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Jiffy Lube Complaints & Reviews

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Jiffy Lube - Failure to respond to complaint

Posted: 2015-05-02 by    Pam Surface
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On April 12 I sent in a complaint and have not heard a word from the company, requested fax number to have documents sent to them and also took copy of documents to the Store 577 where negligence happened. The complaint was the oil filter was installed incorrectly on March 22 and on April 6th had t have the car towed as oil was sprayed all over the engine, hood, undercarriage and back gate due to the filter being install. This was negligence in the part of Jiffy Lube. We are requesting the reimbursement of the original oil change, $33.38 the correction to the issue $ $43.15 and the detailing needed...

Jiffy Lube - Over charged

Posted: 2014-04-07 by    V. Downing
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Went to get a oil change...had a special for $29.99. They told me if I upgrade $10 more I would get a full van check, tires, vacuum and washed window. Well I said yes...but got the run around because I am a woman. They talked to fast and I was in a hurry. Ended up paying around $70. They were short handed that day and very busy. I left with no van check, tires, vacuum and washed window. I was heading out of town and did not have time to go back and make a complaint. I have learned my lesson...take a man with me next time. I will not be returning to a Jiffy Lube anytime soon. It can be very expensive....

Jiffy Lube - Maryland, Salisbury - radiator flush

Posted: 2013-07-23 by    SalisburyMD
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My daughter went in for an oil change and they told her she needed a radiator flush (second one this year$$$$). She had them both done and drove approximately 25 miles and the car ran hot and the head gasket was blown and the motor ruined. We had it towed to a garage and they said there was NOTHING in the radiator. It was dry. It is going to cost us between $4000 and $5000 to get the engine and radiator replaced. Obviously they did not know what they were doing. The manager is not in (naturally) so there is no one to talk to. She should at the very least get her money back from the flush. We will...

Jiffy Lube - Tennessee, Memphis - Stripped my Ignition

Posted: 2013-05-09 by    sistahjayne
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On Saturday, May 4th I was in Memphis TN to attend the Beale Street Music Festival. I pulled into a Jiffy Lube because my oil light had flashed on the previous night when I arrived into town and I was about due for a change. Other than that my car was good working order and although it is a 2002 it has less than 75, 000 miles on it. I drive a VW Golf. A 5 speed. Yes, you have to press the clutch in to start the engine.

Less than 15 minutes after the young service tech asked me to park the car for their maintenance tech to pull it into the bay they came to get me in the waiting room....

Jiffy Lube - Virginia - Negligence

Posted: 2013-02-10 by    Ljk12345
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I purchased a used car. Before buying it I had a pre-purchase inspection done and no engine issues were found. The next morning I took to Jiffy Lube for an oil change.

The technician forgot to replace the oil cap after completing the oil change. I drove about 30 miles on the highway when my car died.

I towed the car to a mechanic who said the engine had failed because the oil had splattered all over the engine because the oil cap was missing. I towed the car to the seller's location and filed a claim with Jiffy Lube.

I was assured that it would...

Jiffy Lube - Arizona, Casa Grande - Oil Change

Posted: 2012-11-18 by    FemaleMechanic
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 2 votes
Took my older Dodge truck in to have an oil change, told them that is all I wanted and needed. After waiting an hour for them to have my truck serviced they called me in and informed me that I needed a new belt, (I had just changed it the weekend before) then they told me I needed new spark plugs (Again just replaced those and the wires the weekend prior) . When I was called out next it was because my truck didn't want to start, I had to take a screw driver and set my idle so it would start, then I had to fiddle with it just so it would stay running.
I believe these 'experts'...

Jiffy Lube - South Carolina, Murrells Inlet - Extreme Labor Charges

Posted: 2012-10-31 by    opn4bzns
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Went in for an oil change...a tad high at $45.00, but okay with me. They found a serpentine belt in the engine that had wear cracks. I agreed it needed replaced. Took about eight minutes to change...bill for changing the belt...$119.00. Came home and checked price of belt online and most go for around $40.00...so I was charged around $80.00 labor for an eight minute job. Not Good. Recommendation: Stay away from Jiffy Lube...should have taken the time and went to Walmarts....

