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American Cash Awards / Cash reward & card

Al Buquing on 2016-05-08
David Brown from Las Vegas, NV (yeah, right) called me over the past 2 days on a landline that I specifically use for 911 calls. I finally answered the call this am and followed his ominous instructions to receive a car and $68K in cash. He stated that I need to see him and his associate...

American Cash Awards / Sweepstakes winner phone call

Shirley Jacobsen on 2016-05-06
I was contacted on my voicemail by Jack Rosenberg on my telephone number 417 522 3940 and told that I won a sweepstakes for the amount of 4.5 million dollars. when I told him I didn't believe him he said he would set up an account for me for $300, 000 and I could pay my credit card...

American Cash Awards / Using Publishers Clearing House Awards as a front

Starr Mayo on 2016-04-09
4/9/2016 8:30am, someone ID'ed himself as (Mr. Robert Nelson) said I had won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. $2.5Million dollars, a new Cherry Red Malibu Truck and $7, 000 a month for life. Very convincing with phone #876-464-3999 (I looked it up while on the phone with him), it...

American Cash Awards / Saying you won millions of dollars

Reviewer45353 on 2015-10-25
Omg they just keep calling even though you tell them that you look their company up on the Internet and it says scam but they are rentless.American Cash Awards.I told them if you got to pay money to get money it a scam, don't think they believe I would not fall for their scam...not

American Cash Awards / Offer of 3.5 mil w/fee of $3500 & expensive car

Joan Stewart on 2014-09-20
I have received an unsolicited phone call telling me I have won 3.5 mil dollars and a 2014 Mercedes. Requested I submit $3500 - never got an answer as to where it was to be sent. Due to my refusal to send money to anyone they (I spoke to 3 different people trying to convince me this wa...

American Cash Awards - District of Columbia, District of Columbia / Cash prize and mercedes benz

TAS1985 on 2013-06-06
I received a call from James Nelson claiming that he worked with American Cash Awards and the were through the Better Business Bureau located in Washington DC but calling from a 876 Jamaica area code. He told me that i won a cash prize of $350, 000 and a brand new 2013 Mercedes Benz. They...

american cash award - Mississippi / Catherine Nathan

cnathan on 2012-09-28
Contacted by Bruce Golden, who claimed to be the manager. Said he was calling from Louisville, MS. Never got to first base with me, although he offered me $2.5 million dollars and a brand-new Mercedes. Said he needed the verification of my name and other information in order to send me a check for $925. Sure he was...

American Cash Awards - Kansas / Refund never received, cancelled

Reading the other complaints, my encounter happened in July of 2008. After the seller left, I too felt uneasy with the transaction. After repeated attempts to call and fax my cancellation request to the numbers provided I finally got through. I scanned and attached my cancellation request...

Winners International/american Cash Awards - Washington / phone phishing

I too, have received phone calls from a phone number registered in Jamaica. The man identified himself as JOHN WASHINGTON. This man had a very heavy accent and was difficult to understand. He informed me that he was from winners's international and my phone number was selected from...

American Cash Awards, Inc / Canceled subscription, Still no refund 6 months later

bb390 on
I was approached by a really friendly "student" at Texas A&M, selling magazines to go on a field trip with one of the supposed organizations at A&M. Should've know this was a scam, he was unbelievably charming, and I don't think any true Aggies would really play a part in a scam...

Customerservicesignamericancashawards.com - Texas, Lake Jackson / scam

L.goins on
There was a young man who came to my house to sale subscriptions to different magazines of your choice, I really did'nt need any but he was trying to raise money for a school fuction or something to that effect. So I wanted to help, anyone who's trying to better theirselves im...

American Cash Awards / Midwest Circulation - North Carolina, Kill Devil Hills / no magazines, no refund

A young man approached my 16 year old daughter concerning buying magazine subscriptions. She was with her 18 year old sister. She felt sorry for the man and signed up. She borrowed the money from her sister. When they got home I hit the roof. Two days later I sent all information for...

American Cash Awards - California / wrong subscription, no refund, no correcftion, no contact

scottt on
Have made repeated attempts to contact anyone, email, website comments, telephone. no luck. these people screwed up my order and are apparently not available to fix the problem. total rip off artists.

American Cash Awards - Sb Magazines - Illinois, Naperville / Scam - magazine sales

SuzD on
A bubbly girl was selling magazines door to door (to supposedly help her get out of inner city life through a program that helps people to make a better life) and I foolishly bought a subscription for $75. I knew I should have stop paid the check right away. I should have reviewed online...

American Cash Awards - Missouri, Grain Valley / similar issues-got results!

I share the same experience with those entires listed around me, except so far I have recieved communication from them about my refund. Family Subscriptions, one of the magazine companies, no longer uses American Cash Awards as their clearing house. They have set up their own in...

Family Subscriptions- American Cash Awards - Virginia / Terrible Service

Avoid anyone that comes tries to sell you magazines for American Cash Awards. Family Subscriptions is the name of one of the companies that works for them. I was scammed out of $102 because I was trying to help a college student, which I also am. I just bought a house and that money wa...

American Cash Awards - Wisconsin, Milwaukee / Is it a scam?

I had a girl come to my door very bubbly and believable after much hesitation I let her in and ended up giving her a check for a magazine to go to the marines and diabetes foundation also getting something. Didnt feel good about it and when I called to cancel coulnt get ahold of anyone at...

American Cash Awards - Maryland, Abingdon / No refund and no product!!!!

I ordered a magazine from a kid going door to door. I decided I did not want it after all and followed the refund steps they provided me. That was 9 months ago. I have called and emailed numerous times to finally be told that this company is going under and basically ignoring people that...

Americancashawards - Kansas, Abilene / False advertisement

Angie on
I was told that i had three days to cancel my order...i placed my order on April 21st, 2009 and canceled on April 23rd, 2009 and the money was still taken out of my checking account...i want the money put back!!! Thats false advertisement...if anyone from this place comes to my door again...

American Cash Awards - Colorado, Golden / Fraud and scam

Lana on
OMG! These people are unbelievable. There were 2 girls *Sunny Beams* and her sister *Helen Beams* who showed up on my door step at noon on January 26, 2008. They explained how they were in highschool & working for a trip to Mexico by selling magazines. I explained how I wasn't quite...

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