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DirectBuy - Florida, Pensacola / pushing people to get in debt

Scooter777 on 2013-06-12
I have no problem with trying to save people money, but when it come to you telling me how i can and cannot spend my money is my business. I don't need another monthly bill weather it is 100 or 300 dollar a month it is still my money. The company contracted me through the mail and stated i will received a tablet 7' and 200 dollars in free meals. I states as long and i don't have to buy anything i would come she agreed and i had appointment the next day at 6:30 i had to listen to a 90 min. promotion pitch and i did then they became ruled and states if one hundreds was going to...

DirectBuy / Direct Buy / Beta Finance... ripping people off

Luuke on 2013-01-25
I bought into Direct Buy after being given a presentation that showed me everything was below cost of everywhere else because it was at manufactures cost. Not so! I have yet to buy anything from there because it is toooooo high! I have tried to get out of my contract and they say I cannot. I want out! They are a scam! I have already paid them alot of money for NOTHING! Now they want to mess up my credit!

DirectBuy / The whole enchilada

Featherwieght on 2012-09-24
I worked for DirectBuy for over 10 years, in the Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and California. First it was called United Consumer's Club then, UCC Total Home and finally, it's DirectBuy. When I began working for the "club" the 10 year membership was $1500 and today it's over $5000. Their business model, while flawed, is simple, sell memberships to generate revenue. You (the consumer, invited to take a tour based on being selected as a finalist in some "sweepstakes") will be shown incredibly low "cost" pricing on all kinds of consumer goods. You'll be told that you have to...

DirectBuy - Washington, Bothell / Prize Scam

Complainer222 on 2012-04-27
I received a phone call from a marketing agency representing DirectBuy sweepstakes claiming I had won 1 of 4 prizes, one of which was valued at $50K, and had also been guaranteed two airline tickets to anywhere in the US and a $100 dining gift card. I followed through with the offer, and told the salesman at DirectBuy I would not be joining there club before he started his sales presentation. He asked me to step out of the presentation. I was then asked about this by another sales person and I explained why I was there. DirectBuy then brought out a woman who claimed she was the owner who then...

DirectBuy - Texas, Sunnyvale / Deceptive Advertising

sllin on 2012-04-19
DirectBuy is committing fraud through deceptive advertising. Thier advertisement indicated that we were to receive a New 7” Tablet complete with Android O/S, Camera and Wifi as well as receive a $100 or $200 Restaurant Dining Card (Valid at Many Area Restaurants). On Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 3pm, we attended the 90 minute information session at the Sunnyvale showroom. After the information session was complete, we decided that becoming a member was not something that we could afford to do at the time. We informed the staff and declined the membership. We then approached the receptionist...

DirectBuy - Florida, Pensacola / scam

Danaweed on 2012-03-06
They are a new low on the human species chain. Ask yourself why there are so many complaints about them. There is no customer service. We joined and never bought a thing because they are triple the price of Lowes Charged us $3500.00 membership dues. How ridiculous in this age of the internet does a bottom feeding company like this remain open. Why did they change their name? Why are there class action lawsuits against them? Biggest regret is not looking them up before we signed.

DirectBuy - Texas, San Antonio / returning items

NEVER sign up for this corrupt company! We were foolish enough to think that we were building a new home so it would be a great savings - wrong! My first encounter with them was to order my plumbing fixtures and doors - the plumbing fixtures all came in (eventually with a back order and wait time). The doors are a different story - we met with the representative on numerous occasions and had our plans - we told him we wanted a masonite front door - our plans called for a double door (no side lites). We even provided him with a picture of what we wanted - then our french doors (we provided...

DirectBuy - Texas, El Paso / Aggressive client recruiting and sudden store closure

HPHP on 2012-01-09
After a very convincing sales speech at one of the exclusive scheduled personalized visits to the show room my wife and I decided to join the club mainly because we just moved to the city and were planning to spend some time and money on furniture and home remodeling. The store asked for contact information of friends and during the following 30 days the manager of the store was harassing my friends with one or two calls a day to engage them into the club. To our surprise and the surprise of the employees of the store 35 days after we joined the club they closed the doors. One day they sent an...

DirectBuy / Overcharging customers

Angry Member on 2011-12-12
The DirectBuy center in Hunt Valley Maryland closed, so I was supposed to convert over to the Columbia center. I had an outstanding order that I had done on the website. I was told that when my order arrived it would go to the Direct Buy Columbia store instead. It supposedly went to the Columbia store but was broken and then returned to the vendor. I also payed the Columbia store $75 for delivery. This was in addition to the $85 that was spent online for delivery to the store. In total I have paid $566.62 for a dresser which I could have bought in a local store for $300-400. I HAVE YET TO GET A DRESSER or A REFUND. The order was made in May. It is now December.

DirectBuy / Horrible Service

Smurf on 2011-10-07
DirectBuy will not received any of my business. They were pushy on the phone and stated that you must hire a babysitter for your children as they are not allowed. Additionally, they lied and said my husband had scheduled an appointment for an open house and wanted to confirm our schedule time and confirm we had a babysitter. Also, if you show up with your children, they turn you away at the door.