Jiffy Lube - Maryland, Oxon Hill - Disrespectful Employee

Posted: 2012-04-23 by    Confused and Scared
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I came in at 6:50pm on Friday, April 20, 2012 to get an oil change. The first employee that greeted me was very nice and friendly. My car was pulled in the bay area. My car sat until 7:00pm (which was also closing time). The manager ask some one to service my vehicle. Another employee by the name of William came into the waiting area were I was sitting and starting cursing and throwing things around in the lobby area. He slammed the restrooms door and was looking at me with a very disturbing look. I am very displeased with the behavior of this individual that is suppose to be providing customer...

Jiffy Lube - New Mexico, Santa Fe - Poor Service

Posted: 2012-04-05 by    SamHen
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Jiffy Lube at Osage in Santa Fe - Avoid - Terrible service!@!

I checked the oil when I got home and it did not even register on the dip stick. I had to add two quarts myself. They also just unscrewed the oil filter and let the oil drain out on to the skid plate of my vehicle. It ended up on my driveway. What a mess.

They also did not top off any fluids, and did not vacum out the vehicle as they said they would. $58 dollar mess.

I don't know about other Jiffy Lubes, but this one is to be avoided at all costs.

Next time I will take...

Jiffy Lube - California, Burbank - engine broken

Posted: 2012-03-14 by    gioconda gutierrez
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
My Name is Gioconda Gutierrez on March 10 went to jiffy lube Burbank to the company to change the oil in my truck suv toyota rav4 2002, and after 3 days on my way to my work on the 13th of March, the truck was damaged in the five southern freway pulling the oil below, as the car mechanic jiffy lube, they did not filter well.

therefore the machine was broke and total loss

on March 10 went to jiffy lube to the company to change the oil in my truck suv toyota rav4 2002, and after 3 days on my way to my work on the 13th of March, the truck was damaged in the five southern...

Jiffy Lube - Maryland, Arnold - Cost

Posted: 2012-01-08 by    tiffo
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
My father brought his car to Jiffy Lube in Arnold, Maryland for an oil change that would normally cost $40, but ended up paying $132.80 instead. He has been going to the Jiffy Lube in other locations (Baltimore & Glen Burnie) and had no problems with getting his oil changes.
During his first visit at this Arnold location, he went with his granddaughter to translate for him since he speaks very limited English. The technician told his granddaughter that if he did not get the Engine Flush and Engine Treatment, the car will break down. My father told the technician twice that he wanted “engine...

Jiffy Lube - Arizona, Casa Grande - Won't reinburse for damages

Posted: 2011-11-05 by    mike ide
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7/15/11 in for oil change $32.90 put friday noon. Took car home approx. 1/2 mile. sat am left for Maricopa az approx. 12 miles later car stalled out while driving. Failed to restart. Had car towed home, as it was sat. am, had to wait for Monday, to seek repairs. Had car towed to repair facility monday am, $80.00 later discovered air filter snorkel tube was disconnected causing incorrect readings to mass air flow sensor and throttle position sensor. reset for code / sensors, cleared all codes. tuesday whent to jiffy lube, talked to the manager Ed, and district manager Frank on numerous occasions...

Jiffy Lube - Service Quality

Posted: 2011-08-31 by    Melvin S.
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
There is nothing jiffy about Jiffy Lube. I took a car in to be serviced, walked across the street to have lunch, and went back to find that my car had not been serviced. In fact, a car had been moved in front of mine in the queue. In the past, I've had minor problems, such as some kind of connector being left off and full services not being performed, but this is really the last straw....

