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Edward Jones Complaints & Reviews

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Edward Jones - North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Best Interest of Client

Posted: 2013-09-16 by    JC LeLand
Complaint Rating:  80 % with 5 votes
My husband and I invested our inheritance and retirement accounts with Edward Jones when we moved to Chapel Hill, N.C. in 1997. Jerry Bergner was our investment counselor. My husband had dementia (he passed away in 2002) and I was not well-versed in financial matters, including understanding budgeting. Because my husband was not able to help me in many different aspects of our lives, especially financial, I had to rely on Jerry to go over budget details with me. We moved to Florida in 2000 to escape the escalating taxes in Chapel Hill and all of my conversations with Jerry were over the phone. At...

Edward Jones - New Jersey - Investment advice

Posted: 2012-06-11 by    RFJH
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
Please, please, anyone thinking of using Edward Jones for investments, don't!!!

They lost me a lot, I am luckier than most of the people who have complained. I still have a lot. I got out of there in time. I gave them 2 1/2 years, and not one of the suggested investments came out positive. Fortunately the stocks I made the brokers buy were good, and offset my loses.

Now I see the EJ brokers are pushing Payday loans. Not at all surprised....

Edward Jones - Illinois, Sullivan - lost money without be told

Posted: 2012-05-23 by    thomas,john
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
alot of money, five years, alot of money gone, wife`s step father can do much about it because of family, but no phone calls about the money thought he was called an advisor. someone needs to check into this guy something isn`t right....

Edward Jones - California - Lousy investment company

Posted: 2011-11-08 by    Jack125
Complaint Rating:  80 % with 5 votes
Edward Jones, scam, horrible service, lost me alot of money. I have personally dealt with this company, and let me tell you, if you have any sense, do not let these rip offs handle your funds. Their only concern of course is making money for themselves, regardless of how much you lose. They will tell you they are in business to help you and will get you to buy into any bogus idea they can sell you. You and I live in the real world, businesses are in business for themselves and to make their fat, greedy, wallets bigger. Well, I learned the hard way, I lost all of my money while they got richer. PLEASE,...

Edward Jones - Texas, Abilene - Elder Abuse Misuse of funds Embezzlement

Posted: 2011-10-06 by    Always Watching!
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
Shane Jennings, Investment Representative/Thief- Has misused, mishandled, and embezzled money from my elderly mother. He has taken it upon himself to fire her attorney as soon as all funds were transferred into her account after my fathers death. This man is a crook, who has declared bankruptcy back in 2005... Who would want a man who is financially bankrupt to handle their finances?? This man needs to be dealt with by law enforcement and his license pulled while he spends time behind bars. Elder abuse is the worst crime our society is facing today, please help capture these crooks like Shane and...

Edward Jones - Washington, Marysville - Incompetency

Posted: 2011-09-27 by    thebigdog
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
I had used these guys for many years, and as I was approaching retirement, I wanted to consolodate my holdings. I asked Edward Jones for assistance and they were most helpful; however, for one account, they sent the paper work to the wrong address, which caused a significant delay and cost me nearly $5, 000. When confronted with this, their response was: 'not our problem...' I suggest using another firm. (they did offer to provide me with the information to go to arbitration, but it never arrived.)...

Edward Jones - Florida, Titusville - Arrogance, fraud and elder abuse

Posted: 2011-02-05 by    Sabia
Complaint Rating:  88 % with 16 votes
The broker was given a power of attorney protecting an elder that is not able to make sound financial decisions and it took hell and high water to get her to recognize it.

Rather than respect the POA as she's supposed to according to Florida law, she fought the family tooth and nail until they went to the Florida State Attorney General's Elder Abuse Department.

Move your money to Scottrade or Etrade but get your money out of Edward Jones....

Edward Jones - California, Laguna Hils - Misrepresenation

Posted:    whitefacedsaki88
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
John Cravens of the Laguna Hils office does a poor job. Not monitoring every clients account and not communicating with them daily. No response from customer service from main Edward Jones office. I asked to close my account and they failed to respond and continued to withdraw funds from my bank. I asked to end it before and they ignored my message. Please investigate since there will be other victims....

Edward Jones - Stay away

Posted:    Klim
Complaint Rating:  83 % with 6 votes
Broker summoned me to his office under false pretenses saying he had "a couple of recommendatins for me" on September 3rd, one day after I was in his office with my mother and brother who were transacting business. Mr. Kedley approched me in a threatening manner to say I was not longer welcome in his office and that I had gone to "inappropriate areas of his office" the day before. I was at a total loss and could not understand. He said he saw me crouching down behind his front desk. I was with my mother and brother and asked only to the secretary "what is the market doing" she said, "let's...

Edward Jones - British Columbia, Vancouver - Unauthorized Trade

Posted:    bangus
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
The broker, Ed Sernoski, did purchase in one of my accounts, 400 shares of BP without discussion or authorization on May 27, 2010. When I complained, I was stalled off by their compliance department and told to complain to IIROC, which is another delaying tactic. Apparently, IIROC will not order restitution.

