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iOffer.com - Never received item ordered

Posted: 2015-08-29 by    Justkela34
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I ordered a LV iPad cover. It was my first tIme ordering on line. I didn't know you had to be specific. The order was placed on June 6, 2015. I received the item on July 8, 2015 but it was the wrong color( again didn't know had to be specific) after sending email to the buyer I was advise to return the item to the factory to get the corrected item. I returned the item and needless to say it's August and I've never received the item! I sent several emails and all I got was he was going to check with factory to re ship and again I never received the item...

iOffer.com - Florida, DELTONA - Unfair Ratings from Buyers & no support from the staff to investigate & correct them

Posted: 2015-08-14 by    Reviewer68721
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I am a Disabled Vietnam war Veteran who depends on the income gleaned from my store on IOffer...
I work very Hard to provide the best level of customer & to offer quality items...As we all know perfect rating are the backbone to ongoing flow of business...One less than perfect rating can & will place you in jeopardy...
I'm sick & tired of being raped by unscrupulous buyers, who misuse the rating to manipulate the seller out of the item & force a refund...
The staff offer mostly Copy-N-Paste responses which are usually irrelevant to requests for help & have a threatening...

iOffer.com - non-delivery and no follow up of complaint

Posted: 2013-12-02 by    Lex Plus Ultra
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
The following three supplyers of goods ordered and paid through iOffer.com didnt deliver the goods and were postponing complaints by saying they will arrive untill PayPal deadline to file a complaint passed. I filed complaint with iOffer, but nothing happens. One of them said lately that he will checkt with Post office and dont reply since. Both others pretend that goods arrived but that I failed to collect them, which is a lie. I asked to submit me evidence of that but they dont reply since. These suppliers have many similar negative feedback (non-delivery, no answer) but are still having high...

iOffer.com - SENT ME USED PRODUCT?!?!

Posted: 2013-12-01 by    noybbm
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
SELLER NAME: ruhuozhibao58
sold - chanel white and black clutch
Item showed up 3 weeks later then I was told it would. The tracking number was invalid. When seller was contacted, over 6 different times, over the span of 2 weeks, no response. The item finally showed up. It was not the item that was advertised. It was smaller then advertised, it was dirty and looked used, the snap on the purse was even broken! I took 4 Clorox wipes to this small clutch and the cloths ended up filthy afterwards!! Disgusting really!! I should just throw it in the rubbish bin!!! But after all this time...

iOffer.com - scam seller fees

Posted: 2013-05-08 by    ioffer.scam.seller.fee
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
scam lots of seller fee and do not refund after 21-45 days. let buyers wrongly marked payment sent button and then do not refund those seller fees to sellers even none of the buyer actually paid.

do not sell on ioffer.com.

scam total usd 160 seller fees and refused to refund and ignored messages sent to them....

iOffer.com - Damaged item

Posted: 2013-04-05 by    Not shopping here again
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Retract complaint! Glassman10 of ioffer.com DID refund my purchase price for a damaged item. Thank you very much!...

iOffer.com - California, San Francisco - policy and actions

Posted: 2013-03-14 by    Joyfulalln
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
BBB has company listed as in Florida but it populates under search if you put in IOffer.com. This company has informed me that they will not step between the buyer and the seller after 7 days or return funds after 7 days. This doesn't even allow an item to be posted. I'd like that changed second. First, I'd like a refund from the buyer. The tracking said the item was returned and he has failed to return the funds after more than 45 days.

Here is tracking number: RR051149010TH
Here is the link to the purchase to get the tracking number: http://www.ioffer.com/messages/show/588539842?abcode=DjIjqMo6Gf&user_id=791inwtgi9...

iOffer.com - Florida - Rip-off

Posted: 2013-01-22 by    Eliza1985
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
Guys stay away from Ioffer.com they are scammers i order Gucci Belt from them and never recived anything.I guess the very low prices are just to attract people and rip them off! A friend of mine recommend me www.eurobrands.cc and i bought from them a Chanel Handbag and everyhting went well.I guess the Ioffer.com most people that i email them asking for guidance said that all the real sellers from China have left the Ioofer.com because 90% of the sellers are scammers! Bottom line find a website like I did and get your stuff people!!!
xoxox Eliza...

iOffer.com - Never ever buy from these scammers

Posted: 2013-01-21 by    Tamrole
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Never Ever Buy From These Scammers

To make a long story short and after 45 days...
I purchase a Lego Star Wars 76$, after 45 days i received an Envelope"20 gr." with a Plastic Ring " i think it costs 5 cent max.". I open a case with Paypal against the seller, hope i will get my money back.
The website does not protect you, not even care about you as a buyer.

