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Web.com / Webhosting - NO WAY TO CANCEL ACCOUNT

Smile4Susan on Dec 3, 2016
I have been ALL OVER my Web.com account trying to cancel my subscription - there is literally no way to do it. I called customer support, they can't help me today because I have to call on a Monday through Friday only (and then they aren't available/put you on permahold. I had to call my...

Web.com / I'm complaining about web.com regarding hosting and website

Mahasin Khan on Nov 17, 2016
I was deceived and taken advantaged of by Web.com they lied to me. They took money from my account before I was able to see any work from them. I wants money back. I received my welcome call in September and web.com charged me direct debt in 15 of August but From September I did not work on...

Web.com / web.com

developer2016 on Jun 24, 2016
First off if they advertise on regular tv and most people don't read the small fine print then I think you should take a look at the company. The hosting company I use is a company who started in Canada. I won't name the hosting company I have because some companies have a decent image and...

Web.com / Monthly internet service

MCBohn on May 23, 2016
When I signed up for a new domain, the contract of $32.95 that I apparently agreed to was totally hidden under a little question mark with a pop up menue that could hardly be seen and the contract they emailed me at the time of the first billing had no mention of a monthly charge of...

Web.com / Web.com-Ignite

Claude Dill on May 5, 2016
When I renewed my domain with network solutions on 4/22/16, I was sold a free special of ignite for 99.95 thru sister company-web.com. I called the same day and cancelled it. I was charged for it and they would not issue credit.I have contacted both network solutions and web.com several...

Web.com / Unauthorized charges

Likaaaw1 on Apr 18, 2016
This site is terrible, they stole my money and now they say that they are innocent! Liars! When I found Web I decided to give it a chance so I provided my credit card details and subscribed. Their service was nice and I was very impressed. But later I decided that I don't need Web anymore...

Web.com / Incredibly annoying

Reviewer28513 on Feb 11, 2016
I expressed online interest in setting up a website. Immediately, I realized the service was not for me. They emailed me incessantly. I responded to their assault with all the normal procedures- unsubscribe, email back, and eventually contacted them directly. They responded by phoning me...

Web.com / They didn't cancel my account when I requested

kwebbgalarza on Jan 3, 2016
Web.com owes me a refund of over $1200 and has yet to respond to my claim! I was playing around with a few different sites online and saw that web.com had a site for $3.12. I set up a couple in order to try out a few different option and then forgot I had even set it up until a few month...

Web.com / it's a scam

Reviewer96294 on Dec 14, 2015
they advertise hosting for $0.50 a month but after 1 month they started charging you $14.95. To cancel your account you need to call them, and they make you wait hours and hours They are crooks, I hope the police close them down. Please see the following below...

Web.com / They have caused damages

On or about October of 2014 I ordered a new web site from Web.com, at www.snakebyteproductions.com . Approximately 1 year later, around October 2015, about 6 to 8 weeks ago, I contacted Web.com to "update and modify my website, and add an ecommerce platform" They recommended that I...

Web.com / Billing and service

nsst on Oct 25, 2015
I received a free trial of this over 2 years ago - I chose not to purchase the service but have been unable to get it cancelled since. I have been billed for 2 years and there is no way to cancel without cancelling my credit card or paying my bank to block them. When I have called, they...

Web.com / Dishonest, underhanded and unreliable

philday on Sep 28, 2015
This company is very dishonest, underhanded and unreliable. Their pricing was extremely deceptive so when I figured out what the cost really was I tried canceling my hosting. I first tried calling them to fill an complain form by log in to my account. Nothing happened since. I then tried...

Web.com / Non-existent service I'm being charged for

Terence Bly on Sep 2, 2015
About a year ago, I was thinking about building a web site. I went on web.com, paid a couple of dollars to access the site or whatever, then decided to go with another web build company. Web.com have been charging me around £18 for doing...absolutely nothing. These people are crooks, there...

Web.com / Shabby Service, unprofessional, very slow

Reviewer48274 on Aug 26, 2015
I employed web.com to make a professional site for me; If you dislike the web page and want to change it the "modifications team" take 5-7 days (supposedly) to make those changes. If you have one little request for a change it takes another week. I think it takes longer than that but...

Web.com / Fraud company

Reviewer73293 on Aug 20, 2015
They are awful, unprofessional, rude, evasive, a whole bunch of lairs who promise a lot but fail to deliver. They won't forget to charge your credit card though. They would intentionally do everything to put you out of their "grace" period range to use it as a reason to deny you your refund. Do not ever deal with them. Ever. Ever. Ever.

Web.com / Utter Failure!

AEvans11101 on Aug 2, 2015
Web.com is a failure for my business and parasite to my account. I signed up in January and checked "Perfect Privacy", got side tracked, and never took my site live. Last weekend, a shakedown artist contacted my personal email threatening to create a porn site with a similar domain (.com...

Web.com / You sign up, then they use your info to harass you!!!

Kbelchere on Jun 26, 2015
I received an email offering me some kind of special that included a free domain name. I signed up and within hours, I started receiving emails from everyone and his brother. I mean 15-20 a day. They even texted and called me. I was shocked that a company would so blatantly, unabashedly...

Web.com / Outright fraud

Gordon Bell on Jun 11, 2015
I am a senior citizen in my 70's, so I'm kind of dependent on my wife, who works most ever waking moment 7 days a week. She had more serious priorities and at the same time shielded me from all finances. So, on Saturday I answered the phone call from Web.com who told me they were...

Web.com / web.com refuse to cancel if you do not

Sunshine Cruises on Jun 8, 2015
my response to them via mail Good Day It appear as if you deliberately continue with your “scam” by forcing a person to phone, which informed you that it incur further cost. YOU ARE MOST WELCOME TO PHONE ME! Why did you not use the same tactic in the beginning, I was never...

Web.com / cancellation

Raymark on Jun 3, 2015
I'm trying to cancel my subscription with web.com, but their website is not allowing it, there's no cancellation button, it's indicated that I need to contact one of their support, I already did, I ask them to cancel my subscription and I got no response. This is totally ridiculous!! This webhosting company is a total scam!

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