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Bath Fitter Complaints & Reviews

Bath Fitter / Shower Panel Door Exploded - Charging me to replace!

Reviewer46752 on 2015-10-13
We purchased 2 Bath Fitter tub surrounds with 2 sliding shower doors (4 glass panels) that were installed in the hallway bath and master bathrooms on May 27, 2008 for $4, 100.00 by the Milford Ct. Store. On October 1, 2015, out of the blue, I heard a deafening crash coming from the hallway...

Bath Fitter - Connecticut, South Windsor / Wrong information

Reviewer27184 on 2015-08-19
I was told by Bath Fitters when I called to set up the appointment that they would do everything except the floor in my bathroom. When the Rep came out, he informed me that all they do is the tub/shower conversion to their method, and that is it. I wanted that, plus ceilings and walls done...

Bath Fitter - Ontario, Brampton / Terrible Service

Sheldon Watts on 2015-07-29
The caulking has turned yellow with in the first 12 months. Bathroom now looks terrible. Warranty says only covered for 3 months. They offered to sell me more of this crappy caulking and fix it myself. But refuse to warranty the materials used. Expensive waste of money. I would recommend...

Bath Fitter - Alberta, Calgary / damaged personal property

Carrie E on 2015-03-23
During the installation of a bathtub removal and shower install by Bath Fitters on January 10 and 20th, 2015, not only was the install done terribly and had to be redone by another installe 3 weeks later, they damaged our brand new bathroom vanity and the footboard of our bed. We've...

Bath Fitter - New Jersey, Hackettstown / Poor quality product

Michelle Tierney on 2015-03-20
I regret ever purchasing this product. We initially bought into it because of the ease and convenience of the installation in one day. The installer did a good job and the bathroom looked nice and shiny for about the first 3 or 4 months. Now no matter what I use to clean it it never shine...

Bath Fitter - New York, Copiague / installation

FPY on 2014-09-11
I got a liner replaced in July of this year. Great installation except for a gash by the drain. Sent the Long Island outfit of BF photos and they assessed that the liner had to be replaced. Three weeks later, last Monday, a tech with the new liner arrived. He was about half hour late...

Bath Fitter - Texas, Arlington / Failed to deliver what they promised

aptucker on 2013-04-27
We met with a Bath Fitter sales rep who guaranteed us they would complete the work of installing a shower in our upstairs bathroom in one day. After taking measurements, the sales rep left our house and said someone would be contacting us to set up a time to complete the job. After more than...

Bath Fitter / Lies

Jenkies on 2011-02-24
2 months ago we had Bathfitters install a shower with surround wall. The salesman SWORE that nothing would stick to the walls as long as we didn't use bar soap, which we don't. We do have well water and was concerned about the rust, he reassured us several times, that...

Bath Fitter / Does not stand behind their product, their installation was bad from the beginning

Rosepuz on 2011-02-09
The walls surrounding the tub pulled away from the walls from the beginning, the service man said not to worry, we have a life time warranty, when we called a few months ago they said we need to pay 400.00 to fix their poor installation. We had a new tub & wall surround installed 7 year...

Bath Fitter / Bad sales practice

RedJ76 on
Sometime in December I visited a Bath Fitter Mall Kiosk. I left my contact information to receive a follow-up call. An appointment was made for December 29th and a Sales person was sent to my house. He arrived at my house about 6:45 PM on December 29th. The meeting began like many sale...

Bath Fitter / Bad service

NasH78 on
2 years ago Bath Fitters was hired to renovate my bathroom and they did a sorry job. A few things were corrected but the overall product is of inferior quality for the cost. The Wainscoating on the tub wall bows out because not enough adhesive was used and the wall didn't stick. The...

Bath Fitter / Do not use them

KarD11 on
I saw a demonstration at a boat show and thought it would be a great replacement of our old fiberglass shower. I know better now. After at least 5 men and three showers the job is still not perfect. In a three way shower one wall just will not stick. Every person that came had a different...

Bath Fitter / Dissatisfied

I was dissatisfied with the service at my local waukesha, wi branch of bathfitters. I asked to speak to mgr, situation was forwarded to the regional manager, Darren Smith, who was in the office at the time of my call. He could not help me with my issue or would not. I then asked for the...

Bath Fitter / Unprofessional service

MihW45 on
This isn't the first time I've had trouble with Bath Fitters in Burlington, Vermont. The last time they incorrectly installed the drain, tried in every way to avoid redoing it, then finally agreed to pay whatever plumber I hired to do it right. They also left a piece of molding...

Bath Fitter / Total scam

PajT81 on
I am a former employee. I am writing this not out of bitterness, I actually left on good terms. The hours were great and so were the benefits. I managed a branch office in the mid-west region, but was not considered to be a branch manager. I gave over a year in good faith and service to...

Bath Fitter - Illinois / Something to consider BEFORE calling Bath Fitter

I am a former employee. I am writing this not out of bitterness, I actually left on good terms. The hours were great and so were the benefits. I managed a branch office in the mid-west region, but was not considered to be a branch manager. I gave over a year in good faith and service to...

Bath Fitter / Our mistake

Valerie on
We bought the tub liner from bath fitter 4 months ago, and this is the second time they will be coming for a service call due to the huge bubble of water between their liner and the original tub. This liner was not cheap! We should just have bought another tub but the acrylic looked so...

Bath Fitter / They tried to force me to sign a contract

Valerie on
I recently has someone from Bathfitter come out to give me an estimate on my bathroom. They stayed at my house for 3 and a half hours and would not leave. They kept pressuring me to sign a contract that night, explaining that if I did not, I would not receive the discounted price they were...

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