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Kay Jewelers Complaints & Reviews

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Kay Jewelers - Terrible service and repairs

Posted: 2015-09-20 by    cougarxena
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I am very dissatisfied with kay jewelers period! I have my rings inspected every 6 months. I have a ring that was bought in 2006 and since the time it was bought it has to have diamonds replaced EVERY time I go in for inspection. It is a four tier ring with a diamond on each tier..It was the first ring my fiancée bought for me..First they told me not to wear it but that is why he bought it. for me to wear.He did not buy the insurance because like I said first ring and he didn't think about it. Needless to say..this ring has become quite expensive.But it is beautiful and my favorite ring. Which...

Kay Jewelers - Engagement Ring

Posted: 2014-08-18 by    Amanda Henderson
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We bought a $3000 white gold engagement ring from Kay's. We bought the lifetime warranty also. Only after the 90 day return mark was up did I notice the white gold fading significantly. I didn't have the ring for a few weeks of this 90 period as it was out being sized (and to my unaware also being dipped). I have only had the ring since Nov.2013...this is August 2014. I had been led to believe that I might have to have it dipped once or twice in my life. I have already had to have it sent off 3 (if not 4, I've lost count but I know at least 3) times to be re-dipped. And I'm being...

Kay Jewelers - Ring

Posted: 2014-08-08 by    HannahN
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My boyfriend purchased me an open heart ring, half regular diamonds and half blue stones in October of 2013 at the Kay's in the Mall of NH. I brought it back later that month to be sized to a size 6. This took them about three weeks, I got a call that it was ready, went back and picked it up. I wore it on my ring finger all day every day, through normal wear and tare that it should be able to take. Within 3 weeks the back of the ring where it had been sized broke. I returned to Kay's they apologized left and right and said I would have the ring back in another 3 weeks. Again, they called...

Kay Jewelers - Customer service / rewards program

Posted: 2014-04-21 by    Upset Diamond Buyer
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My husband and I have both been long time customers of Kay Jewelers. Recently the level of customer service we have experienced has drastically decreased. Two years ago, I purchased a beautiful 1ct anniversary band. Over the course of two years, I have lost multiple stones out of this band. I do not wear this to shower, put lotion on, wash my hands, work in the yard, etc. So there is truly no excuse for this poor level of craftsmanship. Thank goodness for the warranty I guess. Even that is a pain because it takes a month to have the repairs completed.
Less than a month ago, I decided to...

Kay Jewelers - Poor quality and service

Posted: 2014-04-14 by    snurfle
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I bought my girlfriend an engagement ring in December 2013. We've had it for about a week.

It is now April, 2014, and it looks like we may not have the engagement ring before the wedding.

The ring was about a half size too large, so we took it back to the store to have them resize it.

We went to pick it up on the date they said it would be ready, and were told, "Oh, we're sorry. We tried to call and tell you, but nobody answered. It came back with a small visible line where they resized it, so we sent it back to have them get rid of...

Kay Jewelers - Horrible customer service and rings

Posted: 2013-11-07 by    Sunny90
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I purchased my wedding band July 29. I was told that it was going to be ordered (taking a month), then sent back out to resize (expected to be back October 8th). At about the 45 day mark, I feel odd about this company. Their contact states there is no returns after 30 days, and only exchanges before 90 days. It's after the 30 days and I have not even seen my ring yet... this does not seem right to me. I go in for a refund, they cannot do anything (this all took an hour and a half to find out!). I wait it out, and go back in when my ring arrives only to find a visible to the naked eye blemish...

Kay Jewelers - Michigan - Discussing my account with other people

Posted: 2013-03-30 by    Pammy34
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Kay jewelers called my home about my late payment and I was ours of town. My Kay charge card is on my name alone. They called to find out when I was going to make my payment and gave my husband all of my info as far as my late payment amount when it was due and the balance I owe on my charge card. My husband is not part of this line of credit and should have not been given any info. Kay jewelers just called and I discussed this issue with Jennifer 1-800-394-4196 she said she would remove him from their notes and will not discuss my account with him again but wanted to know if I could go to the local...

