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Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE:BKS) is a Fortune 500 company, the nation’s largest retail bookseller and the leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products. We operate 649 Barnes & Noble bookstores in 50 states (as of January 31, 2015), and one of the Web’s largest e-commerce sites, BN.com (www.bn.com).
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Barnes and Noble Complaints & Reviews

Barnes and Noble - Illinois, Chicago / Sale books on Nook

Annie M Beckert on 2016-05-04
I down-loaded a number of samples of books that were originally priced at $2.99 or less, but by the time I read the samples and decided to purchase them their respective prices had high rocketed to $9.99 and $13.99 and so on. When I called customer service to ask them to honor the original...

Barnes and Noble / Item due before Christmas, was not shipped and then refused to cancel order

Bheard on 2015-12-28
Copy of BBB complaint: 12/17/15 purchased 2 books online for Xmas gifts with delivery date of 12/23/15, as of 12/28/15 order is still processing, cancellation request denied At 9PM I opened a chat session with Barnes & Noble representative Saimel to find out more about the order never...

Barnes and Noble / Special Order Made at the Store

Reviewer18565 on 2015-12-17
On the 7th of December I order a 3-D Printer from Barnes and Noble. I actually went into the store and spoke with a representative hoping for a good result if i worked with a knowledgable human being. I was assured that while the printers were not in stock in the store, they were in stock...

Barnes and Noble / Membership renewal

Melitta Rosen on 2015-12-11
November 2, 2015 bill...Melitta Rosen (vmrosen@aol.com) (510-206-0162) Account with American Express ending with 8-61003. I did not authorize them to renew the membership. Also, I never got any information or correspondence from them over the last year. The charge was $27.38 and I need...

Barnes and Noble / Automatic membership charge on my credit card

Reviewer92226 on 2015-11-20
I have shopped at Barnes and Nobel about once a year, around Christmas, for four years or so. I have had a membership card, which I have renewed at the store when told that it expired, before. I was not aware that they could renew it without notifying me, automatically. I have a different...

Barnes and Noble / Textbook rental

Reviewer24526 on 2015-11-16
I have ordered the same textbook 3 times. The first time, the book never got to me although the USPS stated it was delivered to me and my credit card was charged. The second time, I ordered the textbook again with expedited shipping to ensure the book would get to me on time and it wa...

Barnes and Noble - California, Roseville / Lack of Interview skills

Reviewer10846 on 2015-09-23
I interviewed with Jenna at the Barnes and Nobles in Roseville, CA last Sunday. After working in retail for 30 years, I think I would suggest she go through some training on "how to" interview candidates. Jenna started with a "what are your salary requirements" question at the...

Barnes and Noble / Membership Cards

Reviewer15563 on 2015-09-02
I am in the Ledgewood, NJ store quite often and must say that the sales representatives work very hard and are very pleasant. What is annoying though is the constant solicitation of the membership cards and knowing that an employees job may be in jeopardy because they do not sell enough...

Barnes & Noble - New York, White Plains / Rude Male Manager at White Plains Store

Reviewer62984 on 2015-08-30
Ok, I honestly don't know where to go. I have complained and wrote about this terrible male manager at Barnes & Noble, that we will call Mr. K (at the White Plains store, in the City Center). I work at Barnes & Noble and I just want to say that this is the 3rd or 4th time that this manager...

Barnes And Noble Nook - Arizona, Green Valley / No service

leonaz on 2015-08-12
I could not download a purchase on my Nook and had several interactions with the service people who finally stopped responding to my problem. I wrote the head of the Nook division of Barnes and Noble and received no reply. I have a Nook that is useless except for downloading books from the...

Barnes and Noble / Rental Returns

Joy2009 on 2015-07-28
I rented two text book from this company, the two books were shipped together and received. One of the book was highlighted all the through, I did not see this as a major problem. I return booth books in the same box it was shipped in and using one return label from the web site and I...

Barnes & Noble - Alaska, Houston / College Rental Book

principle! on 2015-05-15
My daughter rented a college text book from Barnes & Noble. When she went to turn the book in, they advised that it had water damage and, therefore, she would have to purchase the book for an additional $24.00. She had only used this book one time during the semester, and it received no...

Barnes and Noble - Wisconsin, Green Bay / Scam Text book rental practices

Scammed by B&N on 2015-04-30
Be very aware of college text book rentals from B&N. I guess there are hidden options for the length of the rental, with the default being only about 75% of a normal college semester. So then all of a sudden you get an email saying you did not return the rental in time and get charged...

Barnes and Noble / Book and reader prejudices

MarathonMomma on 2015-03-11
When walking into this store, do not bother going to the Romance book section. They don't stock anything current. They simply stagger 8-9 copies of the same books to fill the shelves. I went to the help desk and asked about some of the new releases, by Title and author, and was looked...

Barnes & Noble / refuse to honor promotional discount

kcgcmd on 2014-12-17
B&N are offering an online promotion today ($10 Off Purchase of $75+ Code: BNDEC17). Although I planned to order over $100 in merchandise, B&N refused to honor its promotion. Here's why: I was ordering three copies of the same book, to be sent to three different people. Each book ship...

Barnes and Noble / Refund

pajala on 2014-07-14
I ordered 12 books on line from barnes and noble. All of the books were listed as currently available. I used 2 gift cards to pay the total cost. They accepted both my cards and processed my order. As soon as the order was processed, they claimed one of the books was no longer available...

Barnes & Noble - Ontario, Bowmanville / Items not shipped

Ian Millard on 2014-06-28
I ordered a packaged set of three books (Published by Microsoft) from Barnes & Noble. Only one book of three arrived - after 28 days. Nothing was back ordered. My credit card was overcharged. B&N "Customer Service" is not interested in solving the problem, intervening, or issuing a credit...

Barnes N Noble - Towson MD - Maryland, Towson / Unprofessional Discrimination

Loves to Read on 2014-03-20
My fiance and I were seated in the children's section early in the afternoon. We like the undisturbed quiet of the area and sometimes peruse the shelves for inspiration because I am a children's audiobook narrator, he is an comic book illustrator and I am also a speech therapist...

Barnes and Noble - Texas, Harker Heights / Work related

upset emloyee on 2014-02-06
I am a frustrated employee. I have worked with this company from the day they open there doors. I have bent over backwards for them when called to do so Or called in to help with any project. Talk to the mangers and they act like when you come to them with your situation and need some...

Barnes and Noble - California, Temecula / Service

Jules2763 on 2013-12-20
I bought my mother a nook, she is 74 years old. I took her to the store for help in getting it working. The sales lady was curt and not interested in helping her, instead she turned away to people who were interested in buying one--she only wanted to make more sales. We sat in the cafe to...

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