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Alamo - Tennessee, Chattanooga / Stole my money out of my purse

Jen Sullivan on Apr 23, 2015
I rented a car in April 2015 from Alamo in Chattanooga, TN. I returned the car 6 hours later and left my purse in the car. I locked the car and returned the keys. I went back in 20 min and the car was in the wash bay. The Alamo attendants had gone through my purse and took all on my cask $330.00. They would not give it back and the airport police told me this operation was "very shady" and that they had numerous complaints. I spoke to district managers, corporate numerous times and they did not care or do anything to get my money back. HEY ALAMO - GIVE ME MY MONEY

Alamo / 3 bad experiences in a row !!

Juribe2 on Mar 10, 2015
MY EXPERIENCIES WITH ALAMO I’ve rented cars with Alamo for a long time. I was very satisfied with the service and rental cost, compared with other agencies, but my last 3 experiences have been terrible: June 2013: family vacations to Davenport, FL. I rented a Dodge Journey at the Miami Int Airport and hit the road to Davenport. Once in the Turnpike I noticed the car had an important vibration in one tire. I got worried about my family safety, so once in Orlando I looked for an Alamo agency to get a car exchange. They told me they didn’t have a SUV available and they suggested me to...

Alamo - California, San Francisco / Bait and Switch - Staff blatantly lied about the price to upgrade

Lachlan_gray on Feb 28, 2015
In short - The Alamo staff member told us we could pay $300 for an upgrade to a bigger car (a car that Alamo themselves said we at 24 were too young to drive) but then decided to run our credit card off for $1, 400 instead. He completely lied to our face and charged us almost 5 times as much. Myself and two friends pre-booked the largest car we could rent at our age (as we were just under 25 at the time) through rentalcars.com, Everything worked great and we arrived at the airport to pick the car up. The staff member noticed that we were carrying ski gear, and suggest that we get a 4wd. I...

Alamo - Hawaii, Kailua-Kona / Price switch

MMEW on Feb 15, 2015
In December we rented a vehicle in Kona, Hawaii from Alamo and I wish to share my experience and express my dissatisfaction. To add insult to injury, following our trip, I was contacted by phone for a customer satisfaction survey, and was told that a company representative would contact me. Two weeks later we submitted a complaint to Alamo. We have yet to hear from the company. My wife and I made the rental car reservation in September through Costco for a Jeep Wrangler or similar. We were vacationing with a senior couple and needed a four door vehicle. The Wrangler is available in both 2 and 4...

Alamo - Florida, Fort Myers / Fort Myers Alamo Bait & Switch

Red-z998 on Feb 5, 2015
The attendant at this location executed a "Bait & Switch" when we arrived, aggressively pushing a car class change that cost an additional $299.94 on our bill, which is unreasonable, since our reservation was for $372.00. Normally, class upgrades are given for free. Although we were given a credit for $100.00. when we complained, plus $37.50., this is not enough. I cannot in good conscience recommend this location to any one.

Alamo / Car damage Scam

M Wise on Aug 7, 2014
Like previous complaints, I rented a car from Alamo. I was in Nashville at 1 o'clock in the morning and the airport garage was dimly lit. I did the usual walk around inspection and did not note any obvious damage. When I returned the car the next day, the agent looked over the car. I noticed that he was looking under the car. Not an area that I inspected!! He said there was evidence of damage. There was, but it was not visible with a standard, standing-up, walk around check. You had to bend down to see it. I did not damage this car!! I rent cars frequently and will state that 99% of...

Alamo / overcharge

RogerWeb on Jul 18, 2014
We reside in Perth Western Australia and hired a vehicle online through Europar who turned out to be Alamo car hire.The hire period was from the 17th May 2014/20th June 2014 to be collected in Manchester and returned to the same area.When we collected the vehicle we were told the tank was full and that we should lreturn the vehicle empty, no option was gived although we were informed later that we had elected to take the fuel option with a full tank, so we paid upfront for that.At some point during our vacation we were charged part of the total account for the hire period which included the...

Alamo - England, Merseyside, Liverpool / Extra charge from Ec Vehicle Rental

Ida Rishaug on Apr 22, 2014
On the 26 March I picked up a prepaid car from Alamo at Liverpool Lime Street Station at 14:30. The car was paid by credit car on the website rentalcars.com. We delivered the car fully tanked at Manchester Airport as agreed at approx 09:00 the day after. Now I see there's been an extra draw from my account of NOK 1655 (approx. £170) charged on 31 March. WHAT IS THIS? Confirmation number 791313734 Booking Referance number: 381168205

Alamo - Florida, Orlando / double charge

cujodog on Jul 2, 2011
I wanted all my vacation paid before we left so the air, hotel disney tickets and rental car were prepaid! I booked the economy car through hotwire for a great deal at $205 for 10 days. When I went to the desk with the hotwire paper work showing paid(can't book with hotwire without paying for it at time of reservation) I ask about a FREE size upgrade. He checked and said he could bump me up one size. Great doesn't hurt to ask i said. I declined all the insurance and gps etc.signed everthing and he asked for the credit card(debt card) . the hotwire fine print says they might put a...

Alamo / badly maintained vehicles

Judith Branden on Mar 14, 2011
I reserved a car from Alamo in Puerto Vallarta on their website. When I got there they substituted a much larger vehicle. The vehicle had over 75k clicks on it and was covered in dings, nicks and scratches (over 50) which I noted on the appropriate sign out form. When I got away from the depot I discovered that there was an old tire and various garbage in the rear hatch. The rear hatch did not work properly, the seat pockets were torn, the carpets were stained and the electronic dash kept warning of various mechanical problems and tire under inflation. Needless to say it made me nervous to...

