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ADT - North Carolina, Chapel Hill / Home security installation and contract

Nana15 on 2016-03-07
I called to ask about ADT --- I had been dealing with another security company in the past. I was told I would be able to upgrade my current system for no out of pocket charges and have a monthly charge slightly larger than what I was currently paying but have better service. Someone would...

ADT - New York, Yonkers / Unauthorized Withdrawal of Money from my Bank Account

Reviewer83450 on 2016-03-02
Client # 11888646 I contacted ADT is January for a consultation for their services, they were recommended by a friend. They set up an appointment & had to take my bank account details & put a hold of $107 on my account. I don't know why I agreed to that even! So the representative came the...

ADT / Sales People

Reviewer85641 on 2016-02-18
My husband and I were pricing a new security system as our contract with Guardian expires next month. ADT sales guy made it very easy for us to stay with Guardian Protection. He would not hear a word I said and had to repeat myself several times that we were just comparing prices until our...

ADT - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / Unauthorized withdrawal of money out of my bank account

Reviewer99380 on 2016-02-12
(ADT: Acct 401724122) On 2/1/16 with my permission, ADT took $58.41 out of my account for my monthly service and $135.00 because I am purchasing the equipment and it was set up in installments back in November. After that, ADT, by mistake took $331.50 out of my account that I neither...

ADT / Unauthorised debit order for a faulty alarm system.

tnblinds on 2016-02-01
had my alarm system upgraded and additional beams installed in November 2014. Since then, i have had ongoing problems with the system. Everytime we activated the alarm system and left the premises, after about half an hour or so, the alarm triggered off, This has been ongoing and i have...

ADT / Home Security

Reviewer95926 on 2016-01-22
I am constantly getting phone calls from ADT trying to sell me a home alarm system. When I tell them I am not interested they keep trying to sell. I ask every time to be removed from their calling list but it does not help. https://www.adt.ca/en/home-security.html is their website. When I...

ADT - Ohio, Cincinnati / Unethical Business

Reviewer69315 on 2016-01-15
If you google "ADT Complaints", you'll learn all you need to know. I'm writing this review to add my voice to the number of complaints out there. They are misleading in their sales pitch, don't explain the terms of contract, and literally keep hanging up on me when I try to cancel. Never, ever give this company your business.

ADT - Arizona, Phoenix / Unethical contract

Reviewer56555 on 2016-01-13
ADT broke the contract November-January. I wrote the company as asked to release me of my contract without penalties fees and have been ignored. In November I received notification the bill would be changed. I called and asked if they could honor the contract at agreed upon price a year...

ADT - Arizona, Chandler / Never received my $100 VISA Gift Card

Broadmoor on 2016-01-05
On May 30, 2015 I had a security system installed by ADT with the provision that I would receive a $100 VISA Gift Card with my installation. I was to "...allow 8-12 weeks for delivery from receipt of rebate form." I sent my rebate form on June 1, 2015; receipt of which was acknowledged by...

ADT / Alarm System

Reviewer97145 on 2016-01-05
We just upgraded to ADT Pulse. We were told that the installation fee would be $21.25 as a "special" for being existing customers. We were also told that we would save money each month by upgrading to pulse and by paying monthly. We just received a bill for $99.00 for installation. The...

ADT / Home Security

Reviewer64610 on 2015-12-18
Gotta love sales people... Once they make the sale, then you are dust in the wind to them! We had our system installed a couple months ago... had a heck of a time getting it to work, supposedly because it was the latest and greatest base unit?!? The technician was out here while we had a...

Adt Security / Home Alarm - Florida, Boca Raton / Pulling Funds from Automtic Bill Pay Accounts - Even after service is cancelled

Reviewer45102 on 2015-12-15
Unlike most legitimate companies, ATD does not allow you to cancel your alarm services via their user account system and they require you to send a written and signed request for cancellation. They give no confirmation of receipt of my cancellation fax. So I e-mailed them and received...

ADT / Senior Medical Alert

HerbSuperb on 2015-11-30
We have subscribed to this service since 2011 for my mother-in-law. Last week she had a problem with a transmitter making noise. She called ADT and was connected to a "customer service representative", who was anything but that. He was rude and, and totally unhelpful. ADT wanted $80.00...

ADT / Billing Queries unresolved

Reviewer88401 on 2015-11-26
I have not been a client of ADT acc no;(EXE00001) for at least a year and a half. About 4 months ago i started getting SMS's saying that I have been handed over to a debt collecting company. I contacted the company regarding the collection and they could not give me any information or...

ADT / Battery support

Reviewer91823 on 2015-11-10
ADT changed there support policy regarding batteries failing left and right after 5 years no longer would replace them for the minimum $25. charge. ADT wanted to charge me $65 for a FedEx delivery since they would not ship to my billing address!!?? I will now be kicking ADT of my property. ADT has rules they say but so do "no service no gold"😊

ADT - Colorado, Aurora / Billing Overcharge

Reviewer50151 on 2015-10-16
ADT tech service and customer service is horrible. Malfunctioning fire alarm that was "free" with my initial installation was going off no-stop. Called ADT and the tech on the phone told me the batteries need to be replaced. Got a on ladder with him on the phone and informed him that there...

ADT Security Service - Colorado, Aurora / Security System/ Billing

rajeshkumar123 on 2015-10-14
As per my initial call with ADT security service I just wanted to have an on-site free analysis and estimate to check if the existing old equipment can be used or need to install new one and what will cost to me. Technician came on 24th July 2015 and informed me that until he installs and...

ADT - California, Thousand Oaks / Contracts, customer service

Reviewer58979 on 2015-10-08
Absolutely amazingly bad. 2 hours on the phone, on hold, transferred, hung up on during transfers...NO ONE seems to be able to be the right person to change my account address. I told them that the initial installation house was temporary and it was being sold soon, and they assured me I...

ADT / Poor service delivery

Reviewer70038 on 2015-10-06
I have been awaiting ADT Security Kzn to come through and attend to additional work that needed to be done our on premises. Colleen Chetty from ADT is the sales rep who assisted me with a quotation which I accepted. Last week I called Colleen as it was brought to my attention that ADT had...

ADT - California, Canoga Park / Door to Door Sales

Reviewer59817 on 2015-10-02
Door to Door Sales is unsafe for both parties involved. That being said, ADT sends 3 people to the doors of Senior Citizens living alone. Their Sales people are aggressive, high pressure and rude. They will not stop talking and they will not leave short of having a door slammed in their...

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