People, Don’t buy any thing from them.
Look what they sent me instead of Lego Star Wars!!!...

iOffer.com - Not only won't the seller correct the obvious act of dishonesty, IOFFER itself doesn't care

Posted: 2012-12-25 by    Tibilare
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Ordered an item after receiving assurances from seller it would be the exact item in the ad. it wasn't. Not only won't the seller correct the obvious act of dishonesty, IOFFER itself doesn't care. Look at the website. You can't contact them by email, only by snailmail. IOFFER itself could care less if you get your item or if its the correct item....

iOffer.com - Unreliable Sellers

Posted: 2012-12-07 by    US Buyer
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I have used iOffer.com a number of times this year. Everything I did receive is fake, even when the Seller advertises it as original. Nothing ever gets delivered in under 40 days. About half of the items I ordered were received different than what I paid for. About 25% of the items will never show up and I am working on getting that money back with PayPal. My opinion is simple, use Amazon, OverStock.com or Ebay if you want to buy from a discount site on line. This iOffer site is full of fake Sellers and all the products are fake merchandise. There is zero Customer Service and unless you can reach...

iOffer.com - Stay away from this website

Posted: 2012-11-09 by    Johande
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I just want to let anyone who has been scammed recently that you CAN get your money back if you paid with paypal. Do not be foold by a sellers "no return" policy, or believe them when they say you must return an item in order to get your refund. You are protected by paypal for all your transactions. Just open a dispute and make sure to write that the seller sold you a replica bag on ioffer. Paypal usually bans ioffer replica sellers, thatis why they ask you not to mention the brand name of the replica or ioffer on the paypal comments page when paying. Once you open the dispute, most sellers will...

iOffer.com - fraudulant sales

Posted: 2012-09-18 by    austinthomas
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
on August 29 i made a purchase agreement of 24.00 when asked to have it shipped expedited the seller (topseller001) told me to send an additional 25.00 and i would get it with 7-10 business days. I emailed them the following week asking for a tracking number and was given fraudulant information. After speaking with them today they had the nerve to email me the same tracking number!! I have put in a claim to paypal as well as sent a complaint to ioffer. Paypal reassured me that they would get me a refund if the seller doesn't respond..the good thing is I only spent 49.00..and Im glad I went...

iOffer.com - California - New buyer ( a new victim ) of ioffer.com

Posted: 2012-09-13 by    lsattaker
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
I should've done my homework before I trusted this scam sites and thieves ( I have too much positive experiences with good online shopping site like amazon, zappos etc so i didnt realize this was a trap for consumers). now, i paid $232.6 for a fake, damaged bag with 6 long white leather scrapes on the side of the bags. I asked the seller start2011 at ioffer.com for a full refund. at first, he told me to keep it and he would give me $20 back. I said no, i want my money back because the white scrapes are too obvious in such a bright blue bag. guess what? i can't believe what the seller told...

iOffer.com - The biggest problem with iOffer is that it feels like there is no support team, no parents to this site

Posted: 2012-08-21 by    Gimzo
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I bought some stuff from this site (but only b/c didn't find them at any other site), some of the items were value for the money paid but some were bad quality. The biggest problem with iOffer is that it feels like there is no support team, no parents to this site. I tried contact them several times and never got response. Most of the sellers there (if not all) don't speak English and don't answer your questions. Also there is not enough details on every item and the whole procedure of buying is very clumsy. I try buying from there as less as possible....

iOffer.com - Be extra carefull if you decide to risk with them

Posted: 2012-08-20 by    Vlanden
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I was doing my homework before buying an item at ioffer and message several sellers asking recommended questions about the item as in: Is the item I will receive exactly the same as the pictured item?
I quickly learned all sellers were giving me incoherent answers and so I changed the way I asked the questions- Please answer me yes or no to the following question: Is the item on picture # 1 the exact same item I will receive if I buy it?
Some sellers would answer as requested some would still answer whatever they wanted to (example: "takes 3-4 weeks to get to you".
Once I had...

iOffer.com - The currency calculator/estimator on the site is wildly inaccurate

Posted: 2012-07-04 by    Ramuker
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
The currency calculator/estimator on the site is wildly inaccurate, I think it may be rigged to show a lower converted purchase price than you will actually pay, the difference between what their currency calculator shows in your countries currency and what you actually pay when converting your currency is in my case a difference of some £450 more expensive. Its OK for buyers in the US but any person from another country I advise STAY WELL CLEAR OF IOFFER!!...

iOffer.com - I was a buyer a.k.a victim of this website a few months ago

Posted: 2012-06-21 by    Tarfelio
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I was a buyer a.k.a victim of this website a few months ago. I was searching on Google and trying to find some online-shopping sites and then I reached iOffer. Well, after a tour around the website and i know that they sell fakes since most sellers are Chinese, have their addresses from China and everything is really cheap. However, most sellers have lots of positive feedbacks and they receive a lot of good comments from buyers.

Since I was looking for a Diesel hoodie, I looked up for a top recommended seller that sells this brand and finally found one. He received quite a lot of...

iOffer.com - FAKE

Posted: 2012-05-28 by    Nazrin
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I ordered online dress from alegendseller from ioffer.com website - email address - alegendseller@yahoo.com.cn for wedding party and paid 300 USD on 10th April and received 25 May totally different and low quality dress which i can never wear anywhere. i am so sorry for my money and time to spend on purchasing it
do not buy anything from alegendseller from ioffer.com...

iOffer.com - California, San Francisco - illegal DVD copy purchase

Posted: 2011-12-09 by    adrian3391
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Bought a set of DVD's, called "The Virginian". Disc's where obviously copied from TV, station logo's in bottom right corner. Picture drops in and out on 2 out of 7 disc's viewed, obviously during illegal recording. Items advertised as DVD quality, but very pixelated when watched on a larger TV....

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