Alamo / False Commercial; Dishornest Clerk; Bad Service

Jorie Song on Mar 12, 2011
False Commrcial: A commercial from Costco magzine regarding Alamo rental car says: "Save up to 25%, plus one free day." However, when the reservation customer representative gave me the estimate, only $25 was taken off from the total amount, no "one free day" was shown neither. The total estimate amount was $134.63. Dishornest Clerk: At Maui Kahului airport, the Alamo clerk used my debit card for a total charge of $196.62, and told me that the amount would not be charged and was only for paper work purpose. Bad Service: Airport pick-up bus took about 45 minutes to arrive, when other rental...

Alamo / Charged too much money

Stephen G on Mar 9, 2011
I called international reservations to book a car from london airport.was told to book it then it would be cheaper.i ask if the insurance was incl. i was told yes total price would be 606.00 american money. got to airport add. 260.00 was charged for ins. i was told it was inclued was told only if i came there and made res.but i was told to book it on phone and ins. was incl.but they said ins would be 260.00 for 6 days.i had no choice but sign for it.so when i complained to cust.service i was called a lie and said that it was never discussed.they said the conversation i had with agent i never mentioned ins. there you go if you can book with another car rental please do.

Alamo / Claim of damage

We rented a car for the day while our ship was in port in Cozumel, Mexico. We rented what they call a chevy open. We declined the 11.95 insurance (coverage from State Farm and Visa). The car had over 69, 000 miles on it with many scratches and dents. When we returned the car they accused us of damage to the front bumper. There were two spots of paint missing. We did not do this damage to the car and even walked around the car with the attendant before leaving the lot. He did not mark anything down - just nodded his head. The clerk called in the store manager who announced that we owed him 3000...

Alamo / Charging for damage to a car we did ot rent

We traveled to Tulsa OK the weekend of May 7th - 10th and rented a car from Alamo as we had a coupon for a "good deal". When we arrived at the airport, the attendant attempted to rent us a silver Dodge Avenger with damage to the back bumper and side panels. We insisted the attendant document all of the damage before we would accept the car but she didn't want to do it as the damage was pretty widespread. Instead, the black Dodge Avenger parked right next to it was in perfect shape so she rented it to us instead. On Monday we dropped off the car with a full tank of gas, the attendant...

Alamo - Hawaii, Kahului/Maui, HI / No response to my Lost Handi-cap Tag left in Rental

Left my Handi-Capped tag in car upon Rental return Nov3, 2009 at the Kahului Airport. Went to their web site and filled out a Lost Item report. Had one and only one response from a Bianca on Nov 5 at 621pm PST. in their Customer "No Care" Care Dept. She stated that the complaint was forwarded to her for handling. Haven't heard from her since. I e-mailed her back and NO Response! I guess their Care Dept is a Corporate No Care Dept. I am in need of my Handi-cap tag and they won't even respond to my report. How shameful. Michael K. Washington State.

Alamo - Florida, Orlando / Attention: overcharging SCAM; it has method and it looks like they are trained to do it. Never saw something like this in the US before

we rented a car through Alamo in Aug 09 and paid for it in advance and declined the insurance already as we booked it. At the airport we arrived tired, 2 kids, long line. The employee asked if we want insurance we DECLINED it then he kept talking with me about upgrading the car as he marked the places to sign to decline stuff (like in 4 places). I signed fully trusting his marks and thinking that I can look it up later, just in case, but the copy that I got was just a printout not including my signatures. On the printout there is a lot of stuff: no way to know later where did you sign...

Alamo - Florida, Sandford / FRAUD - HIDEN FEES - SCAM

On August 2009, we book our compact car by the Internet at Sanford int, Airport. When we showed up at the counter, the clerk ask us if we wanted to have a convertible for 3$ more a day. I ask the clerk 3 times if it was realy 3$ a day and he told me yes and It would be only 30$ for 10 days plus taxes. So I decided to take the convertible since the clerk told me nobody wants to have convertible in Florida in the summer time and that was why it was so cheap. When we came back from our trip I saw on my credit Statement that Alamo took 265$ + 310$ for the convertible. So I paid 575$ when I wa...

Alamo - Florida, Orlando / Hidden Fee

Alamo: Why Charge me a hidden Fee? Between May 10th and may 24th, 2009, I rented a Ford Focus through a travel agency in Costa Rica, from where I come from (turhokeanos.co.cr) with ALL INCLUSIVE in Orlando Florida. Every thing was fine, until they charge an extra $123.53 "Carefree Personal Protection" (CPP) which I NEVER order. Seems to be that the rental agent at the Orlando International Airport decided that I needed such insurance, but she never ask me for that, the only thing she said was: do you need a GPS in Spanish? I answered: I don’t need a GPS in Spanish. And she printed the...

Alamo / Rental Car Damage Scam

The following is basically how I complained to the Better Business Bureau: I recently rented from Alamo rental car in MN on March 15th, 2009 and returned it the evening of March 22nd, 2009. I had no problems with the rental car nor was there any damage done to the rental car. I parked it in the return area for rental cars at the Duluth Airport where I rented the car. The return went without incident. To my surprise, I just received a letter dated April 7th, 2009 stating that there was some unspecified "damage" done to the car which they don't want to document until they receive payment...

Alamo - Arizona, Phoenix / upselling through fear

My senior parents were taken advantage of. They booked a car online and upon checkin were asked where they would be travelling to, which was Sedona (for the first time). The employee mentioned that the engine of the Compact car they had reserved may not be large enough to handle the air conditioning as they would be in the mountains and they should upgrade to a larger vehicle.
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