Kay Jewelers - Ohio, Columbus - Poor Customer Service

Posted: 2013-02-26 by    Coach Karl
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Worse Customer service ever
15 years ago I purchased a 5ct tennis bracelet for my wife at the Dayton Mall J.B. Robinson. During the same time we purchased a 4 diamond 2 ct ring for me. We purchased the extended service plan for both with the promise “lifetime protection”
We have taken our jewelry for the scheduled inspection every 6 months as instructed per the agreement. My wife’s bracelet has been in for service 12 times, 4 times in the last 12 months. My wife has come very close to loosing her bracelet several times, once at a restaurant where we got home and noticed...

Kay Jewelers - Pennsylvania, Hanover - harassment of employee by manager

Posted: 2012-11-30 by    Alexis Ray
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
My best friend has worked at this store for nearly 3 years now...her manager Jenny has been threatening to fire her, cut hours, complaining about sales numbers you name it - no documenting, but just threatening my friend. This is something that my friend actually put up with, she did not call her HR Dept, which I suggested, she felt nothing would happen, her boss makes too much in sales, she felt that they would not do a thing, . and it would just make matters worse for her. She gets the worst shift hours for one thing, but what I am complaining about his the recent things she is having to tolerate....

Kay Jewelers - Pennsylvania, Hanover - company policy

Posted: 2012-11-30 by    Alexis Ray
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Be glad that none of you work there...I have a friend who has worked there for almost 3 yrs now...The manager (Jenny), older woman with glasses, has been tormenting her for over a year now, with threats of cutting her to part time, or firing her... but never writing her up - I told my friend to contact her HR Dept, she won;t she's afraid they will fire her. She says all the time, that she feels her boss doesn't mean it, but it doesn't stop. She told her work she was pregnant back in May 2012, and her boss immediately told her that she would be gone by August. Then when a new computer...

Kay Jewelers - Kansas, Overland Park - Bogus Manager and Company

Posted: 2012-07-22 by    JohnDoe369
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I recently went to the Kay Jewelers store at Oak Park Mall to purchase a ring. I spoke with a person who stated she was the manager, Leslie Linn. I don't know how someone with a limited skill set such as this person displayed could possibly be the manager of a kool aid stand. She had no people skills and did nothing but make excuses for the ring that was advertised but they did not have. She tried to push off a cheap, overpriced ring that looked like it was produced in a third world country. Ms. Linn, due to your incompetence and lack of integrity, I will never shop at a Kays store again. I...

Kay Jewelers - Pennsylvania - low quality jewelery

Posted: 2012-05-17 by    mollyandmiddy
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
I went into Kay Jewelers and had picked out a while gold band. The sales woman then told me I need to get the Rhodium plating contract for when I had to have it re-plated. I told her I was fine with the Rhodium wearing away as it was supposed to be white underneath, like all my other jewelery. She then told me there was no such thing as white gold. ALL gold was yellow (yes, when it comes out of the ground it is. But they add different alloys such as palladium and nickel to achieve the white color). She argued and argued with me that NO gold ever is white is color. I had my mother-in-laws jewelery...

Kay Jewelers - Almost being ripoff!

Posted: 2011-11-26 by    Aprilmarie
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
My step-son recently wanted to buy an Open Heart necklace for his girlfriend for her birthday but didn't have the money at the time. So his Dad and me said ok put it on our charge card and he will pay us back. He picked out the Open heart angel with the diamond wings necklace which retail at $160.00. The salesman(519219) wanted to charge us $249.00!!! I know it cost $160.00 because I have the same exact one. He did then charge us $170.00 because he said it was in last months flier that was on sale. So it was just $10.00 extra. I just felt sorta hosed. I been a customer there for 20 yrs!!! But...

