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BlueMountain Complaints & Reviews

Bluemountain - Ohio, Cleveland / Fraudulent charges!

Bella on Jun 20, 2016
Recently I found out that someone was fraudulently charging my card! When I contacted my bank and explained the situation they starter investigating who the scammer was and fount out that these charges were made by BlueMountain. I never ever heard anything about this company and never used...

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards / Free trial period (not likely to be free)

Sr. Bob on May 18, 2015
Seven day free trial period is impossible to keep from being billed on credit card. Many other complaints like this. Company is currently owned by American Greeting Cards, a company taken private in 2013. In 2013 they published: AMERICAN GREETINGS CORPORATION CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT AND...

Bluemountain.com a subsidiary of American Greetings / unauthorized charge

541janice on Mar 2, 2015
I wanted to send a "talking" birthday card online to my 81 year old mother since her birthday had snuck up on me and was all I could offer her in a timely manner. The ONLY price I ever saw while on bluemountain.com was for $3.99 (which was for a month's subscription.) I went ahead and...

Blue Mountain.com / Unauthorized billing

Silverback on May 1, 2013
On 29 April 2013 I signed up for a 1-year membership, with 1 month free trial, for 19.95 with Blue Mountain eCards. I was unable to access my account after that initial use (sent 3 cards) and following useless back and forth re this problem decided to cancel on 1 May 2013. Imagine my...

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards - New York / continuous billing

sb222 on Apr 29, 2013
I signed up to produce ONE card for my wife not be billed continuously for 3 months which I just discovered on my credit card. What an underhanded slimy company. Customer service will not refund the charges even though there has been no activity on the account. Run away from these people.

BlueMountain ecards / Continuous billing despite cancellation

shayna99 on Jan 3, 2013
I cancelled my trial membership in time and had the first wrong charge reversed, then was assured my account was cancelled. I have been billed 4.99 every month since. Bluemountain admits in an email that I cancelled in Feb 2012, but denies charging me even though my account is still active...

Bluemountain.com / fraud

brunoskid1 on Jan 2, 2013
Trying out for the free 7 day trial, I realized there was an auto renew. When calling Blue mountain it was virtually impossible to reach a live person and when I did, I asked why I was billed 3 weeks later after the 7 days were up. I was told my membership started the day I ended my 7 day...

Blue Mountain Cards / Blue Mountain Cards Subscription Fraud Scam Alert

Alistair1 on Jan 3, 2012
I signed up for the bluemountain.com ecard service, canceled my subscription within the trial period to avoid being charged, and was charged anyway. This is a complete scam. I wasn't able to remove my credit card, so I am having to dispute the charges and will probably have to get a...

Bluemountaincards - New York, Saugerties / spoiled christmas

jameswaldron on Dec 25, 2011
I SWICHED FROM JIM DUTCHESS141@YAHOO .COM TOJIM WALDRON141G MAIL .COM 2MONTHS AGO BNECAUSE THIS CHANGE MY ACCOUNT WAS FROZEN I COULD NOT GET INTO MY Accounts iam 75 years old with abreathing problem&2 bad knees i can not walk my daughter&grand children live in seattle washingtonIHAVE NOT SEEN THEM FOR...

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards / Customer service sucks

Lgreenberg on Nov 11, 2011
Blue Mountain business practices are very sleazy. They offer "trial" memberships that convert to paid in 7 days without notifying you and are non-refundable. My husband signed up when he couldn't remember the password for our existing account. Now we have two accounts and blue...

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards / Rip off

Castlepotter on Nov 8, 2011
I signed up for a one month "free" trial on 11th June 2011. I had to pay $3.99 for a month to get this "free" trial but decided to go ahead anyway. Now (24th june 2011) I have logged on to try to send a card and I am stuck in a loop where it keeps taking me back to the subscription page...

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards / Deceptive practices - unsubscribe option

Khenriques on Oct 31, 2011
While trying to send a card at Blue Mountain I was sent to a page that looked like a log-in page but was actually a sign up for a "free trial membership". When I tried to back out and send the card again I was sent back to that page. I sent the card and have been trying all afternoon to...

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards / Fraud

sigersonholmes on Sep 25, 2011
Three years ago my wife signed up for BlueMountain.com and used their service once. In the mean time she forgot about them until last month when I discovered what was going on and we decided to cancel her subscription, except that you can't do it. You have to call a "membership...

Bluemountain.com / Scam

cehenrich on Sep 6, 2011
I signed up for BlueMountain.com one evening very late at night to send a card to my cousin who is ill. I searched for free cards and blue mountain came up. I went through all the decisions of selecting a card and provided my credit card info. I realize that was MY mistake, but I wa...

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards / Bad service

reibon on Sep 2, 2011
It took me 45 minutes to send an email because everytime I tried to send it, I got a message back saying that I couldn't send a message with a URL, which my email DID NOT contain. I was unable to reach a live person on the phone and when I tried emailing them to ask about the problem...

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards / Stay away

sealkon on Aug 31, 2011
If you are having trouble contacting anyone for support, call blue mountain and select SIGN UP FOR A NEW ACCOUNT. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET A LIVE PERSON ON THE PHONE. Yell and scream at them about how angry you are and they will eventually give you a refund. They will tell you that the...

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards / Make it very difficult to cancel account

tinyblinx on Aug 25, 2011
They continued to charge me after I canceled my service. As others have observed it's nearly impossible to communicate with then directly. So I'd like to share some hard won information- the contact information for their CEO: Josef Mandelbaum + josefm@ag.com Chief...

Blue Mountain / Cancel Membership

hfdmcobb on Aug 13, 2011
I signed up for the 14 day free trial subscription for Blue Mountain. I block cookies ordinarily, but to log-on I had to change my settings. I set it up to accept First Party cookies and Prompt for Third Party. There had to be something like 50+ Third Party cookies. So of course I want to...

Bluemountain.com / Stay away

charliewhyte on Jul 16, 2011
NOT RECOMMENDED. Non-Existent Customer Service. Costly Billing Errors. A very unfortunate experience. I have been billed $4.99 every month from Blue Mountain, after cancelling my membership within the trial period, and several times thereafter. Blue Mountain maintains I have no membership...

Blue Mountain - Washington / e-giftcard

Ethel M. Barr on Jun 5, 2011
I sent my son a Birthday Card on May 6th with a gift card for $25.00 . Blue Mountain had to receive authorization before they could send it out. The next day, May 7th, I got an email that all was checked and they would mail it out that day. He received it on May 8th. He saw it had a gift...

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