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FPL - Florida, West Palm Beach - Stealing Deposits

Posted: 2015-08-13 by    Nina E.
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From July 2nd 2015 to August 4th 2015 33 days of service my bill was 200 $22.84 upon getting service with Fpl 2 years ago my deposit was two hundred and eighty - five dollars and one cent. I phoned FP&L on August 4th to have service disconnected that day they billed me for another month for 120 $4.89 for one day I asked them if they were building a month in advance or what because service was not supposed to be from August 5th 2015 to September 2015 because the service was disconnected on August for 2015 I inquire about my deposit and they claim that I owe them new charges of $120 for service for...

FPL - Florida, Daytona Beach - Bill Increases

Posted: 2015-07-17 by    Dre44
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As a customer trying to make ends meet and a power company making every effort to derail me from making those ends meet I find it a spit to the face when you have to pay an increase on something you have no control over. For the amount of power I use which amounts to under $10.00 a month you would think that i would get deals or a break of some sort> Not with FPL not only do they not give a customer like my power saving self no deals but they found a way to raise the surcharge on my NON-FUEL portion on my bill. I called (hahaha) customer service to get the costumer resolution line and was told...

FPL - Deposit RipOff

Posted: 2015-05-22 by    Landord
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Tired of this monopoly by FPL. I was unfortunately to have a tenant that rig the electric meter on my property but we were able to get him and the police arrested him and charged him with a felony. I had to get a permit from an electrical engineer and a inspection from the city. Fortunately everything passed, now I have a new tenant and they are asking for $1000.00 deposit fee for a full year? Talked to a supervisor and everything and they are don't want to take it out. The electric bill was under the tenants name and they are going to court to pay for the electricity they stole but how I am...

FPL - Florida, pompano beach - deposit of security

Posted: 2015-04-13 by    jeanine rezzino
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I received a letter from FP and L telling me I will receive my deposit back. But, I had a to send the company at least (5) five pieces of documentation saying that I lived at the previous address. It's been two years!!! I HAD to leave my house of 24 years due to Bank of America screwing up my loan application... I was evicted.. (that's a whole other story)..
so, now FPL wants me to send them docs saying I lived there, prove that I am who I am, etc, etc. Otherwise, NO $$$$ for U
and if I don't send all this in w/i a certain amount of time I don't get the $300.00...


Posted: 2015-02-27 by    LISCASTRO
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes

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FPL - Billing System

Posted: 2014-12-11 by    Fort Myers Customer
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FPL has the worst billing system of any utility company in the country. On top of it they are third rate crooks. If you have multiple meters, their system will not accept ACH payment or credit card payment. You have to send a check. But they give you like 5 days to send the payment. So if you are traveling and get delayed, they charge a late fee. Their people are rude, rude, rude....

FPL - 24hr Light Shut Off

Posted: 2014-10-29 by    EnylrekE.
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FPL employee knocks on my door, 1 year old toddler was crying by the time I open the door he already left. When I see someone walk towards the parking lot I asked him if he was knocking at my door. He said look on your door knob your light has been cut off. With the toddler in my hand still crying, I told him I thought it was due on the 26th, today the is 29th he said "nope" I told him I can either call and make a payment over the phone or give him a check, right away. It was 86 degrees outside and I was cooking for my family at the time. He said nope once I cut it off someone else has to come and...


Posted: 2014-09-26 by    L. ANG
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FPL sent me a bill on the 9/16, so they claim. I receive the bill on the 22nd of September in the amount of $220 before POWER GETS CUT OFF! Mind you I have been current with them. Due date was for the 24th of September and will be cut off on the 26th. 4 days turnaround. I made a payment to a so-called non authorized agency and because FPL didn't see the payment in their system which they say "it's not our fault", power will be cut off. I have a 4 month old and they don't care! Big corporation with no humanity!! All of you who work for that company should burn in hell! Scams!...

FPL - Overcharging from Bank Account

Posted: 2014-09-14 by    Tony46
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I have reason to believe that I am being double-charged because I have two accounts in my name and they are adding late fees on both accounts.For example:If I owe 197.07$ and I am late paying that, with the late fee it comes up to 203.73$.They are taking out both amounts and doing the same on both accounts.Account numbers(6297-243294) (65691-08753)...

FPL - Very angry customer

Posted: 2014-05-23 by    dee stevens
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I had a pass due amount of 161. 00 due on 5 / 23 / 14. On this day at 9. 00am in the morning my service was disconnected. Why in the hell did you guys disconnect my service on the day it was due and on a 3 day weekend. Knowing that if i didnt pay that day before 4. Oo pm i would be with out service until the next business day in which would be tuesday. You mf are so. . . Tacky. And no concern for families with young kids that are having hard times. If theres every. . . A new electric company thast comes to florida. Fpl can kiss my a$$....

FPL - shut off

Posted: 2014-01-06 by    saida86
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So 2 months ago my credit card information was stolen so I changed my account number literally 2 days before fpl was suppose to get withdrawn, I didn't have a chance to update my info with fpl because as many know ..you can start an online acct and it would say your log in is wrong even if its not ...anyway because my payment didnt go through this ONE time they refuse to take anymore online or credit card payments ..although they always recieved a payment...now they charged me for deposit that got discounted for automatic withdrawls and shut my light off within 2 min of me answering the door...