I have subsequently filed a small claims action for my losses of about $9, 000. Edward Jones lawyers actually filed a statement of Defence which basically states that I am only complaining because the investment has fallen in value.

In 40 years of investing, nothing...

Edward Jones - Stocks

Posted:    pitter43
Complaint Rating:  82 % with 11 votes
To any of you out there that might be thinking of investing, stay as far away from Edward Jones as you can possibly get. I invested with them and decided that I needed to close the account. I’ve emailed them, written them, talked to them on the phone for three weeks now and can’t get them to close my account. I’ve lost $3000.00 since I tried to close my account. I’m contacting an attorney now hoping he can do something. Edward Jones seems to be using the Bernie Madoff method of making money....

Edward Jones - Virginia, Vinton - door to door sales in neighbood

Posted:    Sally09
Complaint Rating:  56 % with 16 votes
The manager of that office came to my neighborhood going from house to house trying to drum up business.

I would expect Avon reps, deliveries from UPS, Fedex or US mail, family and friends, and even children with school fund raising material etc to show up at my door, but I never expected to see a person representing an investment company show up at our door without an appointment.

In my opinion, this is short of panhandling/socilitation....

Edward Jones - Louisiana, Vivian - Deceptive trade practices

Posted:    Robert Charles Casey
Complaint Rating:  30 % with 10 votes
My, Robert Charles Casey's father Billy Robert Casey Died in May 15 1991. I received a fivety thousand dollar inheritance at that time I was twelve years old. There were problems between my dad and my mothers parents, they (mothers parents) felt that my mother should have been entitled to everything which was four hundred thousand all together.

The fivety thousand was diversified in American mutual funds and by June of 1998 it was seventy eight thousand dollars. I added it up and from '91 to '98 the fivety thousand made ten dollars and ninety six cents a day.

Edward Jones - Michigan - Sales charges

Posted:    screwed again
Complaint Rating:  85 % with 13 votes
Edward Jones fires Putnam for poor performance. I guess they need someone to blame. I know
the economy is bad so I am not blaming anyone. But here is the problem. Edward Jones now has to
rollover my 529 plans into a new fund. We are forced by Edward Jones's hand to move this investment. Wouldn't you think that there should not be sales charges??? Well, I get the welcome packet from the new fund company and we were charged 5.75% for "sales charges". This came to approximately $500.00 of my son's college savings. These investments among others have lost a large amount...

Edward Jones - Alberta - Free surprise gift

Posted:    Edward JONES
Complaint Rating:  25 % with 4 votes
I received a card today along with my Readers Digest telling me to go to www.rd.ca/freegift for complete offerings, howver, upon doing so I was unable to find any information. Why send these things out if they are not relevant???...

Edward Jones - Ohio, Mogadore - Worst investor ever

Posted:    Very Unhappy
Complaint Rating:  89 % with 9 votes
VINCE ROSENACK, financial advisor (ha). Moved my IRA to Edward Jones April 2008; told Vince (3 times) I was tired of loosing $ and would rather make a little vs loosing monthly. Sure we can do that, so I figure I'm safe while everyone else is loosing $. Well, his good investing lost me 20% of my IRA in 8 months. Vince said I'm doing good and making $, what a ____ ___!! Don't invest with him!!...

Edward Jones - Missouri, ST. LOUIS - IRRESPONSIBILITY

Posted:    RUTH BJORK
Complaint Rating:  88 % with 17 votes

Edward Jones - Michigan, Rochester Hills - breach of binding agreement

Posted:    susan vanderven
Complaint Rating:  47 % with 17 votes
David C. Bray from Edward Jones became my financial advisor in June of 2007. He promised me he would watch my funds and suggested against placing them in a no loss investment. In Jan 2008 I asked him to move my funds to a no loss investment and he promised he'd do it that day. By this time, six months, he already loss over $6, 000 of my initial funds.
My gut was saying to move into a no loss investment along with others telling me the same thing. When I got my next statement it showed a loss of over $7000 and I saw that he moved my funds the day after he said he would. I called his...

Edward Jones - Michigan, Newaygo - didnt do it right

Posted:    mark
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
first i went to travis bulls officetold him what i wanted to do well the next day i found out he messed it all up i called his office and travis was at edward jones meeting at northern michigan his office worker called him said i called and there was major mistake travis clled me at 9:30 in the morning and said he will see me that night and he called during the day i called edward jones headqutars they seen what he did and told me he had 3days to take care of it so when he called me i said just put back where i had my money he said he could not that nite he sold the mistake and bought bonds well...

Edward Jones - North Carolina, Greensboro - Financial

Posted:    j compton
Complaint Rating:  82 % with 11 votes
Shortly after transferring a large$$$portfolio of stocks, bonds, cd's, mutual funds and money market from ml to edward jones, my broker sold most of it without my informed consent. He didn't answer my question about capital gains. On april 9, i found that i owed 54, 000 in taxes with another 3, 000 in estimated taxes. I asked my broker how i was going to pay for this. He said the best thing to do was to take a loan with edward jones! He also sold mutual funds from one class and bought same funds in another class. He got me into annuities, and since i have transferred back to merrill lynch,...

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