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Zbiddy.com Complaints & Reviews

Zbiddy / no prize and bank charges

shaylene walker on 2014-10-14
not only did i never receive what I won, but each 0.79 cent charge was being processed as an automatic re occurring payment so that when they bounced (cause I was short by $6, it went though even though I had no money in my account because it was set up as an auto payment. $6 turned into...

Zbiddy.com - Florida, Deerfield Beach / Unauthorized charges - fraud

p larousse on 2014-06-27
Charged my credit card 99.00 for absolutely nothing.Non existent phone numbers to contact about this charge 877-924-3390 and 513-201-3729. Website states under maintenence...Sure it is...addres probably fake also. Why doesn't someone shut these crooks-obvious hackers down? I suggest...

Zbiddy / will not refund me

Sharun Houston on 2014-05-17
Zbiddy owes me $99.00 and will not refund me. I put more then that on their site but have used some of the funds. I no longer want to bid on their items and have $99.00 left in my account. I have emailed and asked several times for a refund and they will not do it. Can you help me get my funds returned to me?

Zbiddy / Bad business

MichaelfromSalisbury on 2014-04-13
More of a comment, than complaint: I too was hood-winked into a product. Before I knew it, I was billed $79 bucks. Okay, stupid me, right? So I played their game, won a burger king card and never got it. I did get some e books just fine and downloaded those. Woopiedoo. Then I complained about...

Zbiddy / Buylowauction - Delaware, Wilmington / Fraud

Dickjames67 on 2013-12-17
I received an email from Buylowacutions.org and decided to give them a try. the site required that you register. After providing my personal information, I was asked to provide my credit information, which I did supply. My understanding of online auction sites was that you review items at...

Zbiddy / never received winning items

SPARKLZ73 on 2013-12-13
I was bidding on there website for items to be sold in won auction style. I won 5 items and paid for the, waited and waited as the instructions stated they would be emailed to me with instructions to redeem, and waited and waited 2 weeks gone by have not received a thing. Tried their...

Zbiddy.com / they hit my account when I did not purchase

debadees on 2013-12-11
I was checking out their site, entered my account info and then decided not to make purchase at this time so close to Christmas, so I backed out, I never finalized the transaction. But they still charged my bank account $99.00 !!! I called zbiddy 1-877-403-6981 when I saw the charge hit my...

Zbiddy.com / never got my gift cards

mjb1990 on 2013-12-09
I perched two $5 Walmart e-gift-cards at zbiddy.com after bidding on them. So my bids paid for part and my visa payed the difference. I was told would receive them in my email inbox in 7-10 business days but did not. And just today i got e-mails from zbiddy.com telling me I received a...

Zbiddy Aka Opt - Buylowauctions. O Montreal Qc / Ripoff site !

Goerge Zumis on 2013-12-04
A Fool and his $$ are easily parted ! Zbiddy ! This ripoff place will steal your credit card money fast ! 1) What they are selling ? They actually sell you BIDS at .60 cents each . and a dream. 2) They charge you UPFRONT and WITHOUT your approval - $99 (USA dollars) for 1650 Sixteen hundred...

Zbiddy / Phyllis Land

Phyllis Land on 2013-12-03
I inadvertently provided my credit card information on this website without the up front understanding that there would be a $60.00 fee involved. I was with the understanding that to make future bids on items one had to provide a current and valid credit card. I have made several attempt...

Zbiddy.com, Egift Cards, Ebook Gift Cards / Site did not provide email instructions provide products

nancyb01 on 2013-11-10
I won the following auctions: $25.00 Shopping eCard + 25 bids - 10/13/2013; $25.00 Shopping eCard + 25 bids - 10/9/2013; eBook eGift Card: 100 Downloads + 25 Bids 10-08-2013; eBook eGift Card: 5 Downloads + 25 Bids 10-07-2013 18:09 However, I never received the promised emails instructing...

Zbiddy - Illinois, Taylorville / no response

actsman1 on 2013-11-01
I bought something for .01 and then there was a charge of $79.00. What is this? I have tried to contact Zbiddy and yet no response. I guess this is a scam. All charges must be returned except the 1 cent. Nothing has ever arrive at my residence The $79.00 should be returned and all...

Zbiddy / return of my money i didnt order anything and they said i did

linda k bridges on 2013-10-29
This company said I placed a bid for something and I didn't and they charge my bank account $99. This was an accident because if I pick something it was in error. They said that they could only give me half my money back and then they are going to send me a gas card for $100 but I...

Zbiddy / over charged

Jan Sweet on 2013-10-21
On August 13, 2013 I place a bet on Zbiddy. The bid was $1.00 for a $5.00 Walmart gift card. Well, instead doing as we agreed. They did not send me anything and they charged $78.01 extra to my debit card. I am beside myself. I am on disability and watch every penny I spend. TI really got...

Zbiddy Auction / Joined in March have not received my $100 gas certificate that was promised.

Jdupuis002 on 2013-08-30
I was promised a $100.00 gas reward for joining. Each step to getting is was time consuming and I had to wait a very long time between steps. First I had to send in a request for a form I had to send in to receive another form which I finally received. I filled out the form and attatched a ga...

Zbiddy - Nevada / No customer service

DonettaR on 2013-06-08
Zbiddy has terrible or no customer service. I've tried 3 times to let them know I have yet to receive my coupons I "won" and my hotel card I "won". I'm beginning to believe this is a scam site, as I've only received a generic email saying someone would get back to me in 48...

Zbiddy - Ontario, onaping falls / unlawfull removal of moneys

roger russell levesque on 2013-05-28
I went on line to establish my self with this penny auction---I received a bill for 102.68$ for absolutely nothing~~~ I tried to reach them by phone---could not get through-----went one-mail--spoke to a person named KAREN---she assured me that they would refund me the money--and yet --I...

Zbiddy / never recieved $100.00 hotel card or voucher

MJChambers on 2013-05-06
I saw an advertisement for bidding on items and as soon a s I went to the website and put my information in they automatically took $99.00 out of my bank account. I did not even get the options that they finally showed after the fact. I called the number next to my transaction and it put...

Zbiddy / Auction site doesn't seem legit

mmgmcg on 2013-05-02
I signed up for this website and thankfully wasn't charged the $79 fee that others seem to have been charged. I won a couple of bid voucher auctions which were charged to my card properly, but I also won a companion airfare voucher 11 days ago and haven't seen it yet. I have...

Zbiddy / refund

debem on 2013-04-18
I signed up for a bid package and was sent an activation link that did not work. For me to stop payment will cost 30 dollars I have tried to call and email and get nothing ... this appears to be totally bogus in nature and the site needs to be shut down.

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