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Channel 7 - Tennis coverage

Posted: 2015-05-29 by    Sarah54321
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Why don't you televise the French Open Tennis?! You show some of Wimbledon and even some of the US Open (even though it is only on at 3am!) Yet you never show the French even though that is an hour more compatible than Wimbledon with the Aus timezone!. Perfect for night viewing. It is a BIG tennis tournament you know. I'm know there are English speaking commentators covering the Open. Just because you don't want to pay Australian commentators to cover it doesn't mean that you can't buy someone else's coverage. Foxtel has it! If people want to watch Wimbledon...the same...

Channel 7 - Inappropriate ad

Posted: 2015-05-24 by    LynneHar
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Inappropriate advertisement for Fifty Shades of Grey - the uncut version showing a woman wanting to be handcuffed or bound.
The news before stated an 18 yo man was being charged with rape of a girl in her own home....

Channel 7 - derogatory judgemental comments

Posted: 2015-05-24 by    julie stephenson
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
An article on the news was about a man who was knitting food. He was creative and Channel 7 did a story on his creativity.
The news reporter said at the end in a judgemental derogatory way "It takes All Types", with a condescending tone.
How dare she be so judgemental of someone she is supposed to be reporting without prejudice on....

Channel 7 - Queensland, cairns - lack of digital signal

Posted: 2014-10-26 by    MissPissed0ff
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Channel 7,
The signal for your channel is absolute crap!
You need to invest in improving your signals. Your channel is the OLNY channel that has any issues with it's signal. Utterly disappointing when you know your favourite show is on yet can't watch it because it cuts out every bloody second! Very very annoying and EXTREMELY irritating.



Channel 7 - Golf coverage

Posted: 2014-10-24 by    Elite squad
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Here i am watching the perth international so i got up to watch the 3 leaders to day whats so BLOODY ANNOYING you spend so much time advertising other business for god sake just concentrate on the golf coverage sick and tired this and not just me 3 leaders go to tee of on hole 3 i think and you go to BLOODY ADVERTS gees adverts adverts adverts adverts adverts channel 7 what ------ NEEDS a change so behind the times again this is about golf isn't it and how these guys make it look so easy to the normal people and appreciate what these golfers can do .

Channel 7 - Ageism

Posted: 2014-09-28 by    cherrypieit
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Channel 7, is it true that you ceased production of "A Place To Call Home" - and ended it prematurely with an embarrassingly awful episode - because its audience was too old?! If so, one word - "Discrimination"! Tsk tsk!! Bears looking into, I'd say! Bring it back!...

Channel 7 - editing

Posted: 2014-06-22 by    Gareth Armstrong
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Jurassic Park movie on Saturday 21st was so edited it was like watching a different movie. Why were so many scenes shorted or cut out? You have advert breaks every two minutes so the movies are three or four hours long... Is that why you miss bits out? Try leaving out one of the ad breaks then you would not need to cut bits out. Should'nt Be too hard there are so many......

Channel 7 - Totally irritating

Posted: 2014-03-22 by    Victoria O
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I have never written a complaint before but channel 7 need to know that playing one advertisment for an upcoming show so many times has the complete opposite effect of what is intended. The one Resurection ad is played at least 20-30 times per day and is easily the most irritating add on tv. I will never watch the show because of the ad and I know many others who feel the same way. When it comes on, I now instantly change channels. Please channel, put us all out of our misery and be more creative...Maybe create 3-4 DIFFERENT adds for the one show and play half as often....

Channel 7 - Western Australia, Perth Metro Area - Advertised times

Posted: 2013-09-15 by    Disappointed viewer
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Channel 7! Your Sunday night programs are great, however they are not on time! I love watching Bones and Castle and look forward to watching it on Sunday nights. I plan to be able to sit down and watch it at 8.30, no wait, 8.45, oh no wait, 8.50, 9.00, 9.15, 9.30, 9.45. Still waiting. I set the DVD recorder to tape Castle because it is on so late, and now I am going to have to do it for Bones too. Shame on you. Play it on seven two instead so we can watch it at a decent time....

Channel 7 - Lack of punctuality!

Posted: 2013-09-12 by    Annoyance!
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Channel 7 has some great series/shows but it is horrible at being punctual! Someone really need to change the clocks at channel 7 or have less commercials or do something about it as movies are often shown 5-15 mintues late! This is so annoying.

Other channels seem to be doing a great job trying to keep to the allocated time slot.. So why can't channel 7??...

Channel 7 - Queensland, Brisbane Metro Area - midday movie

Posted: 2013-06-19 by    ozeymum
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Come on channel 7...out of all the movies ever made you have to keep repeating the midday movies? I work nightshift so the midday movie is something I look forward to..yet, like today, it's a repeat x2!!! NOT IMPRESSED...

