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Genie Bra Complaints & Reviews

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Genie Bra - Texas, Victoria / False Advertisement

Reviewer80541 on 2016-02-02
Ordered 2 Genie bras. Suppose I should have read the reviews first. Nothing like the ad or TV showed. Ordered 1X because that is what I wear, but the bras were extremely small and so uncomfortable. Such a disappointment! Then they try to act as if your getting a great deal for such a low price but sock it to you on the taxes & S&H... Never Again!!! Totally not what they had advertised. The zipper on one of the bras was hard to zip when first tried on.

Genie Bra - Connecticut, Wallingford / Fraudulent billing practices

Deb Turi-Smith on 2015-11-25
This company charged sales tax to me on my purchase of 11/22 as a New Jersey resident, which is illegal. When I contacted customer service, they initially said they could "not find the order"" could I please call back in the morning". In calling today, in speaking with customer service, they stated "the item had been shipped, and that there is nothing they could do" ! In explaining to them that this is clearly a fraudulent billing practice, that there is No taxation on any clothing items in the state of NJ, they said"I am sorry for your inconvenience". Additionally...

Genie Bra / Horrible customer service and communication

Reviewer60501 on 2015-09-08
My email to Genie Bra: I received ONE bra today. I ordered 5, you cancelled 2...WHERE ARE THE OTHER 2 BRAS??? Your communication is VERY VERY POOR. I placed my order 8/22 for 5 bras. 9/1 you cancelled 2 of them...that's 10 days time before I found out I wouldn't get 2 bras I ordered. Now, I get my order today with 1 bra...NO WORD FROM YOU AS TO WHEN I CAN EXPECT THE REST OF MY ORDER. Your communication is HORRIBLE. WHY do I have to call you to find out what is going on???? YOU should be informing me about the order status. Good communication is a very important part of customer service. SAD. WILL...

Genie Bra / Defective bras, cs hung up on me. . Three times.

Sandra Hender on 2015-03-20
I ordered two Genie Bras that were offered to me in an email. The ad stated: Buy one, and receive a 2nd bra free; just pay additional shipping/handling. So I ended up paying $25.00 for two bras. When I received them I could not believe it. The size I ordered was a 1X which I wear. I wear that size in everything because it is big and loose the way I like clothing to fit. These bras however were a JOKE. I nearly STRANGLED trying to get the thing on! There is no way you can just slip it on and zip it up as it states. So I tried zipping it up first and then putting it over my head and ended up...

Genie Bra / materials

snow1111 on 2014-03-02
i bought 4 genie bras. i like them as far as comfort. certainly not sexy. they are supposed to be machine washable. after 2 or 3 washings, the silky top layer of the pad comes off. without this layer, the pad bunches an wrinkles. no longer the smooth look as promised. only a 60 day guarantee, so company must be aware of shoddy materials. also the bra material pills when washed.

Genie Bra / Lace separated from bra

Carrie Muhammad on 2014-01-24
I purchased 2 Genie bras November 29, 2013 Black Friday . I'm upset because the bra has separated from the lace as soon as I put it on. The second one I haven't worn it for fear it will happen to the other one. I have purchased them before and was very pleased and the lace has held up good no separation at all from the lace. I don't know if xtra time was not put into this batch or what but I want them replaced !!

Genie Bra / Poor customer care

Tammye Lofton on 2013-08-20
When I had not received my order after 3 weeks, I called customer service. The first call I made was so static the rep could not hear me and hung up. The second call got disconnected as well. Finally on my third call I was able to speak to someone. I was told my order was on back order and would ship in 1-2 weeks. I was not happy but these things happen. The next morning at around 8am I checked my email. There was a notice from Genie Bra that 3 of the 7 items I ordered had cancelled. I called them to cancell the remainder of the order only to be told the order had already shipped. The rep said...

Genie Bra / Incompetent customer service

Gina GF on 2013-01-30
I placed an order for the cami shaper after watching the informercial. There was a special on the internet that said if I ordered $100 I would get 3 genie bras for free. So I added and a couple of packs of pads to make the total $101. When my order was processed the cami shapers were gone and I was charged for the genie bras & pads. I called the1-973-287-5154 & they told me I had to go through the internet since my order was placed on the internet and it takes 24-48 hrs before they would see my order. My order came within a couple of days so I was not able to call back. Well...the bra...

Genie Bra / Don't hold up as stated in pitch for product

Customer5 on 2013-01-06
Product was guaranteed to hold up, never stretch out and offer support without under-wire. Well, that isn't true, I have elastic sticking out of the bra, these are not supportive and I have wasted my money.I have purchased cheaper bras at department stores and had them longer than these bras. If I could rub the lamp and ask the genie for a wish, it would be to get my money back, because the company has already stated they won't refund even a percent of it back. POOR Customer service at it's best. Don't waste your money.

Genie Bra - Massachusetts, Beverly / WAY TOO SMALL

Carol Dunn on 2012-11-09
I had difficulty on line trying to order these useless and mis-sized bras so I also spoke with someone on the phone on their 1-800 number. I could not reach them to check the status so I dismissed that order and placed another via the phone. Well, they arrived and were not good quality and way too tight. Before the order I specifically received help on sizing. Now I just want to return them. They do not send an order printout or a return form and I have no way of printing a label. For 2 weeks I have been unable to reach Customer Service at 973-287-5154 for various reasons...no answer, circuit...

