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Ca DMV - California / clueless

-_-; on 2011-05-29
Because of a numbers of car accidents, I need to get my diamond lane stickers back from the DMV. First, I when to the local DMV office - not only the people there was rude, I got no real answers .. and the kickers is I know the manager at that office. So after doing some online research, I found the proper paperworks and mail all the stuffs in - the damaged labels, the fastrack paperworks, repair shop's statements and fee for the stickers... I waited a month before I got back a letter from DMV asking me for another proof for fastrack... okay, I send get some other paper works and send the...

Ca DMV - California, Lake County / Registration

Sugatree87 on 2011-02-26
I moved from PA to CA in August of 2010. As soon as I found an apartment (you need a permanent address to get a license), I got my license and registered my car. After registration (including smog tests), I asked them if there was anything else I needed; if I had to turn in any paperwork. The woman said no. I asked again, asking if she was sure, and what about insurance. She said I was good. I figured, okay, I guess CA is different, and they don't need proof of insurance. My car was still insured in PA, so I thought I was good. In February of 2011, I got a letter saying that there is no...

Ca DMV - California, El Cajon / Registration Renewal

ssolis1 on
Recently my husband and I received a very ambiguous letter from the CA DMV regarding our truck. I needed to go to the DMV for some unrelated business and brought the letter with me. I went into the DMV and to make a (very) long story short, the letter was a Delinquency Notice for the registration of his truck. I always pay our bills on time - a delinquency notice is not common practice in our home. The clerk told me it was the "fourth" notice they had sent and told me I owed $305 immediately. It was really upsetting and ruined our Christmas gift giving plans. Now this isn't some sappy...

Ca DMV - California / idiots

I failed my first behind-the-wheel driving test. They told me since I'm a minor I will have to wait 2 weeks before I can try again. So the guy looked up available appoints starting from 2 weeks from that date. He says that day 2 weeks from that date was available and proceeded to make the appointment. 2 weeks later it turns out that incompetent alsefj booked the appointment 4 weeks from that date! I go to the DMV to complain and they just shuffle me from one person to anther. Each person told me the same useless things and said it in a way as if I'm some retarded kid who doesn't...

Ca DMV - California, Hemet / Money Stolen

I Had purchased a vehicle out of state in Utah. Upon arriving at the california DMV to get it registered for California use the lady helping me stated she could do nothing until it was smogged and complied with state regulations. I said great its an 01 diesel therefore does not require a smog certificate. About an hour later they said yes you are right. Then came all the fees. Was not able to get that resolved until about five more trips back to DMV. After it all was sorted out come to find out the dealer i purchased it from out of state overpaid for sales tax as well as registration. I ended...
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