Channel 7 - New South Wales, Lakehaven - Poor reception

Posted: 2013-03-03 by    Confusious
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
My email address is info@bossqs.com.au
I am one of many people suffering from interference of Channel 7 reception. I rarely put up with even looking at the channel because of this. There are many good programs that I am missing because of this, especially some sports programs like car racing for instance. I keep giving it a go but end up moving to another channel or turning off the TV.
I saw another comment on the computer that said that someone in the Melbourne area had the same problem. Is it the band that you have been lumbered with causing this problem and if so what can I do to...

Channel 7 - Queensland, Brisbane - no show of home & away 2 nites in a row

Posted: 2013-01-29 by    glam fairy
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
f its good that channel 7 has full coverage of the floods but its constantly on every single channel starting from 6am & the past 2 nites theres been no show of home&away but yet you put on my kitchen rules& every otha show.home & away only just came bak on afta the xmas break& if you can show all the otha tv shows y not show this show?there beta be a catchup on Sunday....

Channel 7 - Queensland, Cairns - Not broadcasting Tennis Final

Posted: 2013-01-27 by    Tennis Fanatic
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 14 votes
It is the men's tennis final and Channel 7 is not broadcasting. I cannot even watch it online due to right's restrictions. If Channel 7 are going to block all avenues for me to watch the tennis final - which I have taken time off work for - they should at least be reliable. I cannot find any information on their website about a fault - nor on their twitter page, even thought their last tweet was 2 minutes ago. I have tried to phone their office but the number is not working. FUMING RIGHT NOW!!! I had better not miss one ball of this game Channel 7. You dont deserve the rights to this sport...

Channel 7 - programms

Posted: 2013-01-25 by    Keza55
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I am so fed up with all the program's that are repeated and repeated, re-run after re-run. We who are unable to leave our homes and can not afford foxtel are subjected to all these old program's day and night. The old movies that you put on have been played over and over. That new free to air add would have cost a penny please put some of your money into new programs at all time of the day and night....

Channel 7 - New South Wales, Wollongong - Australian Open Commentary

Posted: 2013-01-14 by    elle77
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I am appalled at the comments made by the commentators (particularly the male commentators) in referencing players' relationships, generally female players.
It seems that is the most important or only thing that they can think of to talk about before, during and after matches. With the male players they are more focused on techniques, training, statistics and injuries while these get only brief mention when the commentators are discussing a female athlete. In this situation the commentators seem to prefer discussing the athlete's relationship status, especially those players who...

Channel 7 - Queensland, Brisbane - TV digital reception

Posted: 2013-01-08 by    Laurie Charles
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 6 votes
Why is it that the only TV channel that breaks up is Channel 7 it is pathetic
Everyone else can get ot right why not them. It is fast becoming the channel not to watch.
Maybe fixing the problem will cut into some ones pocket money....

Channel 7 - Queensland, Brisbane - Timing

Posted: 2012-09-19 by    complainingwoman
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I have had enough!!!
Reality TV shows have been on for years now and channel 7 still runs over every night. The past few nights "X Factor" has gone over it's time slot by more than 20minutes. This is crazy- how can they not know and why can't they stop televising and play the rest the next evening. We often record shows such as "Winners& Losers", "Criminal Minds", "Up All Night" & "GCB" so that we can watch them in peace once the kids are in bed. However, lately we have been missing the ends of these shows because of X Factor running over time.
Get a grip channel 7- X Factor...

Channel 7 - Victoria, Melbourne - Commentary on AFL

Posted: 2012-07-14 by    ollyharris
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Further disgraceful commentary on Channel 7's AFL coverage of the Hawthorn vs. Western Bulldogs game.

Tim Watson seems to be able to comment on nothing but Hawthorn and how wonderful they are, without making a single comment about the Western Bulldogs. While it was obvious Hawthorn were the better team, Tim was utterly incapable of making a single positive contribution to a team that has improved enormously since the past few weeks. Also unable to make a negative comment about the precious Hawks when they made mistakes! Completely and utterly bored of listening to Tim's...

Channel 7 - Victoria, Melbourne - football commentary

Posted: 2012-04-28 by    j jaeger
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
the commentary team @ Etihad stadium for the Richmond v WCE today were a disgrace, how dare they barrack & push WCE game ahead of the opposition there were 2 teams out there today, Dennis Cometti was so pro WCE the only thing he missed was his Eagle scarf & his weak little followers Bruce McAvaney & Tim Watson cannot even make independent assessments it was pathetic, I was so angry by the end of the game, & don't know if they realised there were more players on the ground than Daniel Kerr. Eagles were bigger stronger than the Tigers which in the end was probably why they won, we can accept...

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