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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Complaints & Reviews

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - Florida, Melbourne / They do not have the tools to do the job and certainly they do not stand behind their word.

Reviewer82846 on 2016-01-09
Our whole house backed up and we had so we called a local plumber who snaked the line. Two weeks later it backed up again. We called another plumber who also snaked the line. Two weeks later it backed up again. The second plumber offered to come snake it again, which he did. He took more time and suspect a break in the line. He took pictures of where he thought the break was and suggested calling a plumber with a camera to come look at it. It ran for about two weeks again and backed up 2 days before New Years Eve with a house full of guests. I called Benjamin Franklin Plumbing because they "guaranteed"...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - New Jersey, Marlton / Repair of kitchen sink/ BID SCAMMERS!

Carmen L on 2015-12-31
On Dec. 23, 2015, my kitchen sink fell down from my granite counter tops. I called them because their ad looked good and they said they could come right out. (I was having out of town gusts to arrive shortly). I explained the problem over the phone and they said they'd be there shortly. As soon as they got there they started on and on about how the problem was so big it would take hours and first they needed a granite guy for the sink. They called some granite places they said they used. Then they said granite people don't do emergencies and they could do a temporary fix of the sing and fix...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing / Overpriced work, scare tactics

Reviewer43252 on 2015-11-06
I called Benjamin Franklin Plumbing because someone in my church recommended them. We had just bought a 60 year old house, and the previous owner went all DIY on the plumbing system. Our inspector couldn't find the crawl space access, so the plumbing never got inspected (but that's a different rant for a different place). Our washing machine was overflowing the drain, and we needed options for fixing it. When BFP showed up, the tech showed me his little cost booklet, assuring me it protects me by preventing overcharges on their part. He offered to let me remove all of the paneling off the...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing / Service & pricing

Jejcv on 2015-07-20
UPDATE! I called in another plumber who FIXED my faucet! with no issues at all! For 150.00 an hour. Total came to 325.88 which I gladly paid. Be assured that I am reporting you to the BBB and to any licensing agency I can for the price gouging antics and false information practices you employ. I am also expecting a full refund as stated earlier. On Jul 18, 2015, at 7:35 PM, Eileen Metz <eileenmetz29@aol.com> wrote: I am writing to tell you that I was extremely dissatisfied with the service I was told I could get. I was very clear when I booked this appointment what type of faucet thi...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - Delaware, Dover / Overcharge

David N Edwards on 2015-07-07
All the repair required was to cut out 9” of faulty pipe and two connectors to fix leak. I had dug the hole and exposed pipe and had all ready for repair which would have taken me 20 minutes and $6 in materials, but as I did not have the materials or the time to go to Lowes as I was catching a 6am flight the next morning I called Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and explained the job, the person I spoke to agreed there would be no call out charge I left a signed check with my son. I was ripped off as I was charged $430 for this repair (invoice 398198)

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - New Jersey, Brick / False Advertising

Marilyn A on 2015-02-18
Toilet broke and I was desperate..asked the girl on phone if they were associated with another plumbing company ( who I was very dissatisfied with and had gone out of business) and she said no. I told her I wanted the cheapest toilet and had seen one in Home Depot for $99. She assured me they have one that cheap on the truck. 2 plumbers came and said they don't have any that cheap and it was a flat rate of $479 plus another $200 for a broken valve. They did NOT have any toilet on the truck and said they would be back in 20 mins...came back 2 hours later.(probably went to Home Depot and...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing / They lie to you about the price

Difene on 2012-08-23
Ben Franklin is a good plumber, but beware. They will quote a price over the phone or internet or newspaper which sounds reasonable. But when the guy arrives at your home he adds on this service and that service and the price suddenly has doubled or tripled. If you balk and tell him to leave, you still owe the $50 service charge.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - New York, Hamburg / Outrageous pricing

Lee Andolina on 2012-02-03
Well first they took me on a Stenner Chlorinating pump. The pump was leaking and needed some repairs. I was told that those pumps are not serviceable and it would be $900 to replace it. Believed them unfortunately and had them put in a new one. Then my 80 gallon Wellmate started leaking a year later. Well the tech walked in said you have to replace it those aren't serviceable. I just asked for him to look to see if a fitting was the problem instead of the tank. Did a half-assed job to see if he could spot the leak. Then quotes me for a new one at $3500. Now my system altogether was right...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - Minnesota, Minneapolis / Repair of Gas Fireplace

Phil Holbrook on 2011-11-08
Called Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to repair a gas fireplace because they advertised that on their website and they are well know due to their TV ads. 1st discovered that the tech did not know much about gas fireplaces - second the pricing was outrageous. My wife took the day off to meet with the repairman and was pressured to sign an agreement. Tech first said he was sure there were spider webs in the gas line and he would have to take it apart to clean. He said it was extremely complicated and would cost $525 and since he was already there we owed him a major part of that charge. After...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing / Sckon

meetrin on 2011-07-08
I saw a TV Ad for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and thought that is exactly what I need. The Ad says "any drain, any time for $76". I had a low maintenance, slow drain in the kitchen. They advertised $76, but the price quickly tripled when he walked in the door. He told he had to add a $49 service charge for coming to the house (like he could fix it otherwise). He had to add additional service charge because it was a difficult access job (it was a kitchen sink, not drain under house). I told him to forget it and he said I still owe him the $49 service charge for coming to my house to lie to me.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - Indiana / Overcharging, poor service

tris210 on 2011-04-28
There was a leak in my basement on my Manobloc manifold system. The plumber came on Saturday morning and said it is the pipe fitting leaking and changed 2 foot of pipes from PVC to PEX and reused the copper fittings and charged $450. The leak got worse and they said they wanted to replace the manifold for another $985. I told them to leave after paying the $450. Called a few other plumbers to provide estimate and they all said the manifold system is known to have 10 years warranty so the part is free and labor is $200-$300. Benjamin Frankli plumbing in Indianapolis area is a scam and rip-off...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing / Over Priced