Jiffy Lube - Not so satisfied

Posted: 2011-08-28 by    kewolff
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Well, I finally decided to let someone else do my oil changes after doing them myself for DECADES, and wouldn't you know it, I'm not pleased. Last Sunday, they changed my oil and before I could get one mile away, all the oil was lost from my engine. Wrong filter was installed. Do you think they would even offer me a free oil change? No, it was 'sorry' and they changed the filter and replaced the oil. Yeah, 'sorry' about says it....

Jiffy Lube - Georgia, Augusta - Racism

Posted: 2011-08-24 by    Dr Frank Vic Beckles
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on 8/20/11 Manager- Josh at the Jiffy Lube Wrightsboro Rd, Augusta, GA used racial slurs and refused repair service that he promised. Other employees stated that he was way out of line, and that I was a valued customer, he stated that he didn't want busniess from **ggers, and that I should go somewhere else to get car oil changed... This i only one of many complaints and bad business practices ffrom this crappy company, they have been actively mistreating valued customers for years. I would not recommend any customers to them ever again... Here's another complaint: A Cook County man is...

Jiffy Lube - jiffy lubes are a joke

Posted: 2011-08-18 by    dreamstar
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Jiffy lube is a joke !! I would not recommend jiffy lube to no one .. I have been taking my cars to jiffy lube for a long time .. and the last time I took my car there was bad and its happen once before but I just blow it off hoping they would change but I guess I was wrong .. now I know the truth . I might be a female but I am not stupid when it comes to my car . Jiffy lube are nothing but liers jiffy lube should do what jiffy lube say on the paperwork instead of lieing and not doing the stuff but said yall did cause I am paying for that . Also when I called jiffy lube they said they would fix...

Jiffy Lube - Destroyed a $3000 Transmission

Posted: 2011-08-18 by    JustB
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
This company Jiffy Lube is nothing but a bunch of criminals. I took my car in for a transmission flush and am now replacing my transmission for a cost of $3000. They have taken no responsibility for destroying my car, which ran like a dream before I went in for ROUTINE maintenance with them. After reading all of the consumer complaints and problems online about Jiffy Lube I wonder why and how they are still in business after all these years? Isn’t there a lawyer out there that would take on the many cases of fraud that this company continues to commit against consumers?...

Jiffy Lube - Texts Spam on my Phone

Posted: 2011-08-17 by    rezist
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Today is April 21st, 2011. I live in Burien, WA. I got texted SPAM from Jiffy Lube. I mean, real, honest to God spam. “One time special offer…” Had to text STOP to their robot phone number. The thing I thought was REALLY the kicker was ”standard text rates may apply.” NO KIDDING! I don’t know how this can be legal. I don’t know if there’s earlier precedent for this, but this is the first time it’s happened to me, and I WON’T HAVE IT. I complained to them THOROUGHLY, and told them I will not give them any more of my business until I believe...

Jiffy Lube - Scam

Posted: 2011-08-09 by    laurenw85
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Normally Jiffy lube is easy and fine. I recently went to the Commack, NY location. I have never bein to a place that treated there customers so poorly. Starting the oil change they screwed up my tire. They told me it will be ready in an hour. After waiting and hour past the time i was told. They then told me i should have let them know my tire was strange. WHAT? i have a 300c that has never stock rims. They then kept giving me an attitude the longer it took. i guess in a dumb macanics mind they are so smart that they can not do anything wrong. JIFFYLUBE is a joke, there staff are jokes, there "work"...

Jiffy Lube - Oil change went wrong

Posted: 2011-07-26 by    snow1973
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
3000 mile oil change went horrible wrong.
They of course take out the air filters. Engine and the cabin filter. To see if they need to be replace which I guess is protocol. In any case I had to go back the same day cause when I turned on the air con it was making a loud humming sound which it never made before till that day. Went back ASAP. The cabin filter was put in backwards. A couple of days later engine started vibrating and stalling and it broke down. Had to get it towed. Took it to a mechanic which we have been using for years. He asked who change the oil last? He said they failed...

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