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Bank Of Oklahoma Complaints & Reviews

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Bank Of Oklahoma / Unethical Behaviour

Debra Delgadillo on 2015-12-21
Ryan m. In the mortgage dept. In the okc. Branch has treated me for months with little to no respect, he has time after time told me how intelligant he is and i don't need to give him suggestions on how to do his job. I got behind on my payments due to not working and resolved the problem by making arrangements with ryan for automatic withdrawl each pay period. This month has 3 pay periods in which has been brought to his attention, and ryan said his manager wouldn't stop the payment on one of the withdraws in order to make it a 2 payment month. Since making the arrangements my home still...

Bank Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma, Tulsa / Automatic Withdrawal

Reviewer54411 on 2015-11-02
I simply wanted 2 stop a dr that I'm no longer seeing from automatically withdrawing $50 from my account each mon. But when I called BOK they told me that I had to contact my dr. I said I tried but my dr wouldn't return my calls. So they said I could do a stop payment but that was only a 1 time thing & there's a fee or get a new card.

Bank Of Oklahoma / Criminally long hold on certified funds.

Reviewer56206 on 2015-08-26
Opened a checking account in person with a check from USBank for $5000.00, USBank online account showed debit for that amount on same day and Bank of Oklahoma online account posted 1 day later with the full amount, but online account showed $0.00 balance. Called to inquire and was told that because it was a new account was new it would have a 15 day hold. Cannot have access to certified funds for 15 days is ridiculous. Go elsewhere for your banking needs

Bank Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma, Tulsa / over draft

Sandisaysso on 2014-06-06
We have been with BOK for over 10 years. From time to time we have had to use our overdraft account. Which has been $400 on checking account for over 10 years!. The other day we overdrafted by $40 nd they returned payment and didn't let it overdraft. Apparently according to a manager our over draft varies from day to day. Some days it is 0 and some days $1000 depending on our spending habits... which haven't changed in 10 years. This bank is a total rip off! First you give us fees because you put in transactions highest to lowest to benefit your greedy overdraft fees and then you change your policy with out notification. Noone should use this bank. There are reputable banks in Tulsa. DONT USE BOK.

Bank Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma, Broken Arrow / Bank of Oklahoma Looses Deposits!!

jcmann01 on 2012-08-20
I am a local business owner and am constantly using my business account to make deposits and other transactions. I have to really keep a close eye on my business account because if I don't, the money will quickly disappear. Well, this time it is the bank itself! I can understand occasional mishaps, but this is the 4th time they have lost one of my deposits? It is kind of interesting to note two things. One is that they never miss an expense, ever, but when it comes to your hard earned money that you deposit, trusting the bank to do their job, you really have to supervise what is going on!...

Bank Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma, Norman / service fees

A1111 on 2012-07-03
I had a free checking account with Bank of Oklahoma for 11 years, always in good standing. They suddenly added a service fee and, by time I noticed, they'd taken out $24.00. I tried to speak to a manager about it and it took three visits before a manager was even on site, despite my returning at times I was told one would be available. When a manager finally was on duty, I offered to deposit $5, 000 on the spot in exchange for waiving of all or part of the service fees. They refused to consider it and were snarky and insulting. They preferred to lose a long time customer and a reliable $5, 000.00 minimum monthly balance than to simply reverse $24.00 or less in fees. Very slow, rude, unreliable, and tricky.

Bank Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma, Tulsa / Cashing check from their bank

Auburnred on 2011-09-03
I received a mileage check from the company I work for. The company banks with Bank of Oklahoma. I had proper I'D and wanted to cash the check at the drive in window as I have a back injury and am using a rollator to be mobile. The check was less than 50.00 dollars. They would not cash that check unless I came inside the bank because they said I needed to have an account there. They wanted me to be fingerprinted. Why can't they cash a check on their own bank? Ridiculous!!!