FPL - Florida, Tamarac - Bad Service

Posted: 2013-04-03 by    soannoyed2013
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Today I was feeding my daughter (4months) when there was a knock on the door. I immediately headed for the door and looked out the peephole, no one was there. I put my daughter down preceded to look out the front windows. I opened the door and seen a sign for disconnection. Then my power went off. The guy came to the front and told me he knocked and thought no one was home! He said once I pay it he would send someone out to reconnect it. My bill would be 200 dollars and they never disconnected .it but today for 80 they did. I could have paid him right there if he waited waited for me to answer the...

FPL - Florida, Daytona Beach - Unreasonable Company rules

Posted: 2013-01-03 by    Dre44
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
How does a company get away with telling customers they are raising prices but not addressing the way they handle customer issues. To tell a customer to pay 4 times your monthly bill and then when you go past due (mind u your monthly bill is only 1/4 the amount they have that you had to give them to start your service in a interest baring account) and they want to cut your service off. They told me I had to come up with the average two month bill of the apartment. my bill has never been over $100 ever since i moved here and they wanna hold on to $229 of my money and shut my power off for$58.23....

FPL - Florida, Deerfield Beach - FPL extremely High Bill for no legitimate reason

Posted: 2012-11-13 by    KarinaR
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
FPL High bills FOR NO Legitimate REASON!

There are several complains I have for this company and that began when I signed up with them. First they tell me that if I do not enroll in “Automatic Billpay” I had to pay a $400.00 deposit out of the nowhere. I agree to their terms. On December 2011, I had recently moved to a 1, 170 Sqfoot apartment. When I signed up for their services they started billing me $ 25 December,
$ 99 on January, $ 98 on February, $ 113 on March, then $156 on April and before I knew it on May I was paying $196. By June I was already paying...

FPL - Florida, Seminole County - Userous Billing Practices

Posted: 2012-09-27 by    nouveaugosse
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I bought a new house in March of 2010 and upon registering service with FPL was told I would be required to pay a $200 dollar deposit. I've never been required to pay a deposit for any service and have a healthy credit score. I was told this deposit would be added to my first months bill. Came home a few weeks after moving in to find my power disconnected for failure yo pay the deposit. After calling FPl and insisting this was due with my first months bill, was forced to pay that say and wait the unreasonable 24 hours for service to be restored( they made that deadline with 15 minutes to spare)....

FPL - Florida, South Daytona - bad customer service

Posted: 2012-09-07 by    ldmason
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FPL said I would not be charge the deposit if I signed up for the auto bill pay online. The lady on the phone said the 23rd is the last day I could sign up for it. So the night of the 23rd, Thursday, I signed up for it. A couple days later, I came home and my power was shut off and the sad thing was I just went grocery shopping :( . I called FPL and spoke with a Supervisor twice and she said I could not have my power turned on until the next day. I told her my story and she said that I should have sign up before 9pm but because I signed up at 10pm she couldn't do anything. I told her that the...

FPL - Florida, Fort Lauderdale - Dishonest Times

Posted: 2012-08-28 by    AlexisColbert
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Fort Lauderdale was spared damaged from Tropical Storm Isaac. However, three days later, I am still without power. You call their numbers and they just tell you a different story each time. I know that we may not have a choice and FPL is the only provider of power. Yet, it is just wrong that they leave people in the dark when obviously, the storm was just a glorified rain storm. Next storm, I will make sure to get out of here because only one thing is true: you cannot rely on FPL....

FPL - Florida, Miami - Over Billing/Shut Off

Posted: 2012-08-14 by    ugonzalez
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Well as all of you I am stuck with FPL. They over charge us tremendously. That being said, due to high bill these past few months, I made payments in installments. They claim that they sent us a Final Bill saying pay by this date or power is shut off. Well they did early this morning, they must have been waiting for me to leave the house because when my husband came home everything in the refregigerators was warm. I have paid my bill and accoding to them it takes five minutes to shut us down, however it takes them up to 24 hours to connect us. I also asked them to evaluate why my bill is so high...

FPL - Florida, manatee - light bill

Posted: 2012-08-08 by    TRINA1
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
i am resident of manatee county with three small children and fpl is constantly sending me a bill over 600.00 dollars and i called to complain but no one has sent anyone out to inspect or even see whats wrong they disconnected my services for 131.00 when i went to pay they said i needed 322.64 in order to reconnect services i was not able to pay until four days later and then they stated they added 2 months on as a deposit, which now brings the total to 776.56 i just lost my job i cant afford this this bill this is so unfair and unjustified i asked for an adjustment to be sent to me two weeks ago...

FPL - Florida, Bradenton - SCANDELOUS

Posted: 2012-07-18 by    MAD AS HELL IN BRADENTON
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
It is unreal to me how one Company FPL can get away with so many FRAUDULANT ACTS. I recently received a bill for $335.99, note that my previous bills are usually around $115.00 and no more than $200 a month. I called them to ask them why is my bill so high this month. They told me that it is because they could not read my meter for the months of April and May and they just took a estimated guess. They went on and stated that they could not get into back yard due to DOG/FENCE being locked. First off I just bought this house a year ago and the people who had it before had dogs. I have called them...

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