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Ashley Furniture Industries Complaints & Reviews

Ashley Furniture Homestore - Florida, Jacksonville / Leather sectional

allenmasters on 2016-01-09
We were told we were purchasing a real leather sectional. Now that it has started peeling we are finding out that we really have a bonded leather (mix of leather chips and plastic). We purchased insurance on the entire living room suite but peeling is not covered as part of the policy. Please be aware of this deceptive sales practice by Ashley.

Ashley Home Furniture - New York, New Rochelle / Poor bonded leather

Reviewer13539 on 2015-12-28
I paid over $1000 for sofa. Once initially pleased with purchase but now the "leather" surface is flaking away and can not be repaired. Apparently this is a common problem with perhaps thousands of similar complaints. What recourse do I have?

Ashley Furniture Homestore - California, Fountain Valley / Furniture Purchase

burza on 2015-12-07
I have been a loyal customer to Ashley furniture, but unfortunately my last experience was very unpleasant. A little over a year ago my spouse and I bought a living room set from Ashley. We loved the furniture and were very happy with our purchase. We decided to revisit Ashley to purchase...

Ashley Furniture Homestore - California, Costa Mesa / Fake bonded leather couch

bernadette miller on 2015-11-30
I was researching how to fix our peeling faux leather couch and came across a complaint on this site that was exactly like our. I bought a couch and love seat set . I told the salesman that I didn't want bonded leather and he assured me that I was not purchasing this product. We also...

Ashley Furniture Industries / Chair

Bob Goetz on 2015-10-28
I purchased a chair from Ashley Furniture 18 months ago and purchased the extended warranty. The chair has been sat on mabe a dozen times and is unraveling everywhere. Not covered by warranty and they will do nothing. My wife talked to them yesterday again and was told there is nothing...

Ashley Furniture - Wisconsin, Richfield / Ashley Signature Series Durablend blended Leather Power Recliners

Reviewer77343 on 2015-10-19
I have also purchased (2) Ashley Furniture Signature Series Durablend blended leather Model #700128550 ID#4540106 P ower Recliners in August 2012. These chairs are only used 6 months out of the year, no children, the leather is cracking, peeling and flaking in the headrest area of the...

Ashley Furniture - California, Long Beach / Durablend Leather Sofa/Recliner

Reviewer86478 on 2015-10-04
I bought a Blended Leather Sofa in July 2012 after a little more than a year it, the Blended Leather started coming up. I had the extra protection and called the company which told me I was not covered... So I felt that was the end of it.. in October 2015 I finally decided to call the...

Ashley Funiture - Texas, San Antonio / bedroom furniture

brandy0626 on 2015-09-28
I ordered 3 twin headboards with a dresser and mirror. I told the lady I did not want the footboards as I felt that I did not need them. She placed the order. The furniture was delivered on Friday, July 11, 2015. The delivery guys asked me 3 separate times about ordering footboards. I wa...

Ashley Furniture Homestore / Sofa damage

jaime jaramillo on 2015-08-22
Hi ! We buy a sofa and love seat in this store i went to the store to complain about the products we buy, it became damage (The sofa) because the delivery men do not treat it very well, we cal and sent many complains and no one take care of as to fixed the problem, what else do we have to do?

Ashley Furniture Homestore / Return/Replace Item

Tracy Alvez on 2015-06-16
I purchased a couch, loveseat and 2 chairs from this store in November 2014. On November 20th, upon delivery, I decided that I did not like the way one of the chairs fit in the space. The delivery guy would not take it back unless it was damaged or the incorrect item. He instructed me to...

Ashley Furniture - Alaska, Houston / Lying Sales Reps

VA in Houston on 2015-06-10
Paid $380 for Montage "Worry Free" protection on my leather sofa and recliner at Ashley Furniture. Salesman assured me EVERYTHING was covered and will be replaced if something happens. I asked, "even pet damage?" He said, "Yes. Just make sure you keep your receipts." The top coating on my...

Ashley Durablend Sofa / sofa peeling

eswarba on 2015-05-02
I bought Ashley furniture Durablend sofa, loveseat and chair during end of 2012. The sofa is peeling of on it's own so badly. I reported to Ashley furniture but no response

Ashley Furniture - Everything We Bought!! - Illinois, Naperville / Peeling couch/ broken tables/ popped stitching

xianlyz2 on 2015-04-12
Ugh. My fiancee bought this furniture right before we met 3 years ago. We have had Guardsman out numerous times, one time they approved a request and fixed a broken (shattered) dresser drawer. Gee, thanks. Never mind the missing finish from the coffee table, end tables, peeling couch, beat...

Ashley Furniture / Peeling leather horrible customer service

Mt50 on 2015-04-04
We purchase furniture 1 year and 5 months ago. The furniture is a "durablend" material. Which is not durable. It is starting to show white cotton and ripping. We have no children. It is just me and my husband. I have been around and around with Ashleys furniture. Corporate have passed me...

Ashley Furniture - Florida, Tallahassee / peeling leather sofas

Latasha Clemons on 2015-04-03
I am very disappointed with Ashley Homestore I have only had this set going on the 2nd year and it is peeling tremendously and it really upsets me because I'm a single mother and I took money that I saved up and purchased this set its a sofa and love seat black with the recliners in...

Ashley Furniture Home Store/hill Country Holdings - Connecticut, Portland / Bait and Switch

Kristin Povaser on 2015-03-23
BAIT AND SWITCH!!! On Saturday, March 21, I went into the Ashley Furniture Home store at the new Jantzen Beach location at 1780 N. Jantzen Beach, Portland, OR, and purchased $5805 worth of furniture (including tax and delivery). I spent almost 5 hours in the store picking out the furniture...

Ashley Furniture - North Carolina, Gastonia / Continual delay in delivery

AJacks106 on 2015-03-23
I just complained to Ashley Furniture corporate office. We spent over 3, 000 in furniture. We understood that the furniture would be delivered on 2 separate dates. The first set was delivered without any problems. The 2nd date had to be pushed back. Ok, we could wait another week or 2. The...

Ashley Furniture Leather Sofa / Peeling leather

Chary Srirangam on 2014-12-24
I purchased my first Leather Sofa set at this Ashley furniture store, paying almost two grand with furniture protection plan. As the other complaints stated, peeling started happening very next month I bought. For a year they replaced the parts that peeled. Then after year I am out of...

Ashley Furniture Store - Texas, Wichita Falls / warranty

nosliw on 2014-12-17
After spending 2500.00 dollars on a table and chairs and a china cabinet bought the warranty that the salesman offered me telling me 3 times it covered damage from dogs. He assured me it would be covered, because I told him I have 3 dogs. Well he lied, it doesn't cover any damage by...

Ashley Furniture St. Johns Town Center / All Furniture purchased

Mike Mayer on 2014-10-16
Ashley Store in St. Johns Town Center Mall - I made the biggest mistake of purchasing furniture from this store, every item bought you have to wait like over a month to get anything so be ware of this. The Furniture all had to returned as every piece was damaged and the delivery guys I...

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