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iOffer Complaints & Reviews

Ioffer.com / Bedding set 2 time

Dina Zavulunova on Oct 15, 2016
i, order in ioffer 6 of july bedding set the seller wrote me that they just exept westion union i trast him the name his is happennes he said me to send, to chaina i send 6 of july to chaina he gave me tracing number in 1 mounth the item came i call almost2-3 day to know the post ofice...

iOffer / Being ripped off by seller

Lisa Snyder-Phillips on Oct 11, 2016
I bought a pair of sunglasses from seller me95588 and when they arrived in a flimsy envelope they were totally destroyed. Contacted the seller and after ignoring me, he finally asked for pictures. I sent them. Few days later he asked for order number. I sent it. And I haven't heard...

Ioffer.com / 2 items from China

Dina Zavulunova on Aug 22, 2016
i order 2 items in ioffer they order from chaina it was set bed i pay 43 dollar the name is versace and bag moscino i paid 20 dolar i month ago carer emailed me that items is coming its gone delivery tomorow after she emailed me that items is update castom cleaners untill 10 august after...

iOffer - California, San Francisco / Poor quality!!

Nicole on Aug 1, 2016
I have purchased a DVD set from www.ioffer.com and I really regret that I did not read the reviews. When I finally received my order first thing I've noticed that DVD boxes looked nothing like original ones. But when I saw the video quality I was shocked! The picture was blurry, sound...

iOffer - California, San Francisco / Don't buy anything from these thieves!

Lisa on Jul 12, 2016
Me and my sister ordered some items from www.ioffer.com and we paid separately. After they got the money we both were informed that none of what we have ordered was in stock even though their site stated that items were available. We contacted customer service and asked for a refund but...

iOffer / Robbed!

SimSim376 on Jun 17, 2016
I have ordered several things from www.ioffer.com and when I wanted to pay for my order they said that they were not able to take my money and that payment wouldn't go through. But when I checked my bank statement it clearly showed that my card was charge and that was the total amount of my...

iOffer - California, San Francisco / Site is full of scammers.

Ron on May 9, 2016
Do not order from iOffer website and save your money! Too bad I did not check the reviews before I made my order! As many others I received nothing and have no information regarding the status of my order! They took my money immediately and since then I heard nothing from them. Since it i...

iOffer / I did not receive the merchandise I ordered and paid for

Charlotte Downs Doffee on Apr 23, 2016
I placed an order on February 28, 2016 for a pair of athletic shoes which were paid for at the time of the Order. As of April 22, 2016 I still have not received the merchandise that I ordered. I have had multiple conversations with the Seller via message and all they do is make excuses a...

iOffer - California, San Francisco / I made an order and then found out that my account was deleted

Bear on Apr 19, 2016
I have purchased an item from iOffer website and paid for it. I thought that everything was fine, but few days passed and there was no confirmation notification or tracking number, so I went online to check what was going on and found out that my account was deleted! Contacted customer...

iOffer - California, San Francisco / Horrible!

Jane8777_0 on Feb 15, 2016
I am so disgusted with the lack of customer support! I ordered a bag from iOffer website and after my card was charged I received a confirmation email. Several weeks later I finally received my bag, but it looked nothing like the picture. I immediately contacted the seller and demanded a...

iOffer - California, Sacramento / Criminal activity!

Eve on Feb 11, 2016
I am absolutely appalled! iOffer service is non existent when it comes to help the customer. I bought a bag and money were automatically deducted from my account. Several days later I received a message from the seller stating that I still needed to pay for the bag. I said that I already...

iOffer - California, San Francisco / Poor customer service

Limbo8 on Jan 21, 2016
I purchased a pair of shoes in women's size 8 and received them in a size 6. I contacted the seller immediately when I received them. Actually the time period for resolving any issues is very small but because the shipping time is up to 45 days. I explained what happened and the seller...

Ioffer.com - California, San Francisco / Really bad service and extremely rude agents.

Cocochoco555 on Dec 28, 2015
I had bad experience with this company and learned a valuable lesson! I wanted to get a best Christmas present for my son! So I ordered some items from this website. I placed my order on November 15, it's now December 28 and still nothing. In the end I lost everything! This company has a...

Ioffer.com - California, San Francisco / Disappointed

Dodo556 on Dec 28, 2015
I purchased a pair of shoes in women's size 5 and received them in a size 8. I contacted the customer support immediately when I received them. But the time period for you to resolve any issues is very small, because the shipping time is up to 45 days. I informed the support and he said I...

iOffer / Hexianwei888 - I sent payment on 23rd october 2015 for trainers and i still not recieved them

paula simpson on Nov 25, 2015
I ordered and paid for a pair of trainers from the above seller on 23/10/2015. I was told it would take 20 days maximum for delivery. I then received an email saying it would take 6 weeks. I asked them to cancel and refund as this would be too late, but they assured me it would be 10-15...

iOffer / Not receiving items I've paid for

Tracie Barnett on Nov 18, 2015
I bought 2 items from iOffer last month and still haven't received them. I have left several messages with service@c2coffer about the seller and still haven't received a response yet. I found items in the seller's store and sent him a offer, we came to an agreement and I asked for hi...

Ioffer.com - California, San Francisco / Unauthorized credit card chargers/scam

Model14kgold on Nov 9, 2015
I purchased Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac from two people and each person stated they had the software and when I paid then they said it was not available and wanted me to take 365 and That is not what I paid for and I have ask for a full refund that my card was charged. crazy110=...

Ioffer.com / Never received item ordered

Justkela34 on Aug 29, 2015
I ordered a LV iPad cover. It was my first tIme ordering on line. I didn't know you had to be specific. The order was placed on June 6, 2015. I received the item on July 8, 2015 but it was the wrong color( again didn't know had to be specific) after sending email to the buyer I was advise...

Ioffer.com - Florida, DELTONA / Unfair Ratings from Buyers & no support from the staff to investigate & correct them

Reviewer68721 on Aug 14, 2015
I am a Disabled Vietnam war Veteran who depends on the income gleaned from my store on IOffer... I work very Hard to provide the best level of customer & to offer quality items...As we all know perfect rating are the backbone to ongoing flow of business...One less than perfect rating can ...

iOffer / item not received

sinaed riley on Jul 3, 2015
I ordered a michael kors handbag from a seller on ioffer on march 27th 2015 it is now 3rd july 2015 and still no handbag, it should of arrived on the 2nd may 2015 ive emailed the seller numerous times and was sent a link to track the item when visiting the link it stated that my item was not found?? Emailed seller again and again an still no reply.

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