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Zales Complaints & Reviews

Zales / 3/4 CTW WG PR 10K 019 88013677

Andrew Slaughter on Jul 25, 2016
Purchases 1000$ earrings from zaless In E-town Kentucky 07/14/16 for a person of intrest. She worn them back in store to buy a matching necklace on 7/20/16 for the first time to show woman what she need to match necklace with. Between leaving the store to the parking lot the earring fell...

Zales - Texas, Lake Jackson / Earrings

Dllight61 on Jul 8, 2016
Every time I see my sales bag I get so made I bought these, ear ring and they broke with end 6mts, but I didn't take them in right away becouse I just knew they would fix them becouse it was a bad product ...but no they just have bad quality control. ...and don't stand behind there...

Zales - North Carolina, Durham / Sales Associate

Elizabeth DuBose on May 17, 2016
I drove 45 minutes to the Zales Location last Wednesday. Went inside seen the ring I went to buy and was highly NOT impressed by it. So, I looked around and see another beautiful ring that I just fell in love with. I decided to buy it but not have it sized with Zales due to all the...

Zales - Pennsylvania, Selinsgrove / Product and service

Jerris on May 3, 2016
I cannot even begin to tell you how TERRIBLE Zales is as a company!!! I have purchased 5 different pieces of jewelry from them and 2 of those items had to be totally replaced, one burned up in house fire, one was just a man's wedding band with no stones, and the other one just happens to...

Zales - Minnesota, Eden Prairie / Customer Service

Reviewer22719 on Feb 19, 2016
I have shopped Zales a few times in the Eden Prairie, Minnesota location, and have known a few people that worked there. The customer service is nearly nonexistent. Joana is a terrible salesperson and rude to not only customers but also to employees. The entire bunch has made it clear that...

Zales - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Ring I bought, but was sent the wrong size

Reviewer98623 on Feb 15, 2016
I ordered a ring for my girlfriend at Zales online store and i order a size 5, and after waiting over 3 weeks for the ring i was sent a size 7. I went into a Zales store at the mall and they sized it and said it was a 7 and that they couldn't do anything about it, i asked if they can...

Zales - Texas, Amarillo / Wedding rings

Tisha Davila on Oct 12, 2015
Hi, I am in the same situation as well, Zales has had my engagement and wedding rings since April, I call very often and get nothing but the run around, and always full of excuses, I have given them every number I have to reach me and still never get a call, I've told them numerous times I...

Zales / Bad customer service

Reviewer31548 on Sep 22, 2015
Me and daughter went into a Zales store to me my wedding rings and my husband ring cleaned and inspected. When I walk in the store I was greeted with a attitude then I had to at least 5 minutes before someone came to assistant me. While I was waiting one sales associate was helping another...

Zales - Texas, Laredo / Poor service

Reviewer78668 on Sep 17, 2015
I purchased a $5, 000 ring from my local Zales store. On 8/15/15 I took it in for repair (diamond fell out) and was told it would be ready between 2-3 weeks. It's been over a month and every time I call/visit the store I get the run around regarding the status of my ring. In addition, I...

Zales / Online Order Gone Wrong

HarleyCleo on Aug 8, 2015
I ordered a personalized pendant that comes with a chain for my nieces birthday in June. I ordered 3 weeks in advance. I was given a 3-5 week delivery estimate. 3 weeks after her birthday (6 weeks after order) it still had not arrived. I sent 3 emails, none of which have ever been...

Zales - California, sacramento / jewelry sizing complaint

Mario Richardson on Aug 7, 2015
hello my name is mario richardson: and i had purchased a brand new diamond ring for my fiance for our wedding that is happening on 08/08/2015. after i purchased the ring i needed it to be sized down one size, and i was assured by the manager louis and to other people on 07/27/2015 tht the...

Zales / Worst Customer Service Ever

Angry Customer of Zales on Jan 22, 2015
My overall experience with the Zales store located at Concord Mall, Wilmington, DE, has been nightmare. All I needed to have done was a simple sizing however in the process, I received the wrong ring back from the repair shop and another time there were missing stones. I was forced to deal...

Zales / very disappointed

Samantha Lynn on Jan 13, 2015
Ive been a high paying customer for over 4 years. I have baught numerous items. Never had an issue. Until now. I baught my wedding band in 2012. Even got insurance. My band broke a few weeks ago. Insurance wont cover it. Wtf? Why did i pay for insurance if it doesnt cover it? I was told by...

Zales / Insurance

Gerena910 on Jan 1, 2015
I bought my husband's wedding band in March of 2014 ($1, 000.) I kept it in the original box until our wedding day mid November of 2014. A month later one of the diamonds fell off the ring. I wasn't worried because I had purchased the insurance on the ring. We took the ring back...

Zales / Diamond Bond

ariannaconnor on Nov 24, 2014
My husband bought a ring from Zales online. Supposedly each ring you buy from Zales has a free diamond bond. But since my husband bought it online, you have to check in a box if you want the free diamond bond or not. He didn't see that and bought the ring without checking off the free...

Zales in Pembroke pines - Florida, Pembroke Pines / They sold me a 10K wedding ring that gave me massive allergy

Sue Val on Oct 25, 2014
My husband bought me a simple wedding 14k ring for our wedding back in 2008. And he wanted to upgraded for me for a bigger piece. And we went to the store to find more options. I was told that I can turn my ring in for a upgraded one. And we had to pay twice the amount to do so. We decided...

Zales / horrible repair and service

justicex0 on Aug 11, 2014
COMPLAINT!!! My husband bought my ring 1 year ago at Zales in the Westfield mall in Carlsbad, CA and I’ve LOVED it…until now. I have recently been having allergic reactions to my ring. After not wearing it for a couple months (it was in my jewelry box) I decided to take it into...

Zales Jewelry / Selling used as new

2david2 on Apr 17, 2014
Recently I wanted to celebrate a personal milestone and decided to purchase a new watch. I found one on sale at Zales at the Mall in Midland Michigan. I purchased the watch from their showcase and they placed it in the safe until the links came in to make the band bigger. When I returned...

Zales Jewelry Store - Florida, Tampa / Funny business and lies

Derrick Ciena on Oct 9, 2013
I purchased matching movado watches for over $2, 000 and my wife's never worked properly until it finally died. I took it in for repairs to university mall several months ago, every time I called either it was a different excuse why is was not repaired or they did not had any record...

Zales - New York, Queensbury / Horrible experience and service

Lynn Milone on Sep 14, 2013
Purchased a wedding band on July 22nd and brought it in the next day to get it sized to a 5.25. The ring was a size 7 but that's all they had in the store. They said it would take a week to be resized to the 5.25. When the ring came in it was a size 4! Oddly shaped like an oval and...

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