Genie Bra - Ontario / GenIe bra not worth it!!! Horrible

Sarah1986 on 2012-09-13
I bought the genie bra thinking that it was supposed to be a supported bra and give you a lift... I was wrong!! I am so upset about this bra. Not worth it at all!!! My la senza bras have better support!! Genie bra does not stay in place, I got only 2 in a box and 1 of tge bras was MISSING the padding!! WTF!!! I will just stick with my normal bras and sports bras! That's all that genie bra is... Is a cheap sports bra that is over priced!!! Horrible horrible.. I've never felt so RIPPED off in my life.

Genie Bra - North Carolina, Granite Falls / please do not buy

lpedav on 2012-08-27
I actually sold bras for many years and this is the cheapest bra I have ever encountered. They actually even have the nerve to ask for a shipping amount of $13.00 for the first 3 bras then another $13.00 for the "free" bras. That means paying $26.00 shipping. The total 6 bras aren't worth the $26.00 shipping much less the $60.00 they cost! Please do not purchase these!

Genie Bra - California / way too long shipping time

VikiVix on 2012-07-24
Love the Genie Bra but I just ordered more online about a month ago and the shipping time is ridiculous! Tracking the Fed Ex package only says information received at Fed Ex. Where the heck are the bras and the true tracking. Where do they come from ...the moon.

Genie Bra - Maine / DEFECTIVE--support pads loose in box

Dissatisfied3 on 2012-06-20
Defective Genie Bras sent to Wal-Mart!!! Note I can’t stand to buy by phone or internet (thru the mail) because the exorbitant “shipping and handling” is a big rip-off!!! Good thing I don’t buy Genie bras that way because of the following! (The “As Seen on TV section” at Wal-Mart and other stores is wonderful—only the cost of the item and no S/H!!!) BUT although the box of Genie Bras I got two years ago was okay—MOST of the Genie Bras in my size 3X at Wal-Mart were DEFECTIVE!!! After waiting for over 6 months for Wal-Mart to get a new shipment of...

Genie Bra / I am not complaining

Laura Jean Barrett on 2012-06-19
I live in Virginia and I AM NOT A FAKE!!! I am not paid by anyone and I'm telling the truth. I ordered the buy 3 get 3 free in large. How silly of me. I am a 36DDD so I sent all 6 back FOR FREE, that's right free. I received the large bras in 3 weeks. I received the x-large bras before I bothered to return the larges (probably a month?). I love them. When I am chillin at home or want my breasts to show (my boyfriend loves these bras...lol) I use one bra. To go out anywhere I wear two, it makes sense to me because my breasts are huge and they sag. I can't even tell when I'm...

Genie Bra / false advertisment

lulud on 2012-05-17
Extremely false advertisement! I paid 80 something for 6 bras and shipping and handling. I went by the chart size on the website. None if he bras support ANYTHING. I can not believe I paid this much for crap! So disappointed, this is why I never had bought anything from the TV and now never will again. Thanks for nothing genie bra ;(

Genie Bra - England, Gloucestershire / ALLERGY, BAD FIT AND IRREGULAR SIZING

CHRYS HENDI-WARNER on 2012-05-08
I, too have purchased the set of bras from a large chemist chain 2 weeks ago and have developed a rash which started on my chest and back and has gradually spread all over my body. When I put it on this morning I notived a gradual burning sensation within the bra area and it gradually spread to my neck and arms. By the end of the day it will have spread further. I thought I would type these details in to see if it had been experienced by others. Following purchase of said item from chemist I discovered that although sizings (XL) were the same on all three items, one was obviously a smaller...

Genie Bra / false advertisement

tjmiller on 2012-04-25
They advertise that the bra's don't roll up but that's a big fat lie. They only have small skinny models on website and packaging. I'm not skinny but I'm not fat either. A full figured woman needs to wear one for 5 seconds and they would see the problem. I have bought 2 different sizes and they both roll up. I got mine at Walmart thank god or I'd be livid for having to pay the refund fees for them. THESE BRAS SUCK!!!

Genie Bra - California, Los Angeles / Advised wrongly

Sinta on 2012-04-20
Ordered 6 Genie Bras for $85.97 ($25.98 for soft wrap). Asked her what size I should order since I have a small cup but broad back. Was told to order my shirt size which is 8. ( Now they are telling me I should have ordered Extra Large). I can't wear them because it totally smashes my bust, rolls at the band under the bust and cuts into the armpit. Was unable to return them in time, for a very valid reason, and customer service's only advice was to give them away. Customer service does not have an 800 number and I was left hanging on long distance for a long, long time so now I will...

Genie Bra / Not as advertised

Blueboo on 2012-04-10
I was amazed at the advertisement for the Genie Bra. What a disappointment. The lower band rolls up. The actual bra does not have the support it advertises. I wear a 3x shirt and that is what I bought. Don't believe everything you read.
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