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JTV - Tennessee, Knoxville / chrome diopside

JTV on Aug 18, 2015
jtv, and those corrupt hosts been peddling chrome diopside, making the costumer believe with lying and swindling, the costumer ran in to a gold mine, never telling the costumer the truth about this green stone, bur ripping the costumer of, that stone is mined in siberia, where it is sooo cold and the can only mine 3 month out of 12, and people should buy this stone right now before it is gone, the only can get a few pieces, , , lies and more swindling by jtv, and those corrupt hosts, their names are known nation wide to swindle lie, , mislead, misrepresent, scam, and rip the costumer of, ...

JTV - Iowa, knoxville / stolen money

JTV on Jul 14, 2015
jtv on the 8=18=2014 and 8=19= 2014 emptied my whole wells fargo checking account out $ 689.47 all in 2 days time at different times of the day . and different amounts .. i dident knew about it . till i got a letter fom my bank well fargo about an overdraft. .. an overdraft ?> i went to the bank . and found out .. that jtv stole all my money out of my visa debit card . and more . wells fargo bank paid the overdraft. i at once told the bank that money was stolen.. wells fargo wanted to file a claim against jtv . at once i got in contact with jtv . and told them to immidietly return my stolen...

JTV / BAIT & Switch

Frances Arnold on Sep 28, 2014
After placing an order for a beautiful Morganite ring and several other Moissanite items was surprised to find all items in individual small plastic zip lock bags in one small box. There were no individual boxed items. The order total was $1, 500.00, and packaged like dollar store merchandise. The Morganite ring was not what was demonstrated on the TV. It was returned the following day with the shipping label and comments section filled out completed as directions dictate. Included in the return envelope was a handwritten note with my account number, name, item number, order number and...

JTV / damaged merchadise

Cynthia Watson on Aug 31, 2014
I recently purchased a diamond ring from JTV, the ring's diamond are all cracked, broken, split and just horrible diamond. Basically the throwaway diamonds, the ones that are not approved for jewellery. I also bought a diamond tester which is broken and does not work. I contacted the company and they told me because I did not purchase the protection plan that it would cost me to send it back and also for them to try to fix it, if they could fix it they would, if not they would just send it back to me broken and I would just have to keep it that way!! I do not care if it was 10 days or...

JTV / bogus shipping on auction

Stan A. Williams on Feb 3, 2014
Three auction items combined into one envelope for shipping, but three shipping charges charged totaling over twenty dollars shipping on a $21.00 purchase, total ripoff. Called customer service (and I use the term lightly) and they simply don't care. I've ordered over 160 orders and spent over $6000.00 with this company, but not one penny more ever again. FOOLS !

JTV / Return Damaged Item and to Credit My JTV Credit Card.

Contagious on Mar 13, 2012
Be aware of JTV my mother was shopping for a diamond ring for my sister's graduation and decided to apply for JTV credit card. Although, when the ring arrived a couple days later there was a diamond missing. So my mother called, JTV and explain to the Customer Service Representative that she wanted to return it and have her JTV account credited. JTV Customer Service told her no problem that, as soon as, the item arrived they would process the item and it would take up to two weeks. Also, if the item did not get to them on time my mom would still have to make a payment on her JTV credit card...

JTV - Virginia, Richmond / Jewelry Rings

Patty123z on Mar 2, 2012
I ordered a ring on Feb 3 2012, it was a ring kit with free setting, Padparadscha sapphire, I knew the stone was lab created, but I was excited about this ring, at that same time I ordered 3 other items, i of which I was notified that I would not be receiving. Well on 2/15 /12 I order a free setting Ametrine ring, I receiced this ring, with the Padparadscha invoice on the following Fri. I figured it was a miss pick, so I waited over the weekend when, Monday came it was Presidents Day nota mail delivery day, so Tues. after the mail, I called Jtv, told them what happened, was told by customer...

JTV - New York / Items not received

jojo1806 on Jul 28, 2011
placed 2 orders with JTV within the last month totalling over $300 dollars. The first order arrived and I was pleased (order of $60). I was able to track the order and its whereabouts and got it in less than 2 weeks. However, the 2nd order (over $200) had no tracking info available to me..every time I clicked on the USPS website ..it said invalid tracking numbers. Needless to say 3 weeks go by and i received nothing. Called several times to get help from customer service and the only thing they kept telling me was that I had to wait 21 days to file a claim on it. 21 days to file a claim and...

JTV / scam!!! beware.

irritated buyer on Jul 28, 2011
I ordered a loose stone "in stock" and over 2 weeks later it hasnt even shipped out, i kept trying to ask whats going on they just would say it never shipped but they didnt know why and theyd 'look into it' but they never contacted me back. I dont even think i will get my money back. beware of this company.