Bank Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma, Tulsa / Customer Service

Over 2 years ago I changed my last name. I provided all the proper documentation. They still refuse to get it right. Today, I waited in line in the drive-thru @ 31/Garnett area for a long time. They asked me about my last name who I was. Everyone heard them. My son was with me and said wow, she was really rude. The lady that waited on me was who he referred to. They have been rude to many people in the drive-thru where others can hear. I have heard them. The tellers talk and laugh and make people wait and stare when people complain about the excessive wait in lines. I asked them to get it my...

Bank Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma, Tulsa / Failed Account Closure

I closed a business account (I thought) on 8-31-2010. I transfered my account to another bank, where I had another business account, to consolidate them. Approx. 2 weeks later, I started getting notices that my old account was overdrawn! Apparently the teller had given me a cashier's check which emptied my account, but did not officially "close" it. There was an automatic deposit from the state of Oklahoma that mistakenly went into the account; there were also several debits taken from the account, which should never have occurred, which resulted in an "overdraft" position, on an account...

Bank Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma, Tulsa / Rip off

My problem is with Bank of Oklahoma. I have been a loyal customer over 8 years. I was encouraged to sign up with automatic Bill pay for my Car payment. An e-check was sent out 3 days before scheduled payment allowing 7 overdraft fees over 200$ in total. When brought to the banks attention by clearifying I was in the right; they put my payment back in, but said I would be responsible for two of the overdraft fees...why? I am not sure? Later knowing I could not afford this to happen again, I cancelled my automatic bill pay, along with future payments scheduled by sitting down with a BOK manager...

Bank Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma, Tulsa / BOK re-opens my account 2 weeks after I closed it.

2 weeks after I had totally closed a checking account at BOK and zeroed the balance, the bank re-opened the identical account and began allowing Geico insurance to make monthly withdrawals. BOK also started charging me a $6/mo fee for the account PLUS almost $30 PER ITEM in overdraft penalties. I had closed this checking account in person, with the "assistance" of their manager, some skinny dork of a guy who is clueless. He assured me the account was 100% closed and no further transactions could take place. Now, over two-weeks afterwards, the account is OPEN AGAIN without my knowledge or...

Bank Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma / Overdraft Fees

H8BOK on
I have been banking with BOK for about 5 years. I had always had a very stable, typically above $500 account. Recently, due to pregnancy and then birth, I fell behind on some bills. I got hit with overdraft fees. I ended up doing 10 transactions without realizing I was even negative. Many of which were $5 here and there. I ended up being -$386! (only around $150 of which were actual transactions.) I asked BOK to assist me with this. I reminded them of how dedicated I have been to this bank. The manager informed me it wasn't there problem, and when I said I would have to choose another...

Bank Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma / Fees

Bank of Oklahoma has added one of the most rediculous fees I have ever heard of. I am not even sure it would stand up to a class action lawsuit. They now charge a $5 PER DAY fee if the account is overdrawn. All banks charge an overdraft fee which if you go over what you have in the bank you expect to get. Been there done that. But now they also immediately start charging a $5 PER DAY fee on top of that until you get the balance back above $0. This means someone who goes over by $5 gets the $28.95 fee which is already excessive but then gets $5 per day on top of that. If this happened a week...

Bank Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma, Tulsa / False advertising

I opened a free checking account with BOK in Feb of 09. According to their website, a customer service rep and a branch manager foreign currency could be ordered with no charge at the market rate which was $1.4009 per GBP on the 10th of March. When I approached the teller I was quoted a rate of 1.5112 per GBP. They go through a company called Foreign Currency Exchange Corp out of Orlando Fla. When you recieve your currency order you finally get a disclosure "Important Notice: The exchange rate used for this transaction may vary from other exchange rates in existence globally." Their website...

Bank Of Oklahoma / Illegal closure of bank account

A bank account was closed out by a person in a law firm one day before the owner of the bank account died. There is a letter from a bank personnel saying the balance of the account was enclosed. FBI and OSBI -Oklahoma- informed me that they could not help, when it clearly states anything over $10,000.00 illegally taken from bank is a federal offense, this account was over $88,000.00. Is there a time limit for persecution of this type of crime?
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