like are you kidding me? I would never get Netzero when I have Road Runner and it is with a package deal which is very expensive as you all know that have Road Runner, phone, and cable. If I have Road Runner and it is the fastest you can get and I am paying a ton for it, why would I order Netzero? So, I called the number to Netzero that was provided on my bank statement. I was on hold for a total of 20 minutes before I even really got anywhere and still...

NetZero - California, Los Angeles - Charged for a 30 day free test.

Posted:    George Spears
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Signed up for a 30 day test with their product on December 25, 2009. Tried to connect to the internet on a phone line and could not stay connected. I called and cancelled their service over the phone after 6 days. They told me they cancelled the service. I received a credit card bill for $4.95 on March 24, 2010 for their service to February 25, 2010. In calling them bAck to cancel again they informed me the charge was for Norton software they were providing me. I never received any software from them. I acceped this charge by going to them in the first place. They tell me I am cancelled now!!...

NetZero - billing

Posted:    ethansmama08
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
i got netzero for free for 30 days and they didnt tell me i needed a landline til i called them after i got the cd. so i got that and said i had a local access number so i wouldnt be charged long distance and then i got my bill and it was $400 some so i called and canceled and they offered another month free and i said its not free if i have to pay for long distance. so they looked again and there wasnt a local nnumber now but i got it canceled and then my other bill came from my phone company and it was $300 some so i my phone company said to report them to the BBB and im going to do that now....

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