JTV / Inept customer service and poor item tracking

Rogelia Simon on Jun 25, 2011
For months I had seen items displayed on the JTV channel, amazed at the sheer number and quality of the items on display and the low prices they asked for such pieces. Recently I decided to try my luck purchasing a Garnet Cross Pendant from JTV, and was happy with the fact that I've obtained this piece at a reasonable price and that it would soon be on it's way. However it was not meant to be, as after having the confirmation of the transaction sent to me along with it's tracking number, I find out that the USPS tracking code supplied to me was either invalid or the item simply...

JTV / substandard merchandise

rosey.posey on Feb 22, 2011
I am into jewlery and designing. I have been purchasing with JTV for 2-3 years. My last four purchases have been substandard merchandise. My advise ... don't buy any rings or other jewlery that have small stones around a larger one as they seem to fall out easily. Not only have I paid for the merchandise, but I have also paid for the repairs. Don't purchase settings due to the fact that the millimeter size of stones do not match up to setting sizes? And... most of all don't ever think you can set stones in settings purchased from JTV. The prongs are usually defective, light...

JTV - Maine / QC and Cust Service are HORRIBLE

I have bought a lot of jewelry from JTV, but now have officially ended my relationship forever and for good with this company. They have lost me as a customer. Here's why. Since the end of August, I have received five broken/damaged/defective items in the mail. Used their Smart Labels to return the items, and sent letters along with them explaining the defect (for example, a crack running through the entire stone, etc.). Each time, I was charged for the Smart Label ($6.99). I called and fought with the customer service reps. In one instance, they said they had credited back my Visa, but...


JTV In One Word Is Simply Pitiful...After SEEing How they are & Reviewing Numerous Complaints in reference to the quality of merchandise, lawsuits, unauthorized charges etc., I would conclude that they are Inferior. As This Site is for the People, the People Need & Deserve to be accurately informed. In addition to the revelations of the People, the Hosts on their Broadcasts Are Horrible...their lack of professionalism is apalling - there Obssesive Inferences in reference to God Knows What Is Astounding - If your Job is to sell Jewelery, sell Jewelery - the token Black female is a Joke - Was her...


After making a purchase some months ago, I noticed that my financial (credit card) information was automatically saved in my online account. I immediately called customer service and was told to wait and call back after the order was shipped. After receiving the items, I called back and was told by several customer service reps that my account was deactivated and credit card information erased. I logged in with the same login information to discover that not only was the account still active, but my credit card information was still visible under the section "Default Payment Method". I...

JTV / I think that your quality is going downhill

I have become very disappointed in the prices and quality of your merchandise. Too many of the rings that I have purchased have not been accurately sized, and by the time it gets to me the other sizes are sold out. I appreciate the jewelry protection plan, but am hesitant to wear the jewelry I bought prior to this because of lost or damaged stones. Overall, I think that your quality is going downhill.

JTV - Arizona, Phoenix / Bait and switch on Gemstone

Watching the JTV gemstone show, I saw a beautiful RED mexican fire opal. The price was right. I decided to buy it based on the carat weight and the amazing color. When I received it, it was pale yellow. Nothing like the stone being shown under the item number. I returned the fire opal, and wrote a letter to their customer "care" department telling them they should be ashamed of the "bait and switch"! Never heard a word.

JTV - Alabama, West Blocton / Stone fell out of ring and I'm stuck with it

I purchase a white & blue irradiated diamond band from JTV in this year in late spring. Ordered a size 6.5 and within the 30 day grace period a stone fell out on the lower edge of the band. I returned the ring for a refund and was stocked when the ring was returned to me with a note that the ring had been resized to a 5.5 and because the repair out been done by a vendor other than JTV they wouldn't refund the amount. 1) I never sized the ring 2) I was within the 30 day grace period 3) now I'm stuck with a ring that can't be worn. I contacted customer service every week for three...

JTV - Texas, Paradsise / Pave set diamond rings

I have bought four 10K gold rings with pave set diamonds within a short period of time from JTV. On eacj roing, the diamonds keep falling out. The ring I paid $400.00 for is now sitting in my jewelry box with a missing diamond again. I have already replaced stones in this ring 3 times. The other 3 are are also missing diamonds. I have given up on these rings. JTV, of course, won't do anything about the lost diamonds...it is my problem. Also, I went to have 2 of them appraised and the jeweler said that they were not 10K gold...probably only 9k because they failed the 10k gold scratch...

JTV - Florida / They cancelled the auction item I won

I've been buying items from JTV for many years; lately I discovered their Auction section and I started bidding. I won a bid on a diamond ring last week, the exact same ring was selling for $199 on their web site. My winning bid was $110. I was so happy that I won, but then they canceled my order! The explanation they gave me was "inventory discrepancies". I just checked their web site, the exact same ring was available in stock. I guess they just didn't want to sell me the ring for $110, but then why they put it out for auction? Bad business practice!!!
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