DirectBuy - Ontario, Mississauga / Lousy Customer Service, Dishonest Recruiting

scammedbydirectbuy on 2011-04-15
I have been a member since 2004. Only now, having renovations on the way, am I starting to make more use of my membership. Having more hands-on experience, now I realize there are gross inadequacies in this particular location. I never anticipated when I signed up, having accrued so much debt for the thousands of dollars in membership fees, that there would be so many bungles in my orders and so many rude and incompetent staff members. I increasingly find our family in a dilemma. Having paid so much in membership, I feel that if I discontinue my membership, I would lose thousands because the...

DirectBuy - Illinois, Chicago / Money scam

ElzaS on 2011-04-13
I feel so stupid! I can't believe that I fell for their crap! Especially now since money is tight. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor and save yourself from everything I've just gone through! STAY AWAY FROM THESE ABUSIVE MONEY SUCKERS! It's not worth it! You end up losing a LOT more in the long run. And when you try to cancel the membership, THE WAR BEGINS.

DirectBuy / They make you pay 5000.00 up front if you want to join

Seyazzy on
I worked at the Direct Buy in Maple Shade NJ for a week, I quit because it was not for me, and they never paid me. They had an Open House and only one person showed up, so they made me and 2 other people go to the Open House so it would look like 4 people were there. They make you pay 5000.00 up front if you want to join. The sales people are extremely pushy because they have to be.

DirectBuy / I could not recommend Direct Buy at all, and would suggest people not waste their money

We joined Best Buy Austin, Texas just on one year ago, and have had more than a disappointing experience. They outright Lie. Our mistake for not verifying their info better. We were installing a pool, suppoMembersedly we would more than get our membership cost back by going through them. Not true. The pool company they recommended we go through - that they had the relationship with - did not perform, could not provide references when asked, design was poor and did not reflect multiple attempts by us at explaining what we wanted (including providing our own drawing), and they were not cheaper...

DirectBuy / We are very sorry we ever joined them

Unless you are doing a HUGE reno in your house, well it's just no worth it! We are coming up on our 10 year mark, and well, we have not now buy back in if we wish to stay on!!! Of coarse it's at a reduced rate of $2614.50, it is originally $5999.00 at present, and the new annual fee after the initial 3 years went from $170 to $299!! This is insane, outrageous!! We saw it as a "lifetime" investment, but that is NOT the case!! You can really only save if you do major reno's, not buying the everyday or household items. We are VERY sorry we ever joined now!!!

DirectBuy - Arkansas / Rip Off

Direct Buy Arkansas, Little Rock And NWA, NEVER ... NEVER ... BUY ANYTHING THIS WAY! Little Rock & Bentonville Arkansas This company changes its name frequently because of a poor consumer record. It was formerly known as UCCTotalHome. There are many online reports on both companies regarding their poor consumer record. Look up "direct buy scam" on any search engine. Since you are reading this you probably don't know much about how a company like this does business. A company with a dubious product or service for sale (like this one) will attempt to use coercive persuasion to make you...

DirectBuy - Missouri, Kansas City / Bad Business Practice and Outright Lying to Consumers

I am a former employee who knows first hand that this company is a scam and a joke. I am currently detailing their entire marketing practice on my facebook page from the phone room to the show room floor. If you read it over I'm sure you will be more than a little sickened. Anyway the facebook page is called DirectBuy Liberty and after reading over it if you have any questions I would encourage you to call and ask to speak with either Mark or Ann Divellbiss at the number listed above. They are the owners of the location. And feel free to add me on facebook...we need the moral support...we're trying to take these guys down or at least make them fell our prescence.

DirectBuy / Sketchy from the top down.

Son of DirectBuy founder says he was forced out of dad's company CLAIMS AGE DISCRIMINATION IN FEDERAL LAWSUIT Story Discussion By Dan Hinkel - dan.hinkel@nwi.com, (219) 852-4317 | Posted: Thursday, January 21, 2010 12:00 am | 1 Comment Font Size: Default font size Larger font size HAMMOND | The son of the founder of home furnishing buying club company DirectBuy is suing the Merrillville-based company's parent group over alleged age discrimination, accusing DirectBuy's corporate parent of depriving him of $900, 000 in yearly pay when he was purportedly forced to retire at age...

DirectBuy - South Carolina, Columbia / Can't cancel membership within 3 days

Gunter on
We signed a three year contract Oct 2nd, 2009. However when we tried calling them to cancel within three days no one picks up the phone. We left voice messages and Email along with a letter send to them requesting cancellation. They haven't responded yet. NOt sure if they will cancel as there is no response, however there Indiana corporate office did say we should be able to cancel within three days. I want to get out of this andget my money back.

DirectBuy - Oregon, Portland / RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL

OMG! This place is rude. I had heard good things about purchases, under retail prices. I wanted to check it out as a possible resource for my kitchen remodel. I proceeded to schedule a "tour" through a salesperson named John Irish. This man was so annoying. He called almost every day to ensure that I will make my appointment, know the directions there, etc. The "visitor pass" was for a Sunday, at 11:00 AM. A family situation came up. So, I called on Saturday to tell someone and cancel. I DID NOT SPEAK TO John. This person was nice and understanding. No high pressure sales from him. Anyway, on...
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