Ian D. Clark on 2011-04-26
I had a minor leak. I called Benjamin Franklin. Upon the plumber arriving, I was immediately pitched on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing ‘s reasonable pricing. When I showed the plumber the minor leak, he informed me he could fix the leak in 15 minutes. Then, the plumber informed me the repairs would cost at least $370.00. What a scam.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing / Overpriced plumbing repair

Jobby99 on 2011-03-22
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in NE Ohio is expensive and has a generic pricing structure that is meant to confuse the customer. Look for a reputable handyman. Most plumbing jobs require muscle, tools, and a year of experience. Don't pay too much. Technician was given list of three things that needed to be done. Tech didn't know he turned water off outside. Drove back to warehouse to get special tool. Still didn't know water was off. Then, bent main pipe to kill water flow unnecessarily. We paid $150 more for the extra work that wasn't even needed. Next time, turn the water...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing / Price gouging

Thomas S on 2011-02-02
I rely on my tenants to handle the services needed when something is broken or needs repaired. My tenant contacted Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Kittery, Maine 207) 439-2330 or 888-603-6539. They came out and it took them less than two hours to thaw a pipe at a cost of $338.00. I contacted them to find out what type of work they actually did and have not heard back from them. This was an opportunity for them to redeem themselves. I contacted another plumber after the fact and he said this was very high for this type of work. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing does fixed price charges and not hourly...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing / Deceptive overcharges

Ivo on
Charged me $460 to replace toilet bowl wax ring. Afterwards I called other plumbers for estimate got range of $180-$250. Tried to get me to rip up floor and replace pipe for over $1800. I was not home my wife was home and guy was obviously trying to get over on us. When I got pissed at his $1800 claim of "guy this is the only way to do this" and said I was on my way home suddenly he could just replace the ring and the flange on the pipe was actually fine. Told me on phone minimum $59 service charge which will be deducted from final cost of job if we choose to use them. Well it was not deducted it's right on the bill, when I called and complained I was told on this "type of a job" service call charge is not deducted

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - Florida, Tampa / Excellent Service Company

prince1 on
This company has and maintains the highest standard of ethics and customer service. Their gurantees on their work and commitment to their customers needs is second to none. I would not feel comfortable letting any other plumber in my house. They have an " A +" rating on the better business bureau. It is unfortunate that site like this exist but I guess when you have tens of thousands of customers like they do there will be a couple that complain. Continue to research what other customers have said about this company on superpages.com and merchantcircle.com. They have so many happy customer...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - Minnesota, Minneapolis / Bait & Switch

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing's On-Hold advertising states they DO NOT charge by the hour. That is a lie!No sooner than the plumber got to my house he said $257 per hr! I told him that is NOT what I heard on their MOH. He said, oh, that's for faucets, and everything else but. At first they wanted $200 to come the same day - I said forget it. That was reduced to $79. Then he wanted to charge another $257 to use the camera. I don't think so! I told him Roto Rooter wanted to charge me $100 so he can forget that! If I hadn't put up a fuss they would have charged me $200 to show up...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - Florida, Lakeland / Overcharged and ripped off

marhrt on
This company is nothing but a big rip-off for plumbing work. We were told they have a flat fee for their plumbing work, however, it goes by different Levels according to the work involved. We were charged $805 for two hours of work which could have been done in one hour. We were charged on two of their different levels which brought the price up that high. We had a leaking drain pipe under the house from our kitchen sink. All the service person did was to cut off a 2" by 6" peiece of PVC and replace it. Their service person was a smooth talker and sold us a bunch of BS. I have written the...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing / Don't call them unless you enjoy throwing money and time away

Joide on
I have never in my life dealt with such a horrible company. They have come here at least eight times to fix a problem and it still isn't fixed! My neighbor has children and no heat, this had been going on for over a month. They come and claim it's fixed and then the next day the heat is out again! Today I had to call and make sure that the "plumbers" they keep sending have been trained, considering everytime they come they don't have parts, they never have a lighter, and today the truck broke down so my neighbor is going without heat again. I'm waiting for the real Benjamin...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing / Do not use them

AfuR74 on
I used Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and they charged to run unnecessary tests only to make more money (although I told the technician I don't have an income since I'm unemployed) and told him I have a leak under the kitchen cabinets. So, the first think he checked under the kitchen sink and under the dishwasher, then he told me he needs to run a water pressure test to find where is the leak. he ran a test which took him less than 5 minutes and cost me $90 and came back inside the house to tell me the leak is under the dishwasher which he checked first think when he walked inside my house. He did not even shut the valve the supplied the dishwasher water to stop leak. So, I had to do it myself.
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