Kay Jewelers - Unsatisfied Customer

Posted: 2011-11-07 by    Tiffany9582
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
My fiancé and I went to Kay Jewelers in Auburn Hills, Michigan January 5, 2010 to purchase my engagement ring. We decided to take a diamond out of another set that they had there because it was beautiful! We looked at it through the loop with the sales person and also made sure we couldn’t see any marks with the “naked eye”.

We came back on March 26, 2011 to purchase a wedding band. We couldn’t find one that we liked so we purchased a new set. We asked that the diamond and its prong be put on the new ring. We received it back 2 weeks later and the ring...

Kay Jewelers - Un-Kept promises

Posted: 2011-11-02 by    sompusti38
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I am very disappointed in this company and they way they do business. They promise things with their warranty that, when faced with, they cannot or do not back up. I purchased my engagement ring and two wedding bands from them. I had purchased the ESP for all three. The way the ring was set up the head of the ring sat on top of the bands. On day I came home after grocery shopping and realized the top of the ring ( the center stone and surrounding diamonds) was gone. I immediately pulled out my warranty and headed to the nearest Kays store. I was told "aw that sucks, I don't think they will...

Kay Jewelers - Extrimely Upset

Posted: 2011-10-20 by    stellagk
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I had a ring sent out to be repaired I had to replace two (2) craked stones (real Saphr.) requested that my orig. stones be returned to me. Three (3) months later the ring finally was repaired. The orig stones never returned. Per store mngr. She'll follow up re missing stones. The reply was the stones were damaged and are gone. No compansation. After aprx three(3) month I wore the ring and lost one of the stones that were replaced. brought the ring back to the store the mngr said that...

Kay Jewelers - Warranty Lies

Posted: 2011-10-18 by    joystick38
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I saw the perfect ring in Kay Jewelers in 2007. 2ctw 10yf fashion diamond ring. I purchased the ring and I also purchased the PPP (Payment Protection Plan) since I brought it with my Kay Jewelers card. Several years later, (2011) my ring was stolen. I contacted Kay Jewelers and in the beginning they were nice. They gave me a number to their insurance department. I contacted that department and was told everything I needed to send to them. (Police report, Kay statement etc.) I did this. The process only took about 6 weeks before my claim was approved.

I received the approval letter...

Kay Jewelers - Horrible service

Posted: 2011-10-05 by    Rukerdam
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I took a pair of brand new dangling, diamond and pearl, white gold earrings to Kay Jeweler to be set on simple wires so that they would hang a little lower. I purchased them specially for my wedding. I was pleased that the price to change the post to a wire was quite reasonable.

I was told that it would be about ten days and that I would receive a telephone call when they came back to the store from the jeweler. Several days passed, and I heard nothing so I decided to call them to find the status. They said the earrings had come back. The next day, I stopped into the store to pick...

Kay Jewelers - Ohio, Cincinnati - Took Payment and Never Credited Account

Posted: 2011-09-16 by    KRC79
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I sent Kay a money order for $35; they never credited my account, and a year later they refuse to discuss this matter. I paid my bill on time and in full and now I have a negative rating on my credit report that stops me from getting other loans. I bought thousands of dollars worth of jewelery and now I'm dealing with this ridiculous problem....

Kay Jewelers - Won't honor there warranty

Posted: 2011-09-13 by    ridiculous
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Did not honor my warranty of a ring that was a gift from my son. I was willing to pay the $25 to put in the new stone but the jeweler said it wouldn't stay in for long. Then proceeded to tell me that the ring wasn't very expensive and they would give me the $ towards something else . What incredible NERVE! I told them to fix it under the warranty they Sold me ON THE "CHEAP " ring and they refused. Obviously they do not understand the sentimental aspects of jewelry. I well make sure to tell as MANY people as possible never shop at a KAY jewelers ! I am really damn mad that they sold us...

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