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Admiral Gas Station Complaints & Reviews

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Admiral Gas Station - Michigan, Sparta - Overcharge

Posted: 2012-06-30 by    ResponsiblePetOwner
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I took my small dog for a walk today and it was very hot outside. I went inside to buy a bottle of water to give to my dog who was very thirsty. I bought a bottle of dasani and got a foam cup from the coffee area so that I could make it into a small water dish for my dog. The cashier insisted on charging me for a full cup of cappuccino for what was an empty foam cup. I insisted that was robbery. I did not have a probem paying them something (like 25 cents, well over the actual cost of the cup), but I was not willing to pay for a product I was not buying - namely the cappuccino. Both the clerk and...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States, Michigan, Sparta Complaint category Retail Stores

Admiral Gas Station - Rip off

Posted:    Jim
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Admiral Gas Station at 802 E. Superior St. Went there
to get gas and pulled up to pump 4 started the pump
and while it was going was washing the windshield the
pump did not shut off and some lady came up and told
me it was running over so I went to it right away, when I went in there to get gas I had a half tank and
it cost me 34.41 with the spill, I have a S 10 Chevy
pickup and the most it has ever cost me to fill it was
20.00 the rest went on the ground and I do not think
I should have to pay extra for a pump that did not
shut off,...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States Complaint category Products & Services


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