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HomeFix Corporation Complaints & Reviews

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HomeFix Corporation - New Jersey / Abysmal Product / Service

Steve Lawrence on Feb 3, 2012
We had Homefix install 20-odd windows, and fit a bay window in our living room about 5 years ago. Since day one, the bay window has leaked, soaking the sill and staining the wood badly. The window attachments have snapped, and several had to be replaced. Every time we've tried to get someone to fix the bay window, someone has either said 'we'll call you back' and never does. Or someone comes around and sprays some foam - the last time it was : We'll need to call the manufacturer of the windows. And then nothing. 5 YEARS we've been trying to get this fixed. We've...

HomeFix Corporation - New Jersey / Salesman

superuser78 on Nov 7, 2011
i had a salesman from homefix overcharge 1, 000 for a door. called up precision exteriors got the same door for 1, 00 less and did 4 windows triple pane for 1, 800 bucks. very happy now : )

HomeFix Corporation / Very Surprised

saraford on May 17, 2011
NOt sure what homefix they are refering to but i could not be more pleased with the work that they did thank you I have referred them to 2 of my close firends and they had very good experiences with them

HomeFix Corporation / Happy

susanblake on May 17, 2011
After getting 6 estimates we decided to work with Nick from Homefix. We are very satisfied so far. The jog is not done yet we only have our roof and we are still waiting for our windows. If the window job gois anyting like the roof job then we will be very satisfied. We have not given Nick one dollar and he has made it clear that he is so confident in Homefix ability to make us happy that he will not ask for any money until we are completely sadified with the job. We are very confident that we will be.

HomeFix Corporation - Virginia / Great Work

susanblake on May 17, 2011
We are writing to comment on the very professional installation of our new windows in our home in Fairfax City. We were pleased with every phase of the process. The man explained the windows better than anyone we had talked with, and his professional "no-ressure" approach made the decision easy to make. He is quite an asset for Homefix. We also appreciated the professional, courteous, and efficient crew that installed our windows. In the future when anyone in our neighborhood needs replacement windows, we will gladly recomment HOMEFIX to them. We want to thank them for the wonderfule xerience we had with them.

HomeFix Corporation / Uses very inflated prices for the windows and siding!

Homefixscammedmyfamily on Mar 14, 2011
DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE IN YOUR HOUSE. They use very inflated prices for the windows and siding! Homefix uses High Pressure Sales Tactics : This method of selling a job is pushy and inconsiderate of your needs as a homeowner. These salesman will use fake special offers or free stuff and maybe even try to scare you into signing the contract right on the spot. DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE IN YOUR HOUSE. Just remember all the good praises are from there employees here to try and bail them out they have over 200 complaints here now dont fall for it.

HomeFix Corporation / Scam Sales Tactics Exposed

HomefixliedtoUs on Mar 12, 2011
Extensive research is needed in order to determine if a company is legit, this one Homefix is not as we already know yet many homeowners fail to recognize the warning signs that these “door to door” salesmen show when trying to sell their “products and services.” Some of these warning signs include: Homefix uses High Pressure Sales Tactics : This method of selling a job is pushy and inconsiderate of your needs as a homeowner. These salesman will use fake special offers or free stuff and maybe even try to scare you into signing the contract right on the spot. Homefixe...

HomeFix Corporation / Scam alert

Tiwilliams on Mar 10, 2011
Homefix this so called corporation company actually called me today for like the 10th time in 1 week!!! I totally just google searched them and found all these scam alerts etc for home repair complaints!!!Homefix has almost 200 of them unreal!!! This SO CALLED company seems like a TOTAL SCAM company for sure I asked a friend if he had heard of homefix corporation he said "sounds like a scam to me" ! Stay away from this company fair warning! Use anybody but this company for anything you need done if they tell you they will give you anything for free please do not beleive it!!!

HomeFix Corporation / Very bad company, do not trust

Stevejones on Mar 4, 2011
Homefix did not and could not get the job done they also started a lawsuit for the sales guy commision against me for over 10 grand lol...even though no work was done at all ive also heard from a source they have there staff posting good things here obviously they have like 200 complaints and alot of very pissed off customers stay away from homefix !!! Im a computer guy i will be sure that everyone online finds out about there tactics...there price was like 28, 000$ it was done by another company for 11, 000$ same exact stuff!

HomeFix Corporation / Shady homefix salesman

I needed replacement windows for one of my rental properties and I decided to call Homefix as they run a local ad here. A salesman (I'll leave out his name) showed up an the unit about 30 minutes late. He immediately started looking at the windows and lit a cigarette (indoors). I let that go. After about 10 minutes of inspecting and sizing the windows he excused himself to use the bathroom saying "aw man, I've got the Hershey's squirts... where's the shiiter?" He eventually came out of the bathroom in a very different mood. His eyes were bloodshot and he seemed much more...
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