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Instaflex - Connecticut, Danbury / Deception

Donnie99 on 2015-08-04
I ordered a free sample of Instaflex but paid 4.95 shipping and handling on my credit card. To my surprise after 15 days I recieved another 30 day supply of Instaflex. I checked my credit card statement and saw a charge for $74.95. I called the company to tell them I wanted to send back the bottle and cancel any more shipments or charges moving forward. They offered me a $30 reduction if I kept the bottle but they canceled my subscription. I agreed to that (probably shouldn't have). They told me I could buy the product at most vitamin stores like GNC. This is a deceptive practice and they should be shut down for this.

Instaflex - Connecticut, South Glastonbury / SCAM

Ann-Barbara Gill on 2014-03-13
signed up for 1 month free sample told it would cost shipping 4, 98. Instead I have checked my online charge account which has been charge 74.98 for free sample and 2 subsequent months, for FEB & MARCH, Never received FEB and I am in Hospital and have checked, Did not receive Feb and as yet have not received MARCH. Just spoke to company at 1-800-436-0920 and was told that I had signed up .Now he says I can return MARCH bottle and I pay return shipping. for 1 bottle received 1 I did not get and one that will cost about $5, 00 to return plus 74.98 3x. Loud & clear this needs to be rectified, please help

Instaflex / Ordered sample only, charged for next month 74.00

Linda Roberson on 2014-02-28
Ordered a sample for a two week supply for shipping only charge of $4.99. Within next two weeks was charged on my bank account for another 30 day supply for $74.00. Never ordered any more and did not agree to be charged for another shipment. Called their phone number listed and spoke to someone named Matt, told him I wanted a credit on my bank account and not to ship anymore products. He said his manager said he could only credit my account for $40.00 since the product had already been shipped, This is a scam, since I now researched it online and found out that many others have also done the same as I did. They also have been charged this $74.00.

Instaflex / did not order but was charged

Myrtis Collinson on 2014-01-28
I ordered the FREE TRIAL OFFER for $4.99 and I also got a bottle of JOINT SUPPORT I did not sign up for anything more and now I received another bottle of INSTAFLEX for over $70 I have called my credit card company and they told me it was a scam. I want a return address label so I can send this bottle back and I want my credit card refund for over $70. I will be waiting to hear from you. I don't how you can get by doing this.

Instaflex - California, Palmdale / CHANGE TRIAL TO SELL

ELSAYED HAMOUDA on 2013-09-27
I OK'ed this company to charge my credit card $4.98 for shipping and my card was charged $74.98 for the product. I am willing to send the unopened bottle back for credit card refund. This is a terrible business practice. Thank you for any help in the matter, Also they sent after 2 weeks another bottle of this Instaflex and charged another $ 36.75 and this drug does not affect me and changes in my illness

Instaflex / Fraud

Robert Hentz on 2013-03-21
I said yes to free trial sample, $4.99 shipping costs, then they sent a 30 day supply and charged my credit card 74.98, I called the 1-877-869-3310 number and told them that I didn't want it, that it didn't work. They told me that another bottle was on the way with another charge. I could send it back if I put a RMA 235487 number on the package and they would cancel ont charge only.

Instaflex - Utah / never have my refund

Tom on 2012-06-23
Free trial drug just pay $4.99 shipping, I was order free trial one bottle but 15 day latter come one more bottle, the pills is not medicine at all its just powder, they was charged on my MASTER card without my permission, i call them for refund 5 times they said we will call you back but no body call, no refund, i will not give up on this company they are bigest scammer in the world we'r victims from CANADA we try to get together to do something to track them down and put them in jail, every one stay away from this conpany don't be a victim agian, thay are advertising every where on internet do not even click on it.

Instaflex / No communications possible with this compay

Fritz Paret on 2011-04-22
No improvement. In spite of numerous calls to 1-877-369-3310, this phone never rings. I want to cancel any repeat order within your 30-day deadline. I already advise my credit card company.

Instaflex / Hidden policies

Dean Whisler on 2011-04-22
I ok the shipping on a free trial. That was all I authorized then I get a bottle and a huge bill. I discovered that hidden in the fine print it says that you have to call and cancell or they just start sending the stuff. No where is there any info on the cost per month. Had that been posted I would not have bothered with the trial. Now I find that I am only one of many that got bit on this. Look out folks.

Instaflex / Charged for something, didn't order

Bobbie T on 2011-03-29
I ordered a trial bottle of this but that is all, i cannot take this because of other meds i am on.You have went ahead and charged to my checking for a full supply of this, you can't do this, i am calling my bank and letting them know what you are doing.I want a refund on my account, or I'M TURNING YOU IN TO SCAM.

Instaflex / You guy's are a riot

Order12 on 2011-03-16
I read Instaflex reviews - Amazon, here and instaflex site. I agree with some reviewers-everyone "authorised" Instaflex to deduct monthly card payments. Funniest question - "how did they get my card #?" You gave it to ship product! However I would be pissed if it happened to me. There is no free lunch -i read conditions when offered free product. It's common practice-like book clubs sending monthly book unless you cancel. I hate these auto deals - don't even give address unless i know I'll buy. BTW, many Amazon reviwers said takes 2 months to work -not 14 days.

Instaflex / Stay away

Miguel on 2011-02-01
Instaflex - yes, they said my account will be credited for the product they sent that I never ordered but I shouldn't have had to deal with this at all. It is a SCAM - I went back and repeated my order to find the hitch - when you try to pay $4.99 for the trial, you must "check" the Terms & Conditions box which of course has a consent for their charging almost $75 a month in super small print that is actually out of focus too -I am going to have to change my CC number now too - DON'T DO IT - You'll be Sorry you did

Instaflex / Unauthorized charges

Bruce on
I requested the initial sample for a charge of $4.95 for a small supply. That product did nothing to alleviate my pain. Letters to Instaflex went unanswered requests for credit were ignored. I stopped payment thru my CC. There was nothing in their ads that stated that they would continue sending me additional supplies of their product. I finally had three bottles of their junk at home and still suffered from joint pain. As a last resort I filed complaints against them with the Texas and Utah attorney Generals which got their attention and they issued full credits of $224.00.

Instaflex / refund not forthcomming

Obtained a return authorization #61816. Returned the product. Checked later (10 days or so) inquiring about crediting my Charter One Credit card. Informed it would take a week to process the return and another week to issue credit -still waiting. Paid for all charges EXCEPT Instaflex. I hope late fees will not apply. Email: moots999@yahoo.com

Instaflex / Doesn't work for me

Instaflex does not work for me and I have refused delivery of the product, but the company continues to charge my account without my authorization. I am in the process of getting my credit card company to disallow any Instaflex charges to my account. When the samples are originally ordered nothing is told to you by the company spokesman that you are singing up for a years supply of the product. If I had known that I never would have tried Instaflex in the first place. Three months ago and three payments from my credit card later and a never endining fight with Instaflex later over a charge I don't remember allowing. I may have to cancel my credit card to get rid or Instaflex.

Instaflex / Rip off, do not ever order from them

Lyndon on
The Instaflex company took 74.98 from my account in January. Soon after I received the product I called the customer service no. and got a RMA no. to return the product . I took it to the post office and handed it to the postal worker and still did not receive the refund. They tell me they never received it. How did they get to me? I have called numerous times and they tell me to talk to a supervisor and put me on hold or promise to have someone contact me within 72 hrs. and I'm still waiting. Do not ever order from them ! It doesn't work anyway!!!
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